Svenne taking the win in Lerinnes (Belgium) – Joséphine slamming down the hammer gently for the first time in Salon-de-Provence (France) – Jan pushing his body towards a 2h36′ marathon in good old ‘Pispot’ weather!

Our athletes didn’t miss the start of the season so far!
With multiple Ironman and Ironman70.3 world championships in the first IM Labelled races we can already look forward to summer and autumn 2023. But of course that doesn’t mean our athletes just lay down and relax on raceways untill then.
Very bad weather in Belgium and we tried to put in mind that this bad weather is always beneficial for the riders and athletes who are keen on performance. Making the races hard is and man-to-man what was going to happen!

Our triathletes/runners were racing in Ghent (Belgium), Venlo (Netherlands) and Madrid (Spain), in Spain it was Mick opening the raceday and running towards a half marathon PB in 1h21′! In Ghent several of our triathletes appeared at the starting line of the half marathon, with as a consequence that several of our athletes ran towards their PB in difficult circumstances such as Ruben diving sub 1h20 for the first time ever. A good start to enter spring and the start of triseason for these athletes in 4to6weeks. In Venlo our 50+ master Yves did another strong half marathon and finishes in 1h24′.

We also had 2 athletes racing the full marathon, and how! Sam VS (former national shorttrackchampion) is trying to turn into an endurance athlete in triathlon and outperformed already after his first winter. Running a 3h00′ marathon is a strong step to take.
And then Jan ‘Gianni’ M who, after taking a lot of 70.3 top 10’s, 7medals on the AG Duathlon world championships,…would run his first marathon (without cycling before or after :-)). Ambitions were to perform as good as possible and so he did! Before the cold rain was one of his worst nightmares…but he conquered. Running a steady 2h36′ marathon and finishing 6th overall!

The only right approach to pace long distance races is keeping track of HR, it’s your only measurement that tells you how deep to dig, as we can see it allows also to dig deep at the moment prizes are earned in the final of the race.

Running of course is all doable in every condition, our cyclists probably suffered the most in this terrible weather.
But the best thing to keep yourself warm is to get intensity high. So they did, Ronald had a 2nd good day this weekend and was able to take 5th place today! But surprise of the day came from our man with a plan Svenne, who promised to put a #TSPB tattoo after a victory this season (or am I kidding?). The plan seemed to be simple, break away in lap 1 and never look behind! He got the chance to do this and finally takes the win solo from start until finish!

Svenne taking his first win of the season in Lerinnes, extreme condition and extreme performance! Great job!

But with only one win a week isn’t complete for our squad, so a bit more South in Salon-de-Provence (France) it was time to fly for Joséphine for the first time in 2023. In this tough sprintduathlon with the climb of Val de Cuech immediately after the first run she was able to lead the race from start to finish and take her first victory of the season! Next up: Grand Prix Parthenay (Fr) and 70.3 Aix-en-Provence.

Joséphine winning the race after leading from start to finish!

Onwards to next weeks where we will shift from training to more back to back racing!

Train smart, perform better!


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