Ironman Klagenfurt – National Triathlon title for Kris!

What a stunning day for our athletes! 

Let’s start with the guys in Ironman Austria! 

A non-wetsuit swim to start the day gave a little bit of fear for the athletes, but clearly this seemed unneeded. 

Even without wetstuit Wim VL gets himself in T1 sub 60′! 

Jesse M and Steven DB get out of the water in 1h17 and + 1h20 before really starting the day! 

Once on the bike Wim VL maintained his top 10 position after the Swim, Jesse M moved up quite quickly and paced well to have the energy left for the marathon. Steven also moves up at an easier pace. The heat was getting there at the last part of the bike and all 3 athletes were conscient that this would influence the race strongly. The field clearly suffered from the heat. Wim VL kept strong and finished 14th in AG 40. Jesse M could continue his jump to the front untill the end of the marathon and takes 24th in AG 35 after a 3h24’marathon. Steven waited a bit longer before heading into the water, managed a steady bike and steady marathon in these conditions. Finishing the race in 12h04′!

Jesse Massez running the marathon in 3h24′ in Klagenfurt!

60+, the new 25! Our 2 maestro masters Kris and Raymond surprised again!! 

After winning IM70.3 Luxemburg Raymond takes 29th overall and wins his AG in Triathlon Stein, The Netherlands! Great job!

Our other 60+ Master, Kris, is having a splendid season despite some issues earlier in the season. Winning 70.3 Dubai early in the season and today taking the national triathlon title Olympic distance in Kinrooi! Very glad to see our athletes in a championshipsjersey! Great job!

Kris Govers taking the national OD title Triathlon!

Kristof takes 24th position, Ferre 41st in the 1/4 distance in Kinrooi! A gooed lead up for Kristof towards his summer main goals! Good steps forward for Ferre! 

Kristof starting the summer in style with 24th position in Kinrooi

In France, the 70.3 Chtriman was held! 

Steven DB surprises again and outperforms this race by winning the master (40+) category and taking 21st overall (800participants). 

Steven pushing the watts away on the road to Kona and taking 1st AG position!

Alexander and Dimi show once again their season is running very well by finishing closely behind and can now approach the last phase in their IMprep! 

Alexander picking up shape!

Jari, former cyclist, puts his steps forward week after week and has a very good test to even do better in Ironman 70.3 Maastricht in early August! 

Toon and Michael finish a bit further in their 2nd 70.3 withing 3weeks and can now approach the upcoming summerraces with confidence! 

Dimi almost eating his steering and moving up untill the finishline, with a splendid finish!

In épernay more 70.3 racing, a hilly course with some tough parts on the bikecourse! Bart DB is heading to Ironman Maastricht in 5weeks, today he takes an excellent 5th place in his AG!

Bart with Champ’Man – Ironman Maastricht – Ventouxman a tough race schedule which started excellent!

Xterra France for Dean and Steven H, Dean is in his first triathlonseason and grows race after race! Steven H takes 10th place in his AG and can look back at a strong start of the season! Triathlon International de Maredsous for him in 2weeks!

Cycling also in Assenede with Guillaume, once again in the right breakaway and nearly getting on the podium…finishing 4th! With Good poweroutputs in the final of the race summertime will be hammertime for him! Also he can look forward and can aim for podium and more! 

65kg Rider Guillaume riding towards 4th place today in Assenede

La Marmotte Gran Fondo for Geoffrey and our Spanish rider Juan. Both riders are strong climbers and both show us the proof today by finishing in front of the field. 

MTB marathon for Alexander, he stepped up strongly this season and his body adapted very well to training smart, that’s why his body now is performing better! 

Great performance, be proud on what you achieve. Sometimes break down and see what you realized before aiming forward again!



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