Ironman Switzerland and Germany: spot on for Inge! – 7th Kona 18 qualifier!

Fantastic day for our Ironman athletes today!

Ironman Switzerland, Ironman Germany and Ironman Canada, 3 races on the same day!
In Hamburg the swim was cancelled and replaced by a 6K run!
In Switzerland the water was too hot and there was no wetsuit allowed.

In Switzerland it was Inge who turned her focus on the race into positive energy and came out of the water placed better than expected. 1st…and in pole position! Knowing the bike and run are her strongest points this was a good starting point!

Pushing hard on the bike and making the gap bigger towards T2 made a podium more than possible!
On the runcourse the nearest opponents tried to come back, but never came closer than 4’30. After halfway chances turned and it was Inge making the gap bigger mile by mile and take the AG win in her very first Ironman today!
A dream coming true for most athletes by qualifying for Hawaii, but before the race she already decided not to go. The last thing I heard now was she was reconsidering maybe…

*Inge also broke an exceptionnal record among our athletes, she was the first female athlete ‘chicking’ her husband this season 😜

In Ironman Germany, the no-swim made both Eline and Matthieu slightly nervous. Especially knowing a run before T1 always feels heavier than a smooth swim.
Both athletes got their mission and mounted the bike well, a good and steady pacing during the bike made both foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.athletes put their bike in T2 relatively fresh before running of another 42K towards the finishline!

And how! Steady running and finishing in Hamburg well paced, a good feeling and very nice performance in the end!

Meanwhile our cyclists are working hard towards their next goals, a lot of top10 results this week, but also athletes on trainingcamp or working towards the championships in September/October!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

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What about endurance…looking for challenges!

April 2012, Joeri, Tom, Jan and Didier were sitting on a table…place: Luberon, France … Trainingcamp …there it was where 4 totally different types of athletes met eachother with all respect for everyone’s goals and mindsets…at that moment Didier was a beginning Long Distance Triathlete…suddenly he spoke up…’I have a dream’…and he told about his dream.

There was silence when he was telling about his dream, respect for someone who dares searching the limits. At that moment, Didier his shape was still building up and he was working towards his first Ironman in  Zurich (Switzerland)…that made his dream even more challenging.

Now about his dream, doing the Arch to arc triathlon, running from London to Dover, swimming a bit in the ‘channel’ and biking from Calais to Paris…Crazy shizzle it seemed, but from that conversation on, Didier his mind was definitely set on realizing that Dream and we start working towards this goal.
End of august this year he is doing the challenge!

Didier is doing this for SOS Kinderdorpen and you can support this organisation here

All of this is combined with a busy professional life and his supporting team: 2kids and his wife Evelyn.

In this movie Didier explains about his  challenge and work-sports combination.

One of following weeks, we will interview Didier…to meet up with him and get personal!