Coaching list of honour – palmares

Next to many personal results

our athletes are known to be on the podiumstages after each race!

Jesse Van Nieuwenhuyse


Icarus Beach Duathlon Zeebrugge: 3rd Hans
Icarus Beach Duathlon Zeebrugge: 2nd Emelie
12K road race: 1st Jan
24K Trailrun Aalter: 2nd Sven
24K Trailrun Aalter: 3rd Stijn
Corrida Lombardsijde: 1st Emelie
Regional Championships Cross Country: 1st Yves
Trailrun Holsbeek: 2nd Geoffrey
Trail des Ermites: 3rd Jeroen
Sandman duathlon: 1st Emelie
Duathlon Hofstade: 1st Debbie
Trailrun Maasmechelen: 1st AG Raymond
Duathlon Hofstade: 2nd Masters Wim
Duathlon Marseille (France): 3rd AG
Ironman70.3 Oman: 1st AG Kris
Triathlon Diksmuide: 3rd AG Steven
Triathlon Diksmuide: 3rd AG Georg
La Get Cup Aywaille (UCI 1.12 IC2): Lars 3rd
Trailrun North C Trail: 1st Sven
National championships Crossduathlon: 2nd Debbie
Triathlon De Haan (women): 3rd Shana
Triathlon De Haan (Men): 1st AG Hans
Duathlon Poperinge: 2nd Frederick
Natuurloop Beernem: 3rd Masters Steven
Individual Time Trial Lefkara (Cyprus): 3rd Alexis
Cras-Avernas (UCI1.18): 3rd Svenne
Fireman National Champs Trailrunning: 2nd Jeroen
Ironman South Africa: 2nd AG Alejandro
10miles Ternat: 3rd Jan
European Championships Duathlon (Germany): 1st Emelie AG
European Championships Duathlon (Germany): 2nd Debbie AG
European Championships Duathlon (Germany): 1st Jesse M
Regional Champs Cycling U23: 2nd Lars
Couvin UCI 1.18: 2nd Svenne
Trailrun Dinant: 2nd Stijn
10K Ichtegem: 2nd Emelie
10Miles Zandvliet: 2nd Wim
UBS 205K Ultrarun (France): 3rd David
World championships duathlon (Denmark): 2nd AG Debbie
National Military Champs Triathlon (France): 3rd Lucas
Ironman World Championships, Utah (USA): 2nd AG Sam
Time Trial Panheel (The Netherlands): 2nd Svenne
Triathlon Lievegem: 3rd AG Julie
10miles Aalter: 3rd Stijn
Dwars door Ninove: 2nd Jan
70.3 Baranquilla (Colombia): 2nd Javier


  • Trailrun Meerdaalwoud 3rd Robby
  • 13K Sint-Laureins 1st Jan
  • Trailrun Park Midden Limburg: 1st AG Raymond
  • Trailrun Park Midden Limburg: 2nd overall
  • Trailrun Retie: 3rd Veerle
  • Trailrun Ursel: 1st Jesse
  • Trailrun Ursel: 2nd Robby
  • Trailrun Ursel: 3rd Steven
  • 13K Watervliet 3rd Jan
  • Trailrun Hoeilaart 11K: 1st Robby
  • Trailrun Hoeilaart 21K: 1st Nathan
  • Trailrun Hoeilaart 21K: 2nd Stijn
  • Trailrun Lembeke: 1st Stijn
  • Trailrun Lembeke: 1st Debbie
  • North C trail (28K): 3rd Lesly
  • North C trail (28K): 2nd Masters Steven
  • North C trail (21K): 1st Nathan
  • North C Trail (21K): 2nd Stijn
  • 15K Lembeke: 1st Robby
  • Les boucles Ardennaises 21K: 1st Hans
  • Les boucles Ardennaises 21K: 2nd Kristof
  • Trailrun Saint Martin 30K: 2nd Rens
  • Duathlon Kortrijk: 3rd Emelie
  • Duathlon Kortrijk: 2nd Debbie
  • Triathlon Caveman 111: 1st AG Hans
  • Triathlon Caveman 111: 3rd AG Wim
  • Duathlon Ieper: 2nd Emelie
  • Duathlon Ieper: 3rd Debbie
  • Duathlon Ieper: 1st Masters Wim
  • Duathlon Ieper: 3rd Masters Jan
  • Chtriman Duatlon LD (France): 2nd Master Wim
  • Chtriman Duathlon LD (France) : 3rd Senior Robby
  • Chtriman Duathlon LD (France) : 3rd Master Jan
  • Champ’Man (France): 2nd Hans
  • Halftriman de Monts de Guéret (France): 3rd Tim
  • Chtriman 70.3 Masters: 2nd Steven
  • Elite UCI 1.12 cycling Sinaai: 2nd Dries
  • Individual time trial Panheel (Netherlands): 2nd Svenne
  • Regional Championships Time trial (Elite): 3rd Lars
  • Cycling 1.18 Tilly: 3rd Svenne
  • Powertriathlon Aarschot: 1st Masters Wim VL
  • Ultra Boucles des Ballons (France- 208K Trailrun): 3rd David
  • Cycling Roeselare: 3rd Anthony
  • UCI1.18 Leglise: 2nd Svenne
  • Duathlon Westrozebeke; 1st Debbie
  • UCI1.18 Mellery: 3rd Svenne
  • Ironman Lake Placid (USA): World championships qualifier (Javier)
  • Cycling Beernem: 2nd Anthony
  • Triathlon XL Alpe D’Huez (France): 1st AG Hans
  • Duathlon Alpe d’Huez (France): 2nd AG Emelie
  • Tour de Wallonie (UCI 2.18) stage 2: 2nd Anthony
  • Tour de Wallonie (UCI 2.18): GC masters 3rd Svenne
  • National Road championships cycling: 3rd Svenne – masters
  • Ironman 70.3Estonia: 3rd AG Kris
  • Ironman Frankfurt European championships: 3rd AG Steven – Kona qualifier
  • Elite cycling Lendelede: 1st Lars VC
  • Trail des Fantomes: 3rd Stijn
  • Duathlon Halle: 1st masters Wim DC
  • Cycling Elite Merchtem: 2nd Dries
  • Ironman Vichy (France): 1st AG Tony
  • Triathlon Viersel: 1st Emelie
  • Stadsbader triathlon 1/4: 3rd Dave
  • Tour of Kärnten (Austria) masters stage 1: 2nd place Svenne
  • Tour of Kärnten (Austria) masters stage 2: 1st place Svenne
  • Triathlon Balen 1/4: 1st Masters Kris
  • Lommel aspiranten: 3rd Senne
  • 10miles Geraardsbergen: 3rd Robby
  • Tour of Kärnten (Austria) masters stage 3: 2nd Svenne
  • Triathlon Vancouver: 2nd AG Vadim
  • Tour of Kärnten (Austria) masters stage 4: 2nd Svenne
  • Tour of Kärnten (Austria) masters stage 5: 3rd Svenne
  • Tour of Kärnten (Austria) masters stage 6: 2nd Svenne
  • Tour of Kärnten (Austria) masters CG: 1st
  • 70.3 Challenge Almere (The Netherlands): 3rd AG Julie
  • Tour de Moselle (France)2nd stage: 1st Lars
  • Duathlon Oudenaarde: 1st Masters Jan
  • Duathlon Oudenaarde: 1st Debbie
  • LA Vosgienne (France): 2nd AG Anthony
  • Time Trial Zolder: 3rd Svenne
  • Retie UCI 1.18: 3rd Svenne
  • Ironlakes Ironman distance: 3rd overall Hans – 1st AG
  • Jeneffe-en-Condroz UCI1.18: 2nd Svenne
  • EDH championnat de Wallonie: 3rd Ronald
  • World championships Duathlon Zofingen (Switzerland): 3rd AG Lesly
  • World Championships Duathlon Zofingen (Switzerland): 3rd Wim DC
  • Gran Fondo Schleck (Luxemburg): 2nd Anthony
  • UCI 1.18 Lesve: 2nd Svenne
  • ARDEN CHALLENGE UCI 2.12: 3rd GC Lars
  • Seneffe EDH: 3rd Ronald
  • Duathlon Bellegem: 1st Masters Jan
  • Duathlon Bellegem: 2nd Debbie
  • Ironman70.3 Mallorca: 2nd AG Thibaud
  • Ronde van Haspengouw – stage 1: Svenne
  • Duathlon Ocquier: 2nd Debbie
  • Duathlon Douai (France): 3rd Open categorie Jan
  • Duathlon Hofstade: 1st Debbie
  • Crossduathlon Wetteren: 3rd AG Steven
  • Crossduathlon Sint-Niklaas: 3rd Debbie
  • Trailrun Zolder: 2nd Kristof
  • 11-11-11jogging Tervuren: 3rd Robby
  • Halve marathon Kasterlee: 3rd Pieter
  • Ironman Cozumel (Mexico): 1st AG Sam
  • Duathlon Damme (Long distance): 1st Debbie
  • Duathlon Damme (Short distance): 1st Emelie
  • Duathlon Damme (Short distance): 3rd Robby
  • Trailrun Meerdaalwoud: 2nd Robby
  • Trailrun Hombourg: 3rd Kristof
  • Duathlon Kasterlee: 2nd U23


  • : 9K Watervliet: 1st Rens
  • Tel Aviv 24h run: 243K David
  • Cycling (road) Bangkok (Thailand): 2nd U23 Fluck
  • Trailrun Aalter: 1st Robby
  • National Championships beachrace: 2nd Inge
  • Triathlon Avion (France): 3rd Hannah
  • 10Miles Albany (USA): 3rd Vadim
  • Crossduathlon Westrozebeke: 1st Emelie
  • National Champs duathlon Firemen: 3rd Jeroen
  • Trailrun Houffalize: 3rd Kristof
  • Gran Fondo Tenerife: stage 2: 3rd Anthony
  • Gran Fondo Tenerife: GC: 3rd Anthony
  • 12K Deinze: 3rd Wim
  • 10K Montreal: 3rd Vadim
  • Sandman duathlon: 1st Inge
  • Sandman duathlon: 2nd Emelie
  • Sandman duathlon: 3rd Hannah
  • Trailrun Bredene: 2nd Jelle
  • Triathlon van Vlaanderen: 3rd Masters Wim
  • Triathlon van Vlaanderen: 1st Masters Steven
  • Tournai (cyclisme – amateurs): 2nd Svenne
  • Triathlon Viersel: 1st Masters Sam
  • Eco Trail: 2nd Stijn
  • Eco Trail: 2nd masters Wim
  • Long Distance Weekend Holland 3.8K Swim: 1st Tim
  • Long Distance Weekend Holland 3.8K Swim: 3rd Jurgen
  • Long distance Weekend Holland 180K Bike: 1st Tim
    Long Distance Weekend Holland 180K Bike: 3rd Jurgen
  • Long Distance Weekend Holland marathon: 3rd Jesse
  • Duathlon Hendrik – Ido – Ambacht (Netherlands): 1st
  • Duathlon Savoie Mont Blance (Fr): 3rd Robby
  • Duathlon Dendermonde: 3rd Bart Masters
  • Duathlon Maidstone (UK): 2nd Alejandro
  • El Teide Challenge (Spain): 1st Anthony
A good macrocycle leads to the best results!
A good macrocycle leads to the best results! 


  • Run and Bike NATO (Evere): 1st Masters Bart
  • 12K Watervliet: 3rd Jan
  • Beachrace Zeebrugge: 3rd Inge
  • Cyclocross Beernem: 1st Klaas
  • Triathlon Avion (France): 3rd masters Dave
  • Half marathon Lier: 2nd Jan
  • Cyclocrossranking General Classification: 3rd Klaas
  • Geel 5K: 3rd Dieter
  • 6K Axel (Netherlands): 3rd Dieter
  • 10K Rotselaar: 1st Jan
  • Cycling Chiang Mai (Thailand): 3rd Tine
  • Sandman XL: 2nd Masters Steven
  • Sandman SD: 1st Inge
  • Sandman SD: 3rd Masters Wim
  • Xduathlon Hofstade: 2nd Masters Raymond
  • Ocean Lava Tenerife: 1st AG Alejandro – 9th Pro included
  • Escannafles (UCI 1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Appels (cycling): 3rd Steven
  • La Jacques Gouin (France): 1st Anthony
  • North C-Trail (31K): 1st Sven
  • North C-Trail (13K): 2nd Masters Isabelle
  • Triathlon De Haan: 3rd Masters Steven
  • Triathlon De Haan: 2nd Trio Hans
  • Half Marathon Essene: 3rd Jan
  • Lenteloop Retie 8K: 2nd Rens
  • Triathlon Herderen: 2nd Masters Bart
  • Duathlon Douai: 3rd
  • Regional Championships Time Trial: 1st Svenne
  • Duathlon Ter Idzard (Netherlands): 1st Adrian
  • Trailrun Hoeilaart 20K: 2nd Inge
  • Senonchamps (UCI1.18): 3rd Svenne
  • Trailrun Hoeilaart 14K: 2nd Isabelle
  • TIme Trial Almere (Netherlands): 2nd Hans
  • Triathlon Cannes (France): 2nd AG Pirmin
  • Half marathon Oud-Gastel (Netherlands): 3rd Jan
  • 10K Geel: 2nd Tony
  • BK duathlon: 3rd overall Inge
  • BK duathlon: 1st Masters Inge
  • Triathlon Veurne: 1st AG Dimitri
  • Triathlon Veurne: 2nd AG Hannah
  • 10Miles Tervuren: 1st Masters Bart
  • Time Trial Waarde (Netherlands): 3rd Hans
  • GF Nürbürgring (Germany): 2nd Anthony
  • Tour of Kärnten (Austria): Stage 1: 3rd Anthony
  • La Rockalienne: 3rd Andres
  • 70.3 Leuven: 1st Masters Isabelle
  • Ironman Lanzarote: 2nd AG Pirmin
  • Ironman Lanzarote: 17th PRO Bert
  • 7.5K Laarne: 1st Dieter
  • Cycling (Juniors): Walhain Saint Paul: 3rd Tibo
  • Cimes de Waimes (Juniors): 3rd Andres
  • Time Trial Slypskappelle: 1st Hans
  • Duathlon Knokke: 3rd Women Emelie
  • Duathlon Knokke: 2nd Men Gilles
  • 3000m Haaltert: 3rd Dieter
  • GF Köln (Germany): 1st Anthony
  • MTB Hageland: 1st junior Andres
  • Bergen Op Zoom (Netherlands): 1st Jan
  • ITT Wulpen (78K): 1st Hans
  • ITT Wulpen (39K): 3rd Vincent
  • 70.3 Terheijden (Netherlands): 3rd Tony
  • Ardennes Trophy (MTB): 2nd Andres Juniors
  • Ironman Boulder USA: 1st AG – 14th Pro Sam – Kona Qualifier
  • Ironman Boulder (USA): 2nd AG Vadim – Kona Qualifier
  • Ironman Boulder (USA): 3rd AG Cai – Kona Qualifier
  • Ironman Cairns (Australia): 12th Javier – Kona Qualifier
  • Triathlon Beernem: 2nd masters – Steven
  • Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire (UK): World champs qualifier Hannah
  • Ironman 70.3 Staffordshire (UK): World champs qualifier Dave
  • Walhain Saint-Paul (UCI Juniors): 3rd Tibo
  • Triathlon Wilhelminadorop (The Netherlands): 1st Rens
  • Triathlon Indeland (Germany): 3rd Masters Raymond
  • Ironman 70.3 Lahti (Finland): 3rd AG Rens
  • Ocean Lava Belman Triathlon: 1st
  • Triathlon Krimpenerwaard (Netherlands): 3rd
  • Chtriman 70.3: 1st Masters Isabel
  • Half marathon Droeshout: 3rd Jan
  • Elite Cycling race Borsbeke: 3rd Anthony
  • Ironman Spain: 9th PRO and 10th PRO
  • 1/4Triathlon Sao Paolo (Brazil): 3rd Ronaldo
  • Elite cycling Westkappelle: 3rd Anthony
  • 6K Kortenberg: 3rd Bart
  • GF Nürnbürgring: 3rd Anthony
  • 111 Triathlon Jabbeke: 3rd Hans
  • BK wielrennen (nevenbonden): 1st Inge
  • Duathlon La Gileppe: 3rd Emelie
  • Triathlon Schaffhausen (Szwitzerland): 2nd AG Pirmin
  • Triathlon Izegem: 1st Masters Bert
  • Triathlon Izegem: 3rd Masters Julie
  • Cycling Vollezele (Juniors): 3rd Tibo
  • MTB van Vlaanderen: stage 1: Inge 2nd overall – 1st masters
  • MTB van Vlaanderen: stage2: Inge 2nd masters
  • MTB van Vlaanderen: stage3: Inge 3rd overall – 3rd masters
  • MTB van Vlaanderen: GC: 3rd Inge
  • 1K Sprint TT (Austria): 3rd Svenne
  • Half Triathlon Chantilly: 1st masters Isabelle
  • World Championships Cycling – Road (amateurs): 3rd Svenne
  • 10K Ronsele: 1st Dieter
  • GF La Velomediane: 1st Anthony
  • 35K Trailrun Geraardsbergen: 3rd Svenne
  • 10K Tessenderlo: 3rd Wesley
  • 70.3 Knokke: 2nd Masters Bert
  • Time Trial Maldegem: 3rd Vincent
  • La Charly Gaulle (Lux): 3rd Anthony
  • Malderen 3000m: 2nd Dieter
  • Lede 3000m: 3rd Dieter
  • Rothaus Ridermann stage 2: 2nd Anthony
  • Rothaus Ridermann: Climbers jersey
  • Ironlakes Full distance: 1st Hans
  • Ironman70.3 Weymouth: 2nd AG Kris
  • Puurs 15K: 1st Wim
  • Cycling Elite UCI1.12 Serskamp: 3rd Dries
  • Ironman70.3 Cascais, Portugal: 1st AG Raymond
  • 15K Maarkedal: 1st master Wim
  • Dwars door Mechelen: 2nd master Bart
  • Herzele 5K: 3rd Dieter
  • Cycling Elite UCI 1.12 Rumst: 3rd Dries
  • National Championships Team Time Trial juniors: 2nd Lars
  • Alken (UCI Juniors): 1st Tibo
  • Cyclocross Zingem: 1st Klaas
  • Beachrace Bredene: 3rd Inge
  • Irondistance Guadiana (Spain): 1st Sergio (PRO)
  • Crossduathlon Wetteren: 3rd Masters Wesley
  • Crossduathlon Wetteren: 2nd Masters Wim
  • Crossduathlon Wetteren: 1st Masters Gerd
  • Crossduathlon Thuin: 2nd Masters Wes
  • Trailrun Lommel (17K): 2nd Stijn
  • Crossduathlon Brain Le Comte: 1st (women) Hannah
  • Crossduathlon Reusel: 2nd (masters) Dirk
  • Crossduathlon Ruddervoorde: 3rd Andres
  • Vossem 11K: 1st Masters Bart
  • Crossduathlon Malonne: 1st master Wim
  • Crossduathlon Malonne: 2nd master Steven
  • 8K Bellem: 3rd Robby
  • Crossduathlon Sint-Niklaas: 1st H50
  • 10K Lier: 3rd Tony
  • Ironman Arizona: 4th AG – Ironman Hawaii qualification Vadim
  • Xduathlon Damme: 1st Hans
  • Xduathlon Damme: 2nd masters Steven
  • Xduathlon Damme: 3rd women Emelie
  • Regional champs cyclocross: 3rd Klaas
  • Trailrun Meerdaalwoud (21K): 3rd (women) Inge
  • Trailrun Meerdaalwoud (21K): 2nd Sven
  • Trailrun Meerdaalwoud (12K) : 1st Kristof
  • 10K Kampenhout: 1st Alex
  • Duathlon Kleit: 2nd Emelie


  • La Cuenca 50K trailrun (USA): 3rd Van (1st masters)
  • 12K Watervliet: 1st Jan
  • 6K Watervliet: 2nd Hannah
  • 12K Deinze: 2nd Judith
  • Cyclocross Beernem: 1st Klaas
  • Half marathon Lier: 3rd Tony (1h15′)
  • National championships teamduathlon (Fire Dept.): 1st Bjorn
  • Half Marathon Genk: 2nd Jan (1h12′)
  • Triathlon Liévin (France): 1st Hans
  • Triathlon Liévin (France): 3rd masters Johan
  • Beachrace Bredene: 1st Hans – Corporate
  • Vlaamse cyclocrosscup – General classification: 3rd Klaas
  • Sandman inferno (XL): 1st Hans
  • Sandman Inferno (Short distance): 2nd masters Bart
  • Sandman Inferno (Long distance): 2nd women Hannah
  • Crossduathlon Hofstade: 1st masters women Els
  • Crossduathlon Jurbise: 2nd masters Wim
  • Pommereul UCI 1.18: 2nd Guillaume
  • Pommereul UCI 1.18: 2nd Masters Svenne
  • Cyclocross Scherpenheuvel: 1st Kevin
  • 26K Bardelaereloop Lembeke: 1st Arne
  • 10K Bardelaereloop Lembeke: 1st Jan
  • Xduathlon Nossegem: 1st Inge
  • Gran Fondo Alexander the Great (Greece) stage1: 1st Daniel
  • Gran Fondo Alexander the Great (Greece) stage 2: 2nd Daniel
  • Gran Fondo Alexander the Great (Greece): General classification: 1st Daniel
  • National championships crossduathlon: 2nd Wim
  • National championships crossduathlon: 2nd Inge
  • Cycling Roborst: 3rd Guillaume
  • Half marathon Eschweiler (Germany): 1st Jens
  • Ormeignies Cycling: 1st Guillaume
  • Triathlon De Haan: 2nd masters Bart
  • Triathlon De Haan: 1st masters Inge
  • Duathlon Geluwe: 3rd masters Wim
  • Half Marathon (Canada): 2nd Andreas
  • Time trial Almere (Netherlands): 1st Hans
  • Couvin (UCI 1.18): 1st Guillaume
  • Couvin (UCI1.18): 3rd Svenne
  • PSU International Bike challenge (Thailand): 1st W2W
  • Elite race Roumania: 1st Daniel
  • Duathlon Ter Idzard (The Netherlands): 2nd Adrian
  • Mettmann Duathlon (Germany): 3rd Masters Wes
  • Team Time Trial championships (FCWB – French speaking league): 1st Guillaume (and team)
  • Flemish Championships Cycling (EDH): Guillaume 3rd
  • LD duathlon Douai (France): 1st Open Hans
  • National championships sprintduathlon: 3rd Masters Wim
  • German Cycling cup Frankfurt (Germany): 1st Anthony
  • Tour of Deva (Romania)-stage1: 3rd Daniel
  • Wildflower Triathlon (California – USA): 2nd AG Van
  • 1/4 Triathlon Veurne: 2nd AG Hannah
  • 1/4 Triathlon Veurne: 1st AG Bart
  • 1/4 Triathlon Veurne:3rd AG Bert
  • European Championships Duathlon Long Distance: 1st AG Wim
  • 1/4 Triathlon Veurne: 1st AG Johan
  • Time Trial Panheel ( Netherlands): 1st Svenne
  • MTB Marathon maratonulvinului (Romania): 1st Daniel
  • UCI1.18 Lutlommel: 3rd Svenne
  • Time Trial Zolder: 1st Svenne
  • Great Mekong Ride (Thailand) – stage2: 2nd Phanupon
  • 1.18 Jemeppe-Sur-Sambre: 3rd Svenne
  • Triathlon Seneffe: 2nd AG Hannah
  • Triathlon Sangatte (France): 2nd Inge
  • Ironman Lanzarote (Spain): 2nd AG Bert
  • Tour of Salaj (Romania) – stage 1 : 1st Daniel
  • 1/4 triathlon Almere (The Netherlands): 2nd Adrian
  • National Championships Long distance duathlon: 1st Wim – 3rd Wesley
  • Triathlon Oostkerke-Damme: 2nd Bart
  • Triathlon Hagen (Germany): 1st Jens
  • German Cycling cup Leipzig (Germany): 2nd Anthony
  • Tour of Salaj (Romania) – stage 2 : 2nd Daniel
  • Individual time trial Herckenbosch (The Netherlands): 1st Svenne
  • 70.3 Triathlon Troyes (France): 1st masters Sam
  • 70.3Triathlon Nieuwkoop (Netherlands): 1st masters Bart
  • Challenge Geraardsbergen: 2nd AG Inge
  • Time Trial Zolder: 1st Svenne
  • 70.3 Valencia 1st AG David
  • Individual Time Trial (Netherlands): 2nd Svenne
  • 15K Relegem: 1st Jan
  • National Championships Time Trial: 2nd Pro
  • National Championships Road: 2nd Pro
  • Time Trial Zolder: 1st Svenne
  • Chtriman: 2nd Tony
  • Chtriman 70.3: 2nd Bert
  • Chtriman LD duathlon: 1st Wim
  • UCI1.18: 1st Svenne
  • UCI 1.18 Welkenraedt: 3rd Svenne
  • Champ’Man (France): 1st Hans
  • IronVitoria (Spain): 1st AG David
  • LCCT Time Trial: 3rd Svenne
  • UCI 1.18 Seneffe: 2nd Svenne
  • Aarschot 1/8 triathlon: 1st Masters Raymond
  • Aarschot 1/3triathlon: 1st Masters Isabelle
  • Sea Swim Knokke: 1st Bart
  • Road cycling Lugoj (Romania): 2nd Daniel
  • Benelux Championships Amateurs UCI: 3rd Time Trial
  • National Triathlon Championships (doctors): 3rd Isabelle
  • UCI 1.12Ottenburg: 2nd Anthony
  • Ironman Switzerland: 1st AG Inge
  • Duathlon Herentals: 2nd Masters Wesley
  • 111 Triathlon Jabbeke: 3rd Hans
  • UCI2.2 Tour of Szklerland (Romania) Time Trial: 1st Daniel
  • 1/4 Triathlon Leiderdorp (The Netherlands): 3rd Vincent
  • 1/4 Triathlon Leiderdorp (The Netherlands): 1st Adrian
  • 70.3 Medina de Rioseco (Spain): 3rd AG David
  • National championships Triathlon Olympic Distance: 1st Masters
  • Time Trial Geel: 3rd Svenne
  • Time Trial Geel (duo): 3rd Svenne
  • 10K Zele: 3rd Dieter
  • Duathlon Halle: 2nd Wim
  • Trailrun Brussels 25K: 3rd Sven
  • 70.3 Deinze: 3rd Bert
  • 1/4 Triathlon Köln (Germany): 3rd Jens
  • World Championships LD duathlon (Switzerland): 11th PRO – 1st AG overall Hans
  • World Championships LD duathlon (Switzerland): 2nd AG Wim
  • La Charly Gaulle (Lux): 2nd Anthony
  • MTB Marathon Siria (Romania): 1st Daniel
  • National championships MTB marathon: 2nd Daniel
  • 70.3 Damme: 3rd overall (1st AG) Isabelle
  • LD duathlon Damme: 1st AG Wim
  • Sandman Duathlon XL: 1st Sander
  • Beachrace Oostende: 2nd Inge
  • Crosstriathlon Deinze: 3rd Bregt
  • Cycling Knokke: 1st Bart
  • Ironman Hawaii (USA): 2nd AG Bert
  • National championships Individual Pursuit (Track Cycling): 1st Daniel
  • Run and Bike Boulogne (Fr): 1st Seb
  • National championships Points race (Track cycling): 1st Daniel
  • Cyclocross Roeselare: 3rd Masters Klaas
  • Half marathon Berlare: 3rd Wim
  • Duathlon Malonne: 2nd (and 1st masters) Inge
  • Duathlon Malonne: 2nd masters Steven
  • 10K Leefdaal: 1st Bart
  • Duathlon Wachtebeke: 1st U18 Andres
  • Duathlon Maastricht (Netherlands): 2nd masters Wim
  • Duathlon Damme: 1st Masters Steven
  • Duathlon Damme: 3rd Hannah
  • Trailrun Houffalize: 2nd Kristof
  • 10K Zele: 3rd Robby
  • Trailrun Meerdaelwoud: 3rd Sven


  • 9K Watervliet: 2nd Jan
  • 5K Watervliet: 3rd masters Els
  • Regional champs Cyclocross: 3rd Klaas
  • Cyclocross Beernem: 3rd Klaas
  • Offroadduathlon Sint-Niklaas: 1st Els
  • Half Marathon Genk: 3rd Jan (1h15)
  • Offroadduathlon Sint-Niklaas: 2nd Masters Bart
  • National championships offroad duathlon (Fire department): 3rd Bjorn
  • Regional Championships cross country: 3rd Gwen
  • Duo – Beachrace Bredene: 3rd Wim-Inge
  • Run and Bike Knokke: 2nd Nico
  • Duathlon Hofstade: 1st masters Els
  • Sandman duathlon: 2nd Hans
  • Sandman duathlon: 1st Inge
  • Sandman duathlon: 3rd masters Steven
  • Half marathon Boularderie, Canada: 1st Corey
  • Half marathon Boularderie, Canada: 2nd Allan
  • Half marathon Boularderie, Canada: 3rd Andreas
  • Duathlon Jurbise: 2nd Tom
  • Duathlon Jurbise: 1st Masters Wim
  • UCI1.18 Haneffe: 2nd Svenne
  • Cross country running: Gwen 2nd
  • Cyclocross Lebbeke: 3rd Klaas
  • Duathlon Ashford (UK): 1st
  • 8K Nova Scotia: 2nd Andreas
  • Cyclingrace Beveren: 3rd Anthony
  • Duathlon Retie: 2nd Hannah
  • Cyclingrace Doornik: 1st Anthony
  • Duathlon Hilversum (Holland): 2nd Adrian
  • Triathlon De Haan: 2nd Inge
  • Triathlon De Haan: 1st masters Steven
  • Aquathlon Lille (Fr): 1st Sophie
  • Cyclingrace Aalter-Bellem: 3rd Guillaume
  • Ironman South Africa: 2nd overall AG Sam – Ironman World Champs Qualification / Hawaï
  • Ironman South Africa: 7th AG – Ironman World Champs Qualification / Hawaï
  • 5K Florida (USA): 1st Allan
  • Halve marathon Zwalm: 1st Wim
  • Individual Time Trial Almere (Netherlands): 3rd Hans
  • GP Romain Zingle – Couvin UCI1.18: 1st Guillaume
  • Duathlon Ter Idzard (Netherlands): 1st Jan
  • UCI 1.18 Mariembourg: 1st Svenne
  • Triathlon Spa (Women) : 2nd Hannah
  • Triathlon Spa (Masters): 3rd Steven
  • Sprintduathlon Douai: 1st Masters Wim
  • Long distance duathlon Douai (France): 1st Hans
  • UCI 1.18 Les Bulles: 3rd Svenne
  • Trailrun Ballon d Alsace: Arne 3rd
  • German Cycling Cup Frankfurt (Germany): 1st Anthony
  • 8K Geel: 1st Tony
  • 5K Nova Scotia: 2nd Andreas
  • Time Trial Oostende: 2nd Hans
  • Ironman 70.3 Mallorca (Spain): 2nd AG Adrian
  • Amhpiman Swimrun 38K: 1st Raph/Sophie
  • 10K Fredericton (Can): 3rd Corey
  • Half Triathlon Leuven: 1st Masters Bert
  • European Championships Duathlon: 1st AG Jan
  • Trailrun 25K: 1st Pierre
  • BK (national champs Duathlon Long distance): 3rd Wim (Masters)
  • Triathlon Bredene: 1st masters Johan
  • Waasmunster Cycling race: 3rd Guillaume
  • 10K Zolder: 2nd Patrick
  • Cabot trail Relay (Canada): 3rd Allan-Andreas-Corey
  • Regional Champs Cycling (Road-female): 1st Chelsey
  • SWIKE Harelbeke: 3rd Pascal
  • Half Irondistance Troyes (France): 2nd Inge
  • Rev3 70.3 Quassy (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Thiméon 13K: 2e Sophie
  • Half Irondistance Terheijden (Netherlands): 3rd overall Adrian
  • Duathlon Baddeck (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Duathlon Baddeck (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • Duathlon Baddeck (Canada): 3rd Andreas
  • Ironman 70.3Luxemburg: 1st AG Inge
  • Ironman70.3 Luxemburg: 3rd AG Steven
  • Cyclingrace Zomergem: 2nd Guillaume
  • Mamer Duathlon (Luxembourg): 3rd Jan
  • Cyclingrace Zottegem: 2nd Guillaume
  • Time trial Zolder: 3rd Jef
  • Duathlon Sprint Gravelines (France): 1st Wim
  • Duathlon Long distance Gravelines (France): 1st Jan
  • Xterra France: 1st AG Inge
  • Rev3 Saint-Andrews 70.3 (Canada) : 3rd overall
  • Challenge Roth (Germany): 1st AG Hans
  • Triathlon Aarschot: Sprintdistance: 3rd Masters Els
  • Powerman Aarschot: 1st masters Bert
  • Triathlon Aylesford (Canada): 1st Allan
  • National Championships Mountainbike (Belgium): 3rd Wim
  • GP de la tirelette, Leuze-en-Hainaut (UCI Juniors): 2nd Robbe
  • Ironman Lake Placid (USA): 1st AG Sam
  • 15K Asbeek: 2nd Jan
  • Rad am Ring (Germany): 3rd Anthony
  • Triathlon Valiug (Roumania): 3rd Lucian
  • Duathlon La Gileppe: 3rd Wim – 1st masters
  • Half triathlon Medina de Rioseco (Spain): 1st AG David
  • 1/4 Triathlon Porthood (Can): 1st Corey
  • 1/4 Triathlon Porthood (Can): 2nd Andreas
  • Triathlon Leiderdorp (Nederland): 3rd Adrian
  • Triathlon Izegem: 3rd masters Els
  • Triathlon Deinze: 2nd Raphaël
  • Cycling Sijsele: 1st Guillaume
  • Time Trial Geel: 1st Hans
  • Duo TT Geel: 1st Hans
  • Team Time Trial Geel: 2nd Wim
  • 15K Haacht: 2nd Patrick
  • La Velomediane: 3rd Anthony
  • Duathlon Borne (Netherlands): 3rd Jan
  • Ironman Vichy (France): 2nd Overall Bert
  • Cycling Ursel: 2nd Guillaume
  • World Championships Duathlon LD Zofingen: 1st AG – 13th Pro included Hans
  • World Championships Duathlon LD Zofingen: 2nd AG Jan
  • World Championship Duathlon LD Zofingen: 2nd AG Wim
  • 10K Bertem: 1st Bart
  • Triathlon Huy: 3rd masters Robert
  • Ironman Wales: 4th AG Tony – Ironman Hawaï qualification
  • 7K Nieuwpoort: Sander
  • Leuze en Hainaut (Cyling – Juniors): 3rd Quinten
  • Half Marathon  Fiddlers Run (Canada): 1st Andreas
  • Cycling Ursel: 3rd Kristof
  • Half Irondistance Damme: 1st Inge
  • Ironman Chattanooga (USA) : 2nd AG – 15th overall Van McCarty
  • Bosbaan Triathlon (1/4) (Netherlands): 3rd Adrian
  • Flemish Championships Mountainbike: 2nd Wim M
  • National Championships Duathlon Belgium (Masters): 1st Wim DC
  • 20K Dilbeek: Arne 3rd
  • Regional Championships Cyclocross: 1st Chelsey
  • Trailrun Wild Hog Trail 21K (Canada): 1st  Corey
  • Regional championships cyclocross: 2nd Kevin
  • 7K Bellem-Aalter: 2nd Jan
  • Corrida Seraing: 1st
  • Cyclocross Heure-Romain: 3rd Klaas
  • Cyclocross Boortmeerbeek: 2nd Kevin
  • Duathlon Bas-Oha (Belgium): 3rd Hannah
  • Duathlon Bas-Oha (Belgium): 3rd Wim
  • LD duathlon Damme: 1st master
  • Duathlon Damme: 1st Inge
  • Duathlon Damme: 1st Hans
  • Cycling: Chiang Mai International circuit (Thailand): 3rd Phanupon – Men
  • Cycling: Chiang Mai International circuit (Thailand): 2nd Chanakan – Women
  • Cycling: Chiang Mai Internaional Circuit (Thailand): 3rd Aoy – Women
  • 10K Lier: 1st Tony
  • Beachrace Oostduinkerke: 3rd Masters Johan
  • Cycling Burrirum (113K-Thailand): 2nd Aoy – Women
  • Cycling Burrirum (1130K – Thailand): 1st Phontep – Men
  • King of the Beach: GC 2nd Masters Johan
  • Bredene 12K: 3rd Hans
  • Deinze 12K: 3rd Judith
  • Cyclocross Hofstade: 2nd Kevin
  • 10K Lier: 1st Jan
  • Hel van Kasterlee: 1st overall and 1st masters Inge
  • Hel van Kasterlee: 1st masters Wim
  • Trailrun Lummen: 3rd Bart
  • Run and Bike Brussels: 3rd AG Bregt
  • Run and bike Gravelines (France): 3rd Hans



  • 12K Watervliet: 1st Jan
  • Half Marathon Mississipi (USA): 1st Brooke
  • Run and Bike Otan: 3rd Sophie and Raphael
  • Redbull Tout Droit: 2nd Klaas VK
  • Foulées des Neiges: 1st Sophie
  • Cyclocross Nieuwenrode: 2nd Klaas VK
  • Kievitloop Bergen-Op-Zoom (Netherlands): 1st Tom
  • Toast Run Boezinge: 1st Gwen
  • Triathlon Avion (France): 1st Hans
  • Triathlon Avion (France): Masters 3rd Steven
  • Veldloop Veurne: 1st Gwen
  • Louis Persoons Memorial Genk – Half marathon: 3rd Jan (1h14′)
  • Half marathon Arganda Del Rey (Spain): 1st AG David
  • Regional Champs Crosscountry running / PK West-Vlaanderen: 2nd Gwen
  • 5K Sydney (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • 5K Sydney (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Trailrun Eeklo 20K:  2nd Inge
  • 8K Lichtaart: 2nd Tony
  • Half Marathon North River Bridge (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Half Marathon North River Bridge (Canada): 3rd Allan
  • Duathlon Herentals: 2nd Tony
  • Duathlon Hofstade: 1st Stefanie
  • Cross country Ardooie: 3rd Gwen
  • UCI 1.18 Vivegnies: 3rd Svenne
  • 20KM Saint-Martin: 2nd Pierre
  • 20KM Kortemark: 1st Gwen
  • 10miles Oostende-Brugge: 2nd Gwen
  • Offroadduatlon Nossegem: 1st Inge
  • National championships Crossduathlon: 1st Stefanie
  • Triathlon De Haan: 3rd Inge
  • Triathlon De Haan: 3rd Steven
  • Aquathlon Lille(France): 1st Sophie
  • Crosstriathlon Arras (France): 1st Hannah
  • Crosstriathlon Arras (France): 2nd Joeri
  • Sprintduatlon Geluwe: 2nd Masters Jan
  • UCI 1.18 Couvin: 3rd Svenne
  • 5K Cozumel (Mexico): 2nd Brooke
  • 1/4 Duathlon Ter Idzard (Netherlands): 1st Jan
  • 111 Triathlon Portocolom (Spain): 3rd Stefanie
  • Ironman South Africa: Qualification Ironman World Champs Hawaii – Pierre
  • UCI1.18 Diepenbeek: 3rd Svenne
  • Offroadtriathlon Spa: 3rd Joeri
  • Offroadtriathlon Spa: 3rd Masters Steven
  • Duathlon Kalkar(Germany): 3rd Adrian
  • Triathlon Mouscron: 2nd Raphael
  • Triathlon Mouscron: 2nd (women) Sophie
  • Raid Ardres: 3rd Seb
  • Long distance Duathlon Douai (Fr): 3rd Hans
  • Damme-Brugge-Damme: 2nd Gwen
  • Half Ironman Lima (Peru): 2nd Laurence
  • Trailrun Ellezelles: 1st Inge
  • Knokke 10K: 2nd Gwen
  • Frankfurt (Germany – road cycling): 2nd Anthony
  • Be emmazing 10K (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Be Emmazing 10K (Canada): 2nd Andreas
  • Be Emmazing 10K (Canada): 3rd Allan
  • Timetrial Herckenbosch (Netherlands): 1st Svenne
  • Grand Prix D3 Qualif: 1st Sophie
  • 1/4 Triathlon Breukelen (Holland): 3rd Robert
  • Xterra Greece (Greece): 2nd AG 25-29 Joeri   – Qualification World Championships Maui, Hawaii
  • Dwars door Brugge: 1st Gwen
  • Individual Time Trial Ransdaal (Holland): 1st Svenne
  • Bilzen 111: 2nd Stefanie
  • Triathlon Genk: 3rd Wim (Masters)
  • Grace Hollogne (UCI1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Duathlon Hoogerheide (Holland): 2nd Jan
  • Duathlon Hoogerheide (Holland): 3rd  Arne
  • Stadsloop Gent: 2nd Gwen
  • Moyen (Luxembourg) UCI 1.18: 3rd Svenne
  • Individual Time Trial Zundert (Holland): 3rd Hans
  • Duathlon Rijkevorsel: 3rd Jan
  • Ben Buffet Memorial (Can) Allan 3rd
  • Ben Buffet Memorial (Canada): Corey  2nd
  • Half Irondistance Troyes (France): 2nd Inge
  • UCI 1.18 Longchamps: 3rd Svenne
  • German Cycling Cup Schleiz (Germany): 3rd Anthony
  • Provinciaal kampioenschap Half Marathon: 2nd Gwen
  • Triathlon Halluin (France): 2nd Sophie
  • Triathlon Dreikirchen (Germany): 1st Tom
  • Half Irondistance Bonn (Germany): 1st AG Tony
  • nacht van Vlaanderen 10K: 3rd Gwen
  • UCI 1.18 Gottignies: 2nd Svenne
  • Crossduathlon Wanze: 1st Masters Jan
  • Triathlon Wanze: 1st Tom
  • 13K Herentals: 2nd Tony
  • 1/4 triathlon Oud-Gastel (Holland): 1st Tony
  • 10Miles Waasmunster: 1st Gwen
  • Chtriman Gravelines  Irondistance (France): 1st Hans
  • Ironman Austria: 1st AG and 15th overall Sam – Qualification Ironman World Championships Hawaii
  • Ingonish Triathlon 1/4 distance (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Ingonish Triathlon 1/4 distance (Canada): 2nd Andreas
  • Ingonish Triathlon 1/8 distance (Canada): 1st Mc Kenzie
  • Chtriman Half irondistance (France): 1st Inge
  • Triathlon Geraardsbergen: 1st Masters Inge
  • Cycling Kasterlee: 1st Maarten
  • Challenge Saint-Andrews (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Watewyloop Tielt 10K: 2nd Gwen
  • Cycling Wortel: 3rd Maarten
  • Triathlon Summerside (Canada): 1st Allan
  • Memorial Igor Decraene: 2nd Jan
  • UCI 1.18: 2nd Svenne
  • Oceanlava Half Irondistance Aranjuéz (spain): 3rd David
  • UCI 1.18 Escanaffles: 3rd Svenne
  • Jan Goddaer: 8K Grembergen: 1st Masters
  • Aylesford Triathlon (Canada): 1st Andreas
  • Melmerbi Triathlon (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Challenge Saint Andrews (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • CHallenge Saint Andrews (Canada) 1st AG Heather
  • 15K Asse: 1st Jan
  • Nisraman:  2nd Inge (1st Masters)
  • Nisraman light: 2nd Masters Jan
  • Boussu-Bois (UCI 1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Lakeside Paradise Triathlon: 2nd Hans
  • Beachrun Westende: 2nd Gwen
  • Individual Time Trial Oostende: 3rd masters Jan
  • Half Irondistance Bridgetown (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Half Irondistance Bridgetown (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • Olympic Distance Bridgetown(Canada): 1st Heather
  • Lommel UCI 1.18 3rd Svenne
  • La Roche UCI 1.18: Svenne 2nd
  • Grace-Hollogne UCI 1.18: Svenne 2nd
  • Individual Time Trial Zolder: Svenne 1st
  • Duathlon La Gileppe: 1st Tom Vandenbussche
  • Triathlon La Gileppe: 3rd Masters Jan
  • Triathlon Leiderdorp (Holland): 1st Adrian
  • Triathlon Port Hood (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Triathlon Port Hood(Canada): 2nd Allan
  • DuathlonHalle: 3rd Masters Wim
  • UCI1.18 Gouvy (Luxembourg): 2nd Svenne
  • UCI 1.18 Lac de Cherapont: 2nd Svenne
  • Half Irondistance Castilla y Leon (Spain): 3rd David
  • Trail des 2Ours, Nandrin: 2nd Pierre
  • Time Trial Geel: 1st Tom
  • Time Trial Geel: 3rd Svenne
  • Time Trial Torhout: 1st Tom
  • Team Time Trial Torhout: 2nd Tom
  • Offroadtriathlon Watrissart (Fr):  2nd Jann
  • Maine 70.3 (USA): 3rd Corey
  • IronmanVichy (France):  Teamrelay Hannah 1st
  • Duathlon Zele: 1st masters Wim
  • 10k Nevele: 1st Wim
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer (France): 1st Masters Cai
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer (France): 2nd Masters Sam
  • UCI 1.18.2 Ville Pommeroeuil 1st Svenne
  • Half irondistance ‘The Beast'(UK): 1st Tom
  • World Champs duathlon Zofingen (switzerland):1st AG Jan – 14th! Overall!
  • Xterra Denmark: 2nd AG 25-29 Joeri (slot WC Xterra)
  • UCI 1.18 Blanmont: 1st Svenne
  • Swimrun Brugge: 1st Jeroen
  • Memorial Tom Compernolle: 3rd Gwen
  • Short distance duathlon Zofingen (Switzerland): 2nd masters Jan G
  • Individual Time Trial: 1st Tom
  • Xterra Woolastook (Canada): 3rd overall Andreas
  • 1/4 triathlon Halifax (Canada): 1st Heather
  • Fiddlers run 10K (Canada): Corey
  • Long distance duathlon Damme:  2nd Jan
  • Long distance duatlon Damme: 1st Masters Wim
  • UCI 1.18 Ligny: 2nd Svenne
  • Offroadtriathlon Wuppertal (Germany): 1st AG Joeri
  • Beernem 10K: 3rd Gwen
  • Monstertijdrit Almere (Holland): 3rd Svenne
  • Championnat regional du Nord-Pas de calais (France): 1st Sophie
  • Kuurne Half marathon (Classic!!): 1st Gwen
  • Riverport Duathlon (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • Ironman World Championships Hawaii (USA): 3rd AG Sam
  • Olympic distance triathlon Antalya (Turkey): 2nd Adrian
  • Ironman 70.3 Turkey: 6th Adrian (1st AG)
  • European Championships Swimrun: 4th (Raph/Sophie)
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): Stage 3 : 3rd Bjorn
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): Stage 5: 2nd Bjorn
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): Stage6: 1st Bjorn
  • Half Marathon Hamilton (Canada): 3rd AG Allan
  • Half Marathon Kasterlee (Belgium): 2nd masters Steve
  • Ironman70.3 Mexico: 2nd AG Carlos
  • Duathlon Lichtaart: 1st Inge
  • Veldloop Deinze: 1st Gwendolyn
  • Offroadduathlon Maastricht (Netherlands): 1st Tony
  • Offroadduathlon Damme: 1st Masters Wim
  • 5K Lier: 3rd Jan
  • Trailrun Lummen (35Km): 3rd Steve
  • 10K Bredene: Gwen 1st
  • Trailrun Marchin: 2nd Pierre
  • Duathlon Groesbeek (Netherlands): 3rd Svenne
  • Hel van Kasterlee: 1st Masters – 9th overall Wim
  • Hel van Kasterlee: 1st masters – 2nd overall Inge
  • Regional Championships Cyclocross (youth): 1st Chelsey
  • Regional Championships Cyclocross (Amateur): 3rd Klaas
  • Corrida Tielt: 2nd Gwen



  • 1/2 marathon Watervliet: 3e
  • 12km Watervliet: 1e
  • 6km Watervliet: 1e
  • Trailrun Hamoir (32km): 2e
  • Offroad duatlon Hofstade: 2e U23
  • Duatlon Geluwe: 3e
  • MTB duatlon Duinbergen: 2e U23
  • MTB duatlon Duinbergen: 2e
  • Long Distance Duatlon Saint-Pierre-les-Fleures (Fr) : 3e
  • Offroad triatlon Valkenburg (NL): 1eU23
  • MTB duatlon Ciney: 3e
  • Europees kampioenschap ITU/Powerman duatlon Horst-aan-de-Maas (NL): 9e
  • LD duatlon Douai (Fr): 7e
  • Combiné triatlon/duatlon Gémenos: 3e
  • 5km Gent: 1e
  • Powerman Germany: 5e
  • Powerman Germany: 15e
  • Wielrennen: Tijdrit Asse-Mollem: 1e
  • 4Km Wambeek: 1e
  • Duatlon Tielt: 2e
  • Individuele tijdrit Oostkamp: 1e
  • Koppeltijdrit Oostkamp: 1e
  • 5km Lovendegem: 2e
  • 3000m Haaltert: 3e
  • Tijdrit ronde Gaumaise uci 2.18: 2e
  • Puntentrui ronde Gaumaise uci 2.18: 1 dag
  • Eindklassement ronde Gaumaise uci 2.18:8e
  • BK offroad triatlon militairen: 3e
  • Duatlon Dreikirchen, Duitsland: 1e
  • Dorpelingenkoers Zomergem: 1e
  • Duatlon Mamer (lux): 6e
  • Duatlon Kortrijk: 3e
  • Koers Knesselare: 1e
  • 3km Aalter-Brug: 1e
  • BK wielrennen ACH: 11e
  • EK Offroadtriatlon: 10e U23
  • Duatlon Loenhout: 3e
  • Tour d’Alsace (profkoers 2.2): 17e
  • Tour d’Alsace (2.2) (rit 6 aankomst op Grand Ballon): 7e
  • Tour d’Alsace (2.2 – Bergklassement): 2e
  • Cityduatlon Geel: 3e
  • BK Duatlon LD: 13e
  • BK Duatlon LD: 5e
  • Triatlon Berlare: 2e trio’s
  • Mi-Août en Bretagne (2.2 profkoers, 2e rit): 8e
  • Mi-Août en Bretagne (2.2profkoers, 3e rit): 6e
  • Offroadtriatlon La Gileppe: 2e U23 )
  • Mi-Août en Bretagne (2.2 profkoers, eindklassement): 10e
  • Dorpelingenkoers Bellem: 1e
  • Triatlon Kamperland: 1e
  • Powerman Austria:14e
  • Duatlon Borne (NL) : 4e
  • Tijdrit Opwijk: 1e
  • PK Duatlon West-Vlaanderen: 3e Seniors
  • 10km Wingene: 1e
  • Duatlon Borne (NL): 4e
  • Tour du Doups (Fr) UCI profkoers 1.1: 25e
  • WK ITU long distance/powerman duatlon Zofingen (Zwi): 8e
  • WK ITU long distance/powerman duatlon Zofingen (Zwi): 15e en 1e (wereldkampioen) bij de amateurs
  • WK ITU long distance/powerman duatlon Zofingen ( Zwi): 2e amateurs
  • Tijdrit Wingene: 2e
  • Triatlon Chièvres: 2e
  • 12km Kastel: 1e
  • Eindstand internationale Powermanranking:  7e
  • Wielerwedstrijd Ursel: 2e
  • Duatlon MTB Spa: 2e
  • Sleidinge 12km: 2e
  • Triatlon Maldegem beloften: 1e
  • Tijdrit Lichtervelde: 1e
  • BK Offroadtriatlon: 3e
  • Ploegentijdrit Oostkerke: 1e
  • Offroad Duatlon Maastricht beloften: 1e
  • Duo Normand (uci1.1, FR): 20e
  • BK 1/2 marathon: 4e
  • PK Duatlon Oost-Vlaanderen: 3e
  • Offroadtriatlon Wachtebeke: 1e U23
  • Veldloop Zele: 3e
  • Kerstloop Brugge: 2e
  • Individual Time Trial Almere (Netherlands): 3rd Hans (1st AG)
  • 10Miles Aalter: 1st Gwen
  • 10K Kortrijk: 1st Gwen
  • Grace-Hollogne(UCI1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Duathlon Elsegem: 2nd Claude (masters)
  • Half Irondistance Bonn (Germany) 1st AG Tony
  • Triathlon Dreikirchen (Germany): 1st Tom
  • Triathlon Halluin (France): 2nd Sophie
  • Time Trial Arcen (Holland): 1st Svenne
  • Nacht van Vlaanderen 10K: 3rd Gwen



  • Offroad Duatlon Jurbise (Mons): 2e (Tom)0ffroad Duatlon Hofstade: 1e U23 (Joeri)Offroad Duatlon kort Ath: 1e (Joeri)

    Offroad Duatlon Lang Ath: 1e (Tom)

    Duathlon Ter Idzard, Nederland: 3e (Jan)

    Zwemwedstrijd Dendermonde: 400m: 2e (Sören)

    Duatlon Geluwe sprint: 3e (Tom)

    Duatlon Geluwe: Sprint: 2e Masters (Pascal)

    Duatlon Eschweiler (Ger): 1e (Jochen)

    Duatlon Eschweiler (Ger): 3e (Jan)

    Iduatlon Knokke: 1e U23 (Joeri)

    Duatlon LD DOuai(Fr): 4e (Tom)

    Duatlon LD Douai (Fr): 10e (Jan)

    Duathlon LD Douai(Fr): 2e Masters (Stijn)

    1/2 Triathlon Salou (Esp): 18e (Dieter)

    Kruznoman (Tsjechië): 3e (Tom)

    Sprinttriatlon Zeebrugge: 2e (Dieter)

    Duathlon MTB Lotenhulle : 3e (Evy)

    Triathlon Genk: 3e (Sôren)

    Triathlon Dendermonde: 3e (Jocelyne)

    Aflossingsduatlon Zeebrugge: 1e (Jocelyne/Evy)

    Halve Triatlon Terheijden (NL): 1e (Dieter)

    1/4 Triathlon Brugge: 1e H-35 (Dieter)

    Duatlon DreikKirchen (Duitsland): 1e (Tom)

    Duatlon Kortrijk: 3e H40 (PAscal)

    Celtman Schotland: 2eH50 (Peter)

    Xterra France: 2e H20 (Joeri)

    WK offroadtriatlon: 9e (Joeri)

    Aronaman (Italië): 16e , 2e H30 (Jan)

    Belgisch Kampioenschap Duatlon Lange Afstand: 4e, 3e Elite (Tom)

    Offroad Triathlon La Gileppe: 1e U23 (Joeri)

    Powerman Austria – Weyer: 2e Agegroup (Tom)

    Triotriatlon GP Jim: 1e (Tom)

    WK duatlon Zofingen: 2e amateurs (Jan)

    WK duatlon Zofingen: 3e amateurs (CIndy)

    Duatlon Halle: 3e Masters (Pascal)

    LD duatlon Damme: 1e (Tom)

    Offroadtriatlon Rotem: 1e (Joeri)

    PK sprintduatlon: 2e (Pascal)

    Offroadtriatlon Valkenburg: 1e(Dieter)

    Offroadtriatlon Valkenburg (3e Joeri)

    Offroadtriatlon Valkenburg: 1e U23 (Joeri)

    Offroadduatlon Wachtebeke: 3e U23(Joeri)

    Triatlon Tenerife (1/2 triatlon): 10e (Dieter)

    Duoduatlon Kleit: 1e (Jocelyne)



  • Bottelare (Junioren): 2e (Thibault)
  • Bellem-Aalter : 1e (Kevin)Tijdrit Almere 48K (NL): 1e Elite (Hans)PK Tijdrijden Junioren Ursel: 3e (Thibault)

    Lotenhulle : 1e Jasper

    Lotenhulle : 2e Gregory

    Lotenhulle: 1e Kevin

    Waarschoot (Nieuwelingen): 3e (Bjarne)

    Sint-Joris-Beernem (Nieuwelingen): 1e (Bjarne)

    La Vélostar (FRA): 1e (Anthony)

    Wielerwedstrijd Ruiselede: 1e (Kevin)

    Tijdrit Zelzate: 3e (jasper)

    Wielerwedstrijd Doomkerke: 1e (Kristof)

    Wielerwedstrijd Maria-Aalter: 1e (Kevin)

    Wielerwedstrijd Breendonk: 3e (Robin)

    Ploegentijdrit Vlamertinge: 3e (Alexander)

    Tijdrit Dudzele: 1e (Tom)

    Tijdrit Dudzele: 2e (Hans)

    Wielerwedstrijd Diest (Nieuwelingen): Bjarne

    Wielerwedstrijd Oudenaarde (LWU): 1e (Kevin)

    Wielerwedstrijd Roeselare (LWU): 3e (kristof)

    Cyclosportieve Étalles: 1e (Anthony)

  • Duatlon Jurbise: 1e (Tom)
  • Duatlon Ath: 3e Masters (Pascal)Duatlon Ath: 3e (Joeri)Goodwood Duatlon Portsmouth(GBR): 1e (Tom)

    Goodwood Duatlon Portsmouth (GBR): 2e Masters (Pascal)

    Duathlon Geluwe: 1e Masters (Claude)

    Aquathlon Maldegem: 2e (Jocelyne)

    Aquathlon Maldegem: 1e (Dieter)

    Powerman Duatlon Italy: 2e (H30) Jan

    Duatlon Frasnes Lez Anvaing: 3e (H40) Pascal

    Aquathlon Brugge: 2e (Eline)

    BK duatlon: 2e masters (Claude)

    Triathlon LD: 3e (Hans)

    Duatlon Ruddervoorde: 2e Masters (Claude)

    Triathlon Dendermonde: 3e (Jocelyne)

  • 12K Watervliet: 2e (Jan)10K Leiden (NL): 3e (Mattijn)8,5K Westdorpe (NL): 3e (Anton)

    8K Achro: 1e Masters (Claude)

    7K Terneuzen: 2e (Tom)

    6K Watervliet: 1e (Jocelyne)

    Memorial Louis Persoons 1/2 marathon: 2e (Jan)

    BK Veldlopen Militairen: 2e (Claude)

    10K Kain: 2e masters ( Claude)

    10K Sluis (NL): 2e Gwendolyn

    Dwars Door Dendermonde 2e Gwendolyn

    12K Opstal: 3e (Jorn)

    10K Knokke: 3e (Gwendolyn)

    4K Aalter: 3e (Jocelyne)

    Dwars Door Brugge: 2e (Gwendolyn)

    Trailrun Spa(30K): 3e (Steve)

    Stadsloop Gent: 3e (Gwendolyn)

  • Tijdrit Oostkamp: 1e (Tom)
  • Tijdrit Oostkamp 2e (Hans)
  • Tijdrit Oostkamp: 2e (masters) (Pascal)
  • Koppeltijdrit Oostkamp: 1e (Tom-Hans)
  • Triathlon Damme-Oostkerke: 3e (Dieter)
  • BK Triathlon Politie: 1e (Raphael)
  • Triathlon 1/4 Gravelines(fr): 3e (Jocelyne)
  • Elite Zc Grimbergen: 1e (Kevin)
  • 5K Gavere: 2e (Pascal)
  • Wielrennen nIeuwelingen Zomergem: 2e Bjarne
  • Loopwedstrijd Kortrijk: 10 K :1e Gwendolyn
  • 11K Relegem: 1e Jan
  • OVWF Waardamme: 1e Kristof
  • Duatlon Dreikirchen (Ger): 1e Tom
  • Wielrennen nieuwelingen Kuurne: 1e Bjarne
  • Tijdrit Oostende: 1e HANS
  • Tijdrit Oostende: 3e Tom
  • 10mijl Waasmunster: 1e Gwen
  • Midzomernachtrun Kortrijk: 1e Claude
  • Triathlon Halluin: 3e (Raphael)
  • BK Wielrennen LWU: 1e (Kristof)
  • Tijdrit koppel Damme : 3e tom en hans
  • Triathlon Sprint Gravelines: 3e Jocelyne
  • Triathlon Sprint Gravelines (Fr): 2e Dieter
  • 6km Aalter brug: dieter: 3e
  • 3km Aalter Brug: Jocelyne: 1e
  • Kristof Carette: LWU: 1e
  • Thibault Devoldere: Destelbergen (junioren): 1e
  • Elite ZC Keerbergen: Robin 3e
  • 4KM Kasterlee: 1e AN
  • Triathlon Kappelle op den bos: 3e DIeter
  • Triathlon Kappelle op den bos: 3e Jocelyne
  • Schaal Indekeu: Svenne: 3e amateur A
  • Westerlo: Junioren: 2e ThibaulT
  • Nisraman Kort: Joeri 1e
  • Aronaman Italy: 3e Jan
  • Ploegentijdrit Reningelst: 1e Kristof
  • 10K Lokeren: 1e Gwendolyn
  • Junioren heis-op-den berg: 2e Thibault
  • Duatlon Geel JEugdB: Daan
  • Duatlon La Gileppe: 2e master Pascal
  • Duatlon La Gileppe: 3e Tom
  • EliteZc Meerbeke: 2e Robin
  • Groede 8KM: 1e Jocelyne
  • Nationale tijdrit NEerpelt: 3e Thibault
  • Kiwanis Tijdrit Neerpelt: 1e Tom
  • Kiwanis Tijdrit Neerpelt: 3e Svenne
  • Tijdrit Geel: 1e Hans
  • Tijdrit Geel: 2e Tom
  • Ploegentijdrit Geel: 1e Svenne
  • Ploegentijdrit Geel: 2e: Tom
  • Ploegentijdrit Geel: 2e Tom
  • 10K wingene: 1e Gwen
  • Triathlon Lovere: 3e Agegroup: Jan
  • Tijdrit Torhout: 1eTom
  • Tijdrit Torhout: 2e Hans
  • Ploegentijdrit Torhout 1e Hans
  • Ploegentijdrit Torhout: 1e Tom
  • Ploegentijdrit Torhout 1e Pascal
  • Druivenkoers Overijse: 1e Bjarne nieuwelingen
  • Baardegem junioren: 3e Thibault
  • Koksijde 10K: 2e Claude Masters
  • Triathlon Viersel: 3e Dieter
  • Half Belman: 2e Hans
  • 8H Zolder: 1e Jasper
  • 8H Zolder: 2e Kevin en Greg
  • Melsele(Junioren): 1e Thibault
  • Ville Pommereoul (ACH): 1e Kristof
  • La Charly Gaulle: 3e Anthony
  • WK zofingen: 1e Agegroup Jan -17th overall
  • Duatlon waardamme Daan 3e – jeugd B
  • Parochianenkoers Oostkamp: Jasper 3e
  • Duatlon Waardamme: 2e masters Claude
  • Tijdrit Panheel: 2e Svenne
  • Nieuwelingen Knokke: 3e Bjarne
  • Triathlon  Oedelem: 1e Dieter
  • Gentlemen koers Knokke: 1e Anthony
  • Saint Saulve(Fr) Triathlon: 1e Dieter
  • Koppeltijdrit Moorsele: 1e Hans en Tom
  • 12u Zolder: Greg/Jasper/Kevin 2e
  • Berenloop Beernem: 2e Gwendolyn
  • ½ Marathon Kuurne: 1e Gwendolyn
  • Dwars door Hasselt: 3e Gwen
  • Duatlon Canterbury (GBR): 2e Tom
  • Veldloop Waregem: 1e (Gwen)
  • Veldloop aalter: 2e (gwen)
  • Jan: 7K Bellem (1e)
  • Winterduatlon Malonne: Hannah 3e
  • Kerstloop Waregem 2e Gwen
  • Runbike Sirault: 1e Jan G
  • 10K Lier: 2e Jan
  • Offroadduatlon Kleit: 3e Hannah



  • Offroadtriatlon Avion (Fr):1e Hannah
  • Regional Champs Cross Country/ Veldlopen West-Vlaanderen: 3e Gwendolyn
  • National Champs run en bike: 2e Jan Goddaer
  • Halve  Marathon Louis Persoons Memorial Genk: Jan 3e
  • Cyclocross Herne: Xtof :3e masters B
  • Offroad duathlon Jurbise:  1e Hans
  • Gwendolyn 3e Ardooie
  • National Champs Crossduatlon: Jan Goddaer 3e
  • Duathlon Ath : 1e Hans
  • Elite ZC/U23: Merelbeke: 3e Robin
  • Amateurs Montreuil sur hain (UCI 1.18) : 3e Svenne
  • Ironman South Africa 1e AG Sam / 21e overall
  • European Championships Long Distance Duathlon: 1e AG Hans
  • Triathlon Mouscron: 3e Raphael
  • LD Duatlon Douai: Jan Meysmans 3e
  • 10 miles Antwerpen: Gwendolyn Dedeyne 2e
  • Offroadtriathlon Spa: 3e Joeri
  • Duatlon Roeux(Fr): Pascal 1e masters
  • Triathlon Roeux Fr sprint: Hannah 3e
  • Triathlon Roeux Fr Sprint: Raph 2e
  • Triathlon Roeux (Fr ) Half Irondistance: Hans 1e
  • IM70.3Mallorca 3e H18-24 Arne
  • TTHerckenbosch (NL): Svenne 1e
  • Triathlon Oostkerke: Jocelyne 1e
  • TTTijdrit Wulpen: Jan G 1e
  • Irondistance Ironmedoc(Fr): 1e Brooke
  • Half  Irondistance Triathlon Deauville (Fr):1e Brooke Brown
  • Rund um koln (Ger): Anthony 3e
  • TTPanheel(NL): 1e Svenne
  • Triathlon Les vieilles Forges  (Fr) Joeri 1e
  • Triathlon Dreikirchen (Deu) Tom 1e
  • 10miles waasmunster: 1e gwendolyn
  • Triathlon Dunkerque(Fr): 2e Raph
  • Ironman Frankfurt European Champs (Ger): Hans selected for Ironman Hawai
  • Irondistance Vitoria-Gasteiz(Esp): 1st Brooke
  • UCI1.18 Houdemont: 2e Svenne
  • National Championships Cycling (ICF): 1st Kristof
  • Team Time Trial Achtmaal (NL): 1st Svenne, Hans, Tom
  • Regional Championships Escanaffles (UCI1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Boussu-Bois (UCI 1.18): 3th Svenne
  • Tremelo-Baal (Juniors): 2nd Bjarne
  • Nisraman Light: 2nd Joeri
  • 10K Lokeren: 1st Gwendolyn
  • Laneuville (UCI1.18): 2e Svenne
  • Triathlon Meise: 2nd Arne
  • Montreuil sur Haine (UCI1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Triathlon Izegem: 3rd Wim masters
  • Ironman Mount Tremblant (Canada): 8th overall/1st AG overall Sam
  • Night Trail: 2nd Tim
  • Timetrial Geel: 1st Tom
  • Timetrial Geel: 3rd Hans
  • Team Time Trial Geel: 3rd Hans – Svenne -Tom
  • Team Time Trial Torhout : 1st Hans – Svenne – Tom
  • Timetrial Torhout: 1st Hans
  • Timetrial Torhout : 2nd Tom
  • Timetrial Koningsbosch (NL): 1st Svenne
  • Half Irondistance Belman: 2nd Jorn
  • Half Irondistanc Belman: 2nd Hannah
  • UCI 1.18 Waremme: 3rd Svenne
  • UCI 1.18 José Battice: 1st Svenne
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer: 1st AG Hans
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer: 1st AG Sam
  • Duathlon Gooik: 1st master Claude
  • Time Trial Panheel: 1st Svenne
  • 10K Wanzele: 2nd Elisabeth
  • Half Irondistance Saint-Briac (France):1st Stefanie
  • Amateurs Borgloon 1.18: 2nd Svenne
  • Marathon Maritime race Weekend (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Knokke (wielrennen): 2e Knokke
  • Botterlare (Juniors): 3th Bjarne
  • World Championships Time Triathlon (Journalists): Tom
  • Olympic Distance Darthmouth (Canada): 3rd Jeff
  • Snowman Triathlon (Wales): 3rd Tom
  • Sandman Triathlon: 2nd Jurgen
  • Half Marathon Kuurne: 2nd Gwen
  • Duathlon Zegerscappelle: 1st masters Jan
  • Duathlon Riverport (Canada): 3rd Corey
  • Triathlon CLM par équipe: 1st Sophie
  • Half  Irondistance Empuriabrava (Esp): Stefanie
  • Dwars door Hasselt: 1st Stefanie
  • Ironman Hawaii 2015: 4 slot-athletes -> 2 went
  • 5K Keerbergen: 2nd Jan
  • Duathlon Canterbury(GBR): 1st Tom
  • Half Triathlon Bandol (France): 1st Stefanie
  • Half Marathon Cape Breton (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Ocean Lava Lanzarote (Spain): 1st Brooke
  • Duatlon Weert (NL): 2e Tony
  • Ironman70.3 Turkey: 2nd Raph (25-29)
  • Challenge Ixtapa(Mexico): 3rd Brooke
  • Veldloop Aalter: 3rd Gwen
  • 8K Aalter: 2nd Jan
  • 10K Bergen-op-zoom(NL): 1st Adrian
  • 15K Bergen-op-Zoom (NL): 1st Robert
  • Veldloop Berlare: 3rd Gwen
  • 10K Lier:  2nd Stefanie
  • 10Miles Bilzen: 3rd  Jan
  • 5K Nova Scotia, Canada: 2nd Corey
  • 5K Nova Scotia, Canada:3rd Allan
  • Trailrun Marchin: 1st Pierre
  • Santa Hat Hustle, Canada: 1st Brooke
  • 10K Lier, 1st Jan
  • 15K Bergen-op -Zoom: Adrian 1st
  • Run and Bike Gravelines (France): 2nd Séb
  • Corrida Tielt: 3rd Gwen
  • 10K Wielsbeke: 2nd Claude
  • Our athletes join groupsessions in wintertime, a way to motivate wintertraining!

    Our athletes join groupsessions in wintertime, motivation is key!

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