Javier winning 70.3 Leyenda del Magdalena, Colombia!

Winner winner, chicken dinner in 70.3 Leyenda del Magdalena, Colombia!

Javier crosses the finishline first overall for the first time and takes the win home! Splendid performance!

After 2years of qualifying and racing in Kona, the eyes are on 70.3 this season and with success!!

More 70.3 racing in Venice, Italy for Yves. Yves chased the sub 5h for a while and today he crushes it with a very strong 1h27′ off bike half marathon in the end!

In 70.3 Marbella, Spain it’s Hans DK who conquers the hills and D+, a tough course and a tough prep with muscle rupture in the last phase before the race. Fortunately immediate (running)rest and a strong shape makes him finish the race without any problems!

In Belgium, the rain continuous…. and so triathlon switched into duathlon.

In Veurne our athletes finish very strong with Wim DK winning his AG (50) and Dimi taking 3rd in his AG (35), both after a very strong run off the bike. Knut from his side was not keen on the duathlon, being a strong swimmer, but as he confirmed in his latest test and 70.3 in Lanzarote his running skills improved a lot and fear was no option. 4th in his AG and a strong run off the bike in the pocket! Alexander takes 5th, Frederick 6th! Sam VS payed some learning money and after a (too) strong start he finally felt back to 11th AG position. But mistakes are good to learn from!

In Denderleeuw, a non-drafting duathlon, was held in rainy conditions. Robby took a very well paced first run and got in T1 36th, which resulted in a strong bike effort and 2nd run…to finally finish 16th with a strong feeling!

In cycling Ronald shows himself once again in front of the race and takes 6th in Familleureux!

In La espace cycles GF Svenne and Wim VL were on fire, in the same Master category Svenne finishes 4th, while Wim VL follows closely on 11th position! For Svenne this period has a lot of performance in his results, next week GF Les Vosges (France) where he will meet up with another tough course!

We started with an overall 70.3 victory of Javier (our 18th half iron won by one of our athletes), but we finish this weekendreport with a national title!

Aquabike is new ‘upcoming’ trend in multi sports. Athletes swim – bike and finish the race on the bike. Biking can be done all out on the TT bike, a different approach than a triathlon effort!

Ambitions for our athletes with Wim T finishing 8th in his AG and Kris (finally back into racing) finishing 5th! Next step for Kris Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz!

But it’s our female competitor Debbie who finally takes the nationale title in master category and bronze overall! After her AG World title in Zofingen, Switzerland she proves that swimming is not impossible! Well done!

A great weekend of racing with splendid performances of our triathletes and riders, it’s clear that passed (wet) winter of suffering now pays off!

Upcoming weekend again a lot of racing planned with triathlon racing, cycling races and nationals champs mountain running!

Train smart, perform better!




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