Ironman world Championships Hawaii 2022 – Our racing squad!

With the Ironman world championships back home on the big island after ‘2 Covidfull years of joy’ our athletes took their chances to smash hard and outperformed in several Ironman, challenge and non-labelled races with as the summit in spring Sam’s 2nd place in the AG Ironman world champs 2021 in Saint-George (USA) and the overall win of Hans in Ironman Vichy (France) at the end of August.

Past season our small squad of athletes realized 12(!) Ironman world championships qualifications. An astonishing result! 6of them took their chance and registered for the Ironman World championships in Kona, Hawaii upcoming week.

A small overview of who they are!

° Tim Fievez (Belgium – living in France)
° AG35
°Strength: Swim – Bike – in a good paced day a consistent run
°Mental status: wait and see
°Improved a lot on the run with in 2022 2overall podia in 70.3races in the French mountains
°Exceptional fact: Only swims 1session/week consistently.

°Vadim Suraev (Canada)
°Strength: Swim – Beastbiker – off the bike must be patient and look at his watch only.
°Mental status: A Rock
°Qualified already in November 2019, and only had 2 races in between then and 2022 World Champs.
°Exceptional fact: 2weeks after the Ironman World champs 2022 his next Ironman is planned already!

°Steven Debaere (Belgium)
°Strength: Steady Swim – Bike and proved being able to kill it on the run.
°Mental status: Keen on better (than his last visit in Kona)
°Made huge steps the past 2seasons and was able to take overall podia in 70.3 races but above all astonish taking the bronze medal in the European Championships Ironman in his AG
° Exceptional fact: Athlete becoming stronger by the age.

°Pieter De Jongh (Belgium)
°AG 35
°Strength: Bike – Run, in a good day the swim will not influence his classification.
°Mental status: Ready to roll, hungry.
°Became stronger, harder and faster and qualified in Ironman Switzerland.
°Exceptional fact: A sports teacher who influences in the most positive way by showing life is sports and sports is life :-).

° Javier Cepeda (Colombia)
°Strength: Swim – bike and steady run
°Mental status: Waiting for departure to Kona and keen on the last week. Our last man to arrive in Kona.
°Qualified in the tough race of Ironman Lake Placid and is on the island for the 2nd consecutive time!
°Exceptional fact: Lives in Bogota on 2000m of altitude. A never-ending altitude camp.

°Jeffrey Sanders (Belgium)
°Strength: steady swim – strong biker – if pacing well (!) always spot on on the run.
°Mental status: Jump in the field, keen on racing among the best of the world.
°Qualified strongly in Ironman Frankfurt and had some very good tests and PR’s past season!
°Exceptional fact: His last name is being dropped in the newspapers a lot as a future Ironman winner.

The guys are ready, ready to suffer and ready to enjoy!
Staying calm and focussed untill D-Day is what must happen now!

Train Smart, Perform better!


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