GP Lillers UCI 1.2 (France) – continental kickoff for William and Lars

Strong field at the starting line today in France for GP Lillers, 2 of our U23 riders took and got the chance to race this French classic in a strong field. Quite cold weather, 184K of racing and ready to go for all riders at the start of the season.
For Lars his first big race of the season, for William his first race at this level ever.
After a steady build up, with for both riders no ‘big’ problems as severe diseases, broken bones,…
Despite that exams, Covid infection, post covid jab symptoms, were there. But nothing can break a steady build-up, a good base can have something.

A steady build up, step by step with a first race in the weekend of 27th of February. Shape there at the right moment, ‘not too early not to late’ for our riders. Now 9months of harvest time will start, with microcyclusses towards peak periods.

Obviously today’s race in France had 2longer Powerpeaks in which power and HR simultaneously mounted for a period of 20-30minutes.
We noticed a fast breakout early in the race which separated the wheat from the chuff in 1st stage. The 2nd real breakout was starting after 130 and lasting untill the finishline.

Lars was positioned well before the peloton breaks in the final and ended up in a 10man chasing group on the approx. 30 leaders. The mid part of the race was power and HR wise not super hard, which made turning on the ‘engine’ at the start of the breakout quite difficult. After this happening we see HR and power gaining numbers and staying up untill the finishline, finishing 37th in the 10man bunch behind the leading group in which Milan Menten sprints to the win.

Lars having no problems with the length of the race and putting down his 5-10-20 and 30′ power peaks in the very end of the race.

William from his side experienced well in his first race at this level, as a 1st year U23 these races are perfect to pick up experience nutrition and racing wise and to finish in the peloton! A strong winter behind him and now making the connection during the races.
Recovery tomorrow and already looking forward to upcoming weeks!

Congratulations also to our other riders with Svenne taking 5th in Tongrinne (Belgium) and Alexis taking 6th in Evagoria (Cyprus)



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