Groupsession 1 – October 2017 – hilly run/spin

Last week Ironman Hawaii 2017 was held, and the last cyclingraces also…that means closure time of the season!
Meanwhile our cyclists and triathletes who ended their season earlier this month are already building up towards 2018 and how! A lot of determination and feeling keen on being in shape at the right moments in 2018 again! In the end hard work pays off, and for that motivation is key! Our always positive group was ready to go today with more than 15′ to wait on the clock…A good sign let’s say!

Races are won on training at home, in silence. No hashtags, no Strava Kom’s, nothing sexy about that, dedication helps…self-discipline helps… to perform!

Today the environment of Brussels was the location to be for our athletes!

We started the day with a nice fartlekrun!

After a longer muddy and hilly warm-up, our athletes were ready to put in some efforts. For each with his/her own mission.

After the run we went for an aerobic, but hilly ride on ‘our loop’, a limited wattage uphill was set and so the group stayed +/- nicely together during the hours that followed!
We saw our athletes came out of rest well, motivated and still with some power in those legs!


Wim and Anil enjoying the +10% Flemish climbs

Enjoy our athletes in action

On to the next step in preparation now in the next weeks that will follow! Stay cool, put on your HRmonitor and enjoy…like we enjoyed today!

Train smart, perform better!



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