2018 flew by as it came, fast! But it’s also worth looking back to and remembering the nice performances our athletes could realize!

Hundreds of personal topperformances, personal bests and personal epic achievements. 
We could recap 2018 in miles, meters of altitude, number or kudos, … like you see nowadays on strava, instagram and other social media. But those things do not matter in sports. 
What matters in the end is the output, output with an input in which the athlete enjoyed training . How you determine output can’t be defined, for the one it’s becoming world champion…for the other it’s feeling in shape and happy.
Working with athletes with over 20 different nationalities is an eye opener in matter of approach, finding solutions and deleting problems,…let’s call it experience, wisdom if I may use this loaded word. Something as a high performance coach you can only learn from and take the benefit from. All information gathered on 1 harddrive, or maybe 2 if you count the one between your ears. Evaluating every season, every step you do as a coach is what makes the results for your athletes in the end. Not evaluating yourself is what will limit performance. Because other athletes will…if you don’t!

Our athletes were once again there, from January 1st untill December 31st. 
It’s 1 big pleasure to be surprised by athletes beating their PB’s, showing up for the first time on a podium or finishing the impossible looking Ironman or marathon. But as far as I know, limits don’t exist. I have been astonished so many times by my own athletes to believe something is impossible.If you would ask me some numbers of 2018, I would give you these:

  • 149 spots on the podium
  • 7*Ironman World championships qualifiers
  • 13*podium on national championships
  • 4*podium on continental championships
  • 3*podium on world championships
  • World Championships Ironman: 2nd AG
  • World Championships Powerman: 1st and 2nd AG

As you can see, an amazing season in which our athletes won UCI professional cyclingraces, elite cyclingraces, countless triathlons and duathlons all over the world.

We see you again in 2019, many suprises will appear…even early in ’19 

Because photo’s say more than 1000words, here’s a few 2018 pictures with a lot of story behind!

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