Our Athletes dominating in The Netherlands and surprising in France!

What a weekend for our athletes in Holland, the long course weekend in The Netherlands.
Friday our athletes dominated the swimcourse, with 1st and 3rd position, saturday they dominated again with once again 1st and 3rd position and 4 athletes in the top 10 of GC!

Today the marathoncourse would decide if our athletes could maintain their places in GC and overall take the win or not!
Very confident about our athletes marathonperformances on day 3 I believed this all was possible!

The marathoncourse decides who wins, after 3 days the best man is standing. The others all fall.

Today number 6 (Jesse M) and number 8 (Jelle) in GC were keen on a very strong performance in the marathon, trying to move up. The 2buddies both put the best of theirselves in this race and after 3 days they finished the marathon in 2h57 and 3h03′! Very shortly behind these 2 Jurgen finished in 3h04′ and maintains his 4th place in GC after taking 3rd in the swim and 3rd in the bikecourse!

Emotion is what sport is about, 3rd place for Jesse Massez in the marathon! Exploding after the race! Great! 2h57′ on day 3!

Tim, the leader in the GC and winning both the swim and bikecourse had the control during the whole day, finished the marathon in 3h09 and wins the Long course weekend in 8h30′!
Behind Tim it was Steven who moved up in GC thanx to a 3h17′ marathon and becomes 14th in GC, closely followed by Ignace on place 16.

Champagne for Tim celebrating his victory in the General classification and dominating the race 3 days in a row!

In France it was Robby who entered another ‘red zone’ to race in the Duathlon de Savoie Mont Blanc, this extremely tough Long distance duathlon (10-60-10) with much altitude in it would become Robby’s toughest race ever!
But het was ready, in shape. After months of good training today would be his D-Day…and how!
A well paced first 10K run at 3’45/km made him enter top 10 immediately, during the bikecourse both the climbing and descents were no surprise for him. A recon a few weeks ago gave him this little mental advantage and he could put the bike down in 3rd position! Both triathlons and duathlons are always and only won during the run, whether you like this or not…Robby realized this and fights against number 4 who has a stronger pace in this runcourse…but Robby maintains and takes his first overall podium in a long distance duathlon surround by a European and World AG champion. A result to be extremely proud of. Robby came to us 4years ago, extremely overtrained and a hormone system totally disfunctioning as a consequence. Today Robby shows what’s possible with a scientific approach on training.


Robby, 3rd on the podium with Italian Baracchi and Swiss Filitti

Train Smart, Perform Better!


Surprising results in cycling and duathlon!

A weekend full of surprises!
With races in Germany, Holland and Belgium this weekend would be full of lactic acid…the national championships Xduathlon were marked in our agenda. Tony (Elite) and Wim (Masters) started with ambitions. Unfortenately for Tony the race lasted only 20m, tackled in the start he fell and done was his race. His concurrents of last week all ended within top 10…not fun, but more to come upcoming months!
Wim from his side came into T2 in the battle for the podium and win in the master’s race. New in this technical discipline het lost a lot of time in the more technical part of the race and had to let go the podium. Finishing with a splendid 2nd run he shows in road-season they will have to take count of him…let’s see.
In the same race Wesley finished his first national champs in a positive way!

In Eschweiler (Germany – Half Marathon), Dendermonde (Bel – 10K) and Cadzand (Holland – Half Marathon) our triathletes showed themselves to be ready for tri-season. In Germany Jens got 4th overall and is improving towards a steady – strong athlete. To be followed in 2017. In Cadzand our athletes got the honour to fight the wind, 5Beaufort in the face made them ‘work’ towards the finishline!

Our cyclists are having a great start of the season and Anthony today put the cherry on the first month of racing already by winning in Doornik/Tournai after another race in the front! With the last kilometer solo he could ‘enjoy’ this victory a lot.




In The Netherlands, the national duathlonseries were held in Hilversum, Jan competes in one of these topseries-teams this season, and could help his team to 6th overall place despite a litte search to his shoes in T2 in which he lost quite some time.
Adrian surprises again…by not only doing a good race, but even finishing 2nd in the open

race in Hilversum! Another podium for Adrian who slowly but surely is becoming a collector of metal!

A good and honest weekend, with honest and satisfying results!

Ironman 70. World champs – Powerman/LD duathlon ITU world champs upcoming weekend

Let’s have a quick roundup of our athletes going into the Long Distance Duathlon/ 70.3 Triathlon world champs this weekend!
Making it to the World Champs is already an honour, racing it must be fun with determination!World championships Ironman70.3 – Australia:

*Raphael Amato – Belgium
AG 25-29
Qualified in Ironman70.3 Turkey
Strength: Races consistent and has a good final in his legs, has done a very good season so far!

*Sophie Drofiak – Belgium
AG 25-29
Qualified in Ironman70.3 Barcelona (Spain)
Strength: Strong swim , in Barcelona she pulled out a good run and prooved to be capable of dealing with hot weather conditions. Prooved in the 1/4 triathlons she can battle.

Long Distance Duathlon World Champs – Switzerland

*Jan Meysmans – Belgium
AG 35-39
Strength: Fast off the bike, had good results in his springduatlons and was 4th in a sprintduathlon last week among the best Dutchies…knows the racecourse as no other, but missed Zofingen 2015 due to a severe bikecrash of which he needed a lot of time to fully recover.

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Jan Meysmans ready for the WC!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

How fast can Sophie swim among the very best!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Raph is a consistent racer, he’s ready for it!

Testing, some love seeing the numbers…but it’s about working with th numbers!

This period of the year, is definitely a period athletes need to plan a lactate test. Especially for  athletes doing a regular cycling/running/triseason (march-october) Because a test can give us a view into the way to approach the athletes’ body, shape and future (short and long term) goals.

Many athletes make the large mistake to hunt down certain numbers, they look at the maximum output and not below, they chase a high HR , pace or wattage at their max level. Well, let that be a very wrong approach (especially in mid-winter).If u don’t have experience and know-how in evaluating tests, please stay far away from it. You can only abuse at that moment…

As we speak, we are testing athletes very intense for over 8years now and many of these tests are in my database. From Pro cyclists, Pro triathletes, Amateur world champions in duathlon and triathlon to absolute beginners in these sports.

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For me as a coach, lactate testing also gives us a very nice view on an athletes’ macro-evolution (evolution during several years), or seasonal evolution. It can reassure us after a big block of training to look if we are ‘scoring’  around the same lactate profile as we did in earlier and SIMILAR training/racing periods. It can gives us the info to put the cherry on the big cake of training towards Championships. Or it can simply say: “Hey, that athlete really has work to do at certain points”.

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Never forget testing is done to work with, ‘just’testing is useless. Training healthy always has to be the number 1 priority! If you don’t train on a (short-long term) healthy way you shouldn’t even be training at all!


Click here to see one of our athletes suffer on a running test

Train Smart, perform better,

Jesse Van Nieuwenhuyse


One can look at performance in triathlon and healthy living a bit like the ‘chicken and the egg’.

Normally we had presented Brooke here on another moment, but her performances last weeks already made this a bit sooner…which is positive, so after Billy, now it’s Brooke we will meet up and get personal with!
1) Hello Brooke, our athletes and sympathizers have noticed you already very quickly because you kicked off your season with the win in Ironmedoc and Half triathlon Deauville. Did you expect to win both and which victory did you like the most?
Hi ! Yes, we had an incredible kick off to my season. I never imagined winning both.

Truthfully speaking, I was apprehensive going into IronMedoc. While most athletes were already well-underway with spring training, I was coping with being ill and inconsistent training. I thought I would be lucky, if I could crack 10 hours on the day, and in fact, I raced to a new personal best of 9:26.

We (Jesse & I) knew that Deauville would not be an easy feat just one week after completing an Iron-distance race. The race itself is challenging with an ocean swim and over 1000 m of climbing on the bike, let alone the added cumulative fatigue from IronMedoc.

It is hard to say which victory I enjoyed more. On one side, my performance at IronMedoc took me by surprise and boosted my confidence. So coming into Triathlon Deauville, I had a greater sense of self and my abilities, but being able to execute well a 2nd time, right after which has been my best-performance to date is also gratifying.

After a difficult winter in Canada Brooke had a lower confidence. But a 6weeks no- nonsense approach suited her. She won in a new race and personal besttime!

After a difficult winter in Canada Brooke had a lower confidence. But a 6weeks no- nonsense approach suited her. She won in a new race and personal besttime!

2) You are next to a Professional Triathlete also a dietitian, I am right Triathlon for you is more than the races…can we say a healthy lifestyle?

You are correct! For me, triathlon is more than just a race. It is precisely that, healthy living. One can look at performance in triathlon and healthy living a bit like the ‘chicken and the egg’.

Which comes first? Well, in order to perform at a high level, life, family, food, rest, stress levels, etc., must be in balance. So here, healthy living is the egg and comes first. But, this can also be interchanged for the ‘chicken’, triathlon. In this instance, sport is a vehicle for some to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Through sport people become become more introspective about their body, eating and other lifestyle habits. Often times this is accompanied with positive change towards an improved self.

3)Where do you come from in Canada, how are trainingfacilities there
and compared to Holland where you live now…is it better or more
difficult to train?

I am from Southwestern Ontario. The Windsor, Essex region is much like Holland, pancake flat. Both Canada and Holland, have excellent training facilities to excel as an athlete, state-of-the-art pools and tracks available to the public.

Brooke will one day become one of the women who will put down a sub 3h10 on the full distance!

Brooke will one day become one of the women who will put down a sub 3h10marathon on the full distance!

Back home in Windsor, I have some of my favourite trails just a few kilometers from my house. Here in Holland, daily I am becoming more and more acquainted with the area. The nice thing here is an intricate set of trails that connect the country both by foot and bike. I’ve been enjoying my long runs through the countryside. Kilometers and kilometers of running without the sight or smell of a car. It’s amazing.

Similarly to Canada, winters are difficult to train in Holland. However, the temperature is slightly more moderate which means hopefully next spring, I will be out sooner on my bike than this year, in May. We also have to deal with rain in Holland, like in Holland during the spring months. I guess it just means I have to start dressing warm. 🙂

These last 6weeks before IronMédoc were hammer on the block. After analysing what 'happened' with her body before, the right approach turned out in a big peak!

These last 6weeks before IronMédoc were hammer on the block. After analysing what ‘happened’ with her body before, the right approach turned out in a big peak!

4) What are your next goals this season?
It is funny to think that I just achieved two massive goals (for me), and yet I am already goal-setting again. This is the beauty about the sport, it is about self-betterment.

My next immediate goal is to defend my title at Full Distance Triathlon Vitoria, next month. Last year, I was injured going into this race so, my focus will be to stay healthy and train hard. At Triathlon Vitoria, my goal is to shave +++ minutes off of my previous time.

After that we will be working hard towards Challenge Almere. Here, I am looking to have a breakthrough performance.

Brooke showed what's she is worth as a pro triathlete

Brooke showed what’s she is worth as a pro triathlete

Thank you Brooke,
Nice meeting up with you, let’s get to work now and get ready for the Iron distance Vitoria!
In Almere you will be in the same race as our Berry, you will definitely be encouraged during the race!

Raphael gives away the Hawai slot…

What a great day last sunday, Raphael once again seemed to be the best Belgian age-group athlete and got qualified for the World Championships Ironman70.3 at Zell Am See!

But…what lots of people didn’t know…there were  also 2 Ironman Hawai slots to take…Raphael got listed 6th, but before him in his  agegroup one of his concurrents already qualified. So he got 5th on the rolldown…and got the chance!

But no he said, focus is on IM70.3 World Championships and not (yet) on Hawai…and right he is…because we are sure that in the right race at the right time he will be able to take his Kona-slot in a full distance!

Raphael got by his performance and the rolldown the chance to go to Kona...he said no...because one day he'll get there by getting qualified in a full!

Raphael got by his performance and the rolldown the chance to go to Kona…he said no…because one day he’ll get there by getting qualified in a full!