Naast de vele persoonlijke successen…staan onze atleten vaak in de kijker! Enkele resultaten kan je hieronder vinden…deze lijst van podia in de hele wereld lijkt eindeloos…

Next to many personal successes, where athletes give their best selfs…our athletes shine in the world! Some of them here...

A good macrocycle leads to the best results!
A good macrocycle leads to the best results! 


  • Run and Bike NATO (Evere): 1st Masters Bart
  • 12K Watervliet: 3rd Jan
  • Beachrace Zeebrugge: 3rd Inge
  • Cyclocross Beernem: 1st Klaas
  • Triathlon Avion (France): 3rd masters Dave
  • Half marathon Lier: 2nd Jan
  • Cyclocrossranking General Classification: 3rd Klaas
  • Geel 5K: 3rd Dieter
  • 6K Axel (Netherlands): 3rd Dieter
  • 10K Rotselaar: 1st Jan
  • Cycling Chiang Mai (Thailand): 3rd Tine
  • Sandman XL: 2nd Masters Steven
  • Sandman SD: 1st Inge
  • Sandman SD: 3rd Masters Wim
  • Xduathlon Hofstade: 2nd Masters Raymond
  • Ocean Lava Tenerife: 1st AG Alejandro – 9th Pro included
  • Escannafles (UCI 1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Appels (cycling): 3rd Steven
  • La Jacques Gouin (France): 1st Anthony
  • North C-Trail (31K): 1st Sven
  • North C-Trail (13K): 2nd Masters Isabelle


  • La Cuenca 50K trailrun (USA): 3rd Van (1st masters)
  • 12K Watervliet: 1st Jan
  • 6K Watervliet: 2nd Hannah
  • 12K Deinze: 2nd Judith
  • Cyclocross Beernem: 1st Klaas
  • Half marathon Lier: 3rd Tony (1h15′)
  • National championships teamduathlon (Fire Dept.): 1st Bjorn
  • Half Marathon Genk: 2nd Jan (1h12′)
  • Triathlon Liévin (France): 1st Hans
  • Triathlon Liévin (France): 3rd masters Johan
  • Beachrace Bredene: 1st Hans – Corporate
  • Vlaamse cyclocrosscup – General classification: 3rd Klaas
  • Sandman inferno (XL): 1st Hans
  • Sandman Inferno (Short distance): 2nd masters Bart
  • Sandman Inferno (Long distance): 2nd women Hannah
  • Crossduathlon Hofstade: 1st masters women Els
  • Crossduathlon Jurbise: 2nd masters Wim
  • Pommereul UCI 1.18: 2nd Guillaume
  • Pommereul UCI 1.18: 2nd Masters Svenne
  • Cyclocross Scherpenheuvel: 1st Kevin
  • 26K Bardelaereloop Lembeke: 1st Arne
  • 10K Bardelaereloop Lembeke: 1st Jan
  • Xduathlon Nossegem: 1st Inge
  • Gran Fondo Alexander the Great (Greece) stage1: 1st Daniel
  • Gran Fondo Alexander the Great (Greece) stage 2: 2nd Daniel
  • Gran Fondo Alexander the Great (Greece): General classification: 1st Daniel
  • National championships crossduathlon: 2nd Wim
  • National championships crossduathlon: 2nd Inge
  • Cycling Roborst: 3rd Guillaume
  • Half marathon Eschweiler (Germany): 1st Jens
  • Ormeignies Cycling: 1st Guillaume
  • Triathlon De Haan: 2nd masters Bart
  • Triathlon De Haan: 1st masters Inge
  • Duathlon Geluwe: 3rd masters Wim
  • Half Marathon (Canada): 2nd Andreas
  • Time trial Almere (Netherlands): 1st Hans
  • Couvin (UCI 1.18): 1st Guillaume
  • Couvin (UCI1.18): 3rd Svenne
  • PSU International Bike challenge (Thailand): 1st W2W
  • Elite race Roumania: 1st Daniel
  • Duathlon Ter Idzard (The Netherlands): 2nd Adrian
  • Mettmann Duathlon (Germany): 3rd Masters Wes
  • Team Time Trial championships (FCWB – French speaking league): 1st Guillaume (and team)
  • Flemish Championships Cycling (EDH): Guillaume 3rd
  • LD duathlon Douai (France): 1st Open Hans
  • National championships sprintduathlon: 3rd Masters Wim
  • German Cycling cup Frankfurt (Germany): 1st Anthony
  • Tour of Deva (Romania)-stage1: 3rd Daniel
  • Wildflower Triathlon (California – USA): 2nd AG Van
  • 1/4 Triathlon Veurne: 2nd AG Hannah
  • 1/4 Triathlon Veurne: 1st AG Bart
  • 1/4 Triathlon Veurne:3rd AG Bert
  • European Championships Duathlon Long Distance: 1st AG Wim
  • 1/4 Triathlon Veurne: 1st AG Johan
  • Time Trial Panheel ( Netherlands): 1st Svenne
  • MTB Marathon maratonulvinului (Romania): 1st Daniel
  • UCI1.18 Lutlommel: 3rd Svenne
  • Time Trial Zolder: 1st Svenne
  • Great Mekong Ride (Thailand) – stage2: 2nd Phanupon
  • 1.18 Jemeppe-Sur-Sambre: 3rd Svenne
  • Triathlon Seneffe: 2nd AG Hannah
  • Triathlon Sangatte (France): 2nd Inge
  • Ironman Lanzarote (Spain): 2nd AG Bert
  • Tour of Salaj (Romania) – stage 1 : 1st Daniel
  • 1/4 triathlon Almere (The Netherlands): 2nd Adrian
  • National Championships Long distance duathlon: 1st Wim – 3rd Wesley
  • Triathlon Oostkerke-Damme: 2nd Bart
  • Triathlon Hagen (Germany): 1st Jens
  • German Cycling cup Leipzig (Germany): 2nd Anthony
  • Tour of Salaj (Romania) – stage 2 : 2nd Daniel
  • Individual time trial Herckenbosch (The Netherlands): 1st Svenne
  • 70.3 Triathlon Troyes (France): 1st masters Sam
  • 70.3Triathlon Nieuwkoop (Netherlands): 1st masters Bart
  • Challenge Geraardsbergen: 2nd AG Inge
  • Time Trial Zolder: 1st Svenne
  • 70.3 Valencia 1st AG David
  • Individual Time Trial (Netherlands): 2nd Svenne
  • 15K Relegem: 1st Jan
  • National Championships Time Trial: 2nd Pro
  • National Championships Road: 2nd Pro
  • Time Trial Zolder: 1st Svenne
  • Chtriman: 2nd Tony
  • Chtriman 70.3: 2nd Bert
  • Chtriman LD duathlon: 1st Wim
  • UCI1.18: 1st Svenne
  • UCI 1.18 Welkenraedt: 3rd Svenne
  • Champ’Man (France): 1st Hans
  • IronVitoria (Spain): 1st AG David
  • LCCT Time Trial: 3rd Svenne
  • UCI 1.18 Seneffe: 2nd Svenne
  • Aarschot 1/8 triathlon: 1st Masters Raymond
  • Aarschot 1/3triathlon: 1st Masters Isabelle
  • Sea Swim Knokke: 1st Bart
  • Road cycling Lugoj (Romania): 2nd Daniel
  • Benelux Championships Amateurs UCI: 3rd Time Trial
  • National Triathlon Championships (doctors): 3rd Isabelle
  • UCI 1.12Ottenburg: 2nd Anthony
  • Ironman Switzerland: 1st AG Inge
  • Duathlon Herentals: 2nd Masters Wesley
  • 111 Triathlon Jabbeke: 3rd Hans
  • UCI2.2 Tour of Szklerland (Romania) Time Trial: 1st Daniel
  • 1/4 Triathlon Leiderdorp (The Netherlands): 3rd Vincent
  • 1/4 Triathlon Leiderdorp (The Netherlands): 1st Adrian
  • 70.3 Medina de Rioseco (Spain): 3rd AG David
  • National championships Triathlon Olympic Distance: 1st Masters
  • Time Trial Geel: 3rd Svenne
  • Time Trial Geel (duo): 3rd Svenne
  • 10K Zele: 3rd Dieter
  • Duathlon Halle: 2nd Wim
  • Trailrun Brussels 25K: 3rd Sven
  • 70.3 Deinze: 3rd Bert
  • 1/4 Triathlon Köln (Germany): 3rd Jens
  • World Championships LD duathlon (Switzerland): 11th PRO – 1st AG overall Hans
  • World Championships LD duathlon (Switzerland): 2nd AG Wim
  • La Charly Gaulle (Lux): 2nd Anthony
  • MTB Marathon Siria (Romania): 1st Daniel
  • National championships MTB marathon: 2nd Daniel
  • 70.3 Damme: 3rd overall (1st AG) Isabelle
  • LD duathlon Damme: 1st AG Wim
  • Sandman Duathlon XL: 1st Sander
  • Beachrace Oostende: 2nd Inge
  • Crosstriathlon Deinze: 3rd Bregt
  • Cycling Knokke: 1st Bart
  • Ironman Hawaii (USA): 2nd AG Bert
  • National championships Individual Pursuit (Track Cycling): 1st Daniel
  • Run and Bike Boulogne (Fr): 1st Seb
  • National championships Points race (Track cycling): 1st Daniel
  • Cyclocross Roeselare: 3rd Masters Klaas
  • Half marathon Berlare: 3rd Wim
  • Duathlon Malonne: 2nd (and 1st masters) Inge
  • Duathlon Malonne: 2nd masters Steven
  • 10K Leefdaal: 1st Bart
  • Duathlon Wachtebeke: 1st U18 Andres
  • Duathlon Maastricht (Netherlands): 2nd masters Wim
  • Duathlon Damme: 1st Masters Steven
  • Duathlon Damme: 3rd Hannah
  • Trailrun Houffalize: 2nd Kristof
  • 10K Zele: 3rd Robby
  • Trailrun Meerdaelwoud: 3rd Sven


  • 9K Watervliet: 2nd Jan
  • 5K Watervliet: 3rd masters Els
  • Regional champs Cyclocross: 3rd Klaas
  • Cyclocross Beernem: 3rd Klaas
  • Offroadduathlon Sint-Niklaas: 1st Els
  • Half Marathon Genk: 3rd Jan (1h15)
  • Offroadduathlon Sint-Niklaas: 2nd Masters Bart
  • National championships offroad duathlon (Fire department): 3rd Bjorn
  • Regional Championships cross country: 3rd Gwen
  • Duo – Beachrace Bredene: 3rd Wim-Inge
  • Run and Bike Knokke: 2nd Nico
  • Duathlon Hofstade: 1st masters Els
  • Sandman duathlon: 2nd Hans
  • Sandman duathlon: 1st Inge
  • Sandman duathlon: 3rd masters Steven
  • Half marathon Boularderie, Canada: 1st Corey
  • Half marathon Boularderie, Canada: 2nd Allan
  • Half marathon Boularderie, Canada: 3rd Andreas
  • Duathlon Jurbise: 2nd Tom
  • Duathlon Jurbise: 1st Masters Wim
  • UCI1.18 Haneffe: 2nd Svenne
  • Cross country running: Gwen 2nd
  • Cyclocross Lebbeke: 3rd Klaas
  • Duathlon Ashford (UK): 1st
  • 8K Nova Scotia: 2nd Andreas
  • Cyclingrace Beveren: 3rd Anthony
  • Duathlon Retie: 2nd Hannah
  • Cyclingrace Doornik: 1st Anthony
  • Duathlon Hilversum (Holland): 2nd Adrian
  • Triathlon De Haan: 2nd Inge
  • Triathlon De Haan: 1st masters Steven
  • Aquathlon Lille (Fr): 1st Sophie
  • Cyclingrace Aalter-Bellem: 3rd Guillaume
  • Ironman South Africa: 2nd overall AG Sam – Ironman World Champs Qualification / Hawaï
  • Ironman South Africa: 7th AG – Ironman World Champs Qualification / Hawaï
  • 5K Florida (USA): 1st Allan
  • Halve marathon Zwalm: 1st Wim
  • Individual Time Trial Almere (Netherlands): 3rd Hans
  • GP Romain Zingle – Couvin UCI1.18: 1st Guillaume
  • Duathlon Ter Idzard (Netherlands): 1st Jan
  • UCI 1.18 Mariembourg: 1st Svenne
  • Triathlon Spa (Women) : 2nd Hannah
  • Triathlon Spa (Masters): 3rd Steven
  • Sprintduathlon Douai: 1st Masters Wim
  • Long distance duathlon Douai (France): 1st Hans
  • UCI 1.18 Les Bulles: 3rd Svenne
  • Trailrun Ballon d Alsace: Arne 3rd
  • German Cycling Cup Frankfurt (Germany): 1st Anthony
  • 8K Geel: 1st Tony
  • 5K Nova Scotia: 2nd Andreas
  • Time Trial Oostende: 2nd Hans
  • Ironman 70.3 Mallorca (Spain): 2nd AG Adrian
  • Amhpiman Swimrun 38K: 1st Raph/Sophie
  • 10K Fredericton (Can): 3rd Corey
  • Half Triathlon Leuven: 1st Masters Bert
  • European Championships Duathlon: 1st AG Jan
  • Trailrun 25K: 1st Pierre
  • BK (national champs Duathlon Long distance): 3rd Wim (Masters)
  • Triathlon Bredene: 1st masters Johan
  • Waasmunster Cycling race: 3rd Guillaume
  • 10K Zolder: 2nd Patrick
  • Cabot trail Relay (Canada): 3rd Allan-Andreas-Corey
  • Regional Champs Cycling (Road-female): 1st Chelsey
  • SWIKE Harelbeke: 3rd Pascal
  • Half Irondistance Troyes (France): 2nd Inge
  • Rev3 70.3 Quassy (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Thiméon 13K: 2e Sophie
  • Half Irondistance Terheijden (Netherlands): 3rd overall Adrian
  • Duathlon Baddeck (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Duathlon Baddeck (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • Duathlon Baddeck (Canada): 3rd Andreas
  • Ironman 70.3Luxemburg: 1st AG Inge
  • Ironman70.3 Luxemburg: 3rd AG Steven
  • Cyclingrace Zomergem: 2nd Guillaume
  • Mamer Duathlon (Luxembourg): 3rd Jan
  • Cyclingrace Zottegem: 2nd Guillaume
  • Time trial Zolder: 3rd Jef
  • Duathlon Sprint Gravelines (France): 1st Wim
  • Duathlon Long distance Gravelines (France): 1st Jan
  • Xterra France: 1st AG Inge
  • Rev3 Saint-Andrews 70.3 (Canada) : 3rd overall
  • Challenge Roth (Germany): 1st AG Hans
  • Triathlon Aarschot: Sprintdistance: 3rd Masters Els
  • Powerman Aarschot: 1st masters Bert
  • Triathlon Aylesford (Canada): 1st Allan
  • National Championships Mountainbike (Belgium): 3rd Wim
  • GP de la tirelette, Leuze-en-Hainaut (UCI Juniors): 2nd Robbe
  • Ironman Lake Placid (USA): 1st AG Sam
  • 15K Asbeek: 2nd Jan
  • Rad am Ring (Germany): 3rd Anthony
  • Triathlon Valiug (Roumania): 3rd Lucian
  • Duathlon La Gileppe: 3rd Wim – 1st masters
  • Half triathlon Medina de Rioseco (Spain): 1st AG David
  • 1/4 Triathlon Porthood (Can): 1st Corey
  • 1/4 Triathlon Porthood (Can): 2nd Andreas
  • Triathlon Leiderdorp (Nederland): 3rd Adrian
  • Triathlon Izegem: 3rd masters Els
  • Triathlon Deinze: 2nd Raphaël
  • Cycling Sijsele: 1st Guillaume
  • Time Trial Geel: 1st Hans
  • Duo TT Geel: 1st Hans
  • Team Time Trial Geel: 2nd Wim
  • 15K Haacht: 2nd Patrick
  • La Velomediane: 3rd Anthony
  • Duathlon Borne (Netherlands): 3rd Jan
  • Ironman Vichy (France): 2nd Overall Bert
  • Cycling Ursel: 2nd Guillaume
  • World Championships Duathlon LD Zofingen: 1st AG – 13th Pro included Hans
  • World Championships Duathlon LD Zofingen: 2nd AG Jan
  • World Championship Duathlon LD Zofingen: 2nd AG Wim
  • 10K Bertem: 1st Bart
  • Triathlon Huy: 3rd masters Robert
  • Ironman Wales: 4th AG Tony – Ironman Hawaï qualification
  • 7K Nieuwpoort: Sander
  • Leuze en Hainaut (Cyling – Juniors): 3rd Quinten
  • Half Marathon  Fiddlers Run (Canada): 1st Andreas
  • Cycling Ursel: 3rd Kristof
  • Half Irondistance Damme: 1st Inge
  • Ironman Chattanooga (USA) : 2nd AG – 15th overall Van McCarty
  • Bosbaan Triathlon (1/4) (Netherlands): 3rd Adrian
  • Flemish Championships Mountainbike: 2nd Wim M
  • National Championships Duathlon Belgium (Masters): 1st Wim DC
  • 20K Dilbeek: Arne 3rd
  • Regional Championships Cyclocross: 1st Chelsey
  • Trailrun Wild Hog Trail 21K (Canada): 1st  Corey
  • Regional championships cyclocross: 2nd Kevin
  • 7K Bellem-Aalter: 2nd Jan
  • Corrida Seraing: 1st
  • Cyclocross Heure-Romain: 3rd Klaas
  • Cyclocross Boortmeerbeek: 2nd Kevin
  • Duathlon Bas-Oha (Belgium): 3rd Hannah
  • Duathlon Bas-Oha (Belgium): 3rd Wim
  • LD duathlon Damme: 1st master
  • Duathlon Damme: 1st Inge
  • Duathlon Damme: 1st Hans
  • Cycling: Chiang Mai International circuit (Thailand): 3rd Phanupon – Men
  • Cycling: Chiang Mai International circuit (Thailand): 2nd Chanakan – Women
  • Cycling: Chiang Mai Internaional Circuit (Thailand): 3rd Aoy – Women
  • 10K Lier: 1st Tony
  • Beachrace Oostduinkerke: 3rd Masters Johan
  • Cycling Burrirum (113K-Thailand): 2nd Aoy – Women
  • Cycling Burrirum (1130K – Thailand): 1st Phontep – Men
  • King of the Beach: GC 2nd Masters Johan
  • Bredene 12K: 3rd Hans
  • Deinze 12K: 3rd Judith
  • Cyclocross Hofstade: 2nd Kevin
  • 10K Lier: 1st Jan
  • Hel van Kasterlee: 1st overall and 1st masters Inge
  • Hel van Kasterlee: 1st masters Wim
  • Trailrun Lummen: 3rd Bart
  • Run and Bike Brussels: 3rd AG Bregt
  • Run and bike Gravelines (France): 3rd Hans



  • 12K Watervliet: 1st Jan
  • Half Marathon Mississipi (USA): 1st Brooke
  • Run and Bike Otan: 3rd Sophie and Raphael
  • Redbull Tout Droit: 2nd Klaas VK
  • Foulées des Neiges: 1st Sophie
  • Cyclocross Nieuwenrode: 2nd Klaas VK
  • Kievitloop Bergen-Op-Zoom (Netherlands): 1st Tom
  • Toast Run Boezinge: 1st Gwen
  • Triathlon Avion (France): 1st Hans
  • Triathlon Avion (France): Masters 3rd Steven
  • Veldloop Veurne: 1st Gwen
  • Louis Persoons Memorial Genk – Half marathon: 3rd Jan (1h14′)
  • Half marathon Arganda Del Rey (Spain): 1st AG David
  • Regional Champs Crosscountry running / PK West-Vlaanderen: 2nd Gwen
  • 5K Sydney (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • 5K Sydney (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Trailrun Eeklo 20K:  2nd Inge
  • 8K Lichtaart: 2nd Tony
  • Half Marathon North River Bridge (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Half Marathon North River Bridge (Canada): 3rd Allan
  • Duathlon Herentals: 2nd Tony
  • Duathlon Hofstade: 1st Stefanie
  • Cross country Ardooie: 3rd Gwen
  • UCI 1.18 Vivegnies: 3rd Svenne
  • 20KM Saint-Martin: 2nd Pierre
  • 20KM Kortemark: 1st Gwen
  • 10miles Oostende-Brugge: 2nd Gwen
  • Offroadduatlon Nossegem: 1st Inge
  • National championships Crossduathlon: 1st Stefanie
  • Triathlon De Haan: 3rd Inge
  • Triathlon De Haan: 3rd Steven
  • Aquathlon Lille(France): 1st Sophie
  • Crosstriathlon Arras (France): 1st Hannah
  • Crosstriathlon Arras (France): 2nd Joeri
  • Sprintduatlon Geluwe: 2nd Masters Jan
  • UCI 1.18 Couvin: 3rd Svenne
  • 5K Cozumel (Mexico): 2nd Brooke
  • 1/4 Duathlon Ter Idzard (Netherlands): 1st Jan
  • 111 Triathlon Portocolom (Spain): 3rd Stefanie
  • Ironman South Africa: Qualification Ironman World Champs Hawaii – Pierre
  • UCI1.18 Diepenbeek: 3rd Svenne
  • Offroadtriathlon Spa: 3rd Joeri
  • Offroadtriathlon Spa: 3rd Masters Steven
  • Duathlon Kalkar(Germany): 3rd Adrian
  • Triathlon Mouscron: 2nd Raphael
  • Triathlon Mouscron: 2nd (women) Sophie
  • Raid Ardres: 3rd Seb
  • Long distance Duathlon Douai (Fr): 3rd Hans
  • Damme-Brugge-Damme: 2nd Gwen
  • Half Ironman Lima (Peru): 2nd Laurence
  • Trailrun Ellezelles: 1st Inge
  • Knokke 10K: 2nd Gwen
  • Frankfurt (Germany – road cycling): 2nd Anthony
  • Be emmazing 10K (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Be Emmazing 10K (Canada): 2nd Andreas
  • Be Emmazing 10K (Canada): 3rd Allan
  • Timetrial Herckenbosch (Netherlands): 1st Svenne
  • Grand Prix D3 Qualif: 1st Sophie
  • 1/4 Triathlon Breukelen (Holland): 3rd Robert
  • Xterra Greece (Greece): 2nd AG 25-29 Joeri   – Qualification World Championships Maui, Hawaii
  • Dwars door Brugge: 1st Gwen
  • Individual Time Trial Ransdaal (Holland): 1st Svenne
  • Bilzen 111: 2nd Stefanie
  • Triathlon Genk: 3rd Wim (Masters)
  • Grace Hollogne (UCI1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Duathlon Hoogerheide (Holland): 2nd Jan
  • Duathlon Hoogerheide (Holland): 3rd  Arne
  • Stadsloop Gent: 2nd Gwen
  • Moyen (Luxembourg) UCI 1.18: 3rd Svenne
  • Individual Time Trial Zundert (Holland): 3rd Hans
  • Duathlon Rijkevorsel: 3rd Jan
  • Ben Buffet Memorial (Can) Allan 3rd
  • Ben Buffet Memorial (Canada): Corey  2nd
  • Half Irondistance Troyes (France): 2nd Inge
  • UCI 1.18 Longchamps: 3rd Svenne
  • German Cycling Cup Schleiz (Germany): 3rd Anthony
  • Provinciaal kampioenschap Half Marathon: 2nd Gwen
  • Triathlon Halluin (France): 2nd Sophie
  • Triathlon Dreikirchen (Germany): 1st Tom
  • Half Irondistance Bonn (Germany): 1st AG Tony
  • nacht van Vlaanderen 10K: 3rd Gwen
  • UCI 1.18 Gottignies: 2nd Svenne
  • Crossduathlon Wanze: 1st Masters Jan
  • Triathlon Wanze: 1st Tom
  • 13K Herentals: 2nd Tony
  • 1/4 triathlon Oud-Gastel (Holland): 1st Tony
  • 10Miles Waasmunster: 1st Gwen
  • Chtriman Gravelines  Irondistance (France): 1st Hans
  • Ironman Austria: 1st AG and 15th overall Sam – Qualification Ironman World Championships Hawaii
  • Ingonish Triathlon 1/4 distance (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Ingonish Triathlon 1/4 distance (Canada): 2nd Andreas
  • Ingonish Triathlon 1/8 distance (Canada): 1st Mc Kenzie
  • Chtriman Half irondistance (France): 1st Inge
  • Triathlon Geraardsbergen: 1st Masters Inge
  • Cycling Kasterlee: 1st Maarten
  • Challenge Saint-Andrews (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Watewyloop Tielt 10K: 2nd Gwen
  • Cycling Wortel: 3rd Maarten
  • Triathlon Summerside (Canada): 1st Allan
  • Memorial Igor Decraene: 2nd Jan
  • UCI 1.18: 2nd Svenne
  • Oceanlava Half Irondistance Aranjuéz (spain): 3rd David
  • UCI 1.18 Escanaffles: 3rd Svenne
  • Jan Goddaer: 8K Grembergen: 1st Masters
  • Aylesford Triathlon (Canada): 1st Andreas
  • Melmerbi Triathlon (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Challenge Saint Andrews (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • CHallenge Saint Andrews (Canada) 1st AG Heather
  • 15K Asse: 1st Jan
  • Nisraman:  2nd Inge (1st Masters)
  • Nisraman light: 2nd Masters Jan
  • Boussu-Bois (UCI 1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Lakeside Paradise Triathlon: 2nd Hans
  • Beachrun Westende: 2nd Gwen
  • Individual Time Trial Oostende: 3rd masters Jan
  • Half Irondistance Bridgetown (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Half Irondistance Bridgetown (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • Olympic Distance Bridgetown(Canada): 1st Heather
  • Lommel UCI 1.18 3rd Svenne
  • La Roche UCI 1.18: Svenne 2nd
  • Grace-Hollogne UCI 1.18: Svenne 2nd
  • Individual Time Trial Zolder: Svenne 1st
  • Duathlon La Gileppe: 1st Tom Vandenbussche
  • Triathlon La Gileppe: 3rd Masters Jan
  • Triathlon Leiderdorp (Holland): 1st Adrian
  • Triathlon Port Hood (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Triathlon Port Hood(Canada): 2nd Allan
  • DuathlonHalle: 3rd Masters Wim
  • UCI1.18 Gouvy (Luxembourg): 2nd Svenne
  • UCI 1.18 Lac de Cherapont: 2nd Svenne
  • Half Irondistance Castilla y Leon (Spain): 3rd David
  • Trail des 2Ours, Nandrin: 2nd Pierre
  • Time Trial Geel: 1st Tom
  • Time Trial Geel: 3rd Svenne
  • Time Trial Torhout: 1st Tom
  • Team Time Trial Torhout: 2nd Tom
  • Offroadtriathlon Watrissart (Fr):  2nd Jann
  • Maine 70.3 (USA): 3rd Corey
  • IronmanVichy (France):  Teamrelay Hannah 1st
  • Duathlon Zele: 1st masters Wim
  • 10k Nevele: 1st Wim
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer (France): 1st Masters Cai
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer (France): 2nd Masters Sam
  • UCI 1.18.2 Ville Pommeroeuil 1st Svenne
  • Half irondistance ‘The Beast'(UK): 1st Tom
  • World Champs duathlon Zofingen (switzerland):1st AG Jan – 14th! Overall!
  • Xterra Denmark: 2nd AG 25-29 Joeri (slot WC Xterra)
  • UCI 1.18 Blanmont: 1st Svenne
  • Swimrun Brugge: 1st Jeroen
  • Memorial Tom Compernolle: 3rd Gwen
  • Short distance duathlon Zofingen (Switzerland): 2nd masters Jan G
  • Individual Time Trial: 1st Tom
  • Xterra Woolastook (Canada): 3rd overall Andreas
  • 1/4 triathlon Halifax (Canada): 1st Heather
  • Fiddlers run 10K (Canada): Corey
  • Long distance duathlon Damme:  2nd Jan
  • Long distance duatlon Damme: 1st Masters Wim
  • UCI 1.18 Ligny: 2nd Svenne
  • Offroadtriathlon Wuppertal (Germany): 1st AG Joeri
  • Beernem 10K: 3rd Gwen
  • Monstertijdrit Almere (Holland): 3rd Svenne
  • Championnat regional du Nord-Pas de calais (France): 1st Sophie
  • Kuurne Half marathon (Classic!!): 1st Gwen
  • Riverport Duathlon (Canada): 2nd Allan
  • Ironman World Championships Hawaii (USA): 3rd AG Sam
  • Olympic distance triathlon Antalya (Turkey): 2nd Adrian
  • Ironman 70.3 Turkey: 6th Adrian (1st AG)
  • European Championships Swimrun: 4th (Raph/Sophie)
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): Stage 3 : 3rd Bjorn
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): Stage 5: 2nd Bjorn
  • Crocodile Trophy (Australia): Stage6: 1st Bjorn
  • Half Marathon Hamilton (Canada): 3rd AG Allan
  • Half Marathon Kasterlee (Belgium): 2nd masters Steve
  • Ironman70.3 Mexico: 2nd AG Carlos
  • Duathlon Lichtaart: 1st Inge
  • Veldloop Deinze: 1st Gwendolyn
  • Offroadduathlon Maastricht (Netherlands): 1st Tony
  • Offroadduathlon Damme: 1st Masters Wim
  • 5K Lier: 3rd Jan
  • Trailrun Lummen (35Km): 3rd Steve
  • 10K Bredene: Gwen 1st
  • Trailrun Marchin: 2nd Pierre
  • Duathlon Groesbeek (Netherlands): 3rd Svenne
  • Hel van Kasterlee: 1st Masters – 9th overall Wim
  • Hel van Kasterlee: 1st masters – 2nd overall Inge
  • Regional Championships Cyclocross (youth): 1st Chelsey
  • Regional Championships Cyclocross (Amateur): 3rd Klaas
  • Corrida Tielt: 2nd Gwen



  • 1/2 marathon Watervliet: 3e
  • 12km Watervliet: 1e
  • 6km Watervliet: 1e
  • Trailrun Hamoir (32km): 2e
  • Offroad duatlon Hofstade: 2e U23
  • Duatlon Geluwe: 3e
  • MTB duatlon Duinbergen: 2e U23
  • MTB duatlon Duinbergen: 2e
  • Long Distance Duatlon Saint-Pierre-les-Fleures (Fr) : 3e
  • Offroad triatlon Valkenburg (NL): 1eU23
  • MTB duatlon Ciney: 3e
  • Europees kampioenschap ITU/Powerman duatlon Horst-aan-de-Maas (NL): 9e
  • LD duatlon Douai (Fr): 7e
  • Combiné triatlon/duatlon Gémenos: 3e
  • 5km Gent: 1e
  • Powerman Germany: 5e
  • Powerman Germany: 15e
  • Wielrennen: Tijdrit Asse-Mollem: 1e
  • 4Km Wambeek: 1e
  • Duatlon Tielt: 2e
  • Individuele tijdrit Oostkamp: 1e
  • Koppeltijdrit Oostkamp: 1e
  • 5km Lovendegem: 2e
  • 3000m Haaltert: 3e
  • Tijdrit ronde Gaumaise uci 2.18: 2e
  • Puntentrui ronde Gaumaise uci 2.18: 1 dag
  • Eindklassement ronde Gaumaise uci 2.18:8e
  • BK offroad triatlon militairen: 3e
  • Duatlon Dreikirchen, Duitsland: 1e
  • Dorpelingenkoers Zomergem: 1e
  • Duatlon Mamer (lux): 6e
  • Duatlon Kortrijk: 3e
  • Koers Knesselare: 1e
  • 3km Aalter-Brug: 1e
  • BK wielrennen ACH: 11e
  • EK Offroadtriatlon: 10e U23
  • Duatlon Loenhout: 3e
  • Tour d’Alsace (profkoers 2.2): 17e
  • Tour d’Alsace (2.2) (rit 6 aankomst op Grand Ballon): 7e
  • Tour d’Alsace (2.2 – Bergklassement): 2e
  • Cityduatlon Geel: 3e
  • BK Duatlon LD: 13e
  • BK Duatlon LD: 5e
  • Triatlon Berlare: 2e trio’s
  • Mi-Août en Bretagne (2.2 profkoers, 2e rit): 8e
  • Mi-Août en Bretagne (2.2profkoers, 3e rit): 6e
  • Offroadtriatlon La Gileppe: 2e U23 )
  • Mi-Août en Bretagne (2.2 profkoers, eindklassement): 10e
  • Dorpelingenkoers Bellem: 1e
  • Triatlon Kamperland: 1e
  • Powerman Austria:14e
  • Duatlon Borne (NL) : 4e
  • Tijdrit Opwijk: 1e
  • PK Duatlon West-Vlaanderen: 3e Seniors
  • 10km Wingene: 1e
  • Duatlon Borne (NL): 4e
  • Tour du Doups (Fr) UCI profkoers 1.1: 25e
  • WK ITU long distance/powerman duatlon Zofingen (Zwi): 8e
  • WK ITU long distance/powerman duatlon Zofingen (Zwi): 15e en 1e (wereldkampioen) bij de amateurs
  • WK ITU long distance/powerman duatlon Zofingen ( Zwi): 2e amateurs
  • Tijdrit Wingene: 2e
  • Triatlon Chièvres: 2e
  • 12km Kastel: 1e
  • Eindstand internationale Powermanranking:  7e
  • Wielerwedstrijd Ursel: 2e
  • Duatlon MTB Spa: 2e
  • Sleidinge 12km: 2e
  • Triatlon Maldegem beloften: 1e
  • Tijdrit Lichtervelde: 1e
  • BK Offroadtriatlon: 3e
  • Ploegentijdrit Oostkerke: 1e
  • Offroad Duatlon Maastricht beloften: 1e
  • Duo Normand (uci1.1, FR): 20e
  • BK 1/2 marathon: 4e
  • PK Duatlon Oost-Vlaanderen: 3e
  • Offroadtriatlon Wachtebeke: 1e U23
  • Veldloop Zele: 3e
  • Kerstloop Brugge: 2e
  • Individual Time Trial Almere (Netherlands): 3rd Hans (1st AG)
  • 10Miles Aalter: 1st Gwen
  • 10K Kortrijk: 1st Gwen
  • Grace-Hollogne(UCI1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Duathlon Elsegem: 2nd Claude (masters)
  • Half Irondistance Bonn (Germany) 1st AG Tony
  • Triathlon Dreikirchen (Germany): 1st Tom
  • Triathlon Halluin (France): 2nd Sophie
  • Time Trial Arcen (Holland): 1st Svenne
  • Nacht van Vlaanderen 10K: 3rd Gwen



  • Offroad Duatlon Jurbise (Mons): 2e (Tom)0ffroad Duatlon Hofstade: 1e U23 (Joeri)Offroad Duatlon kort Ath: 1e (Joeri)

    Offroad Duatlon Lang Ath: 1e (Tom)

    Duathlon Ter Idzard, Nederland: 3e (Jan)

    Zwemwedstrijd Dendermonde: 400m: 2e (Sören)

    Duatlon Geluwe sprint: 3e (Tom)

    Duatlon Geluwe: Sprint: 2e Masters (Pascal)

    Duatlon Eschweiler (Ger): 1e (Jochen)

    Duatlon Eschweiler (Ger): 3e (Jan)

    Iduatlon Knokke: 1e U23 (Joeri)

    Duatlon LD DOuai(Fr): 4e (Tom)

    Duatlon LD Douai (Fr): 10e (Jan)

    Duathlon LD Douai(Fr): 2e Masters (Stijn)

    1/2 Triathlon Salou (Esp): 18e (Dieter)

    Kruznoman (Tsjechië): 3e (Tom)

    Sprinttriatlon Zeebrugge: 2e (Dieter)

    Duathlon MTB Lotenhulle : 3e (Evy)

    Triathlon Genk: 3e (Sôren)

    Triathlon Dendermonde: 3e (Jocelyne)

    Aflossingsduatlon Zeebrugge: 1e (Jocelyne/Evy)

    Halve Triatlon Terheijden (NL): 1e (Dieter)

    1/4 Triathlon Brugge: 1e H-35 (Dieter)

    Duatlon DreikKirchen (Duitsland): 1e (Tom)

    Duatlon Kortrijk: 3e H40 (PAscal)

    Celtman Schotland: 2eH50 (Peter)

    Xterra France: 2e H20 (Joeri)

    WK offroadtriatlon: 9e (Joeri)

    Aronaman (Italië): 16e , 2e H30 (Jan)

    Belgisch Kampioenschap Duatlon Lange Afstand: 4e, 3e Elite (Tom)

    Offroad Triathlon La Gileppe: 1e U23 (Joeri)

    Powerman Austria – Weyer: 2e Agegroup (Tom)

    Triotriatlon GP Jim: 1e (Tom)

    WK duatlon Zofingen: 2e amateurs (Jan)

    WK duatlon Zofingen: 3e amateurs (CIndy)

    Duatlon Halle: 3e Masters (Pascal)

    LD duatlon Damme: 1e (Tom)

    Offroadtriatlon Rotem: 1e (Joeri)

    PK sprintduatlon: 2e (Pascal)

    Offroadtriatlon Valkenburg: 1e(Dieter)

    Offroadtriatlon Valkenburg (3e Joeri)

    Offroadtriatlon Valkenburg: 1e U23 (Joeri)

    Offroadduatlon Wachtebeke: 3e U23(Joeri)

    Triatlon Tenerife (1/2 triatlon): 10e (Dieter)

    Duoduatlon Kleit: 1e (Jocelyne)



  • Bottelare (Junioren): 2e (Thibault)
  • Bellem-Aalter : 1e (Kevin)Tijdrit Almere 48K (NL): 1e Elite (Hans)PK Tijdrijden Junioren Ursel: 3e (Thibault)

    Lotenhulle : 1e Jasper

    Lotenhulle : 2e Gregory

    Lotenhulle: 1e Kevin

    Waarschoot (Nieuwelingen): 3e (Bjarne)

    Sint-Joris-Beernem (Nieuwelingen): 1e (Bjarne)

    La Vélostar (FRA): 1e (Anthony)

    Wielerwedstrijd Ruiselede: 1e (Kevin)

    Tijdrit Zelzate: 3e (jasper)

    Wielerwedstrijd Doomkerke: 1e (Kristof)

    Wielerwedstrijd Maria-Aalter: 1e (Kevin)

    Wielerwedstrijd Breendonk: 3e (Robin)

    Ploegentijdrit Vlamertinge: 3e (Alexander)

    Tijdrit Dudzele: 1e (Tom)

    Tijdrit Dudzele: 2e (Hans)

    Wielerwedstrijd Diest (Nieuwelingen): Bjarne

    Wielerwedstrijd Oudenaarde (LWU): 1e (Kevin)

    Wielerwedstrijd Roeselare (LWU): 3e (kristof)

    Cyclosportieve Étalles: 1e (Anthony)

  • Duatlon Jurbise: 1e (Tom)
  • Duatlon Ath: 3e Masters (Pascal)Duatlon Ath: 3e (Joeri)Goodwood Duatlon Portsmouth(GBR): 1e (Tom)

    Goodwood Duatlon Portsmouth (GBR): 2e Masters (Pascal)

    Duathlon Geluwe: 1e Masters (Claude)

    Aquathlon Maldegem: 2e (Jocelyne)

    Aquathlon Maldegem: 1e (Dieter)

    Powerman Duatlon Italy: 2e (H30) Jan

    Duatlon Frasnes Lez Anvaing: 3e (H40) Pascal

    Aquathlon Brugge: 2e (Eline)

    BK duatlon: 2e masters (Claude)

    Triathlon LD: 3e (Hans)

    Duatlon Ruddervoorde: 2e Masters (Claude)

    Triathlon Dendermonde: 3e (Jocelyne)

  • 12K Watervliet: 2e (Jan)10K Leiden (NL): 3e (Mattijn)8,5K Westdorpe (NL): 3e (Anton)

    8K Achro: 1e Masters (Claude)

    7K Terneuzen: 2e (Tom)

    6K Watervliet: 1e (Jocelyne)

    Memorial Louis Persoons 1/2 marathon: 2e (Jan)

    BK Veldlopen Militairen: 2e (Claude)

    10K Kain: 2e masters ( Claude)

    10K Sluis (NL): 2e Gwendolyn

    Dwars Door Dendermonde 2e Gwendolyn

    12K Opstal: 3e (Jorn)

    10K Knokke: 3e (Gwendolyn)

    4K Aalter: 3e (Jocelyne)

    Dwars Door Brugge: 2e (Gwendolyn)

    Trailrun Spa(30K): 3e (Steve)

    Stadsloop Gent: 3e (Gwendolyn)

  • Tijdrit Oostkamp: 1e (Tom)
  • Tijdrit Oostkamp 2e (Hans)
  • Tijdrit Oostkamp: 2e (masters) (Pascal)
  • Koppeltijdrit Oostkamp: 1e (Tom-Hans)
  • Triathlon Damme-Oostkerke: 3e (Dieter)
  • BK Triathlon Politie: 1e (Raphael)
  • Triathlon 1/4 Gravelines(fr): 3e (Jocelyne)
  • Elite Zc Grimbergen: 1e (Kevin)
  • 5K Gavere: 2e (Pascal)
  • Wielrennen nIeuwelingen Zomergem: 2e Bjarne
  • Loopwedstrijd Kortrijk: 10 K :1e Gwendolyn
  • 11K Relegem: 1e Jan
  • OVWF Waardamme: 1e Kristof
  • Duatlon Dreikirchen (Ger): 1e Tom
  • Wielrennen nieuwelingen Kuurne: 1e Bjarne
  • Tijdrit Oostende: 1e HANS
  • Tijdrit Oostende: 3e Tom
  • 10mijl Waasmunster: 1e Gwen
  • Midzomernachtrun Kortrijk: 1e Claude
  • Triathlon Halluin: 3e (Raphael)
  • BK Wielrennen LWU: 1e (Kristof)
  • Tijdrit koppel Damme : 3e tom en hans
  • Triathlon Sprint Gravelines: 3e Jocelyne
  • Triathlon Sprint Gravelines (Fr): 2e Dieter
  • 6km Aalter brug: dieter: 3e
  • 3km Aalter Brug: Jocelyne: 1e
  • Kristof Carette: LWU: 1e
  • Thibault Devoldere: Destelbergen (junioren): 1e
  • Elite ZC Keerbergen: Robin 3e
  • 4KM Kasterlee: 1e AN
  • Triathlon Kappelle op den bos: 3e DIeter
  • Triathlon Kappelle op den bos: 3e Jocelyne
  • Schaal Indekeu: Svenne: 3e amateur A
  • Westerlo: Junioren: 2e ThibaulT
  • Nisraman Kort: Joeri 1e
  • Aronaman Italy: 3e Jan
  • Ploegentijdrit Reningelst: 1e Kristof
  • 10K Lokeren: 1e Gwendolyn
  • Junioren heis-op-den berg: 2e Thibault
  • Duatlon Geel JEugdB: Daan
  • Duatlon La Gileppe: 2e master Pascal
  • Duatlon La Gileppe: 3e Tom
  • EliteZc Meerbeke: 2e Robin
  • Groede 8KM: 1e Jocelyne
  • Nationale tijdrit NEerpelt: 3e Thibault
  • Kiwanis Tijdrit Neerpelt: 1e Tom
  • Kiwanis Tijdrit Neerpelt: 3e Svenne
  • Tijdrit Geel: 1e Hans
  • Tijdrit Geel: 2e Tom
  • Ploegentijdrit Geel: 1e Svenne
  • Ploegentijdrit Geel: 2e: Tom
  • Ploegentijdrit Geel: 2e Tom
  • 10K wingene: 1e Gwen
  • Triathlon Lovere: 3e Agegroup: Jan
  • Tijdrit Torhout: 1eTom
  • Tijdrit Torhout: 2e Hans
  • Ploegentijdrit Torhout 1e Hans
  • Ploegentijdrit Torhout: 1e Tom
  • Ploegentijdrit Torhout 1e Pascal
  • Druivenkoers Overijse: 1e Bjarne nieuwelingen
  • Baardegem junioren: 3e Thibault
  • Koksijde 10K: 2e Claude Masters
  • Triathlon Viersel: 3e Dieter
  • Half Belman: 2e Hans
  • 8H Zolder: 1e Jasper
  • 8H Zolder: 2e Kevin en Greg
  • Melsele(Junioren): 1e Thibault
  • Ville Pommereoul (ACH): 1e Kristof
  • La Charly Gaulle: 3e Anthony
  • WK zofingen: 1e Agegroup Jan -17th overall
  • Duatlon waardamme Daan 3e – jeugd B
  • Parochianenkoers Oostkamp: Jasper 3e
  • Duatlon Waardamme: 2e masters Claude
  • Tijdrit Panheel: 2e Svenne
  • Nieuwelingen Knokke: 3e Bjarne
  • Triathlon  Oedelem: 1e Dieter
  • Gentlemen koers Knokke: 1e Anthony
  • Saint Saulve(Fr) Triathlon: 1e Dieter
  • Koppeltijdrit Moorsele: 1e Hans en Tom
  • 12u Zolder: Greg/Jasper/Kevin 2e
  • Berenloop Beernem: 2e Gwendolyn
  • ½ Marathon Kuurne: 1e Gwendolyn
  • Dwars door Hasselt: 3e Gwen
  • Duatlon Canterbury (GBR): 2e Tom
  • Veldloop Waregem: 1e (Gwen)
  • Veldloop aalter: 2e (gwen)
  • Jan: 7K Bellem (1e)
  • Winterduatlon Malonne: Hannah 3e
  • Kerstloop Waregem 2e Gwen
  • Runbike Sirault: 1e Jan G
  • 10K Lier: 2e Jan
  • Offroadduatlon Kleit: 3e Hannah



  • Offroadtriatlon Avion (Fr):1e Hannah
  • Regional Champs Cross Country/ Veldlopen West-Vlaanderen: 3e Gwendolyn
  • National Champs run en bike: 2e Jan Goddaer
  • Halve  Marathon Louis Persoons Memorial Genk: Jan 3e
  • Cyclocross Herne: Xtof :3e masters B
  • Offroad duathlon Jurbise:  1e Hans
  • Gwendolyn 3e Ardooie
  • National Champs Crossduatlon: Jan Goddaer 3e
  • Duathlon Ath : 1e Hans
  • Elite ZC/U23: Merelbeke: 3e Robin
  • Amateurs Montreuil sur hain (UCI 1.18) : 3e Svenne
  • Ironman South Africa 1e AG Sam / 21e overall
  • European Championships Long Distance Duathlon: 1e AG Hans
  • Triathlon Mouscron: 3e Raphael
  • LD Duatlon Douai: Jan Meysmans 3e
  • 10 miles Antwerpen: Gwendolyn Dedeyne 2e
  • Offroadtriathlon Spa: 3e Joeri
  • Duatlon Roeux(Fr): Pascal 1e masters
  • Triathlon Roeux Fr sprint: Hannah 3e
  • Triathlon Roeux Fr Sprint: Raph 2e
  • Triathlon Roeux (Fr ) Half Irondistance: Hans 1e
  • IM70.3Mallorca 3e H18-24 Arne
  • TTHerckenbosch (NL): Svenne 1e
  • Triathlon Oostkerke: Jocelyne 1e
  • TTTijdrit Wulpen: Jan G 1e
  • Irondistance Ironmedoc(Fr): 1e Brooke
  • Half  Irondistance Triathlon Deauville (Fr):1e Brooke Brown
  • Rund um koln (Ger): Anthony 3e
  • TTPanheel(NL): 1e Svenne
  • Triathlon Les vieilles Forges  (Fr) Joeri 1e
  • Triathlon Dreikirchen (Deu) Tom 1e
  • 10miles waasmunster: 1e gwendolyn
  • Triathlon Dunkerque(Fr): 2e Raph
  • Ironman Frankfurt European Champs (Ger): Hans selected for Ironman Hawai
  • Irondistance Vitoria-Gasteiz(Esp): 1st Brooke
  • UCI1.18 Houdemont: 2e Svenne
  • National Championships Cycling (ICF): 1st Kristof
  • Team Time Trial Achtmaal (NL): 1st Svenne, Hans, Tom
  • Regional Championships Escanaffles (UCI1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Boussu-Bois (UCI 1.18): 3th Svenne
  • Tremelo-Baal (Juniors): 2nd Bjarne
  • Nisraman Light: 2nd Joeri
  • 10K Lokeren: 1st Gwendolyn
  • Laneuville (UCI1.18): 2e Svenne
  • Triathlon Meise: 2nd Arne
  • Montreuil sur Haine (UCI1.18): 2nd Svenne
  • Triathlon Izegem: 3rd Wim masters
  • Ironman Mount Tremblant (Canada): 8th overall/1st AG overall Sam
  • Night Trail: 2nd Tim
  • Timetrial Geel: 1st Tom
  • Timetrial Geel: 3rd Hans
  • Team Time Trial Geel: 3rd Hans – Svenne -Tom
  • Team Time Trial Torhout : 1st Hans – Svenne – Tom
  • Timetrial Torhout: 1st Hans
  • Timetrial Torhout : 2nd Tom
  • Timetrial Koningsbosch (NL): 1st Svenne
  • Half Irondistance Belman: 2nd Jorn
  • Half Irondistanc Belman: 2nd Hannah
  • UCI 1.18 Waremme: 3rd Svenne
  • UCI 1.18 José Battice: 1st Svenne
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer: 1st AG Hans
  • Triathlon XL Gerardmer: 1st AG Sam
  • Duathlon Gooik: 1st master Claude
  • Time Trial Panheel: 1st Svenne
  • 10K Wanzele: 2nd Elisabeth
  • Half Irondistance Saint-Briac (France):1st Stefanie
  • Amateurs Borgloon 1.18: 2nd Svenne
  • Marathon Maritime race Weekend (Canada): 1st Corey
  • Knokke (wielrennen): 2e Knokke
  • Botterlare (Juniors): 3th Bjarne
  • World Championships Time Triathlon (Journalists): Tom
  • Olympic Distance Darthmouth (Canada): 3rd Jeff
  • Snowman Triathlon (Wales): 3rd Tom
  • Sandman Triathlon: 2nd Jurgen
  • Half Marathon Kuurne: 2nd Gwen
  • Duathlon Zegerscappelle: 1st masters Jan
  • Duathlon Riverport (Canada): 3rd Corey
  • Triathlon CLM par équipe: 1st Sophie
  • Half  Irondistance Empuriabrava (Esp): Stefanie
  • Dwars door Hasselt: 1st Stefanie
  • Ironman Hawaii 2015: 4 slot-athletes -> 2 went
  • 5K Keerbergen: 2nd Jan
  • Duathlon Canterbury(GBR): 1st Tom
  • Half Triathlon Bandol (France): 1st Stefanie
  • Half Marathon Cape Breton (Canada): 2nd Corey
  • Ocean Lava Lanzarote (Spain): 1st Brooke
  • Duatlon Weert (NL): 2e Tony
  • Ironman70.3 Turkey: 2nd Raph (25-29)
  • Challenge Ixtapa(Mexico): 3rd Brooke
  • Veldloop Aalter: 3rd Gwen
  • 8K Aalter: 2nd Jan
  • 10K Bergen-op-zoom(NL): 1st Adrian
  • 15K Bergen-op-Zoom (NL): 1st Robert
  • Veldloop Berlare: 3rd Gwen
  • 10K Lier:  2nd Stefanie
  • 10Miles Bilzen: 3rd  Jan
  • 5K Nova Scotia, Canada: 2nd Corey
  • 5K Nova Scotia, Canada:3rd Allan
  • Trailrun Marchin: 1st Pierre
  • Santa Hat Hustle, Canada: 1st Brooke
  • 10K Lier, 1st Jan
  • 15K Bergen-op -Zoom: Adrian 1st
  • Run and Bike Gravelines (France): 2nd Séb
  • Corrida Tielt: 3rd Gwen
  • 10K Wielsbeke: 2nd Claude
  • Our athletes join groupsessions in wintertime, a way to motivate wintertraining!

    Our athletes join groupsessions in wintertime, a way to motivate wintertraining!

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