La Machine is back – Ironlakes winner – Anthony taking climbers jersey in Germany – Bram in UCI world champs MTB

This weekend was the start of the autumn Ironman races, with Ironlakes (Belgium) the Belgian athletes got the chance to proove their strength in this hilly racecours. 2200D+ on the bike, 285D+ on the runcourse! This full distance triathlon attrackted French and Belgian athletes. With Fouss, Gillain and Chevalier Hans knew this would be a race fought hard.

Surgery past winter and revalidation the months after costed him spring but in summer he immediately showed good performances in Oudenaarde and Jabbeke. In Jabbeke he astonished by doing a bike effort 2 levels higher than the others. Cycling and swimming were the key in revalidation.

With a good swim for Hans (1h02′ ~ 3900m) top 10 was in sight very soon. On the bike a hilly course with a lot of ‘faux plat’, perfect for a 77kg powerhorse. Very soon Hans appears in the top 3 of the race, which was sooner than expect with Fouss (Sub9h inKona 18) and Chevalier (just above 9h in Kona 19) simply left behind. A constantly paced race at 280watts with no big drops in power and no big peaks (5minute peak of 330NP).
An athlete in shape can keep his HR also very consistent with a good poweroutput during 180K and still keep enough energy for the off bike run.

290NP during this 175K bikecourse ~ 2250D+ with a HR kept constantly while air temperature raises.

With 15′ advantage on number 2 and 20+ minutes advantage on number 3 Hans was in a luxury situation to get on the podium and perhaps win the race!
With a good trainingcamp around Mont Ventoux, France and being able to do good running, slightly hilly running also…this racecourse should be managed IF Hans paces well and conservatively. His winterbase in running is not there. But last 4 months running was getting to a higher level. A good level, last 4 weeks were spot on it. And managing the marathon was possible. IF Hans paced well…and he did! Starting at +/-4’30km and HR XX he keeps it steady on this hilly course to finish at 4’40/km and win his 2nd Ironman distance, Ironlakes Belgium!

Constant run and overlooking things perfectly, winner winner chicken dinner!
2nd full distance triathlon won by Hans, Ironlakes, a winner always remains a winner!

What a resume Hans has on the long distance:

  • European AG champion duathlon
  • 2* World AG champion duathlon
  • Chtriman full distance winner
  • Ironlakes full distance winner
  • 3X 70.3 (Half Irondistances) races winner
  • and more which I now forget probably…

A story of not giving up after bad news, fighting back, struggling and keeping the flow going! In sport you see people with extreme character and perseverance. Well, Hans is one of those!
Well earned for him and his relatives.

Together everyone achieves more, at its place today in Froidchapelle

More athletes today racing the 70.3 distance!
Kenneth races in Ironman70.3 Italy! In Ironman 70.3 Weymouth (UK) Kris takes 2nd (AG) and qualifies for the 70.3 world championships in New – Zealand!
Kristof from his side enters his very first 70.3 race in Ironlakes, Froidchappelle.

Kristof with determination in Ironlakes, putting down a fast bike and run off the bike!

Not only in Belgium our athletes went hard today, in Germany Anthony was keen on defending his climbers jersey and 4th place in GC. Not letting go the other GC riders was key and he realized this, 4th in GC and taking home the climbers jersey from Germany!

Anthony taking home the climbers jersey from Germany

In Grächen, Switzerland Bram races the World Championships MTB marathon. Unfortunately for him the weekend began a bit stressfull by breaking a spoke 18h before the race. On raceday Bram takes 154th in the world championships. Hoping to get around top100 among the best riders in the world wasn’t there today. But then again you now what to work for!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: fietsende mensen en buiten
Bram on the MTB world champs recon in Grächen



World Championships mountainbike qualification for Bram – Anthony 3rd in Luxemburg!

What a weekend!
Yesterday Hannah participated in the 70.3 world championships in Nice, where the best triathlete of her generation(and perhaps more) won. Daniela Ryf is the name.
Today in the 70.3 male championships we saw an extraordinary race with in front the (former) Olympic distance athletes and behind in the pro race the Ironman athletes. Is there a new generation coming? Future will tell!
In this race it was Dave who did an excellent race in Nice, before the race he was astonished by the athletes around there in Nice but stood tall among them!

Dave running towards the finishline in Nice

Our Ironman athletes are having races coming up! Bert (Pro) raced in Knokke towards 10th place yesterday. Today it was Vadim who had his last race before heading to Kona for the Ironman World Championships!

Canadian Vadim, as aero as a plane on his BMC – ZIPP machine!

And how! Averaging 40.7km/h ~ 290NP in the 70.3 race of Montreal, Canada!
With this performance the 46years old Ironman athlete takes 14th overall!

Vadim pacing very constantly but hard before getting on the run course ~ 290NP

UCI MTB marathon in Bouillon, Belgium today. Last chance for Bram to qualify for the Elite World Championships in Grächen, Switzerland!
And how, a tough summer of training followed by a 3day stage race before approaching this last attempt. Finishing within top20 (Elite) was necessary. After not qualifying by 1 place in 2previous races we knew qualifying was more than possible for this rider. And so he did, 160K ~ 4400D+, finishing 10th overall and succeeding strong! Now 2 weeks to recover and be in shape to race against the very best professional Mountainbikers in the world!
In Bouillon also shorter distance races were held, Dirk takes 5th in his AG in the 75K race.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, fietsen, fiets en buiten
Bram qualified for the Elite world championships in Grächen, Switzerland!

In Luxemburg, Anthony raced in La Charly Gaulle. Our duathletes Patrick and Stijn took part in this race also. This in approach to their autumn races coming!

Anthony confirms again, early in the race he makes the right breakaway and feels strong. Only one week after his win in La Velomediane he could ride another final, being in a 3man breakaway. After 160K Anthony sprints for victory but has to be happy with 3rd place! Another podium!
Anthony took podium in Germany, France, Belgium and Luxemburg this season and won several races already! Very consistent! Strong racing alsof Stijn and Patrick, unfortunately P crashed in the final of the race and will be sleeping a bit less upcoming days! Nothing that can’t heal!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, inclusief Anthony Spysschaert, lachende mensen, staande mensen
Another podium for Anthony, taking 3rd place in La Charly Gaulle (Lux)

A lot of racing coming up in the next weeks with for example the world championships mountainbike and Ironman, but also several 70.3 and full Ironman races coming!



National duathlon title for Inge and regional Elite championships cycling!

First weekend of May, the ‘hot’ days are coming!
Unfortunately Belgium is in a big cold these days, very cold temperatures, hail and snow in some regions!

This weekend our Elite riders raced in the regional championships,
Anthony (West- Vlaanderen) had another strong race. With multiple top 10 results and podium spots this season already he was ready for a strong race this weekend. Finding himself in the lead group that went all the way to the finishline he was capable of sprinting for victory in this 21man group.
Anthony takes 13th!

Anthony made huge steps last years and is now harvesting his input into his sport, riding passionate and smart!

Dries (Vlaams-Brabant) didn’t find himself in the lead group. But having missed this group with legs on fire he decided to give it a go and in the very final he makes the jump to this group before the ‘Bosberg – former deciding climb in legendary editions of Tour of Flanders’. Finishing 8th U23 (21st in general) he can look back to a good race. But also knowing the fact he had to be in the group earlier in the race!

Onwards to next races for these 2 riders, they have nice results coming for sure!!

Dries is one of our young potentials, still much progression to make and amazing with some stunning results. Looking forward to a hot summer!

Regional title for Kristof in OVWF today!

Our mountainbike riders were looking forward to Roc d’Ardenne for a long time! Bram is in chase of world championships qualification (Elite) in the marathon discipline. To get immediate qualification today he needed to finish 20th! 100K ~ 3000D+(!) and a lot of participants (volume), but also a lot of the best riders in this race. For 90K Bram was convinced to become 20th! But only in the last kilometers his place was attacked and he had to be satisfied with 21st! A pity, but after a good race the positive points may also weigh towards the future! 21st and having to get the ticket on another day!

21st in Roc d’Ardenne for Bram today!

In the shorter distance marathon (45K) Junior Andres felt good, rode strong and finishes 30th/500!

In Belgium the national championships duathlon long distace were held today and with ambition for the podium in the women’s race!
In the male race we had in particular our LD triathletes coming to race, and because of the good date of the race this season the perfect diving board towars the 70.3 and full distance races!

In the female race both Inge (master) and Isabelle master) at the starting line!
A fast opening in the first kilometer at 3’45/km for this 10-60-10 duathlon made Inge chose to not explode and wisely gets in her pace towards T2! Very quickly she moved up towards a position with here eyes on the podium at the end of the race! Both Inge and Isabelle moved up strongly, being in the master category they put down 2nd and 5th biketime overall!

203NP ~ 56kg for Inge in the national championships being the base for her AG title and 3rd place overall!

In the 2nd run Inge could keep her place and the logical women in front of her were followed quickly by herself! 3rd overall and good for her first AG title on the long distance! For Isabelle the 2nd run would be a real test, and she did well putting down a 2nd run with not much of decay compared with run 1!

Inge chasing her first AG title on the long distance!

Our male duathletes/triathletes made a huge effort in Geluwe today and succeeded well in this race. With very good offbike runs they may look very confident towards their first triathlons!

And then…horror…triathlon veurne, water 13.8°C ‘they say’…but our athletes didn’t hold back and even looked forward to challenge these conditions!
And how…Bert was our man in the front today getting out of the water 10th and moving up strongly on the bike towards the first positions…unfortunately PSSSSST…flat tyre and game over for him! Veurne was his last test before Ironman Lanzarote, where he will be racing in PRO category for the very first time!

Fast racing of Bert untill the tyre said stop! Onwards to Ironman Lanzarote now!

Bert was in racemode and untill the flat cost him his race he was riding 338NP in this 1/4distance!

Our othere athletes were killing it from the start and focussed on the AGcategories!
Dimi, going very well in his recent tests and races was in a battle for the podium in AG35. 3 athletes within 30seconds, in the final of the race he moved up from 2nd to first and takes the win by only2seconds!

Dimi, winner of the day in his AG by 2″!

Hannah from her side, going very hard in her last cyclingraces, didn’t like the cold at all so she tried to race fast and takes 3rd! With other athletes very close to their AG podium the cold weather became a sidestory, the results…were the proof in the hot pudding!

Hannah taking AG 3rd today!

Ciao and looking forward to next week already!