2*Gold&1*silver at European championships duathlon Long distance – Lars taking silver the U23 regional champs road cycling!

Another weekend filled with championships, our Spanish rocket Alejandro prooved already last week that peaking towards races is one of our strengths.

Today European Duathlon Championships Long distance were held!
In European and world championships duathlon our athletes are very well known to always take the prizes. With over 20medals on Worlds and Europeans our athletes have a closet full of continental/world champs prizes.

In Alsdorf, Germany todays EC were held! For quite a few of our athletes we had planned a first A-race and peaking period towards today. Let’s begin with our female athletes in Alsdorf, not only because they are women but because they earn performance wise!

Our 2topduathletes in our squad Emelie and Debbie were racing their first Europeans. Emelie had to be convinced a bit last year to race the Europeans in 2022 but with the huge steps she made…I knew she was ready for a top AG performance. Debbie from her side is an athlete that will grow out to the longer distances, LD duathlon is the best way to pick up this work.

All fell together today and Emelie takes gold in het AG, first overall AG athlete and 6th overall. Debbie chases these slightly faster runners on the bike and grabs 2nd in her AG! With a tough camp in her legs towards these Europeans and the Worlds in Denmark she can now focus on regeneration and specific work towards these worlds. Our 3rd female athlete Julie was racing her first LD duathlon and takes 12th in her AG! Her step towards tri season is made!

Emelie (gold) and Debbie (silver) happy to race the EC.

In the male race our athletes were divided over the European champs and Open category. The open category was there for Belgian athletes who did not have the chance to get their official national trisuit. Belgian Federation had 1) No stock and 2)Could not deliver the clothing in time before the race. A lack in professionalism. A stock for a national league is a logical thing, quod non.

In the open race we had Kristof (1st AG),Steven (8thand Yves (3rd AG) racing and putting down a good performance leading to the rest of the season!

Kristof running himself towards an excellent race in Alsdorf today!

In the European Champs we missed Jan (could not bike because of back problems and took 3rd yesterday in a running race) and Robby who broke to many parts of his body 2months ago and is working his way back. But we had Jesse M defending the colors…and how! He put down an amazing race and amazed himself and many others by taking the AG European title and go home with gold!

Jesse M is the 2022 AG35 European Champion

The European championships were not the only championships held today!
In cycling the Elite and U23 Regional championships were held in Belgium!
With William having a good feeling and race, progressing week after week and today with an offensive racing style we had a happy U23 rider after his race!

In Vlaams-Brabant 1600D+ and 144K were waiting for the riders. Today’s regionals were a good fit for Lars and so we chose to taper off slightly towards this weekend’s race. In the middle of a very loaded spring this race actually fell perfectly timing wise. Lars managed to be in the right breakaway and fought a 5man battle in the U23 champs. In the final sprint he misses a half wheel to take the title but takes a well earned silver medal! A good recovery now is at its place!

Another podium for Lars today, silver in the regional championships U23

In Cyprus Alexis continues his strong racing performances of past weeks and today takes 5th in the Agrokipia Road Race ! National championships coming within 4weeks there!

In Portugal we had Stijn racing the 70.3 Setubal race, a tough bike course in this triathlon and in his 2nd homecountry he takes 6th in his AG and is ready to head to 70.3 Lisboa and Ironman Switzerland!

In Rotterdam Mick turned himself into a sub3 marathoner and puts down 2h54′ today! The progress of this runner over the past years is huge! Consistency, patience and stimulating the right zones at the right times are key! Great effort!

Mick pushing it towards 2h54′ on today’s Rotterdam Marathon!

The first months of 2022 have been quite spectacular already! Meanwhile the real strength of our athletes remains silence and training smart to perform better…untill that one special day!



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