La Machine for the win in 70.3 distance Choisy-au-Bac (France) – Ronald 3rd in Ghlin (Belgium) and more racing in France and Belgium

Big racing weekend again, and how! In Choisy-au-Bac 3of our long distance athletes registered for this 70.3 distance: Hans, Knut and Steven. All 3 with a good eye on performance! Hans proved that the body was strong and fast in Germany a month ago, Knut raced excellent in Lanzarote and for Steven it was the first serious race of the year.

All 3 athletes showed their strong shape they are in and in first place Hans out cycled the rest of the field finished by strong running performance (2nd run time), this is the way he won Ironman Vichy in in 2022. Knut amazed today and takes an overall top 10, finishing 8th and puts down a strong effort despite suffering in the first heat! Also Steven headed to a top result and was on his way to take 6th overall, but got a penalty on the bike and had to wait 5′ to go on the run course. Finally he fights himself back to 11th position and AG winner!Without this penalty 6th was a sure spot!

Hans cycled the 90K bike effort at 41,6km/h – normalizing 320NP, the base for his victory today in Choisy!

More triathlon in Seneffe (Belgium) for Dean and Stijn, both raced this Olympic distance with focus on the longer 70.3 distances and are ready to this those races.
In Oudenaarde (Belgium) also Olympic distance racing with Sam VS in a strong race, meanwhile Robby raced the duathlon in Oudenaarde and suffers from the heat but finally manages to close the race well.

Hans taking victory in 70.3 Choisy-Au-Bac, another LD triathlon won by ‘La Machine’.

In France, GP duathlon for Joséphine. The best female duathletes in Europe gather in this circuit and Joséphine manages to take 28th, and get 2nd in the teams classification. A good job after her first Pro race past weekend. Now back to 70.3 racing for her in the next weeks!

In cycling our riders take it serious and all of them are ready to win or take podium. Today once again they prooved this by taking 4th (Svenne) in Rigenée and 3th (Ronald) in Ghlin!

Next weekend more cycling, more triathlon with for example Ironman Hamburg for Rob and Jesse!

Curious? Follow it!

Train smart, perform better!


AG Victory for Lucas in Ironman 70.3 Aix-en-Provence – Bart qualifying for the Ironman World Championships 2023 – Ronde van Haspengouw won by Svenne

A very loaded weekend behind is this weekend!

Saturday our 50+ racing machines were launched in Lanzarote Ironman (Spain) and 70.3 Morro Bay (USA).
Bart had an excellent prep past winter which was topped off with a race in Cannes followed by a training Camp in Southern France. The whole plan fell together yesterday and he raced himself towards 7th place in his AG! The best ever result he took, in probably the toughest Ironman labelled race in Europe. As he took 7th his qualifying ticket for the Ironman Worlds in Nice, France is in! He will join Glenn there upcoming September!

Van from his side jumped into his first70.3 race in a while and despite the cold temperatures he ran off the bike like a rocket, finishing 4th with the fastest running time! An effort our athletes are never to underestimate in.

Bart heading towards World Champs qualification in Lanzarote

Today more racing for our athletes, in Samorin (Slovakia) it was Georg who raced the challenge world championships on the half distance! A strong effort also for Georg, because after taking top 10 past season he now reconfirms his result with an 8th place!

In Germany (Kraichgau) Michael, Raymond and Debbie jumped into the cold German water the 70.3Ironman. 3strong athletes who could perform their very first tri of the season!

Raymond suffered a bit during the swim but moved up on the bike towards top 10, after which he finally could run to 7th position! 7th was also the spot Debbie finished on. Swimming is still a working point to beat her direct opponent at the finishline, but with the fastest bike split and good run off the bike she finishes on a nice 7th place in full preparation towards her first Ironman.

Michael from his side pulverized all his PR’s during this tough 70.3 and shows there’s more coming.

In the 5150 race Firdevs races her first tri of the season and takes 10th AG.

More 70.3racing in Aix-en-Provence (France) and how!

For Joséphine her first race as a Pro athlete, of course a bit of nerves before the start. A good swim and out of the water between other strong women racing. On the bike it became clear that posture still needs a bit of research but furthermore she realizes a strong effort and can put down the bike 13th before heading to the run course in which she can retake a place after a strong run off the bike. Finally 12th at the finishline!

Joséphine running 1h27′ off the bike in Aix, heading towards 12th position.

In the male race both Lucas and Ferre performed very well. Ferre finishes his first ever 70.3 faster than he could have expected and shows his stamina. While Lucas chases a pro license and was keen on a strong effort. And so he did, getting out of the water in 4th AG position he immediately took the lead on the bike. Only in the back of the race 2 athletes came back on him and he put down the bike 3rd. With a very strong run off the bike he wins the AG race and positions himself 19th overall.

In Duathlon it’s Robby who makes a strong spring season, growing race after race and today taking 10th overall position in Damme!

For our riders season is already on its way for a long time and with result! Today Ronald and Svenne raced Ronde van Haspengouw and Svenne hammered hard to take victory! Finishing 1st in the ITT he positioned himself in front of GC and this afternoon he topped off the day with 3rd place, enough to take GC victory in Haspengouw! Well done! For Svenne his 2nd and 3rd victory of the season. A rider that will never win a mass sprint , but if he wins it’s in style!

Svenne racing towards GC victory in Ronde van Haspengouw, his first stagerace win

Javier winning 70.3 Leyenda del Magdalena, Colombia!

Winner winner, chicken dinner in 70.3 Leyenda del Magdalena, Colombia!

Javier crosses the finishline first overall for the first time and takes the win home! Splendid performance!

After 2years of qualifying and racing in Kona, the eyes are on 70.3 this season and with success!!

More 70.3 racing in Venice, Italy for Yves. Yves chased the sub 5h for a while and today he crushes it with a very strong 1h27′ off bike half marathon in the end!

In 70.3 Marbella, Spain it’s Hans DK who conquers the hills and D+, a tough course and a tough prep with muscle rupture in the last phase before the race. Fortunately immediate (running)rest and a strong shape makes him finish the race without any problems!

In Belgium, the rain continuous…. and so triathlon switched into duathlon.

In Veurne our athletes finish very strong with Wim DK winning his AG (50) and Dimi taking 3rd in his AG (35), both after a very strong run off the bike. Knut from his side was not keen on the duathlon, being a strong swimmer, but as he confirmed in his latest test and 70.3 in Lanzarote his running skills improved a lot and fear was no option. 4th in his AG and a strong run off the bike in the pocket! Alexander takes 5th, Frederick 6th! Sam VS payed some learning money and after a (too) strong start he finally felt back to 11th AG position. But mistakes are good to learn from!

In Denderleeuw, a non-drafting duathlon, was held in rainy conditions. Robby took a very well paced first run and got in T1 36th, which resulted in a strong bike effort and 2nd run…to finally finish 16th with a strong feeling!

In cycling Ronald shows himself once again in front of the race and takes 6th in Familleureux!

In La espace cycles GF Svenne and Wim VL were on fire, in the same Master category Svenne finishes 4th, while Wim VL follows closely on 11th position! For Svenne this period has a lot of performance in his results, next week GF Les Vosges (France) where he will meet up with another tough course!

We started with an overall 70.3 victory of Javier (our 18th half iron won by one of our athletes), but we finish this weekendreport with a national title!

Aquabike is new ‘upcoming’ trend in multi sports. Athletes swim – bike and finish the race on the bike. Biking can be done all out on the TT bike, a different approach than a triathlon effort!

Ambitions for our athletes with Wim T finishing 8th in his AG and Kris (finally back into racing) finishing 5th! Next step for Kris Ironman Vitoria-Gasteiz!

But it’s our female competitor Debbie who finally takes the nationale title in master category and bronze overall! After her AG World title in Zofingen, Switzerland she proves that swimming is not impossible! Well done!

A great weekend of racing with splendid performances of our triathletes and riders, it’s clear that passed (wet) winter of suffering now pays off!

Upcoming weekend again a lot of racing planned with triathlon racing, cycling races and nationals champs mountain running!

Train smart, perform better!




Hans 3rd in Germany (1st AG) – Bart 5th AG in France

An excellent day of racing today of Hans in 🇩🇪, 10-42-5k duathlon with good altitude in. A smooth first 10K, followed by a hard effort on the 750m D+ bike course (fastest bike split by La Machine) made him move up 2nd position and go into T2 together with 3rd. A strong 2nd run wasn’t good enough to beat Sören Otten (Ger) for 2nd. The race winner became Michael Pfanner (Swi), Swiss Elite athlete.

With a strong 3rd overall (and not to forget first master!) behind 2 world class duathletes on the long distance eyes are now on the first 70.3Triathlon of the season.

Hans in search of 3rd place
330NP lead to the fastest bike split for Hans

More Tri/Duathlon racing in Southern France, a tough race also for Bart. Triathlon international de Cannes, a rough sea swim and grouped start followed by a challenging bike course and faster run! It made Bart cross the finishline 5th in his AG! Next up, the probably toughest IM label course in Europe, Ironman Lanzarote!

Happy Bart, finishing 5th (AG) in Triathlon International de Cannes

In Woluwe Kristof raced his last prepraces towards the national championships mountain running, while in Antwerp 10Miles PB’s got broken and speed before the season appears in the legs!

Mick running to his PB in Antwerp, all our athletes participating in Antwerp headed out for that new PB!

Onwards to next week with more duathlon racing in Germany, triathlon racing in France and cycling races (road and MTB)!

Let’s kick it next week also!



Svenne taking the win in Lerinnes (Belgium) – Joséphine slamming down the hammer gently for the first time in Salon-de-Provence (France) – Jan pushing his body towards a 2h36′ marathon in good old ‘Pispot’ weather!

Our athletes didn’t miss the start of the season so far!
With multiple Ironman and Ironman70.3 world championships in the first IM Labelled races we can already look forward to summer and autumn 2023. But of course that doesn’t mean our athletes just lay down and relax on raceways untill then.
Very bad weather in Belgium and we tried to put in mind that this bad weather is always beneficial for the riders and athletes who are keen on performance. Making the races hard is and man-to-man what was going to happen!

Our triathletes/runners were racing in Ghent (Belgium), Venlo (Netherlands) and Madrid (Spain), in Spain it was Mick opening the raceday and running towards a half marathon PB in 1h21′! In Ghent several of our triathletes appeared at the starting line of the half marathon, with as a consequence that several of our athletes ran towards their PB in difficult circumstances such as Ruben diving sub 1h20 for the first time ever. A good start to enter spring and the start of triseason for these athletes in 4to6weeks. In Venlo our 50+ master Yves did another strong half marathon and finishes in 1h24′.

We also had 2 athletes racing the full marathon, and how! Sam VS (former national shorttrackchampion) is trying to turn into an endurance athlete in triathlon and outperformed already after his first winter. Running a 3h00′ marathon is a strong step to take.
And then Jan ‘Gianni’ M who, after taking a lot of 70.3 top 10’s, 7medals on the AG Duathlon world championships,…would run his first marathon (without cycling before or after :-)). Ambitions were to perform as good as possible and so he did! Before the cold rain was one of his worst nightmares…but he conquered. Running a steady 2h36′ marathon and finishing 6th overall!

The only right approach to pace long distance races is keeping track of HR, it’s your only measurement that tells you how deep to dig, as we can see it allows also to dig deep at the moment prizes are earned in the final of the race.

Running of course is all doable in every condition, our cyclists probably suffered the most in this terrible weather.
But the best thing to keep yourself warm is to get intensity high. So they did, Ronald had a 2nd good day this weekend and was able to take 5th place today! But surprise of the day came from our man with a plan Svenne, who promised to put a #TSPB tattoo after a victory this season (or am I kidding?). The plan seemed to be simple, break away in lap 1 and never look behind! He got the chance to do this and finally takes the win solo from start until finish!

Svenne taking his first win of the season in Lerinnes, extreme condition and extreme performance! Great job!

But with only one win a week isn’t complete for our squad, so a bit more South in Salon-de-Provence (France) it was time to fly for Joséphine for the first time in 2023. In this tough sprintduathlon with the climb of Val de Cuech immediately after the first run she was able to lead the race from start to finish and take her first victory of the season! Next up: Grand Prix Parthenay (Fr) and 70.3 Aix-en-Provence.

Joséphine winning the race after leading from start to finish!

Onwards to next weeks where we will shift from training to more back to back racing!

Train smart, perform better!


Lucas takes silver in Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote

Ironman70.3 was an excellent launch of Ironman season for our athletes!

Lucas (68kg) performed strongly after a good winter in Southern France and took 2nd position in his AG, 4th overall AG athlete and beats several experienced pro athletes such as Dreitz, Passuello,…finishing this tough race after a 1h20′ half marathon in 4h16′!

Knut launched himself into this tough race very well and could fight for top 20in his AG all race long, finally finishing just outside it on 21st.

Well done and onwards towards the next race!