Athlete’s base – remote camps

Our camp base is located at the feet of Monts de Vaucluse and Luberon with the Mont Ventoux watching you all the time.

Located at the foot of 3cols which you can easily put into 1climbing session or you can cross to access the ascent of the Mont Ventoux the location is a perfect hideout for high leveled cyclists or triathletes.

With multiple pro and amateur athletes and their relatives having stayed in the Camp base we have a good reference on the performances afterwards.

Triathletes have access to great running courses for trail running, fartlek or even speed sessions.
Open water swimming is possible in lakes in the wide environment and 2pools (the whole year) are easy to access by car.

In summer there’s easy access to an open air 25m pool in the village and another 25m at driving distance. Also stretch cord swimming is possible in the 12m pool at the Camp base from April 1st untill October 1st in a 12by5 pool.

What about that Camp base?

In the Camp Base there’s room for 6people, in 3 double beds.
Each room has plenty of space and closets to put away gear. The bathroom has an Italian shower, toilet and washbasin.

In the kitchen all modern facilities are presented with espressomachine, dish washing machine, new oven and cooking plate.

For sportsmen a laundry machine can’t be missed so this also is found in the storage room. Next to this you will also find an extra toilet and washbasin.

To storage the bikes safely and clean there’s access to the poolhouse (photo) where there’s a 20m2 storage room which can be locked and has zero insight from outside.
On the parking there’s a garden hose to clean bikes easily if needed.
Athletes who don’t like cooking can get contact with private chefs in the environment or can go to the wide range of restaurants in the environment. Bakeries and supermarkets are easy to reach.

In a 50km bike session there’s possibly to put in 35km of climbing, imagine what’s possible in longer rides. Strength, endurance and stamina is built here

Fixed cleaning cost€75
*rent towel Free
*rent sheetsFree
*Optional GPX pack beginner€125
*Optional GPX pack amateur€125
*Optional GPX Pack Pro€125
Daily price Oct 1 – March 31 (minimum 5days)€100
Daily price April 1 – April 30 (minimum 5days)€133
Daily price May 1 – May 31 (minimum 5days)€140
Daily price June 1 – June 30 (minimum 5days)€160
Daily price July 1 – August 31 (minimum 5days)€220
Daily price September 1 – September 30 (minimum 5days)€199

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