Ironman European championships Frankfurt: Steven 3rd (ag) – Jeffrey 7th (ag) – Elite cycling in Lendelede with Lars winning solo

European Ironman championships today in Frankfurt, Germany! With 3 athletes racing in Germany a very nice race to follow! Ambitions were set on doing a ‘best I can’ race and pace the race well…

With 3 strong swims: Steven 1h00 (AG40), Jeffrey 1h03(AG 25) and Niels 1h06′ (AG30) our athletes could enter T1 within the better range of their age groups.

In the beginning of the bike our athletes moved up easily and it was Steven who entered top 10 already early in the bike course, Jeffrey also followed his pacing-plan perfectly and was moving up places strongly in the 2nd half of the race!

Our athletes at the swimming start in Germany
Steven and Jeffrey moved up strongly on the bike, Steven entered top5 and Jeffrey top 10 with a consistent and conservative pacing plan.

With a 256NP in the first 90K and 255NP in the 2nd half he shows that being confident in pacing and keeping the head cool works. Niels from his side entered his first ever Ironman and kept pacing and nutrition where it had to be.

The run course in Frankfurt was warm, so keeping HR at place is key. Steven running off the bike in 3h11′, Jeffrey in 3h32′!

With a good base in swimming, cycling and running you can race a consistent Ironman. Consider triathlon as 1 sport and you will perform better in the end. Steven is a consistent athlete in swim, bike and run. We knew that with a good pacing his running would be a strength! And so he did, with a strong 3h11′ in his marathon he did not only keep his place in the top5 of his AG but moved up towards 3rd place and takes bronze in this continental championship! A dream coming true!

Steven taking 3rd in the European Ironman championships in Frankfurt, Germany

Jeffrey from his side used to be less consistent in the run. This year he made a huge step in running off the bike. He already prooved in his 70.3races earlier this season…but in an IM there always is 42k to run.
His good pacing on the bike resulted in good running legs, his best running legs. Maintaining 5’00/km, after a slightly too fast start, and keeping the HR at the right beat he realised a step forward in the AG classification and at km31 he’s registered 5th. The last 10k of the race he felt acceleration wasn’t in his legs anymore but maintained his position to finish 7th!

Jeffrey running towards an excellent result, finishing in 9h45′ – 7th in his AG!

But not also our athletes in front of the game were on wings, also our Ironman rookie Niels did an excellent job and with patience he finished in 11h21′, within the first half of the field.

Not only Ironman racing for our athletes this weekend!

Stijn is in full prep towards the national championships mountain running and takes 3rd place in Trail des Fantômes!

Technical trailing for Stijn, preparing national championships in Theux, early September.

Challenge Brabant-Wallon, half marathon for legendary Jan Meysmans, this hilly half marathon was an excellent preprace in his prep to several (tri)duathlons at the end of this season and towards 2022. Jan takes 5th in 3’45/km!
Also Veerle races her half marathon in prep towards her first marathon and never felt so good on this distance, good signs!

In Halle, the annual duathlon was held today. A very strong level at the starting the line in both the male and female race! Emelie and Debbie having a good race on this tough course. Emelie takes 4th, Debbie 7th!

In the male race it’s Wim DC who finishes first of our athletes and immediately takes the win in the masters race! A very strong season of Wim so far. Not racing so many, but always there when he has to be!
Robby finishes 2 places behind Wim and is keen on performing strongly in the French Mountains in a few weeks.
Geoffrey from his side races this level for the first time, an eye-opener and learning a lot a few places behind Wim and Robby!

Geen beschrijving beschikbaar.
Geoffrey cornering nicely in this hilly race, picking up experience!

Elite/U23 cycling in Lendelede today, elite cycling in Belgium has a very high level and winning races is not easy at all!
But today another day came true and Lars VC wins his first elite race in his career after an already splendid season! Above all he finishes…solo!

Geen beschrijving beschikbaar.
Lars VC winning his first Elite race in his career, after an already splendid season with 3rd place in the regionals Time Trial

Our athletes are having another splendid season, with many wins in cycling, triathlon and running! Different sports, different approaches, same vibes, same motivation!

Train smart, perform better!


La Machine controls the button…. during 8h44′!

Today was a day marked in RED in our agenda ,

3Full Ironraces, 3 races that are totally sold out from the moment you can register! Next to these 3races we had David (Spain) and Corey (Canada) in Half Irondistances.
Our athletes went in this very motivated and ambitious!

Hans had a silent ambition to go sub9 in Challenge Roth (Germany), but kept silence till raceday. Doing a good race was the most important thing. When you are ready to race…stay cool, follow the raceplan and push the pedals when and where you have to! In Frankfurt next to Hans also Kurt started his first full distance of the season. After exactly 1h00′ Hans came to shore, a swim between 58-1h03 was what was in our thoughts. From there on, the real race starts.


Last month it was clear the load was correct, and would be paying off!

On the bike Hans smashed the race, he moved up towards leading position with a marvellous 4h32′ bikesplit. To get there he needed to push 279NP, which is quite a lot during Ironmanraces. We can say this the level only the AG TOPcyclists can manage.


Image of the weekend, saying it all!

After his victory past April in Douai (LD duathlon) the confidence for the run definitely could be present. Hans went out quite fast to finally run a 3h08′ marathon following on the fast bikesplit! But what a racetotal he managed, 8h44′!! A good question could be, is this still an AG result? I say yes! Why? Because of his 5.30am interval runs on cold winterdays, because of his afterwork cycling rides. This is hard,efficient and smart effort falling together during 8h44′.

These kind of results as a coach really can give goosebumps! For sure triathlon is NOT about times, so let’s come to the classification: Hans realised 20th overall (PRO included) and 1st AG! Winning the AG in one of the biggest triathlonclassics in Europe is a 2nd cherry on his big cake already this year! A bit later Kurt finished Challenge Roth to close the day overthere!

Hans flying towards the finishline in 8h42′ in Challenge Roth!


In Frankfurt (Germany) Adrian, Raph and Pierre got out for their European Ironman Championships ! Good swims they had, Raph (57′), Ad (58′) and Pierre (1h05) swam for what they were worth. Raph and Adrian got on the bike together and would be riding in eachothers neighbourhood till just before T2! Pierre a bit further was pacing correctly from the beginning! Adrian and Raphael found themselves around athletes riding very fast and finishing sub9 later on in this race. It soon became clear that they would be entering T2 a lot faster than predicted…So 2possibilities were there: Perfect weatherconditions or overpowering a bit. Pierre from his side followed his powermeter and was riding to enter T2 after a 5h00 bikesplit. Untill he got sick quite early in the bikecourse, Pierre vomited several times on the bike. Every athlete knows that at such a moment your race is done…but Pierre wasn’t there to qualify, he already has his ticket! Pure luxury! Quitting was never an option, without eating he continued and put down his bike after 6h02′ of racing without food in the stomach.

Raph and Adrian raced hard more upfront in the race, after 5h48′ they could start running (already!) But soon came clear that the powerfull bikeride weighted on the body. Raph was slowing down after 10K and had to go on survivalmode to finish his first Ironman! Adrian could go fast longer on, but at the end he also felt the lost energy on the bike! Adrian could finish the race just above 10h in 10h02, while Raphael made it a case of honour to finish and did!


120K at 3,7watts/kg blew up the legs of Raphael during the marathon, simply too fast and a lesson learned! Adrian even rode slightly faster but also payed his efforts.

Pierre from his side could keep moving up despite the hunger he felt. The lack of sugars became heavy at the end but he finished his race in 9h34′ after a still decent marathon.


Pierre had a sick stomach on the bike and wasn’t capable of taking gels, he still tried to finish the race as good as possible and did well with a 3h29′ marathon.


In Vitoria-Gastéiz our athletes on the Full iron realised their goals to finish this beautifull Irondistance race! On the Half Iron, an elite level of athletes at the starting line. Next to the pro athletes the AG athletes tried to give their best! David was one of them!


David pushing hard on his pedals to move up and finish 21st overall in Vitoria’s Half Iron!

After  a good swim he felt the power in his legs and rode himself to the front! Coming into T2 23rd overall he knew he could came close to the AG podium! With a good run in Basque country he even moved up a few spots and crossed the finishline 21st overall…and 4th AG! But what a bummer to miss the podium with only 8seconds behind nr.3!! Transitions? Socks? Details! But details sometimes result in that little extra!


The 275NP bikesplit of David made him come in touch with the AG podium, a fast run got him to 8seconds of it!


1more race to go, the 70.3 Saint-Andrews in Canada! Thé A-race for Corey in the first half of his season. Corey prooved in Quassy  and Baddeck already he was in shape, question was if it would be enough to get on the podium today in Saint-Andrews!
With a good swim the gap with the leaders wasn’t too big to get in the battle for the podium! Corey is strong at the moment, with a magnificent 290NP during this Half Irondistance he gets himself totally in the race behind Cedric Boilly and Robert Hollinger. Boilly and Hollinger got a bit out of sight and would end up 1 and 2 in the end. For Corey it was important to run fast off the bike! He did, with a 1h22′ half marathon following after his cyclingpart and ends up overall 3rd!


A 3’50/km run for Corey on a racecourse that’s not flat at all…coming off of the bike strong is important to be in the game for the medals!


Corey 3rd in 70.3 Saint Andrews!


Quite a busy weekend past weekend with also very good results of our cyclists on our FBpage!

This weekend was on it, our athletes raced hard and learned a lot. Recovery now for the athletes performing this weekend…but not for the others, because many big races are coming next weeks!!





Ironman Frankfurt 2016, again…Hammer on the block!

What a day again!
Tom his 9th place in Halftriman des Monts de Guéret (France) was just a good sign for the Mainova IRONMAN European Championship Frankfurt (Germany) 2016 !
1900m swim, a hilly bikecours and 21K trailrunning was on his menu. It seemed this game fitted him well past sunday!


Great performance of Tom entering the top10 in this classy field in his first half Iron, with Gaspariau 1st and Leboucher 2nd!

Tom vdb

Sometimes the bikecourse can be very simple, up and down…and again! Tom needed to push 318watt NP to get this performance!

A small roundup!
Dave finishes 6th in his AG in 9h00 and…and he can take a slot for Hawaii! Only…that same period he becomes father, so a bit of doubt taking the slot!
Adrian finishes FINALLY in an Ironman and after a steady race he ran into the finishline in 9h34′!
Jeroen in his first Ironman swam 49minutes finished just behind Adrian sub 10h!
Sem,Peter and PJ had a dream…finishing sub11hours! Their day went just fine, they knew the race course from last year. But being much faster than last year they didn’t spend as much time on it!
PJ en Sem
Sem and Peter ran together the last kilometers, nice clash in the end!
Peter (10h25), Sem (10h27) and PJ (10h51, 1h45′ faster than last year) RESPECT!
And then, our special guest from Roumania, Ciprian. Last year more than 13hours of racing, this year in at 11h05! Who said u can’t combine Marathon des Sables with an Ironman!

In Geraardsbergen (on ‘De Muur’) the first triathlon was held, Inge won in the masters category and became 6th overall. In the long distance race some bad luck with broken gear for Toon. But also good luck for our athletes finishing with a smile and getting experience on the longer bike courses!


In Geraardsbergen: The famous ‘Muur’ was the keyclimb in this  race!

Happy coach, happy athletes….they made this a day!
Train smart, perform better!

Another crazy weekend…Ironman European Champs Frankfurt (Ger) and Chtriman Gravelines (Fr)…Hans going to Hawai!

What a weekend, last weekend Ironman Frankfurt was on the schedule for some of our athletes, in numbers 6 of them! Arriving in Frankfurt was a bit of a bummer, once you got out of the car the hotness kicked you down…On raceday 39,5degrees and hottest day EVER in Frankfurt. Most of the cycling and running course were in full sunshine…our athletes shaked by the idea of 9-12hours racing in this weather. But motivation was there, and no way back…so raceday was on!

The swimming course was a very nice track, 2circles to do and in between an australian exit!

Because of a water temperature of 26,4degrees there was no wetsuit allowed,  but on the swim no surprises for our athletes. Everybody got out in a nice time and could leave T1 with a good feeling!

Fortunately  the race started early and the first 2hours of the bike course temperatures were OK, after it…it became hot. Lots of roads where brandnew and the sun made temperatures on it above 50degrees.  It was clear our athletes were riding hard in the race and very soon Hans (Bel) and David (Esp/Ger) appeared behind the pro athletes where Jan Frodeno (Ger) was hammering the field 

.Really an amazing race to follow and seeing this former Olympic Champion winning his first Ironman!

David just behind Hans on Heartbreak hill and still laughing and chasing the Ironmanfinish

David just behind Hans on Heartbreak hill and still laughing and chasing the Ironmanfinish

A bit later Peter, Nesten, Sem and PJ were riding on the heartbreak hill, they all seemed ok at that point! Frankfurt became warmer and at noon temperature reached 39,5degrees in the shadow. Sufferfest would begin now! While we were waiting the athletes on the run  course, Hans was the first I saw coming. There he was, perfectly in the game…for a cherry on the cake, Hawai! Some quick words of which I knew he would be able to go steady. He was suffering, but ok. A few minutes before I had seen Pro athletes looking like ghosts on the run. He wasn’t! He stayed steady till the end, a bit of drop in the pace was ok. But even on the run he kept on eating pro-meat. As 30th (pro athletes included) , 2nd Belgian behind Frederik Van Lierde on this European Championship and 5th in his AG he crossed the finishline. This really is the output of a big input, congratulations!

Hans  crossing the finishline, he knew he was in for Hawai! Happy and well deserved! West-Vlaanderen has a top Ironman agegroup racer!

Hans crossing the finishline, he knew he was in for Hawai! Happy and well deserved! West-Vlaanderen has a top Ironman agegroup racer!

David came by 10’later,also on schedule for a slot to Hawai, but he looked white and had deep eyes. I have seen David a lot on trainingrides, on which he picked me up and dropped me off again. This wasn’t the David I saw then, the eyes were fading away and I thought he would have to quit the race. He had very hot and his body didn’t react anymore like we wanted. But he broke through this difficulties and finished with a smile in still a decent 10h21. And he should, finishing an Ironman deserves the deepest respect, also if it’s an hour later than where we aimed to. A good recovery followed by a toprace will be the best cure for him!

Peter looked good all the way! And did a very consistent race!

Peter looked good all the way! And did a very consistent race!

Starting in wave2 our other athletes came by a bit later, and yet at the beginning of the run we saw Peter was into the game. He came a bit earlier even than expected. Just a few minutes behind him a well racing Nesten could begin his first runninglap of 10K followed by PJ and Sem! Everybody was on the run course now and aiming for the finishline!

They did and realised a dream! And above all they became athletes…the difference between doing a sport and being athlete I’ve explained them already…and they got it very well!

These 3guys became an Ironman last weekend! Sem, PJ and Nesten smiling after the race!

These 3guys became an Ironman last weekend! Sem, PJ and Nesten smiling after the race!

Ironmanracing has maybe one problem coming up, If you ask me what’s the level of agegroupracing? Well, that’s very simple. It’s more difficult to get into the top 15 of the agegroupfield, then getting a top 15 in the profield.

Comparing the profield with the agegroupfield...Hans and David would have been in the top20 of the pro-field if they signed up 'being a pro'

Comparing the profield with the agegroupfield…Hans and David would have been in the top18 of the pro-field if they signed up ‘being a pro’

I love the motivation of our athletes, they live the sport with a no-nonsense mentality…it keeps us going for performing high! As a coach I got goosebumps when my athletes crossed the finishline, they rocked Frankfurt!

Our athletes working on one of the winter-groupsessions,  some of them got commented they would be good too early! Well, train smart, perform better!And you'll be good 365days a year ;-)

Our athletes working on one of the winter-groupsessions, train well in winter or you’ll be in shape too early or too late 😉 Train smart, perform better!And you’ll be good 365days a year 😉

An exciting day it was....

An exciting day it was….

Was Sam Gydé hiding himself in Frankfurt? I don't think so, working hard in perfect Hawai-weather!

Was Sam Gydé hiding himself in Frankfurt? I don’t think so, working hard in perfect Hawai-weather!

On the same day of Frankfurt we had the most beautifull race of northern France having place. In Gravelines Chtriman 113 took place as the French National Long Distance  Championships, with 3000m swim – 90k Bike and 21K run it is also the perfect prep race for athletes willing to step up to the full distance! There also our athletes performed like a boss and they may dream one day of becoming an Ironman!

Sébastien was racing hard in Chtriman and put down his best ever race, despite some technical problems on the bike!

Sébastien was racing hard in Chtriman and put down his best ever race, despite some technical problems on the bike!

Next week another big race is coming up, Ironvitoria-Gasteiz in Spain, where Brooke will try to aim as high as possible!

Train Smart, perform better!


About a Spanish Bull, with the engine of a German car…


As Promissed, we continue the presenting of our abroad athletes. Who are they, how strong are they mentally and physically, and what about their spirit…does their philosophy matches with ours? Let’s meet up again, and get personal…

Can you introduce yourself? Who are you, where do you live? What is your nationality. Tell us a bit more about the person behind the athlete.

Hi, my name is David Tovar, born in Madrid, Spain. I am half Spanish, half German and have lived between both countries growing up. That’s not all though, there have been some stops along the way in other places like Moscow, Detroit and Shanghai to name a few.

For the last 7 years I have been living in Brussels for work reasons and can call this my home for now.

2) Have you got good training facilities, for run/bike/swim? What is your favorite type of training and where?

Yeah, I definitely cannot complain about the training here except for some of the weather that we are facing in Belgium. Biking is great here, mostly drivers respect you (outside of Brussels that is) and you have many different routes just outside of the city, going flat or hilly, whatever you need. Only thing missing are some proper mountains a bit closer by and maybe some better road surfaces in general.

Swim is good and easy for me, do it in my gym just 3mins walk from my place, odd pool length of 30 meter means I swim 120s and 180s instead of 100s and 200s!

Running is OK as well, I do a lot of running straight from my place which entails running by some busy streets but within 10-15mins you can be in quieter places. On weekends longer runs can be done in the forest, you can go hilly plus it’s car free! Very nice!

I really do love challenging workouts, especially intervals on the run, blocks on the bike.

When you don’t know whether you are going to be able to hit the pace or the watts and finally you manage the satisfaction is immense!! Love the feeling of finishing a tough one!
3) How did you come in touch with our training methods?

Through another athlete, Sam Gyde. He sang your praises, we met up and I liked what I heard and here we are, chasing that Kona ticket and enjoying the ride through build-up, training camps and prep races leading up to the A-race in Frankfurt in July.

Despite an unpleasant injury, David his shape is quite ok for the moment. Let's see what he can do in Leuven as a testrace.

Despite an unpleasant injury, David his shape is quite ok for the moment. Let’s see what he can do in Leuven as a testrace.

4) What is your short and long term goal in your sport?

Short term goal is Ironman Frankfurt, putting together a consistent race including a decent run and getting that ticket to Kona, longer term, let’s see…

Probably stepping back to the half distance as full distance takes up a LOT of your time. As I don’t like to do things half way it means I am committing almost all my time to training at the moment. While I am certainly enjoying myself now other things are suffering a bit and not getting done.

In terms of challenges I wonder about qualification for 70.3 World Championships, about hitting 2:45 in the marathon and various other endurance races to maybe take on in the future.

5) You like to train alone, or you enjoy groupsessions also?

I would say I like both equally. Doing long sessions in a group is always fun, especially on the bike, you chat away and the kilometers just fly by. But training alone is essential, both mentally and in its specificity to long distance triathlon. There is no drafting in Ironman (in principle that is…), it’s you against the clock and you better get used to spending hours focusing on the task at hand, steady watts!

Long runs also lend themselves to do a lot of thinking or pondering and I cherish that alone time!

6) David, how does a regular working/training day look like for you? You get up when and  you work/train when?

Well, the target is usually to be up around 6am and to start the session around 7am, be it a swim, bike or run. Then of course adjustments happen based on length of session to make sure I am in the office on time, usually around 9am. Longer sessions require earlier starts, of course!

The second session can sometimes be squeezed in at lunchtime, if it’s a run that is not too long, or it has to wait for the evening after work if it’s a bike or swim. Depending on both length of sessions and time I get out of work I am usually done earliest 7:30pm but sometimes after 9pm. Then the other important bit, fuel properly and get to sleep not too late, I need my 7-8 hours of regular sleep, otherwise the quality of my training suffers.

Thank you David for this view into your habits and who you are, our athletes themselves and our sympathizers are first to cheer for you in Leuven next sunday! Good Luck! Presenting our next athlete we will talk about goats and their mountainhabits!

Tovar crossing the finishline in 111Portocolom, where he raced together with one of our other athletes Joeri

Tovar crossing the finishline in 111Portocolom, where he raced together with one of our other athletes Joeri