Ironman Frankfurt and Ironman 70.3 Nice and Coeur d’Alene

Svenne taking 3rd in Andorra!

Another strong racing of our athletes in several places around the world!

Andorra: Svenne was the first today to get on the podium and raising his hands! A very glad man who called me this afternoon!

Andorra 21 Ports stage race was his main goal this season, dreaming of the podium but surrounded by other strong climbers in the mountains, this would not be given away…

Yesterday already Svenne moved up to 4th position in GC. Maintaining 4Th was goal 1, trying to keep an eye on 3rd another. With an all or nothing attempt he took 3rd in the stage and could win the important place in GC to finish on the end podium!


In Belgium Ronald is on a roll, with another top10 in Maurage he keeps aiming for the win!

In USA Ironman70.3 Coeur d’Alene was held. A DNS for Vadim after getting sick 1day before the race. Luck is not at his side and wisely a no go with another 70.3 race coming in a few weeks!

Van feared for the cold water, but gladly he tried and survived that first part. On the bike he made a massive jump forward to finish the bikecourse in 16th position. With a fast run off the bike he entered top 10 and moved up towards 6th position! A comeback of this American master!


In France Ironman 70.3 Nice was held! Some troubles with the bike before the race for Lucas, so he used his girlfriend’s racebike to go out on the French mountains! And how?! Getting out of water 5th in his and within top 20 he was in a good position for a top result. With a good climb he moved up towards 3rd position in his AG. A fast 1h22′ run off the bike made him finish 4th in his AG, but above all 7th overall in this Ironmanrace! 


In Germany Ironman Frankfurt! One of the Ironman classics in Europe! With Jeroen at the starting line we had a strong guy with hunger at the starting line! The swim course is not his favorite discipline…but that made him, likewise Van, pac-man on the bike and run! With a PERFECTLY paced bike effort and run he runs to the finishline with a 3h29′ marathon! Congratulations!



In Belgium Caveman triathlon was held today, a 111 format with a few hillier parts in it. Emelie had a progressive race and race-test towards her first Ironman70.3 in Vichy later this season! Taking 2nd place after a fast run split, a good sign leading up to the longer distances!

Jeroen heading towards T2 in Frankfurt for a fast off bike run in 3h29′

Lucas heading towards 4th AG position and 7th overall in Ironman70.3 Nice!
Van running towards 6th place in IM 70.3 Coeur d’Alene

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