Groupsession #1 – Prep for 2021 – ‘Positive’ vibes!

Past season was a bummer for many athletes, restrictions for training and cancellations of races. While outdoor sports can always happen with a very low Covid19 risk. This is prooven this summer with no clusters coming from cyclingraces, running races or triathlons.
Today the first groupsession of the winter prep was held. Focus on an endurance plate, with some short spicy toppings. Coronaproof, within regulations of the .BE governement and with advice of the Flemish gouvernement. All set for a nice day. All set for sports, good for mental and physical health!

This in contrast to what some people would like people to do. Stay home, do nothing, get in bad health mentally and physically. Well fuck that!

During the run we did a short hilly trailrun trough the forest, followed by an ‘old school’ fartlek on the park trails and an easy flat cooldown.
All athletes at their own paces, fluently and structured. But above all laughs and enjoying sports. For some athletes this was the first ‘group’event in the last 8months.

After this run with quite some variation our athletes changed the shoes for the mountainbike. An endurance ride through fields, forest and singletracks made this 2h lasting ride enjoyable and fun despite some run and mud 🙂
With some challenging parts this ride was groundbreaking for some of them.

Well done and onwards to the next step!

Individual outdoor sports are in se coronaproof, keep going and keep doing this well structured and balanced. Not like a battering ram.

Train smart, perform better!


Our Athletes dominating in The Netherlands and surprising in France!

What a weekend for our athletes in Holland, the long course weekend in The Netherlands.
Friday our athletes dominated the swimcourse, with 1st and 3rd position, saturday they dominated again with once again 1st and 3rd position and 4 athletes in the top 10 of GC!

Today the marathoncourse would decide if our athletes could maintain their places in GC and overall take the win or not!
Very confident about our athletes marathonperformances on day 3 I believed this all was possible!

The marathoncourse decides who wins, after 3 days the best man is standing. The others all fall.

Today number 6 (Jesse M) and number 8 (Jelle) in GC were keen on a very strong performance in the marathon, trying to move up. The 2buddies both put the best of theirselves in this race and after 3 days they finished the marathon in 2h57 and 3h03′! Very shortly behind these 2 Jurgen finished in 3h04′ and maintains his 4th place in GC after taking 3rd in the swim and 3rd in the bikecourse!

Emotion is what sport is about, 3rd place for Jesse Massez in the marathon! Exploding after the race! Great! 2h57′ on day 3!

Tim, the leader in the GC and winning both the swim and bikecourse had the control during the whole day, finished the marathon in 3h09 and wins the Long course weekend in 8h30′!
Behind Tim it was Steven who moved up in GC thanx to a 3h17′ marathon and becomes 14th in GC, closely followed by Ignace on place 16.

Champagne for Tim celebrating his victory in the General classification and dominating the race 3 days in a row!

In France it was Robby who entered another ‘red zone’ to race in the Duathlon de Savoie Mont Blanc, this extremely tough Long distance duathlon (10-60-10) with much altitude in it would become Robby’s toughest race ever!
But het was ready, in shape. After months of good training today would be his D-Day…and how!
A well paced first 10K run at 3’45/km made him enter top 10 immediately, during the bikecourse both the climbing and descents were no surprise for him. A recon a few weeks ago gave him this little mental advantage and he could put the bike down in 3rd position! Both triathlons and duathlons are always and only won during the run, whether you like this or not…Robby realized this and fights against number 4 who has a stronger pace in this runcourse…but Robby maintains and takes his first overall podium in a long distance duathlon surround by a European and World AG champion. A result to be extremely proud of. Robby came to us 4years ago, extremely overtrained and a hormone system totally disfunctioning as a consequence. Today Robby shows what’s possible with a scientific approach on training.


Robby, 3rd on the podium with Italian Baracchi and Swiss Filitti

Train Smart, Perform Better!


Quite a year so far, listing the facts!

An amazing season so far, looking at the results our athletes have done so far!

Some results were to expect, others were real surprises where athletes not only were at their very best but even overgrew anyone’s expectations! For example like Adrian’s 6th place in Ironman70.3 Turkey last week. Just like him we have many more athletes who were not taken serious, till they prooved the opposite. Those athletes now seem to be very popular and even contacted by regional clubcoaches, which of course is quite funny and ironic for them. For sure these results melt like sugar on a tongue! Sweet, very sweet and addictive!

These results are the result of hard work, plannification of both athlete and coach and creativity and innovation. With an input of athletes of 13different nationalities we have a wide open screen, this is not realised if you only take a blinkered view of the matter. 

At the same time I would like to thank our partners and sympathizers for the positive approach and support to our athletes!

Hans Chtriman

  • 12K Watervliet: 1st Jan
  • Half Marathon Mississipi (USA): 1st Brooke
  • Run and Bike Otan: 3rd Sophie and Raphael
  • Redbull Tout Droit: 2nd Klaas VK
  • Foulées des Neiges: 1st Sophie
  • Cyclocross Nieuwenrode: 2nd Klaas VK
  • Kievitloop Bergen-Op-Zoom (Netherlands): 1st Tom
  • Toast Run Boezinge: 1st Gwen
  • Triathlon Avion (France): 1st Hans
  • Triathlon Avion (France): Masters 3rd Steven
  • Veldloop Veurne: 1st Gwen
  • Louis Persoons Memorial Genk – Half marathon: 3rd Jan (1h14′)
  • Half marathon Arganda Del Rey (Spain): 1st AG David
  • Regional Champs Crosscountry running / PK West-Vlaanderen: 2nd Gwen
  • 5K Sydney (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • 5K Sydney (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Trailrun Eeklo 20K:  2nd Inge
  • 8K Lichtaart: 2nd Tony
  • Half Marathon North River Bridge (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Half Marathon North River Bridge (Canada): 3rd Allan
  • Duathlon Herentals: 2nd Tony
  • Duathlon Hofstade: 1st Stefanie
  • Cross country Ardooie: 3rd Gwen
  • UCI 1.18 Vivegnies: 3rd Svenne
  • 20KM Saint-Martin: 2nd Pierre
  • 20KM Kortemark: 1st Gwen
  • 10miles Oostende-Brugge: 2nd Gwen
  • Offroadduatlon Nossegem: 1st Inge
  • National championships Crossduathlon: 1st Stefanie
  • Triathlon De Haan: 3rd Inge
  • Triathlon De Haan: 3rd Steven
  • Aquathlon Lille(France): 1st Sophie
  • Crosstriathlon Arras (France): 1st Hannah
  • Crosstriathlon Arras (France): 2nd Joeri
  • Sprintduatlon Geluwe: 2nd Masters Jan
  • UCI 1.18 Couvin: 3rd Svenne
  • 5K Cozumel (Mexico): 2nd Brooke
  • 1/4 Duathlon Ter Idzard (Netherlands): 1st Jan
  • 111 Triathlon Portocolom (Spain): 3rd Stefanie
  • Ironman South Africa: Qualification Ironman World Champs Hawaii – Pierre
  • UCI1.18 Diepenbeek: 3rd Svenne
  • Offroadtriathlon Spa: 3rd Joeri
  • Offroadtriathlon Spa: 3rd Masters Steven
  • Duathlon Kalkar(Germany): 3rd Adrian
  • Triathlon Mouscron: 2nd Raphael
  • Triathlon Mouscron: 2nd (women) Sophie
  • Raid Ardres: 3rd Seb
  • Long distance Duathlon Douai (Fr): 3rd Hans
  • Damme-Brugge-Damme: 2nd Gwen
  • Half Ironman Lima (Peru): 2nd Laurence
  • Trailrun Ellezelles: 1st Inge
  • Knokke 10K: 2nd Gwen
  • Frankfurt (Germany – road cycling): 2nd Anthony
  • Be emmazing 10K (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Be Emmazing 10K (Canada): 2nd Andreas
  • Be Emmazing 10K (Canada): 3rd Allan
  • Timetrial Herckenbosch (Netherlands): 1st Svenne
  • Grand Prix D3 Qualif: 1st Sophie
  • 1/4 Triathlon Breukelen (Holland): 3rd Robert
  • Xterra Greece (Greece): 2nd AG 25-29 Joeri   – Qualification World Championships Maui, Hawaii
  • Dwars door Brugge: 1st Gwen
  • Individual Time Trial Ransdaal (Holland): 1st Svenne
  • Bilzen 111: 2nd Stefanie
  • Triathlon Genk: 3rd Wim (Masters)
  • Grace Hollogne (UCI1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Duathlon Hoogerheide (Holland): 2nd Jan
  • Duathlon Hoogerheide (Holland): 3rd  Arne
  • Stadsloop Gent: 2nd Gwen
  • Moyen (Luxembourg) UCI 1.18: 3rd Svenne
  • Individual Time Trial Zundert (Holland): 3rd Hans
  • Duathlon Rijkevorsel: 3rd Jan
  • Ben Buffet Memorial (Can) Allan 3rd
  • Ben Buffet Memorial (Canada): Corey  2nd
  • Half Irondistance Troyes (France): 2nd Inge
  • UCI 1.18 Longchamps: 3rd Svenne
  • German Cycling Cup Schleiz (Germany): 3rd Anthony
  • Provinciaal kampioenschap Half Marathon: 2nd Gwen
  • Triathlon Halluin (France): 2nd Sophie
  • Triathlon Dreikirchen (Germany): 1st Tom
  • Half Irondistance Bonn (Germany): 1st AG Tony
  • nacht van Vlaanderen 10K: 3rd Gwen
  • UCI 1.18 Gottignies: 2nd Svenne
  • Crossduathlon Wanze: 1st Masters Jan
  • 13K Herentals: 2nd Tony
  • 1/4 triathlon Oud-Gastel (Holland): 1st Tony
  • 10Miles Waasmunster: 1st Gwen
  • Chtriman Gravelines  Irondistance (France): 1st Hans
  • Ironman Austria: 1st AG and 15th overall Sam – Qualification Ironman World Championships Hawaii
  • Ingonish Triathlon 1/4 distance (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Ingonish Triathlon 1/4 distance (Canada): 2nd Andreas
  • Ingonish Triathlon 1/8 distance (Canada): 1st Mc Kenzie
  • Chtriman Half irondistance (France): 1st Inge
  • Triathlon Geraardsbergen: 1st Masters Inge
  • Cycling Kasterlee: 1st Maarten
  • Challenge Saint-Andrews (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Watewyloop Tielt 10K: 2nd Gwen
  • Cycling Wortel: 3rd Maarten
  • Triathlon Summerside (Canada): 1st Allan
  • Memorial Igor Decraene: 2nd Jan
  • UCI 1.18: 2nd Svenne
  • Oceanlava Half Irondistance Aranjuéz (spain): 3rd David
  • UCI 1.18 Escanaffles: 3rd Svenne
  • Jan Goddaer: 8K Grembergen: 1st Masters
  • Aylesford Triathlon (Canada): 1st Andreas
  • Melmerbi Triathlon (Canada): 1st Corey
  • 15K Asse: 1st Jan
  • Nisraman:  2nd Inge (1st Masters)
  • Nisraman light: 2nd Masters Jan
  • Boussu-Bois (UCI 1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Lakeside Paradise Triathlon: 2nd Hans
  • Beachrun Westende: 2nd Gwen
  • Individual Time Trial Oostende: 3rd masters Jan
  • Half Irondistance Bridgetown (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Half Irondistance Bridgetown (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • Olympic Distance Bridgetown(Canada): 1st Heather
  • La Roche UCI 1.18: Svenne 2nd
  • Grace-Hollogne UCI 1.18: Svenne 2nd
  • Individual Time Trial Zolder: Svenne 1st
  • Duathlon La Gileppe: 1st Tom Vandenbussche
  • Triathlon La Gileppe: 3rd Masters Jan
  • Triathlon Leiderdorp (Holland): 1st Adrian
  • Triathlon Port Hood (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Triathlon Port Hood(Canada): 2nd Allan
  • DuathlonHalle: 3rd Masters Wim
  • UCI1.18 Gouvy (Luxembourg): 2nd Svenne
  • UCI 1.18 Lac de Cherapont: 2nd Svenne
  • Half Irondistance Castilla y Leon (Spain): 3rd David
  • Trail des 2Ours, Nandrin: 2nd Pierre
  • Time Trial Geel: 1st Tom
  • Time Trial Geel: 3rd Svenne
  • Time Trial Torhout: 1st Tom
  • Team Time Trial Torhout: 2nd Tom
  • Offroadtriathlon Watrissart (Fr):  2nd Jann
  • Maine 70.3 (USA): 3rd Corey
  • IronmanVichy (France):  Teamrelay Hannah 1st
  • Duathlon Zele: 1st masters Wim
  • 10k Nevele: 1st Wim
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer (France): 1st Masters Cai
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer (France): 2nd Masters Sam
  • UCI 1.18.2 Ville Pommeroeuil 1st Svenne
  • Half irondistance ‘The Beast'(UK): 1st Tom
  • World Champs duathlon Zofingen (switzerland):1st AG Jan – 14th! Overall!
  • Xterra Denmark: 2nd AG 25-29 Joeri (slot WC Xterra)
  • UCI 1.18 Blanmont: 1st Svenne
  • Swimrun Brugge: 1st Jeroen
  • Memorial Tom Compernolle: 3rd Gwen
  • Short distance duathlon Zofingen (Switzerland): 2nd masters Jan G
  • Individual Time Trial: 1st Tom
  • Xterra Woolastook (Canada): 3rd overall Andreas
  • 1/4 triathlon Halifax (Canada): 1st Heather
  • Fiddlers run 10K (Canada): Corey
  • Long distance duathlon Damme:  2nd Jan
  • Long distance duatlon Damme: 1st Masters Wim
  • UCI 1.18 Ligny: 2nd Svenne
  • Offroadtriathlon Wuppertal (Germany): 1st AG Joeri
  • Beernem 10K: 3rd Gwen
  • Monstertijdrit Almere (Holland): 3rd Svenne
  • Championnat regional Triathlon du Nord-Pas de calais (France): 1st Sophie
  • Kuurne Half marathon (Classic!!): 1st Gwen
  • Riverport Duathlon (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • Ironman World Championships Hawaii (USA): 3rd AG Sam
  • Olympic distance triathlon Antalya (Turkey): 2nd Adrian
  • Ironman 70.3 Turkey: 6th Adrian (1st AG)
  • European Championships Swimrun: 4th (Raph/Sophie) – Qualification World Champs 2017
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): Stage 3 : 3rd Bjorn
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): Stage 5: 2nd Bjorn
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): Stage6: 1st Bjorn

Ironman 70. World champs – Powerman/LD duathlon ITU world champs upcoming weekend

Let’s have a quick roundup of our athletes going into the Long Distance Duathlon/ 70.3 Triathlon world champs this weekend!
Making it to the World Champs is already an honour, racing it must be fun with determination!World championships Ironman70.3 – Australia:

*Raphael Amato – Belgium
AG 25-29
Qualified in Ironman70.3 Turkey
Strength: Races consistent and has a good final in his legs, has done a very good season so far!

*Sophie Drofiak – Belgium
AG 25-29
Qualified in Ironman70.3 Barcelona (Spain)
Strength: Strong swim , in Barcelona she pulled out a good run and prooved to be capable of dealing with hot weather conditions. Prooved in the 1/4 triathlons she can battle.

Long Distance Duathlon World Champs – Switzerland

*Jan Meysmans – Belgium
AG 35-39
Strength: Fast off the bike, had good results in his springduatlons and was 4th in a sprintduathlon last week among the best Dutchies…knows the racecourse as no other, but missed Zofingen 2015 due to a severe bikecrash of which he needed a lot of time to fully recover.

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Jan Meysmans ready for the WC!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

How fast can Sophie swim among the very best!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Raph is a consistent racer, he’s ready for it!

A weekend with plenty of surprises!

Past weekend was a very loaded weekend with Ironman South Africa, Ironman 70.3 Florida, 111Portocolom, Regional Champs road Cycling, Duathlon Ter Idzard and of course Marathon des Sables!

In Ironman South Africa we had 3 athletes going for their first race of the season: Sam, Cai and Pierre. Halfway the bikecourse Sam and Cai were close to get on their first Ironmanpodium of the season, while Pierre was pacing like asked.

Earlier in the morning Sam woke up with GI-issues and slowly he ran empty. Once off the bike he decided  not to run and overload his body. In Klagenfurt Austria he gets another chance which he will fully take!

Sam Fietsprofiel

Unfortenately Sam woke up with GI issues, which slowly emptied his tank. His HR shows us how he ran empty after 130k

And so chances to get a podium or a slot for Ironman Hawaii for one of our athletes got smaller, BUT both Pierre and Cai were well trained and in shape to race hard. Cai came off the bike as 3rd, Pierre put his bike in T2 as 18th. So both were in the game for their ticket.

Sam fiets

Sam testing his new bike, but having GI issues, now he knows how to finetune he bike


Cai paced her  race very well, and once on the run she could keep fighting for the podium. Unfortenately she missed the podium by 1 spot. Knowing this was her agegroupwinner, we can say she earned the podium!

Cai finish

Cai – Mum, doctor, triathlete,…and raw- may be very proud of her performance, we’ll get her an earned bronze medal ourselves!

Loopgrafiek Pierre

Pierre ran a consistent marathon – build up your race, don’t crash!

Pierre ran out of T2 very fast, we knew by his prepraces his shape was very well. But how would his body react on running off the bike after 180K? Well, he kept on going and ran a consistent marathon, which resulted in a great performance. Pierre who chased his slot for years now became part of the Ironman Elite winning  his Slot for the Ironman World Championships Hawaii! Well Pierre, you can book your flight to Kona!


Pierre was a bit nervous before raceday, big waves in SA! But this never took his mind away of chasing a dream: Qualifying for Kona!

sam loop

Sam:”I tried but it was not going to happen. I came for the win – no other race plan, so it would be silly to waste more energy.” Sam started his road to Ironman Austria yesterday!


Here he is, the CondrozMan…winter is much more severe over there than in the rest of Belgium and still…he qualified for Kona,Hawaii! A relaxed, stressless 2016 towards Hawaii is left! Enjoy!

In Portocolom 111 Arne and Stefanie took part of the game! Arne had an irregular winter behind him and it would be hard to push back the 100hilly kilometers. Halfway he was doing well, but then he felt u can’t fool the basic principles. An early spring race is a good way to think and work from towards the rest of the season.

Stefanie went out with ambitions, but after the national Xduatlon championships she suffered of some kind of virus, with only  4 weeks left after these nationals,a long nighttrip to Mallorca  and of course studying things weren’t always easy. But still, the date of the race stayed the same: 10th of april. During the last 10days slowly she started feeling better. Stefanie didn’t ride her PB wattage on the bike and that must have played in the head. But with only 14watt NP

Powerbalance stefanie

Powerfile – bikecourse Portocolom ’16


less than her victory rides last year she did what was possible that day. Emma Bilham sure was a deserved winner, Stefanie at the end of the race took a nice podium again and got 3rd. An athlete with ambitions and sure tough and beautifull races coming!


Stefanie gets 3rd at the 111Portocolom behind E.Bilham as a winner. And look who won the men’s race 😉 Congratulations MVC!

In Florida70.3 Ironman Allan and Andreas, both hungry like wild wolves towards their first race of the season, had a great racing location. They left cold Canada behind them and chose for the heat of Florida! Both were well prepared, a lot of their sessions were done indoors and feeling the road under their wheels must have given inspiration.

Allan took off very well on the swim and immediately was in the front of his game during the bikecourse. Before the race we targeted a certain amount  of power to ride which he could maintain without blowing up his body. With a good off bike run he could keep his spot and finished 13th in this IM70.3


A hilly bike course – but a steady ride, the perfect recipe for a good off-bike run

Andreas did what u never must do before a race, forgetting to bring a wetsuit! So it was a non-wetsuit swim for him! Still he did well, but lost 1-2′ and got more stuck between the slower bikers.So chasing was his option…and so he did! Once off the bike he also felt great and with a 1h26’run on this hilly course he moved up to 17th position!


The hills around the run course in Florida make the race a bit more challenging

Earlier on saturday Jan realised his first overall win in one of his favourite Dutch races at Ter Idzard. This 10-40-5 non-drafting duathlon came after a good 10 days in the Italian mountains! This is a race that’s  very satisfying, last year he crashed very hard and now he showed that an athlete is only defeated when he gives up! Fight back, don’t play Calimero, and try to be the best you can! Jan did…everybody can!

Jan M

“Fight back after your crash, fight back and try to win (and stop eating Snickers)!” is what we said to Jan. He did! Look how proud a man can be!

Also our cyclists are doing great, we saw Maarten and Svenne always in the breakaway at Diest (1.18) and this resulted in another podium for Svenne! He is doing super this season, and already very early in the season. While Dries and Anthony had regional championships road cycling, both did a good race and seem to get back on track after their crashes!


Svenne is about cycling and smiling in one sentence, he loves to train…and loves to make the races! 3rd and a lot of healthy fruit to eat – aged 41 he’s only getting stronger it seems.


Think positive,think forward…and fast forward a lot of nice things will happen!




Challenge Ixtapa…another great race for Brooke!

Saturday Challenge Ixtapa in Mexico was planned for Brooke!

We knew concurrence was there and we would have to be strong to fight the other competitors on this Half Irondistance!  But Brooke was ready, she prooved in Ocean Lava (Lanzarote – which she won, 4th win of the season)! Brooke was hungry, hungry to perform well after she was caught by cold in Challenge Almere where she dropped out…frozen,!  In Mexico…it’s warm, and then cold is no issue anymore! Brooke did the swim we expected and could fight her way back into the race for the podiumspots on the bike! She entered T2 as 2nd!

Brooke was capable of working well towards this race. A minimum of travelling and fatigue, but a maximum of result!

Brooke was capable of working well towards this race. A minimum of travelling and fatigue, but a maximum of result! Not always easy for a pro athlete!

On the run she was fighting all way long for 2nd – 3rd place! Finally Brooke crossed the finishline 3rd, which made her very happy!

The base for this peaking period Brooke realised by working very consistent. No superweeks anymore after a hard season, but consistancy and the right amount of hard to low intensity workouts make her perform at the right time!

The base for this peaking period Brooke realised by working very consistent. No superweeks anymore after a hard season, but consistancy and the right amount of hard to low intensity workouts make her perform at the right time!

What a season Brooke is doing, and it’s not over yet! Because of a surgery in february we will have a long season now and we will go through till mid january! 2 Big races are coming now and for sure she will continue playing the game with the best female pro athletes!

Brooke fighting during the race, crossing the finish satisfied in 3rd position!

Brooke fighting during the race, crossing the finish satisfied in 3rd position!

But at the  end, we knew Brooke was in shape, a few weeks ago we had her for a test workout in Belgium, Kortenberg…suffering on the track! Most of our athletes know this track…because they suffered there at least once ;-)! The result in a race is always the output of physical and mental shape combined with factors you can’t always predict!

Congratulations Brooke, enjoy another great podium on the other side of the world!

Train smart, perform better!

The next season starts, where the past season ended…

We might say off-season doesn’t exist, of that…I am sure!

Yes, an athlete needs rest. That’s for sure, but a good plan has integrated rest in macrocycle. IF not, that macrocycle is crappy. Training and coaching athletes also means planning careers and following up the one macrocycle after the other. For most of our athletes their races started some while ago, then they got rest and now they’ve started their first block of training again!

So very soon it was time to plan in a groupmeeting, where focus was on aerobic capacity and strenghtening! As always, the atmosphere on our groupsessions  was just GREAT! As a coach you can only dream of such a nice bunch of people/athletes. With a great variety of athletes! Pas sunday we’ve got the input of our Belgian, Dutch,  Roumanian and French athletes!

These groupsessions also are nice memories, which we like to share with you in following pictures!

Steady high aerobic minutes on a cross-country circuit pass very fast

Steady high aerobic minutes on a cross-country circuit pass very fast

They are workers, but also players...or maybe because they work, they can play ;-)

They are workers, but also players…or maybe because they work, they can play 😉

Running is about nature, fun, relaxation, effort and most of all...having a good feeling during and afterwards!

Running is about nature, fun, relaxation, effort and most of all…having a good feeling during and afterwards!

Low intensity groupride with a big focus on strenghtening

Low intensity groupride with a big focus on strenghtening


A surprising weekend and good vibes for our athletes, thinking positively results in great results!

Coaching High performance athletes gives  you busy days, a cellphone is at least that one device you definitely need…but what happens on a day on which you turn it out because you  make a trip…well this happens:

– You come home and put on the phone, suddenly it keeps on vibrating with messages full of smileys and thumbs up!

This really makes my day, the first phone I got was from Raphael who was keen on performing in Halluin (France – Nord). We gave Raph some decompressiontime after his selection for the World Championships Ironman70.3 in Zell Am See (Austria). In France Raph did a correct race, he finished 7th on a Olympic Distance race (1,5K Swim-40K non-drafting bike-10Krun). The race was won by Belgian Rinus Holvoet before Emmanuel Renard (Gravelines Triathlon…offcourse!) A happy Raph who was between the guys we pointed out the be with.

Raphael did an OD race just 2 weeks after his Ironman70.3 at Kraichgau and he could be where he intended to be!

Raphael did an OD race just 2 weeks after his Ironman70.3 at Kraichgau and he could be where he intended to be!

Next message was from Kristof, cyclist and National champion with the ‘bondes sauvages’ Kristof has a very loaded period behind him and made his ‘click’ in the head with the focus on a good summer…last 2weeks the good feeling was coming back…and we know he can win a sprint…but not today, he took the more difficult way and escaped the peloton. In a sprint with 2 he took the win!

Kristof could take his 2nd win of the season and will be ready for a good summer of racing!

Kristof could take his 2nd win of the season and will be ready for a good summer of racing!

Next message from Joeri: “Yes yes,Gagné, what a good day!”, first I thought he was joking, but quickly I took him for serious. Joeri did it, this win is something he is looking for for a long time! Joeri won in France (Lac des vieilles Forges – Ardennes Francais) on very difficult track, but the more difficult and selective the better for him! Joeri is one of our athletes who we work with for the 5th consecutive Joeri, every year he makes his step and now he is  where he has to be…battling in the front of his discipline on the national races, great performance for this young athlete!

Fantastic, Joeri wins Offroadtriathlon Lac des vieilles Forges, for a nature fanatic...the most beautifull battlescene!

Fantastic, Joeri wins Offroadtriathlon Lac des vieilles Forges, for a nature fanatic…the most beautifull battlescene!

Give him some singletracks and you can't stop him!

Give him some singletracks and you can’t stop him!

Next call was the ‘HAHA, wuk peisjdje call’ of Tom, Tom had some serious things going on in his body, if you want to know what…here it is Tom’s site

You can imagine we doubted about competition for the 2015 season, but training we kept doing…sometimes it was with a down…sometimes a small up. But with patience and motivation Tom came back. In his first race last week, his engine needed to be topped a bit…but overall he was simply strong already. Tom is one of those athletes which we work with for a long time already, we know how the head and body reacts…we know he’s all dedication and an example for other athletes. No concurrent will not like the coming back of Tom…

The thing is…when Tom calls me and he says ‘Haha, wuk peisjdje’ I know he won or at least had a good day, in Dreikirchen (Germany) he did a triathlon (300-20-5)…we will not say it’s the biggest race…but it definitely was a race made for him. With a difficult biketrack and slightly exhausted legs for the run. Not only the win was there, but also the numbers on the bike and in the run were back in town…

Tom on his collector's item Cervelo P2 last week ;-) This week, he was upgraded a bit with a rotor cranck

Tom on his collector’s item Cervelo P2 last week 😉 This week, he was upgraded a bit with a rotor cranck

If you work Smart before your can hold on quite a time to a good shape...balance, a smart word! This shows how Tom his body was reacting to load.

If you work Smart before your racingperiod…you can hold on quite a time to a good shape…balance, a smart word! This shows how Tom his body was reacting to load untill raceday

Team spirit Team on the roll!

Half Triathlon weekend in style!

Past weekend was definitely one of those grand slam weekends! With 3 Half Ironmandistances we had 3 major goals coming! Saturday Brooke realised her double after doing a great race again in Deauville (France) She took the win by coming out of the water 2nd and having to wait till the end of the run to be sure of her 2nd consecutive win! Click here to hear interview with Triathlete Magazine!

Brooke takes her 2nd win on 7 days!

Brooke takes her 2nd win on 7 days!

In Troyes (France), approx. 500km further we had Sam and Hans racing in this nice field of athletes! Both of them did a fine race and ended up 10th and 11th scratch within 10’of

Hans and Sam after the race, happy about racing in a great setting!

Hans and Sam after the race, happy about racing in a great setting!

winner Damien Fauvre – Felix. With 2700m of swimming they choose a race to make it for both some more difficult to come back…you have to find your challenges 🙂 For Hans, this  race was once again hammer on the block in a superseason, while Sam loves this race because it’s organised by his Team and is keen on performing for them and so he did by getting in that top10!

The making off a macrocycle 365days in advance, is the success of  a good season! Being in shape too early or too late is such a pity of each effort for athletes!

The making off a macrocycle 365days in advance, is the success of a good season! Being in shape too early or too late is such a pity of each effort for athletes!

In Ironman70.3 Kraichgau (Germany) Raphael maybe surprised the most! Only some nerves the days before could keep him away from his ticket to the world championships! But he was strong and took his ticket to Zell Am See, World Championships Ironman70.3!

A well built load during the year with a wise tapering off lead to qualification for Raphael!

A well built load during the year with a wise tapering off lead to qualification for Raphael!

His performance was not only good enough for the ticket, but he also became first Belgian age group athlete! Raphael his season so far is very successfull! With his 4th place in the Half Ironmandistance race of Choisy Au Bac he prooved to be consistent!

If you work hard, you can play hard. If you played hard, you MUST smile hard!

If you work hard, you can play hard. If you played hard, you MUST smile hard!

Once again our athletes simply conquered Europe, Proud Coach!