Thriller….in France and Spain!

If you have been in my car you know only CD’s of Michael Jackson and Kaatje Tralalaatje can be found in my car. Because I was alone in my car this morning, I chose for the first…a few hours later I can only say this song was no coincidence . Well done Michael, you don’t only bring some rhytm into an early morning but also predict the outcome of races!

In Douai we had 5 athletes racing, it was Séb who took off first in 3degrees, rain and melting snow during the sprint race! He started off well and once on  the bike he took his chances to move up! In the 2nd run he kept his place and finished just outside of the top10 (11th).


Sebzenneger working his way to the front in very bad weather conditions. On the bike  roads were slippery and it lasted for half a day to get warm again!

Next to kick off were Stijn, Peter, Jan and Hans!

Unfortenately we got a phonecall of Jan he had to go to the hospital because of an accident on his stairs the day before.

Jan M

Just before the race Jan calls he was at the hospital, he sure would have been a tough guy to beat for the other favourites and could have influenced the race! Hopefully a quick recovery to battle next week at Luxemburg! Sébastien calling to the local pizzeria to deliver pizza on the racelocation to warm up!

The race started with 2 outspoken favourites Maris (BEL) and Van Looy (Bel). Next to them there was  Vaillant (FRA) who defended his title. Hans was an outsider, but somewhere I knew Hans was in shape  and the bikecourse was definitely in his benefit. The start went well, Hans, Peter and Stijn passed us where we expected them. Not blowing up in that first run to have full power during the bikecourse always is the best tactics. Places are earned in the last 30′ of the race. Hans got out of transitions 2’30 behind leaders Van Looy/Maris. But it was a strong Vaillant who took hem both back and absolutely outcycled them. After 40K it was Maris 15″behind Vaillant, Van Looy 20″ later and then there was Hans only 2’08 behind Vaillant. So gaining back on the other  2. At that moment calculation was simple, he would enter the top 3 after the 80k and so he  did! Together with Maris he entered T2 only 1’20 behind Vaillant. So Hans rode a very fast last lap and took off for the run very fast. After 3,5km it was Vaillant in  1st,  Hans in 2nd (43″behind) and Maris in 3rd ( 51″ behind Vaillant). The best possible result seemed 2nd, to get that he would have to take back Vaillant! Maris (2007 WC Zofingen winner) won the race and in my opinion he is simply one of the 3best LD Belgian duathletes at the moment, and maybe better…Vaillant earned his 2nd spot by riding very offensive and just seconds behind it was  Hans who got a great podium with these 2 legends! All supporters were astonished by his performance and our French friens talked about “monstrueux” and “machine”!

For Stijn the race ended with a flat after 1 bike lap, but after the race he completed his 20K run of the  day. That’s the spirit of an athlete! For Peter it went better than expected and he felt great despite the cold rain!When we asked him about how the race was he said very briefly “Godmiljaar”! A little word also for Alex who prooved his progression in Ruddervoorde duatlon and finishes amongst ‘specialists’ in this discipline!

In Gottingen (Germany) and Almere (Holland) our cyclists were riding the best they could, Anthony who just finished the Arden Challenge last week was 7th on the last GPM, but in the downhill a group came back and finished top30 finally. Next week he races in Germany again…in Frankfurt. We remember of 2015 that Frankfurt gives power to our athletes!

In Belgium GP Affligem was one of the main races for the elite riders, Dries (U23 st year) finished this race in style and is ready for an important month! While Jef finished 18th in his 2nd race of the season!

Jan and Svenne both went to Almere for a heavy timetrialrace and finished 29th and 8th (+100participants).

In Peniscola (Spain) David finally started his first half triathlon of the season.My advice to him was simple, race more and learn to race and feel the body! We can say pieces felt together on his National champs LD duathlon earlier this season. But today..he did FANTASTIC! A good wim and then always moving up! Crossing the fingers for his coming off the bike…well he flew towards the finish and even moved up a spot towards the 8th overall position!  Great to see him race with this great spirit!


The bikecourse in Peniscola was well paced by David, nutrition was  good and you always take benefit of that at the end of the race!

Our athletes are topgear, that’s clear! Weather is not so motivating for the moment so we motivate each other on another way!

Take care,



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