Magic May continues with podia in Canada and Belgium!

Congratulations to our athletes competing today!
In Canada Andreas is putting the last bricks in his wall of shape towards the first triathlonrace and gets 2nd in a 5K road race today!
Hans, only 1 week after his victory in Douai (Fr) was capable of performing with his good shape in his hometown Oostende in the Individual Time Trial…by putting down 379NP and finishing 2nd overall…only 13″ behind the winner!
Jan, 6th in Douai (Fr) maybe got an even tougher challenge by starting in the RBR-series in Holland among the best Belgian/Dutch duathletes on this sprintdistance!
Jan M.jpg

The famous stairs of the World Cyp Cyclocross was part of the run course in Holland!

And what to say about Guillaume, his mission was to try to win and so he did. After being in the right breakaway yesterday and finishing 5th in Grosage, today he once again was in the right breakaway all the time…unfortenately the peloton took this group back in the very end of the race for a massive sprint!
In Lissabon, Stijn competed in his 1st tri of the season and his lead-up race towards his first Ironman. In +30°C the warmth wasnt easy to handle coming from 10°C in Belgium…but he managed well and was capable to finish in 4h50′ and quite some time faster than past season!
And finally a few of our athletes completed their teamchampionships very well and hopefull…to the bigger races coming up!
Looking forward to next weeks with European Champs, cyclingraces in Belgium and Germany and the first Long Distance triathlons in Belgium and Holland!
#MagicMay #Trainsmartperformbetter

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