Fast racing in The Netherlands and Spain today!

70.3 Medina de Rioseco (Spain) was one of David’s 3 A-races this season! An important one because loving to race there! And only 1 week after a trainingcamp in Frankfurt, he felt like he had to go fast!


Another strong performance of David in Medina de Rioseca 

A good swim, with one of his faster paces and already rollin’ out of T1 after 33′ he unleashed his legs again! David is a strong biker and on the flatter racecourse he wanted to move up quickly to let the other guys chasing him! Averaging 40,6km/h made him put down his bike in T2 2nd!

David T.jpg

David running to AG podium and overall top10 in Spain!

A tough run in the Spanish heat for David but still managing to get into the overall top 10 and becoming 3rd in his AG!
Strong season of our Spanish Bull with the motor of a German car!


In The Netherlands Leiderdorp was the battlescene for our athletes. Adrian and Vincent on the 1/4distance, Jan on the 70.3 distance!
Adrian, coming back from training camp, was more than ready to race at Leiderdorp. Winning here 2years ago…made him one of the favourites before the race of course.
A good swim of Adrian, but also Vincent coming out of the water not so far behind….

Adrian Finish leiderdorp

Adrian on his way to victory in Leiderdorp!

Both of our athletes moved up very quickly and at the moment Adrian took the lead he felt Vincent flying by…Vincent was busy putting down the best bikesplit today with a huge effort and at that point our athletes were 1 and 2 in the race. Not bad with +/-200 athletes behind them. This was also the order they put their bikes in T2. During the runcourse Vincent ran constantly and was already busy defending his podium, knowing Adrian was coming very strongly, a very consistent race over 3 discplines made him run towards another victory! Vincent defended his spot on the podium very well and realized his best 1/4 effort effort by finishing 3rd!

Adrian Podium

Adrian 1st, Vincent  3rd…both a athletes with a big smile after a tough race!

The 70.3 distance, with a 2.5K swim, was another LD test for Jan! Already done a good comebackrace to triathlon in Klazienaveen (Netherlands) he was keen on putting down an even better effort today! A good swim for Jan, followed by a slower T1 (dizzy because of the water…u all know the feeling) made him have to work himself forward. No riders overtaking him on the bike and racing very constantly during the 90K on his TTbike.

Jan Mbike.jpg

Despite pain in his lower back on the TT bike, Jan moved up strongly during his bike effort!

Once off the bike it’s Jan’s strongest point: Offbike running. Running several times an overall top10 time off he the bike in the world championships duathlon made this his specialty! In the first lap he had take time for a ‘cioccolato gelato’ but he flew towards top15…and approaching top 10 at the finishline! Finishing 11th just a few seconds behind number 10!

Jan M.jpg

A very fast run again for Jan, just missing top10 at the finishiline…finishing on a nice 11th place!

In La Gileppe, the yearly duathlon was held. A hilly course and quite some strong athletes at the starting line with for example U23 world champion Arnaud Dély. Both Robby (19th) and Wesley (24th) did a very good race and enjoyed racing these fine roads!

Wesley and Robby doing well in this tough race!

Strong weekend in Europe and Asia!

Splendid results of our athletes today, our athletes went out hard…to warm up the engines!

🇪🇦️This morning already early wake up for our Spanish bull David to race marathon in Sévilla, aiming on a time of 2h50′ he did a perfect race with even in the end some fast miles finishing 2h54′!
Next race will be a half marathon for sure, but with a swim and run before it 🙂

David t.jpg

🇹🇭️ In Thailand nice results of the cyclists of WTT, with Tine and Olé racing in the front and managing an 8th place for Tine in the end!


🇧🇪️ In Belgium Brussels-Opwijk (U23 classic) was on for Dries and Robbie (1st year U23). Dries managed to be in the front despite the cold and reconfirmed his way up after his accident last year, while Robbe picked up nice experiences at this level.

In Lens-Saint-Rémy (UCI1.18) 5 riders at the starting line, some with a bit of fear because of the wind, cold and a lot of riders. Others with legs waiting to explode!
And exploding they did, Guillaume out in front from the first lap with 12 other riders of which 1 teammate. After 76k – 500 D+ Guillaume took 5th, while his teammate won. Guillaume didn’t miss the start of his season for sure! Furthermore it was Svenne missing the right train in his race and with a solo-performance in the last 15K he managed to finish alone at 9th place! A bit further Joachim (first group) and Niels finished their races satisfied…picking up rhytm to next weeks where they will try to go even harder!


In Maldegem Anthony was totally in the race and managed to get in a group of 30 riders…untill his Di2-battery run dead. A good feeling again for him and with several back to back races coming he is keen on the hills!


Our CX men Xtof and Kevin, both 6th in their category closed a long cold and wet winterseason with good races! Going into their ‘resting period’ with good shape…will definitely be positive for what’s coming in summer!

Furthermore in Belgium some of our triathletes had trailrunning and road racing races planned, overall conclusion is that the feeling is good, the output is good and the A-races come closer. Let it come!

Next week some tough races ahead, we like!

Have a nice recovery 🙂!

Recap of another “Grand-cru” year in 2017!

A long year is almost behind us, our athletes performed like bosses, from January till the end of December the one performance after the other was made!
This year was a year that personally wasn’t my easiest, with the loss of  out mother. But as we learned to stand tall in difficult times…we kept going….and stood up again. Personally I must/will thank all the people who gave even the smallest  word of support. Without the small or bigger supports maybe 2017 wouldn’t have been like it became…at sportslevel!

In January our athletes just drunk their last glass of champagne and the first races were there already, our athletes were involved in some road running races with for example the half marathons where we had 6 of our athletes crushing the 1h20′ and even some guys below 1h15, that already was a good sign towards the season. At that point our athletes hadn’t had any hard sessions yet. Base was good, strength was good…and then  you can be already at 90% of your PB…if you approach training with a good periodisation. Laziness is never rewarded in sports, being creative and being a silent worker is!
Klaas, our cyclocrossrider even took an unexpected podium on the regional championships cyclocross!


Klaas heading towards the podium on the regional champs!

In February

our Canadians woke up and the first road races (running) were held overthere, with the Boularderie half marathon for example where Corey, Allan and Andreas took an exceptional clean sweep!

In Belgium the tough Sandman duathlon was held, with the win of Inge and very strong Hans in the male race. Both, at this point, were far from peaking period. With the results we knew in spring there would happen something…and it did!

Meanwhile the French speaking part of Belgium had its championships duathlon. There also our athletes got podium and even won the masters race.


La Machine has to explain how he dropped his opponents

At the end of this month our cyclists turned their engines on, immediately followed by big results! There was Svenne who already got podium and Anthony who was on for a S U P E R – Season who got 4th in his first race in Lens-Saint-Rémy.

March traditionally is the month where all sports cross eachother…road cycling, mountainbike, duathlon, triathlon, marathons,…but it’s also the month where you show what you’ve been up during winter.
March began with a duathlon win in Ashford (United Kingdom), Anthony who rode himself from the one podium to the other and wins in Tournai (Belgium). There also was the resurrection of Guillaume, who turned back into cycling and came back…stronger than he ever was before! There was also the trailrun on Ballon d’Alsace (France) where Arne got an unexpected podium and of course the duathlon in Hilversum (Netherlands) which closed the month!


A lot of fighting spirit for Anthony, with strong racing and wins already at the beginning of the season!

In April the cycling season continued with wins in Couvin (Belgium), Mariembourg (Belgium) and Frankfurt (Germany). While our duathletes won races in the Netherlands (Ter Idzard), Germany (Eschweiler) and France (Douai). In Douai it was Hans who was able to put down an extraordinary result by beating former Pro world champion Koen Maris. Not so far behind it was Jan who, with the fastest 2nd run, could move closely to the front! In Spain it was David who did a great race in Orihuela early in the season and in Florida (USA) Allan won his race!

A bit more to the South Ironman South Africa was the first Ironman planned, with Pierre, Cai and Sam we had 3 athletes being capable of qualifying for Kona.
What happened there went just perfect! Pierre realised his best ever race and qualified for Kona for the 2nd year in a row, while Cai (5th in her AG) just missed the slot but managed to do a race perfectly as planned.

Sam from his part, once again took an IM podium by finishing 2nd AG overall (after former PRO Godart) and ran for the 4th time in his career a sub 3h marathon! Also his ticket was in his Bioracer-suit pocket!




Yes, April was the first peak for some of our athletes…and it was spot on it!
For the others…May became the first peaking period … and that promissed to be at least as surprising as April!

May was the month of duathlon championships,

with Jan becoming AG European champion and Wim losing his 3rd AG spot in the last kilometer we had success and learning in 1 race towards the world championships in September! Only 6 days after the EC the Belgian national championships were held in…Holland. In Almere Jan took top 10 overall and Wim managed himself to get his first medal on a national championships and got 3rd (masters).


Jan and Wim racing the European championships Long distance duathlon

In Mallorca (Spain) Adrian raced his first main goal of the season and in the 70.3 raced he not only got 2nd (AG), but also took a nice overall ranking and qualified for the 70.3 world championships.


Adrian running towards his AG-podium in Mallorca 70.3

Next to these races our athletes also managed to perform in Belgium and Canada in several cycling and triathlon races


Of course after a period like April and May, in which many outstanding performances were set by our athletes a coach silently hopes this can inspire the other athletes to perform at their verrrry best in the rest of the season. And it did!

In June this list of podium spots were reached:

  • SWIKE Harelbeke: 3rd
  • Half Irondistance Troyes (France): 2nd
  • Rev3 70.3 Quassy (Canada): 2nd
  • Half Irondistance Terheijden (Netherlands): 3rd
  • Duathlon Baddeck (Canada): 1st
  • Duathlon Baddeck (Canada): 2nd
  • Duathlon Baddeck (Canada): 3rd
  • Ironman 70.3Luxemburg: 1st AG Inge
  • Ironman70.3 Luxemburg: 3rd AG Steven
  • Cyclingrace Zomergem: 2nd Guillaume
  • Mamer Duathlon (Luxembourg): 3rd Jan
  • Cyclingrace Zottegem: 2nd Guillaume
  • Time trial Zolder: 3rd Jef

Next to these results, multiple top10 races were made by our athletes!
In the triathlonraces of Meer, L’eau d’Heure, Oud-gastel, Couvin, Alpsman…our athletes performed very well.
In Ironman Klagenfurt (Austria) we saw our athletes stepping up a level with athletes going sub 10h and sub 9h30 for the very first time!



Unfortunately for Bert in Challenge Poznan (Poland), he was sent the wrong direction…being in 2nd position and having to quit the race. Bert was approaching the leader at that point and ready to take a full distance win! This made him keen on performing at least as hard later on this season…

July, the first month of summer…traditionally a loaded month with Ironman races in Frankfurt (Germany), Zürich (Switzerland), Santa Rosa (USA), Lake Placid (USA), Nice (France) and Whistler (Canada), but also the full distance races of Gravelines (France) and Challenge Roth (Germany). In all of these races our athletes gave the best of themselves with some extraordinary results in the end!
Each Irondistance also is a learning process, that’s what a few of our athletes experienced. The way you enter the race is crucial!



In Roth for example, Hans was our 2nd AG athlete getting SUB 8h45! With a win in his AG and a top overall ranking this was certainly his best full distance ever!


In Lake Placid (USA) Cai came very close again to qualifying for the World champs after a strong race on this tough racecourse, while Same managed an 11th place (overall) and another AG win!
A very strong performance again, and much more to say and reflect about it then just ‘eating chicken soup’ ;-)!

In Aarschot it was Bert who took his 2nd masters victory of the season, Inge who took the AG win in Xterra France, Anthony just outsprinted for the win in Rad am Ring (Germany), Corey getting 3rd in 70.3 Saint-Andrews, Allan winning the Aylesford triathlon (Canada) and Robbe (junior-cyclist) getting his first ever podium!

Next to all of these races it was Jan who was the 2nd Belgian in 2017 winning a Long distance duathlon (only 2 will win a LD road duathlon in 2017) in Gravelines (France)!


August is known as harvest period in Europe, the end of the road seasons approach and time for those who built a good base to finetune towards the last races!
Our athletes wer on the pdoim tri/duathlonraces and multiple cyclingraces in Belgium The Netherlands and Roumania, while in Spain David got himself on the podium in Medina de Rioseco (Spain).
In Belgium it was Bart who astonished in the tough Belman race by finishing 9th, where he found a racecourse that fitted him perfectly!



But Augustus also was a month of quite some Ironman racing!

With 70.3 races like Zell-Am-See (Austria) and Vichy (France), where our athletes performed very well. On the full distance in Maastricht (The Netherlands) Tim got 21st overall, and missed his slot by 1place after a 3h00 marathon which was the 6th overall (Pro incl) running time! Later that month our athletes also raced in Ironman MT where Allan got very close to a slot, Ironman Kopenhagen(Denmark)  and then we had the Ironman in Vichy!
A magical day for one of our athletes, who flew and was in the lead of the race for a very long time!! Bert came through on the bike as 2nd very soon, with nobody around him and chasing groups behind him. With the rolling start it’s difficult to see where you are in the race, and the packs behind him of course were not easy to manage. With a fast bikesplit he put down his bike and started on the run course! Soon it was clear that former Pro and strong performing Clerbout came closer and approached him (timewise) . But nobody could avoid that it was Bert crossing the finishline 2nd!


Bert crossing the finishline in Vichy (France)  finishing 2nd in Vichy

A magical moment for our athletes to have one of our athletes crossing the Ironmanfinish like this! In the end it was Clerbout who won (faster time by +/-5′). Bert was our 3rd amateur athlete within a year who finished in 8h45 or faster! A performance to remember, and to be very proud of!


With his fantastic performance in Vichy, Bert already qualified for the 2018 World championships!

Only 1 week after the adrenalinerush in Vichy, our athletes registered for the World championships duathlon in Zofingen (Switzerland) were ready…to rumble!

Hans, Jan and Wim had their chances on the AG podium and were keen to get on it!

For all 3 of them the race turned into something fantastic, Hans (1st AG 35-39), Jan (2nd AG 35-39) and Wim (2nd AG 40-44) found themselves on the podium after the race!

With Hans who became first overall amateur and Jan who became 3rd overall amateur our athletes had their place between the Pro’s!



Only 2weeks after his 2nd place in Ironman Vichy it was time for Bert to enter the 70.3 world championships! With our well known Dan Stubleski at place number 1, Bert his 5th place was well earned! What a season for him!

Later in September we had 2 athletes ready to qualify for Kona 18 with Tony, strong as always and approaching his first Ironman in Wales! In Wales he got the company of Stijn, also racing his first Ironman! Both athletes did great and on this tough and very cold racecourse, where pro-athletes like Romain Guillaume had to leave the race because of the cold, Tony was capable of qualifying himself for the Ironman World championships 2018 in Kona, Hawaii!

In Chattanooga (USA) it was Van, our Californian trailrunner/Ironman athlete…with a super fast run of the bike he won the AG (45-49) and got 15th (!!) overall in his Ironman! With his slot in the pocket he is flying into 2018!

With several races like Gerardmer XL, Knokke, Damme (with another OUTSTANDING win for Inge) , the national duathlon title (masters) for Wim and victory for Andreas in Canada (Fiddlers half marathon) road season was topped off!

At this point our cyclocrossriders already had don their first races again!
October approached and Kona 17 came closer!

But first there were the Ironman race in Barcelona(Spain), where Jens was on his way to go Sub9 and take a Kona-ticket also! Only in the last kilometers his race got really tough finishing 4th(AG) and just not enough for the AG podium! But a magnificent race for one of our younger athletes in the Ironman circuit! Jens did a super season with quite some races all the way in the front of the race and finally closing his season with a fast race in Barcelona!

Also in Barcelona was Sem, a big step forward for him….finishing the race just above 9h30!


Jens in Ironman Barcelona on his way towards 4th AG place

In Ironman70.3 Turkey Adrian astonished once again by getting another Ironman top10! Another good season for him this year with some nice goals to look forward to!

But not only Ironman has races in October, Vincent and Arne went to Empuriabrava to race their half irondistance and finished 21st and 22nd in this beautifull race in the north of Spain!

Of course there’s only 1 ‘all-eyes-on’ race in October and that’s the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii! With Sam and Pierre racing this year we hoped for the very best! And all was going perfectly, with both athletes having a good swim and immediately heading forward on the bike…untill Sam got a penalty…5′ of STOP for him!
Despite this penalty he went as hard as before the penalty for the rest of the racecourse and managed to STILL have the fastest AG 40-44 bikesplit and the 4th overall time….how fast were his legs! On the runcourse Sam couldn’t make the difference anymore and after being in the battle for the podium untill almost the end he finally got 7th! Pierre finished a bit later and completed his 2nd Kona-race!



The week after Kona our athletes already came together to have our first groupsession, a relaxed fartlek run and groupride were on the menu :-). The begin of a good season is where the past season ends!

In November it was clear that our cyclocrossriders got stronger and stronger, with Klaas getting several podiumplaces and move up towards 3rd overall in the Cyclocrosscup!

Kevin from his side amazed by getting the 2nd place in the regional championships, a nice step up in his comeback year!



December, the last month of the year and also a month in which many athletes enter their first prepraces towards ’18 with nice results in Run and Bikes, Offroadduathlons, trailruns and the continuation of our cyclocrossmen in a season full of suspense! Also a crucial month for training towards spring season!

But above all…there’s Kasterlee. A LD duathlon only known in Flanders, BUT with a great atmosphere and something special about it! A main goal for a couple of our athletes!
A main goal that was more exciting even than predicted, and finally one of our athletes won the race. Inge dreamt about winning it and she did! After mechanical problems she fought herself back into the race and won! That’s the mentality you need as an athlete, never give up!
In the masters race it was Wim who won, with his 11th overall place and super fast run off the bike! Marvellous season they both had!




In Thailand the riders of the WTT/W2W are also keen on starting their season and already in December the first races ar on there! With 4podiumplaces and 1 victory they immediately show what’s possible if you work smart!


Extra goalsets for the next  year are simple – evaluation within 12months:

  • getting our 10th world championships medal
  • win a continental championship
  • win a pro cycling race (UCI)
  • At least 5 selections for the Ironman World Championships 2018, Hawaii
  • win our 5th Irondistance race
  • selection for UCI Gran Fondo world championships Varese (Italy)
  • selection for the European championships cycling (UCI-PRO)
  • Selection for the 70.3 World champs in Nice 2019
  • Get a 100% ratio start/finish in all Ironmans
  • Race with a lot of determination and beat yourselves physically and/or mentally during each race.
  • Train smart, perform better (in real-life races, not on Strava, Zwift or on other Instagrams ;-))!

The page of the book of 2017 will be turned on December 31st, then we only look forward again! First date to meet…January 21st, group session ‘Jessevnsportscoaching-classic’. Be there, or be square!
Have a good party!

*The full list of podium places in ’17 , but with 3days to go and knowing our athletes this can still change!



Our athletes in the front in Canada, Spain, Holland and Belgium

Quite an extraordinary weekend this weekend, the ONLY non-Ironman weekend of the summer for our athletes but not at all a weekend without races!

Saturday the weekend start grey, wet and cold in Belgium. Not a lucky moment for the La Gileppe Trophy Duathlon. Our athletes at the starting line would race against current Pro world champion Odeyn. Last year it was Tom who won this race with a super fast bikesplit, which wasn’t touched at all this year. Jan and Wim were directly in the front of the race and keen on a good performance. Both athletes are in full preparation of the World Championships on Sept 3rd. Jan could mount his bike 4th but the rain and cold took over his body and he had to let go his concurrents a bit on the top of the most important hill. Jan is an athlete who is used having a fat% between 4,5 and 7,5%.

Jan MEYS.jpg

Not a lot for racing in such conditions. With a fast offbike run, he warmed up a bit and could run towards 9th place. Wim from his side did (in my eyes) maybe his most astonishing race, because of the difficulty of the racecourse and race towards 3rd overall behind strong cyclist Lafourte and Odeyn. Wim wins the masters race of course. After his win in Gravelines (Sprint) another hammer on the block.


That said, we can say this motivates. Surprising results, are always nice to see!

David was ready for his last Half Irondistance of the season, in Medina de Rioseca (Spain) he raced this triathlon. With a good swim, a T1 where’s room for improvement and a super bikesplit he could put down his bike in….2nd position!

David T.jpg

40,5km/h was David’s avg pace in Medina de Rioseca

He was closely followed by a chasing group and quite soon he found himself comfortable in 5th position.  But David paced well and ran his 2nd half of the runcourse as fast as the first half which made him took over 4th place and finish 4th!


In Canada Andreas and Corey were ready to race in Porthood (1/4 Triathlon), for Corey the first race after a short break after his first half of the season with 2Xpodium in 70.3races of Quassy (USA) and Saint-Andrews (Can). While Andreas had his first post-Ironmanrace.
Corey took the lead of this race very early in the race to not let slip away victory! Another win for this strong athlete. Andreas from his side did a good swim and rode 1/4distance records to mount to 2nd position…the run is definitely his strength and like this he took 2nd overall place.


Corey (1st) and Andreas (2nd) took their secret weapon for today’s race. Aerostyle, faststyle!

Earlier this week we had Adrian with an infection at his foot, antibiotics were needed to get his foot back to normal. A little wound that gets infected can give a lot of misery…fortunately Adrian got the right treatment in time.


Only friday Adrian’s feet fitted in his runningshoes again after a little infection got worse.

But shape was good and he was race-ready, with adapted training and some good sessions on the turbo on wednesday and thursday confidence came back and we decided to not cancel the race and see what would happen. His first run on friday went ok…so I was quite confident this would be for 90% OK on raceday. And so it was. Motivated to defend his last year’s title in Leiderdorp he defended his title well by finishing 3rd today!


3rd place for Adrian in Leiderdorp, continuing a very strong season so far…with 2 big goals waiting!

On the day Usain Bolt quits racing, our athletes just keep going strong!


Train smart, perform better!





La Machine controls the button…. during 8h44′!

Today was a day marked in RED in our agenda ,

3Full Ironraces, 3 races that are totally sold out from the moment you can register! Next to these 3races we had David (Spain) and Corey (Canada) in Half Irondistances.
Our athletes went in this very motivated and ambitious!

Hans had a silent ambition to go sub9 in Challenge Roth (Germany), but kept silence till raceday. Doing a good race was the most important thing. When you are ready to race…stay cool, follow the raceplan and push the pedals when and where you have to! In Frankfurt next to Hans also Kurt started his first full distance of the season. After exactly 1h00′ Hans came to shore, a swim between 58-1h03 was what was in our thoughts. From there on, the real race starts.


Last month it was clear the load was correct, and would be paying off!

On the bike Hans smashed the race, he moved up towards leading position with a marvellous 4h32′ bikesplit. To get there he needed to push 279NP, which is quite a lot during Ironmanraces. We can say this the level only the AG TOPcyclists can manage.


Image of the weekend, saying it all!

After his victory past April in Douai (LD duathlon) the confidence for the run definitely could be present. Hans went out quite fast to finally run a 3h08′ marathon following on the fast bikesplit! But what a racetotal he managed, 8h44′!! A good question could be, is this still an AG result? I say yes! Why? Because of his 5.30am interval runs on cold winterdays, because of his afterwork cycling rides. This is hard,efficient and smart effort falling together during 8h44′.

These kind of results as a coach really can give goosebumps! For sure triathlon is NOT about times, so let’s come to the classification: Hans realised 20th overall (PRO included) and 1st AG! Winning the AG in one of the biggest triathlonclassics in Europe is a 2nd cherry on his big cake already this year! A bit later Kurt finished Challenge Roth to close the day overthere!

Hans flying towards the finishline in 8h42′ in Challenge Roth!


In Frankfurt (Germany) Adrian, Raph and Pierre got out for their European Ironman Championships ! Good swims they had, Raph (57′), Ad (58′) and Pierre (1h05) swam for what they were worth. Raph and Adrian got on the bike together and would be riding in eachothers neighbourhood till just before T2! Pierre a bit further was pacing correctly from the beginning! Adrian and Raphael found themselves around athletes riding very fast and finishing sub9 later on in this race. It soon became clear that they would be entering T2 a lot faster than predicted…So 2possibilities were there: Perfect weatherconditions or overpowering a bit. Pierre from his side followed his powermeter and was riding to enter T2 after a 5h00 bikesplit. Untill he got sick quite early in the bikecourse, Pierre vomited several times on the bike. Every athlete knows that at such a moment your race is done…but Pierre wasn’t there to qualify, he already has his ticket! Pure luxury! Quitting was never an option, without eating he continued and put down his bike after 6h02′ of racing without food in the stomach.

Raph and Adrian raced hard more upfront in the race, after 5h48′ they could start running (already!) But soon came clear that the powerfull bikeride weighted on the body. Raph was slowing down after 10K and had to go on survivalmode to finish his first Ironman! Adrian could go fast longer on, but at the end he also felt the lost energy on the bike! Adrian could finish the race just above 10h in 10h02, while Raphael made it a case of honour to finish and did!


120K at 3,7watts/kg blew up the legs of Raphael during the marathon, simply too fast and a lesson learned! Adrian even rode slightly faster but also payed his efforts.

Pierre from his side could keep moving up despite the hunger he felt. The lack of sugars became heavy at the end but he finished his race in 9h34′ after a still decent marathon.


Pierre had a sick stomach on the bike and wasn’t capable of taking gels, he still tried to finish the race as good as possible and did well with a 3h29′ marathon.


In Vitoria-Gastéiz our athletes on the Full iron realised their goals to finish this beautifull Irondistance race! On the Half Iron, an elite level of athletes at the starting line. Next to the pro athletes the AG athletes tried to give their best! David was one of them!


David pushing hard on his pedals to move up and finish 21st overall in Vitoria’s Half Iron!

After  a good swim he felt the power in his legs and rode himself to the front! Coming into T2 23rd overall he knew he could came close to the AG podium! With a good run in Basque country he even moved up a few spots and crossed the finishline 21st overall…and 4th AG! But what a bummer to miss the podium with only 8seconds behind nr.3!! Transitions? Socks? Details! But details sometimes result in that little extra!


The 275NP bikesplit of David made him come in touch with the AG podium, a fast run got him to 8seconds of it!


1more race to go, the 70.3 Saint-Andrews in Canada! Thé A-race for Corey in the first half of his season. Corey prooved in Quassy  and Baddeck already he was in shape, question was if it would be enough to get on the podium today in Saint-Andrews!
With a good swim the gap with the leaders wasn’t too big to get in the battle for the podium! Corey is strong at the moment, with a magnificent 290NP during this Half Irondistance he gets himself totally in the race behind Cedric Boilly and Robert Hollinger. Boilly and Hollinger got a bit out of sight and would end up 1 and 2 in the end. For Corey it was important to run fast off the bike! He did, with a 1h22′ half marathon following after his cyclingpart and ends up overall 3rd!


A 3’50/km run for Corey on a racecourse that’s not flat at all…coming off of the bike strong is important to be in the game for the medals!


Corey 3rd in 70.3 Saint Andrews!


Quite a busy weekend past weekend with also very good results of our cyclists on our FBpage!

This weekend was on it, our athletes raced hard and learned a lot. Recovery now for the athletes performing this weekend…but not for the others, because many big races are coming next weeks!!





Not just an ordinary weekend!

Not an ordinary weekend past weekend, a few races planned…and this resulted in much more than ever expected!

It was yesterdaymorning Jan went to Holland for the Duathlon in Ter Idzard! A race which is dominated by wind and wind. 10-40-5 distances, so a high intensity race, with no time to waste from the beginning. Jan had a good period behind him with 3rd place in Hoorn (Netherlands) and a trainingcamp in the Italian mountains where he stays in his appartment on high altitude. The perfect recipe towards this race it seemed, with a nice win as a result!

In the afternoon Svenne was ready to race hard in Mariembourg (UCI1.18), a bike course which fitted his TT-qualities well. The only difficulty of course is to get rid of the peloton…Svenne isn’t someone with a hard sprint at the end and needs to get rid of his concurrents earlier by making the race as hard as possible. This time it worked!

Svenne wins his first road race of the season after multiple top10results!


Tough racecourse and the first win of the season for Svenne in Mariembourg!

The weekend only had begun, because today our athletes were race-ready in Germany, Spain, Canada and Belgium!

David was the one to get up first, start in Orihuela (Spain-70.3 Triathlon) was early at 8.30 am!
At the Costa Blanca the athletes had to swim a one way 1.9K distance in choppy water.

Knowing the pro field was quite high-level with for example the current ITU world champion Sylvain Sudrie (France) at the starting line.

A good swim for David made him mount the bike within touch of the concurrents in his AG (30th AG). On the bike the racecours was quite difficult with 1300D+ for 90km. David unleashes his legs and is capable of riding full of energy towards T2. With a 275NP he moves up quite a lot and puts down the bike…2nd AG and 22nd (Pro included).


Quite a tough bike course in Orihuela (Spain), perfect to get rid of the ‘legal-drafters’, David puts the bike in T2 2nd in his AG.

Time to run now and David manages well, with a 4’15/km in the first half of his race and 4’28/km in the 2nd half of his race he paces quite regular. As this race is being the first of his season we might say we didn’t miss the start of it!

Results Orihueal

The top5 of the race was amazing, with current ITU world champion Sudrie on 4!

Till the last 2K David is in battle for the 3rd spot in his AG but the other concurrents played smart and could take him back just before the finishline…David thought they had 1lap behind… A good lesson to keep racing till the end, if u need to run multiple loops on the run course.

Well done, Spanish bull!

Tovar finish

David didn’t miss his start and ends up 6th in his AG – 40th overall!

In Germany (Göttingen) Anthony was ready to ride the first race of the season for his German team. With already quite some top10, a win and Arden Challenge in his legs we knew he was ready to race hard in Göttingen. Anthony tried several times to get rid of the other riders and ended up in the main group. The last kilometers towards the finisline this group stayed together and sprinted for victory. Anthony got 5th and once again comes close to victory!


Anthony is in good shape these days, today again he gets 5th in Germany!

Our athletes weren’t only racing outside of Belgium. Also in Zaventem (Triathlon) and Spa (Offroad Triathlon) our athletes did well!

For Steven Spa meant his 3rd podium on 3 du/triathlons this season and astonishes himself! In the female race it’s Hannah who takes 2nd place, which must be a mental boost toward her first Ironman in August! On thursday she got some working points after her lactate test…and obviously she took this very well 😉

Later today our triathletes Tim and Allan both go succesfull in Zandvliet, Belgium (10miles) and Canada (8K) in runningraces! Allan currently is getting the one podium after the other…Tim is getting strong towards his first tri in Seneffe within 4weeks and wins the 10miles.


Tim averages 3’36/km in his 10miles and takes the win on this race with 50% offroad course.

This was not just a weekend, April is grand cru already…and isn’t done yet!


Un partido con chile !

Today David dit his next race of the season, a season with already splendid half irondistances and the Spanish Long Distance Duathlonchampionship!
In Medina de Rioseco, Castilla y Leon (Spain) his last half Iron of the season was planned. We knew shape was good, and surprises were possible.


With a bikesplit of 2h18′ for 90,2km David didn’t pace conservative but used his strength to move up and come off the bike “fresh” and in the front!

After a good swim with some current he came out of the water in 10th position, perfect to still have the contact with the front of the field. Normalizing just under 270Np on the bike David  knew he was capable of doing a good run. The fastest bikesplit and 3rd position off the bike gave him good vibrations and the push to go hard.


Once again David could confirm on the run, running the 3rd split made him defend his podiumspot with honour! Good work on training pays off in the end!


I can’t express too much how important a good made macrocycle is. Hitting the right volume and the right intensity at the right time makes your  races successfull or not! Athletes working week to week never get the best out their body.

Like we said David could run the 3rd runsplit which made it logical he could finish his race on the podium! After his podiumspot in Oceanlava Aranjuéz (Spain) this is  is another topresult of the Spanish bull !


After all, if you focus on the strengths an athlete has, results are nearby!

Train smart, Perform better!





Not just à weekend, but a week of joy and being fast on and off the bike!

Some weekends I remember forever, past weekend is a weekend that will be such a week !

Let’s begin with Ocean Lava Aranjuéz (Spain), David Tovar  is doing a great season and in his 3rd A-race of the race he amazed  everybody by getting a 3rd overall spot!

Deze slideshow vereist JavaScript.

With a good swim, a well dosed bikecourse he ran himself towards a spot on the podium!

A little confusion by girls in bikini in the last K made him make an extra loop and loosing 2nd spot by 1second! (Focus David!!!)

Later that day we had Jan racing in racing the national Championships Long distance Duathlon in Holland, and everybody who knows Jan…knows he can do special things. Well, this first. If did his race a bit slower he now had a son with Dutch nationality…

Jan did a superrace and on a flat race course he could limit the gap with the TTbikes and discwheels. Jan races with a froadframe and no aerowheels. It’s no coincidence his former employer is named Eddy Merckx. In true flandrienstyle he put the bike in T2 and runs the best 2nd run split and becomes 3rd! His  3rd duatlonpodium this spring! Now a short competitionbreak till summer because…his pregnant girlfriend, who went with him to Holland gave birth to a son 12hours later! Congratulations to (J)an!

Belgium got its first triathlon ‘fun-event’ with a Swim-Bike/finish in Harelbeke. Not yet a great succes when it comes to participants but certainly this can be a good intensive workout! A few athletes tested this event and liked it except for the ‘no rules, everything allowed policy’ during the race.

Tombike 360NP

If you balance right between intensity, strength and endurance you get high performance. With 363NP at the end of load block someone is ready to shine at least once.

While in Canada tri-season is slowly starting up our athletes are getting ready another podium for Corey and Allan on a road race and looking forward to their first tri overthere!


I would be happy if the weekend stopped there, but then there was sunday. While some athletes suffered in Almere (Holland), L’eau d’Heure, Jona-Rapperswill (Switzerland) and Meer we had athletes racing in Troyes (France) who did a fantastic race. Hans finished 9th in a strong field of athletes, while Inge…became 2nd behind French Pro Isabelle Ferrer. Being first year of Master, she is stronger than ever!

Her husband Steven did behind them a very good race finishing 34th and is now getting closer and closer to Norsemann!

I just could post the powerfile of Hans, knowing he’s a strong biker. But I won’t, because he ran fantastic! The focus for Hans is on Long distance (non-drafting) triathlon and if you can’t run, you’re done.In Douai (France) he prooved to run fast off the back and  in Troyes once again he realised his performance by putting down his bike strong…but he ran to his 9th spot. Triathlon ends with running, if you can’t run…you can’t get big results!

The only thing I can say about his powerfile is that he has beaten the Half Iron power record of our athletes.

Deze slideshow vereist JavaScript.

In Germany and Luxemburg it was time for some cyclingraces! Anthony is doing a very nice season, but getting on the podium wasn’t too easy till now! In Schleiz (Germany), there was the next manche of the German Cycling cup. He didn’t miss the right breakaway and sprinted for victory, finishing 3rd we can be very happy with his result!

Anthony Duitsland

Anthony finishes 3rd in Schleiz (Germany) and is ready for more!

In Longchamps Svenne raced the way we talked about the day before. It was very simple, the bike course was super tough with a lot of climbing…so tactics were “Attack at the starting line”. He did , and it was the right breakaway. Svenne finishes 3rd! No further comment 😉

Our female athletes run fast off the bike, but even faster without a bike. Pas  sunday regional Championships Half marathon were held in Ieper. Gwendolyn went for the podium and got back home with a podium! The winner was outstanding, and Gwen got 2nd in 1h21′!


Gwendolyn running with a lot of determination towards 2nd place in 1h21!

Last but definitely not least, Ironman Nice (France) was a big challenge for Bart and Bjorn! Both followed tactics, and finished within their dreamgoals and had a super experience.


The bike check-inn, no way back…but Bjorn could happily check out after the race!

Train smart, perform better!


Thriller….in France and Spain!

If you have been in my car you know only CD’s of Michael Jackson and Kaatje Tralalaatje can be found in my car. Because I was alone in my car this morning, I chose for the first…a few hours later I can only say this song was no coincidence . Well done Michael, you don’t only bring some rhytm into an early morning but also predict the outcome of races!

In Douai we had 5 athletes racing, it was Séb who took off first in 3degrees, rain and melting snow during the sprint race! He started off well and once on  the bike he took his chances to move up! In the 2nd run he kept his place and finished just outside of the top10 (11th).


Sebzenneger working his way to the front in very bad weather conditions. On the bike  roads were slippery and it lasted for half a day to get warm again!

Next to kick off were Stijn, Peter, Jan and Hans!

Unfortenately we got a phonecall of Jan he had to go to the hospital because of an accident on his stairs the day before.

Jan M

Just before the race Jan calls he was at the hospital, he sure would have been a tough guy to beat for the other favourites and could have influenced the race! Hopefully a quick recovery to battle next week at Luxemburg! Sébastien calling to the local pizzeria to deliver pizza on the racelocation to warm up!

The race started with 2 outspoken favourites Maris (BEL) and Van Looy (Bel). Next to them there was  Vaillant (FRA) who defended his title. Hans was an outsider, but somewhere I knew Hans was in shape  and the bikecourse was definitely in his benefit. The start went well, Hans, Peter and Stijn passed us where we expected them. Not blowing up in that first run to have full power during the bikecourse always is the best tactics. Places are earned in the last 30′ of the race. Hans got out of transitions 2’30 behind leaders Van Looy/Maris. But it was a strong Vaillant who took hem both back and absolutely outcycled them. After 40K it was Maris 15″behind Vaillant, Van Looy 20″ later and then there was Hans only 2’08 behind Vaillant. So gaining back on the other  2. At that moment calculation was simple, he would enter the top 3 after the 80k and so he  did! Together with Maris he entered T2 only 1’20 behind Vaillant. So Hans rode a very fast last lap and took off for the run very fast. After 3,5km it was Vaillant in  1st,  Hans in 2nd (43″behind) and Maris in 3rd ( 51″ behind Vaillant). The best possible result seemed 2nd, to get that he would have to take back Vaillant! Maris (2007 WC Zofingen winner) won the race and in my opinion he is simply one of the 3best LD Belgian duathletes at the moment, and maybe better…Vaillant earned his 2nd spot by riding very offensive and just seconds behind it was  Hans who got a great podium with these 2 legends! All supporters were astonished by his performance and our French friens talked about “monstrueux” and “machine”!

For Stijn the race ended with a flat after 1 bike lap, but after the race he completed his 20K run of the  day. That’s the spirit of an athlete! For Peter it went better than expected and he felt great despite the cold rain!When we asked him about how the race was he said very briefly “Godmiljaar”! A little word also for Alex who prooved his progression in Ruddervoorde duatlon and finishes amongst ‘specialists’ in this discipline!

In Gottingen (Germany) and Almere (Holland) our cyclists were riding the best they could, Anthony who just finished the Arden Challenge last week was 7th on the last GPM, but in the downhill a group came back and finished top30 finally. Next week he races in Germany again…in Frankfurt. We remember of 2015 that Frankfurt gives power to our athletes!

In Belgium GP Affligem was one of the main races for the elite riders, Dries (U23 st year) finished this race in style and is ready for an important month! While Jef finished 18th in his 2nd race of the season!

Jan and Svenne both went to Almere for a heavy timetrialrace and finished 29th and 8th (+100participants).

In Peniscola (Spain) David finally started his first half triathlon of the season.My advice to him was simple, race more and learn to race and feel the body! We can say pieces felt together on his National champs LD duathlon earlier this season. But today..he did FANTASTIC! A good wim and then always moving up! Crossing the fingers for his coming off the bike…well he flew towards the finish and even moved up a spot towards the 8th overall position!  Great to see him race with this great spirit!


The bikecourse in Peniscola was well paced by David, nutrition was  good and you always take benefit of that at the end of the race!

Our athletes are topgear, that’s clear! Weather is not so motivating for the moment so we motivate each other on another way!

Take care,



Another crazy weekend…Ironman European Champs Frankfurt (Ger) and Chtriman Gravelines (Fr)…Hans going to Hawai!

What a weekend, last weekend Ironman Frankfurt was on the schedule for some of our athletes, in numbers 6 of them! Arriving in Frankfurt was a bit of a bummer, once you got out of the car the hotness kicked you down…On raceday 39,5degrees and hottest day EVER in Frankfurt. Most of the cycling and running course were in full sunshine…our athletes shaked by the idea of 9-12hours racing in this weather. But motivation was there, and no way back…so raceday was on!

The swimming course was a very nice track, 2circles to do and in between an australian exit!

Because of a water temperature of 26,4degrees there was no wetsuit allowed,  but on the swim no surprises for our athletes. Everybody got out in a nice time and could leave T1 with a good feeling!

Fortunately  the race started early and the first 2hours of the bike course temperatures were OK, after it…it became hot. Lots of roads where brandnew and the sun made temperatures on it above 50degrees.  It was clear our athletes were riding hard in the race and very soon Hans (Bel) and David (Esp/Ger) appeared behind the pro athletes where Jan Frodeno (Ger) was hammering the field 

.Really an amazing race to follow and seeing this former Olympic Champion winning his first Ironman!

David just behind Hans on Heartbreak hill and still laughing and chasing the Ironmanfinish

David just behind Hans on Heartbreak hill and still laughing and chasing the Ironmanfinish

A bit later Peter, Nesten, Sem and PJ were riding on the heartbreak hill, they all seemed ok at that point! Frankfurt became warmer and at noon temperature reached 39,5degrees in the shadow. Sufferfest would begin now! While we were waiting the athletes on the run  course, Hans was the first I saw coming. There he was, perfectly in the game…for a cherry on the cake, Hawai! Some quick words of which I knew he would be able to go steady. He was suffering, but ok. A few minutes before I had seen Pro athletes looking like ghosts on the run. He wasn’t! He stayed steady till the end, a bit of drop in the pace was ok. But even on the run he kept on eating pro-meat. As 30th (pro athletes included) , 2nd Belgian behind Frederik Van Lierde on this European Championship and 5th in his AG he crossed the finishline. This really is the output of a big input, congratulations!

Hans  crossing the finishline, he knew he was in for Hawai! Happy and well deserved! West-Vlaanderen has a top Ironman agegroup racer!

Hans crossing the finishline, he knew he was in for Hawai! Happy and well deserved! West-Vlaanderen has a top Ironman agegroup racer!

David came by 10’later,also on schedule for a slot to Hawai, but he looked white and had deep eyes. I have seen David a lot on trainingrides, on which he picked me up and dropped me off again. This wasn’t the David I saw then, the eyes were fading away and I thought he would have to quit the race. He had very hot and his body didn’t react anymore like we wanted. But he broke through this difficulties and finished with a smile in still a decent 10h21. And he should, finishing an Ironman deserves the deepest respect, also if it’s an hour later than where we aimed to. A good recovery followed by a toprace will be the best cure for him!

Peter looked good all the way! And did a very consistent race!

Peter looked good all the way! And did a very consistent race!

Starting in wave2 our other athletes came by a bit later, and yet at the beginning of the run we saw Peter was into the game. He came a bit earlier even than expected. Just a few minutes behind him a well racing Nesten could begin his first runninglap of 10K followed by PJ and Sem! Everybody was on the run course now and aiming for the finishline!

They did and realised a dream! And above all they became athletes…the difference between doing a sport and being athlete I’ve explained them already…and they got it very well!

These 3guys became an Ironman last weekend! Sem, PJ and Nesten smiling after the race!

These 3guys became an Ironman last weekend! Sem, PJ and Nesten smiling after the race!

Ironmanracing has maybe one problem coming up, If you ask me what’s the level of agegroupracing? Well, that’s very simple. It’s more difficult to get into the top 15 of the agegroupfield, then getting a top 15 in the profield.

Comparing the profield with the agegroupfield...Hans and David would have been in the top20 of the pro-field if they signed up 'being a pro'

Comparing the profield with the agegroupfield…Hans and David would have been in the top18 of the pro-field if they signed up ‘being a pro’

I love the motivation of our athletes, they live the sport with a no-nonsense mentality…it keeps us going for performing high! As a coach I got goosebumps when my athletes crossed the finishline, they rocked Frankfurt!

Our athletes working on one of the winter-groupsessions,  some of them got commented they would be good too early! Well, train smart, perform better!And you'll be good 365days a year ;-)

Our athletes working on one of the winter-groupsessions, train well in winter or you’ll be in shape too early or too late 😉 Train smart, perform better!And you’ll be good 365days a year 😉

An exciting day it was....

An exciting day it was….

Was Sam Gydé hiding himself in Frankfurt? I don't think so, working hard in perfect Hawai-weather!

Was Sam Gydé hiding himself in Frankfurt? I don’t think so, working hard in perfect Hawai-weather!

On the same day of Frankfurt we had the most beautifull race of northern France having place. In Gravelines Chtriman 113 took place as the French National Long Distance  Championships, with 3000m swim – 90k Bike and 21K run it is also the perfect prep race for athletes willing to step up to the full distance! There also our athletes performed like a boss and they may dream one day of becoming an Ironman!

Sébastien was racing hard in Chtriman and put down his best ever race, despite some technical problems on the bike!

Sébastien was racing hard in Chtriman and put down his best ever race, despite some technical problems on the bike!

Next week another big race is coming up, Ironvitoria-Gasteiz in Spain, where Brooke will try to aim as high as possible!

Train Smart, perform better!


About a Spanish Bull, with the engine of a German car…


As Promissed, we continue the presenting of our abroad athletes. Who are they, how strong are they mentally and physically, and what about their spirit…does their philosophy matches with ours? Let’s meet up again, and get personal…

Can you introduce yourself? Who are you, where do you live? What is your nationality. Tell us a bit more about the person behind the athlete.

Hi, my name is David Tovar, born in Madrid, Spain. I am half Spanish, half German and have lived between both countries growing up. That’s not all though, there have been some stops along the way in other places like Moscow, Detroit and Shanghai to name a few.

For the last 7 years I have been living in Brussels for work reasons and can call this my home for now.

2) Have you got good training facilities, for run/bike/swim? What is your favorite type of training and where?

Yeah, I definitely cannot complain about the training here except for some of the weather that we are facing in Belgium. Biking is great here, mostly drivers respect you (outside of Brussels that is) and you have many different routes just outside of the city, going flat or hilly, whatever you need. Only thing missing are some proper mountains a bit closer by and maybe some better road surfaces in general.

Swim is good and easy for me, do it in my gym just 3mins walk from my place, odd pool length of 30 meter means I swim 120s and 180s instead of 100s and 200s!

Running is OK as well, I do a lot of running straight from my place which entails running by some busy streets but within 10-15mins you can be in quieter places. On weekends longer runs can be done in the forest, you can go hilly plus it’s car free! Very nice!

I really do love challenging workouts, especially intervals on the run, blocks on the bike.

When you don’t know whether you are going to be able to hit the pace or the watts and finally you manage the satisfaction is immense!! Love the feeling of finishing a tough one!
3) How did you come in touch with our training methods?

Through another athlete, Sam Gyde. He sang your praises, we met up and I liked what I heard and here we are, chasing that Kona ticket and enjoying the ride through build-up, training camps and prep races leading up to the A-race in Frankfurt in July.

Despite an unpleasant injury, David his shape is quite ok for the moment. Let's see what he can do in Leuven as a testrace.

Despite an unpleasant injury, David his shape is quite ok for the moment. Let’s see what he can do in Leuven as a testrace.

4) What is your short and long term goal in your sport?

Short term goal is Ironman Frankfurt, putting together a consistent race including a decent run and getting that ticket to Kona, longer term, let’s see…

Probably stepping back to the half distance as full distance takes up a LOT of your time. As I don’t like to do things half way it means I am committing almost all my time to training at the moment. While I am certainly enjoying myself now other things are suffering a bit and not getting done.

In terms of challenges I wonder about qualification for 70.3 World Championships, about hitting 2:45 in the marathon and various other endurance races to maybe take on in the future.

5) You like to train alone, or you enjoy groupsessions also?

I would say I like both equally. Doing long sessions in a group is always fun, especially on the bike, you chat away and the kilometers just fly by. But training alone is essential, both mentally and in its specificity to long distance triathlon. There is no drafting in Ironman (in principle that is…), it’s you against the clock and you better get used to spending hours focusing on the task at hand, steady watts!

Long runs also lend themselves to do a lot of thinking or pondering and I cherish that alone time!

6) David, how does a regular working/training day look like for you? You get up when and  you work/train when?

Well, the target is usually to be up around 6am and to start the session around 7am, be it a swim, bike or run. Then of course adjustments happen based on length of session to make sure I am in the office on time, usually around 9am. Longer sessions require earlier starts, of course!

The second session can sometimes be squeezed in at lunchtime, if it’s a run that is not too long, or it has to wait for the evening after work if it’s a bike or swim. Depending on both length of sessions and time I get out of work I am usually done earliest 7:30pm but sometimes after 9pm. Then the other important bit, fuel properly and get to sleep not too late, I need my 7-8 hours of regular sleep, otherwise the quality of my training suffers.

Thank you David for this view into your habits and who you are, our athletes themselves and our sympathizers are first to cheer for you in Leuven next sunday! Good Luck! Presenting our next athlete we will talk about goats and their mountainhabits!

Tovar crossing the finishline in 111Portocolom, where he raced together with one of our other athletes Joeri

Tovar crossing the finishline in 111Portocolom, where he raced together with one of our other athletes Joeri