Tour de Moselle (Fr-Elite Natonial) – A good effort to start for Lars finishing 10th

Tour de Moselle (Elite National – France):

3rd A-race of Lars since July1st.

Witch sickness after Course de la Paix (UCI2.Ncup) and several crashes summer was not always ‘easy’, but ‘not easy’ belongs to racing sometimes. In between his 3 A – races (Tour de Liège in which a crash made him leave the race – Tour de Namur, finishing 8th in GC – Tour de Moselle) wounds needed to be licked, active recovery and balancing between training and racing was a thin line but we kept on it.

Of course such a periode is not easy in a hard sport as cycling, but keeping those 3 A-races in mind there always was the right focus and mindset.

Stage 1 in Tour de Moselle today and confirmation of a rider that stood up again with a thoughtful beginning of the race and focus on a hard final. Prooving his shape is strong from February untill today he’s capable of putting his strongest efforts in the final of the race. That’s also the timing you should be capable of riding your hardest output to top off the race.

In the last 20K Lars puts down a 362Np – 66à67kg

We see an overall hard race effort during the 148K course, in the last 20K a 362NP effort and during the last 60′ we see a 340NP effort – 66kg rider – was needed to play the cards for the win and finish within the first group of 25riders, Lars finishes 10th in today’s race and was right where he needed to be. These are of course strong race efforts but the main positive effort we can see in the 5’output in the very final of the race, going up the last climb and small descent towards the finishline. In this final phase he can put a 433NP effort and use his full capabilities to racing the finals today.

In the final 5′ of the race Lars rides with the elite group of 25riders towards the finishline and sprints towards 10th place today

Being able to put these numbers in the final of the race when riding for the first places is key to score results.

A good job and result today, onwards to next days and weeks!

Train smart, perform better!


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