2022 was stunning, 2023 knocking on our doors!

A year has past for our athletes, their families and sympathizers! And what a year! In 2022 many great achievements in cycling, triathlon, duathlon and running.

Our athletes were race ready from the beginning of 2022 untill the very last day!

Our triathletes took podium in multiple Ironman and Ironman 70.3 races from early Oman 70.3 untill the last Ironman races in California.

With athletes who overcome theirselves, taking AG podia or just finishing their first Ironman. Athletes who achieved their first sprint triathlon or marathon.

In tri/duathlon our athletes took very early in the season 2AG European titles and 1AG world title on the middle distances

A good month later AG silver in the IRONMAN World Championship 2022, by a triathlonlegend that doubted maybe more about himself than we did.

Meanwhile our athletes took podia in 70.3 races in Colombia, Europe, USA and even Middle East.

The strength of our athletes is continuation in effort, balance in training and performance on the right moment!

Summer brought Ironman podia in Sweden and France.

A stunning performance also by overall winning Ironman Vichy by one of our athletes with who we already took a long road from smaller ITT races to taking up the Ironman banner.

Those performances inspire others and a few weeks later in The ITU Long distance duathlon championships we took AG gold and 5th overall in Zofingen. Another performance that many outsides did probably not expect.

In the fall Ironmans our athletes took that motivation to unknown heights, with 12(!) athletes qualified for Kona ’22!

Our runners had a long season, with many fast marathonraces! Only 1 of our marathoners did not break his PR this season…but got very close 🙂 Multiple road races, trailruns and cross country races were won. From Wambeek to Montpellier our runners slammed down the hammer like real bosses do!

And last but not least at all, our cyclists!

I can not express how easy it is to coach cyclists. There’s a cyclist, we coach them TSPB and they grow and win!

Our Elite/U23 had stunning results with some making such a big step up that they now end up in the continental team of one of world’s biggest teams after stunning races in classics as Liège-Bastogne-Liège, Giro di Lombardia,…

In Elite3 a comeback of one of our talented riders which we los out of sight the last 2years. A step up again, taking the Benelux title in Elite 3.

Our Amateurs/Masters, winning races and taking podiums in Andorra, France, Belgium and Cyprus! Maybe those riders are a good example for younger athletes when it comes to professionalism combined with mental balance and rest.

Our Gran Fondo riders from Spain and Cyprus, qualifying for thé UCI GF World championships and outperforming theirselves on a very tough loop!

Results are only the output of the input, but athletes are people. People conquer so much more than just the races before a performance.

Injuries, sickness or other troubles,…it’s the with the most perseverance that in the end takes the win!

I hope for 2023 that our athletes keep amazing theirselves and myself. Sometimes unexpected opportunities are just around the corner…without knowing it.

See you all in the next months or on ‘groupsession #4 – the classic” January 22nd and I am sure banners will be collected 🙂




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