Our cyclists very close this weekend – Triathlon in Brasil – Running in Belgium!

Strong results of our cyclists this weekend! All of them playing an important role in the development of the races!

Elite in Florennes, Anthony and Dries both in good shape past weeks and prooving already they have it in them to play for victory. Especially on a tougher racecourse such as today’s!
Both riders found themselves in the right breakaway, it looked like this breakaway would go all the way. But misunderstanding let to a peloton that came back to this first group and sprinted for victory! A pity for both riders, especially for Dries who go tackled in the sprint and ended up with a crash!

In Momalle (1.18) Svenne found a racecourse he like, in front of the race he had to chase 2leaders during the whole race. A good race done, the result not showing the effort by finishing 11th!
Important 6weeks coming now for him!

Young rider Tibo (Juniors) is having a huge start of the season, each race playing for the win and entering top 10 so far! Today he managed to close a 40″ gap with the leaders all by himself and finishes 6th!
It made him got a selection for Tour of Flanders (UCI1.1 Juniors) on April7th!

In Geraardsbergen, Steven takes 14th after missing the 12man breakaway and coming in in a smaller group chasing the leaders!

What to say about Bram in Besonnieux? Mountainbikespecialist and entering his 2nd road race. Always in front, feeling strong and in control of the race! Finally a sprint with the riders left and finishing 12th!

In Brasil, our Brasilian 70.3 athlete Ronaldo, had an important 1/4 triathlon to do! Leading up to the first 70.3 races speed,power and endurance needed to come together! And so it did!

Strong racing of Ronaldo these days, ready for more!

With a strong bikeperformance he confirmed his good swim to put down the bike 6th overall and keep this 6th overall spot at the finishline!

A strong bikeperformance of Ronaldo before a fast run off the bike! Steady performance for start untill finish!!

In Belgium a couple of road running races with for example Dendermonde (Dieter 5th) and Essene (Half marathon)
In Essene Jan was ready for a good half marathon, with 282D+ this race is quite hilly. A strong performance, finishing this race in 1h16’30” ~ 3’36km and beating several strong athletes! Jan is having a good start of the running season!

Another strong half marathon of Jan – 1h16’30” for 280D+

The way our athletes are having things under control at the moment is great, season started well with wins in cycling, running and du/triathlons already! April 1st doesn’t look serious, but in sports…then things get very serious!

Let’s kick it!



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