Surprising results in cycling and duathlon!

A weekend full of surprises!
With races in Germany, Holland and Belgium this weekend would be full of lactic acid…the national championships Xduathlon were marked in our agenda. Tony (Elite) and Wim (Masters) started with ambitions. Unfortenately for Tony the race lasted only 20m, tackled in the start he fell and done was his race. His concurrents of last week all ended within top 10…not fun, but more to come upcoming months!
Wim from his side came into T2 in the battle for the podium and win in the master’s race. New in this technical discipline het lost a lot of time in the more technical part of the race and had to let go the podium. Finishing with a splendid 2nd run he shows in road-season they will have to take count of him…let’s see.
In the same race Wesley finished his first national champs in a positive way!

In Eschweiler (Germany – Half Marathon), Dendermonde (Bel – 10K) and Cadzand (Holland – Half Marathon) our triathletes showed themselves to be ready for tri-season. In Germany Jens got 4th overall and is improving towards a steady – strong athlete. To be followed in 2017. In Cadzand our athletes got the honour to fight the wind, 5Beaufort in the face made them ‘work’ towards the finishline!

Our cyclists are having a great start of the season and Anthony today put the cherry on the first month of racing already by winning in Doornik/Tournai after another race in the front! With the last kilometer solo he could ‘enjoy’ this victory a lot.




In The Netherlands, the national duathlonseries were held in Hilversum, Jan competes in one of these topseries-teams this season, and could help his team to 6th overall place despite a litte search to his shoes in T2 in which he lost quite some time.
Adrian surprises again…by not only doing a good race, but even finishing 2nd in the open

race in Hilversum! Another podium for Adrian who slowly but surely is becoming a collector of metal!

A good and honest weekend, with honest and satisfying results!

December Groupsession

Our groupsessions are always filled with plenty of fun and good vibes! Or as one of our athletes Nesten said this week:”I am always looking forward to the groupsessions!”

Today we headed for the Belgian beacharea for our December groupsession! Let’s call it the ‘pre-christmasdinner fatburner session’ De Haan was the place to be, a little bit of rain couldn’t disturb our plans.
The day started with a Fartlek run on the beach after an easy warmup, in this “beachlek” our athletes could pace each one at own pace, while strides were found harder than expected at the beach.

On the bike we could do a nice MTBtrack, we begun with a technical start and than followed the 50K MTBtrack with ‘almost’ no mud. Athletes were so excited at the end some of them made a salto or went swimming during the bikesession. But as always, all gets well in the end and all together we arrived back in De Haan, our starting point.

The day ended with a shower, for ourselves….and the bikes!

If you put together  a group of athletes from 7 out of 10 Belgian provinces and u get good passionate vibes! Or can we say 8 out of 11 Belgian Provinces (Zeeland – Netherlands ;-))

And last but not least, a big thank you to Carine to be out there in the rain/wind making beautiful pictures of muddy athletes!

Thanx for a great weekend, I think bedtime will be quite early today! Tomorrow there’s another (training)day! One thing is for sure, our athletes have entered the road towards 2016!


Train Smart Perform Better

The next season starts, where the past season ended…

We might say off-season doesn’t exist, of that…I am sure!

Yes, an athlete needs rest. That’s for sure, but a good plan has integrated rest in macrocycle. IF not, that macrocycle is crappy. Training and coaching athletes also means planning careers and following up the one macrocycle after the other. For most of our athletes their races started some while ago, then they got rest and now they’ve started their first block of training again!

So very soon it was time to plan in a groupmeeting, where focus was on aerobic capacity and strenghtening! As always, the atmosphere on our groupsessions  was just GREAT! As a coach you can only dream of such a nice bunch of people/athletes. With a great variety of athletes! Pas sunday we’ve got the input of our Belgian, Dutch,  Roumanian and French athletes!

These groupsessions also are nice memories, which we like to share with you in following pictures!

Steady high aerobic minutes on a cross-country circuit pass very fast

Steady high aerobic minutes on a cross-country circuit pass very fast

They are workers, but also players...or maybe because they work, they can play ;-)

They are workers, but also players…or maybe because they work, they can play 😉

Running is about nature, fun, relaxation, effort and most of all...having a good feeling during and afterwards!

Running is about nature, fun, relaxation, effort and most of all…having a good feeling during and afterwards!

Low intensity groupride with a big focus on strenghtening

Low intensity groupride with a big focus on strenghtening


Triathlon Training all over the world!

Working with classy athletes, athletes living and training very passionated all over the world is just a big ‘surplus’ for me as a coach, as a sportsaddicted human. Daily I hear my athletes, and how they working with joy and fun on their sessions. Despite that, sometimes training is hard off course. But at the end, we passionated people, enjoy the suffer, the smooth run, the hard intervals, the long hilly bikeride…or even a cold winter ride!

In this movie one of our athletes, French triathlete Sebastien Mièze , shows training in…French Guyana ( If you even know where it is located) is big fun!

Always have fun!