Ironman Lanzarote, our athletes strong in their entirity

Today Ironman Lanzarote was marked in red! Already awake early in the morning, ready to follow this race for which our athletes prepared themselves for months!
All athletes were really looking forward to this race! With the tough racecourse in Lanzarote also a race we approached with the respect needed for it. Realistic towards raceconditions and what would happen they entered the race!


A strong swim of all our athletes, coming out of the water below 1h06′.
Bert swam with the better pro athletes and entered T1 in 52′. Johan, Steven and Hans got out in 1h02 and Sem followed only 4′ later in 1h06. A good idea, of not being in the water too long :-)!


Bert zwem

Bert left T1 after 55’59, leading his AG and soon took 1st overall AG place on the bike!

Once on the bike our athletes could unleash their builded stamina and power, correct pacing would be necessary and so they kept an eye on powermeter/Hr monitor.
For Bert, in the flow of the race in front not easy to keep the gazzz button under control, but after 80K he understood that with the marathon coming…he better kept control.
Hans from his side was moving up like #LaMachine always does, but controlled and not overpacing. As you can see in both files Bert (277NP) and Hans (279NP) had a similar NP, with that difference that Bert took off very hard and got regular in the 2nd half of the race, Hans builded up and kept a straight line in his poweroutput.

Hans Powerfile 279NP

Hans had a regular bikeride, with a higher NP on the climbs, a bit lower in the downhills but steady all race long!

Bert powerfile 277NP

Bert took off hard, risky even, but he turned the button to cruise control after 80K to take no risks for the run!


A lonely ride for Hans, ‘An honest bikecourse where the best get to the front in the cycling part’ he said afterwards!

But not only B&H were moving up, Steven and Johan…who left T2 with Hans were also moving up and doing a wise race! Sem, who couldn’t run for weeks because of achillesproblems paced conservatively but moved up and was heading towards T2 not sure if he would run or not!


First I thought Johan had an injured thumb, but afterwards it seemed he had a good ride in Lanzarote

Coming into T2 is the easy part in the Ironman races it seems, many Pro athletes who had a DNF after the race. But about the DNF’s there said already more than worth it. So let’s talk about the finishers…

On the run course we were quite confident that if our athletes kept their pacing correct from the start that the run would be good. Everybody was in shape, ready to run long and medium hard. Going too fast in the beginning is a killer, and that’s an awareness every athlete should have. An off bike marathon is not a regular sunday run. In the end,  thre strong and the smart racers will survive.

With Hans and Bert within the top3 of their agegroup starting the run we had 2 athletes racing for the podium. Hans started at the planned pace, Bert slightly faster…faster also than his PB. A bit tricky at that point, but afterwards we saw HR was perfectly under control.



Both athletes had a steady run  (HR & Pace), Bert was flying and killed his PB in an Ironman run to finish after 3h08′ in this heavy race before finishing 2nd AG, 26th Pro’s included. Hans had a 3h16′ run but never really fell back and also ran steady. Finishing the line in the right position (7th AG) after an honest race. You don’t choose your agegroup in the end, finishing 30th (14Pro athletes in front) and 7th in your AG says a lot about the strength of the opponents also.

While Hans and Bert raced for the first places in their AG Steven, Johan and Hans were still at the run course. And how!!? Each of these athletes amazed in something. Johan and Steven in Consistency and patience to pace well and ‘keep the engine running’ as we say. Pacing correctly always works, both athletes took it further than we could expect even!
Steven also killed his marathon PB in this heavy race and moved up strong towards 12th place in his AG!


Steven puts down his marathon PB in Lanzarote and finishes very strong on 12th place (AG)!

Johan, in his first Ironman…not the easiest one, was patient on the bike. He kept down the HR and cruised towards T2 to finish of with a good run. Finishing in 11h03′ in Lanzarote is fast!


Johan had a perfect race in his first IM!

And then there was Sem, as we agreed on not running to not take risks on his achilles I switched off the tracker…but all of a sudden the eye felt on Sem again…and we noticed he was running…after several weeks of not running not easy! But after passing halfway all athlete minds know you can’t quit the race! He kept going and finishes the race in a very decent time of 12h21. For sure there was even more in it. But Sem showed us in the end where Ironman and triathlon in all disciplines is about. About perseverance, defeating yourself, having pleasure while racing and the satisfaction afterwards! Nice job Sem!


Magic May episode 3

May is hot, our athletes strong…and only getting stronger!

Today the European Championships were held in Sankt-Wendel (Germany), if you are a duathlete…you were there today? If not…be there next year!

The classic distance was chosen for these championships (10-60-10). And for Jan, Wim and Steve their first A-race of the season! Ambitions were simple for Jan and Wim, trying to aim for the AG podium. Steve was starting in the Open category and was curious to what’s possible….
Being a championship, the only importance to this race is where you end up in your category and try to aim for the best that’s possible…

Jan was hungry, he’s a young guy (AG35-39) and directly took the lead in his AG, Wim wasn’t so far behind and ran on 4th place in his AG. So both could get on the bike in the battle of the medals. On the bike they both could hold their pace and after first being passed and on 2nd position it was halfway the bikecours that Jan attacked and took the lead…to never give it back again! Wim first fell back to 6th, but than step by step moved up to 4th and both could put down their bike…for an exciting and tough run course.
Jan kept his first place and for the first time (after 4x AG world champion) he got himself that European Gold medal (better than that lousy silver we have here in the closet ;-))!


Jan ‘Gianni’ Meysmans after the 2016 AG world title, today he takes the 2017 AG European title! 

For Wim it became battletime, not the luxury of Jan with a 2′ advantage. But running down on number 3…taking 3rd place and in the end on a steep climb…’parcheggio’ and having to let go number 3. Wim was their for his first European Champs, his first full duathlon season (has been a runner) and we can say he won 4th and didn’t lose 3rd! Congratulations!


Wim came close to Jan at the beginning of Run2, but Wim had to let go the younger Belgian in search of his 1st place. Wim finally takes 4th.

In the open race Steve suffered, an underestimated run course but full of experience in trailrunning. And once he put down his bike he was able to get 3rd in the Open category!

3Participants on the Europeans duathlon…almost 3 medals…I can not say I’m not happy 😉 Great job to our duathletes. Duathlon is NOT dead, it’s alive…only NOT in Belgium 🙂
Next week National championships are held in The Netherlands…that’s like…weird?!?!

In Leuven then again the first Half Irondistance of the season in Belgium was planned,

for a couple of our athletes this race is the most important race of the season. As Leuven is their hometown. For our other athletes a first big test…leading up to more!

First real warm weather and a citycenter…not an easy combination for most athletes. But hey: IF u want to qualify for Kona, you must be capable to deal with the heat!
Our athletes all had a good swim, better than they had last year…the watertemperature might be the cause for that. And of course the fact that they were ready for it!

We had Bert coming into T1 first, followed by Tony and a bit later Sem, Peter and Wim!

Bert, alone in the chase of the leading pack…difficult to pace and nothing to aim for of course. But he managed a good cyclingpart and could start running 5th. Tony a bit later, ready to show the flexibility in his legs. Those 2 athletes were on for the top 10!


Tony pacing his race by HR and poweroutput, a steady bike-ride and coming off the bike with a fast run! 290NP is classy for a +-72kg athlete!

Triathlon is a mechanical sport, the gear has to be fitted all just right. For Wim in his ‘homerace’ this wasn’t the case…his frontderailleur fell down and he could spin himself to T2…bad luck. But nice not to give up and continue the race!


Wim had bad luck having some mechanical issues, but still managed his fastest racetime…

During the run Bert could hold his top10 spot despite stomach problems and had to fight it against some rockets with runningshoes on…Tony was one of them and just passed Bert in the last meters.
8th and 9th in the end which is great in this race! Our other athletes all finished a bit later and felt strong towards their full distance races coming up!


Tony with another fast run in Leuven and managing his first top 10 in this Half triathlon

These were not the only races our athletes got into the top10, Hans managed 8th in the 1/4 triathlon Seneffe and in Ghlin one of our comeback cyclists managed his 2nd top10 in a row…keen on more!

Magic May…isn’t over yet ;-)!




Another crazy weekend…Ironman European Champs Frankfurt (Ger) and Chtriman Gravelines (Fr)…Hans going to Hawai!

What a weekend, last weekend Ironman Frankfurt was on the schedule for some of our athletes, in numbers 6 of them! Arriving in Frankfurt was a bit of a bummer, once you got out of the car the hotness kicked you down…On raceday 39,5degrees and hottest day EVER in Frankfurt. Most of the cycling and running course were in full sunshine…our athletes shaked by the idea of 9-12hours racing in this weather. But motivation was there, and no way back…so raceday was on!

The swimming course was a very nice track, 2circles to do and in between an australian exit!

Because of a water temperature of 26,4degrees there was no wetsuit allowed,  but on the swim no surprises for our athletes. Everybody got out in a nice time and could leave T1 with a good feeling!

Fortunately  the race started early and the first 2hours of the bike course temperatures were OK, after it…it became hot. Lots of roads where brandnew and the sun made temperatures on it above 50degrees.  It was clear our athletes were riding hard in the race and very soon Hans (Bel) and David (Esp/Ger) appeared behind the pro athletes where Jan Frodeno (Ger) was hammering the field 

.Really an amazing race to follow and seeing this former Olympic Champion winning his first Ironman!

David just behind Hans on Heartbreak hill and still laughing and chasing the Ironmanfinish

David just behind Hans on Heartbreak hill and still laughing and chasing the Ironmanfinish

A bit later Peter, Nesten, Sem and PJ were riding on the heartbreak hill, they all seemed ok at that point! Frankfurt became warmer and at noon temperature reached 39,5degrees in the shadow. Sufferfest would begin now! While we were waiting the athletes on the run  course, Hans was the first I saw coming. There he was, perfectly in the game…for a cherry on the cake, Hawai! Some quick words of which I knew he would be able to go steady. He was suffering, but ok. A few minutes before I had seen Pro athletes looking like ghosts on the run. He wasn’t! He stayed steady till the end, a bit of drop in the pace was ok. But even on the run he kept on eating pro-meat. As 30th (pro athletes included) , 2nd Belgian behind Frederik Van Lierde on this European Championship and 5th in his AG he crossed the finishline. This really is the output of a big input, congratulations!

Hans  crossing the finishline, he knew he was in for Hawai! Happy and well deserved! West-Vlaanderen has a top Ironman agegroup racer!

Hans crossing the finishline, he knew he was in for Hawai! Happy and well deserved! West-Vlaanderen has a top Ironman agegroup racer!

David came by 10’later,also on schedule for a slot to Hawai, but he looked white and had deep eyes. I have seen David a lot on trainingrides, on which he picked me up and dropped me off again. This wasn’t the David I saw then, the eyes were fading away and I thought he would have to quit the race. He had very hot and his body didn’t react anymore like we wanted. But he broke through this difficulties and finished with a smile in still a decent 10h21. And he should, finishing an Ironman deserves the deepest respect, also if it’s an hour later than where we aimed to. A good recovery followed by a toprace will be the best cure for him!

Peter looked good all the way! And did a very consistent race!

Peter looked good all the way! And did a very consistent race!

Starting in wave2 our other athletes came by a bit later, and yet at the beginning of the run we saw Peter was into the game. He came a bit earlier even than expected. Just a few minutes behind him a well racing Nesten could begin his first runninglap of 10K followed by PJ and Sem! Everybody was on the run course now and aiming for the finishline!

They did and realised a dream! And above all they became athletes…the difference between doing a sport and being athlete I’ve explained them already…and they got it very well!

These 3guys became an Ironman last weekend! Sem, PJ and Nesten smiling after the race!

These 3guys became an Ironman last weekend! Sem, PJ and Nesten smiling after the race!

Ironmanracing has maybe one problem coming up, If you ask me what’s the level of agegroupracing? Well, that’s very simple. It’s more difficult to get into the top 15 of the agegroupfield, then getting a top 15 in the profield.

Comparing the profield with the agegroupfield...Hans and David would have been in the top20 of the pro-field if they signed up 'being a pro'

Comparing the profield with the agegroupfield…Hans and David would have been in the top18 of the pro-field if they signed up ‘being a pro’

I love the motivation of our athletes, they live the sport with a no-nonsense mentality…it keeps us going for performing high! As a coach I got goosebumps when my athletes crossed the finishline, they rocked Frankfurt!

Our athletes working on one of the winter-groupsessions,  some of them got commented they would be good too early! Well, train smart, perform better!And you'll be good 365days a year ;-)

Our athletes working on one of the winter-groupsessions, train well in winter or you’ll be in shape too early or too late 😉 Train smart, perform better!And you’ll be good 365days a year 😉

An exciting day it was....

An exciting day it was….

Was Sam Gydé hiding himself in Frankfurt? I don't think so, working hard in perfect Hawai-weather!

Was Sam Gydé hiding himself in Frankfurt? I don’t think so, working hard in perfect Hawai-weather!

On the same day of Frankfurt we had the most beautifull race of northern France having place. In Gravelines Chtriman 113 took place as the French National Long Distance  Championships, with 3000m swim – 90k Bike and 21K run it is also the perfect prep race for athletes willing to step up to the full distance! There also our athletes performed like a boss and they may dream one day of becoming an Ironman!

Sébastien was racing hard in Chtriman and put down his best ever race, despite some technical problems on the bike!

Sébastien was racing hard in Chtriman and put down his best ever race, despite some technical problems on the bike!

Next week another big race is coming up, Ironvitoria-Gasteiz in Spain, where Brooke will try to aim as high as possible!

Train Smart, perform better!