Ironman Frankfurt and Ironman 70.3 Nice and Coeur d’Alene

Svenne taking 3rd in Andorra!

Another strong racing of our athletes in several places around the world!

Andorra: Svenne was the first today to get on the podium and raising his hands! A very glad man who called me this afternoon!

Andorra 21 Ports stage race was his main goal this season, dreaming of the podium but surrounded by other strong climbers in the mountains, this would not be given away…

Yesterday already Svenne moved up to 4th position in GC. Maintaining 4Th was goal 1, trying to keep an eye on 3rd another. With an all or nothing attempt he took 3rd in the stage and could win the important place in GC to finish on the end podium!


In Belgium Ronald is on a roll, with another top10 in Maurage he keeps aiming for the win!

In USA Ironman70.3 Coeur d’Alene was held. A DNS for Vadim after getting sick 1day before the race. Luck is not at his side and wisely a no go with another 70.3 race coming in a few weeks!

Van feared for the cold water, but gladly he tried and survived that first part. On the bike he made a massive jump forward to finish the bikecourse in 16th position. With a fast run off the bike he entered top 10 and moved up towards 6th position! A comeback of this American master!


In France Ironman 70.3 Nice was held! Some troubles with the bike before the race for Lucas, so he used his girlfriend’s racebike to go out on the French mountains! And how?! Getting out of water 5th in his and within top 20 he was in a good position for a top result. With a good climb he moved up towards 3rd position in his AG. A fast 1h22′ run off the bike made him finish 4th in his AG, but above all 7th overall in this Ironmanrace! 


In Germany Ironman Frankfurt! One of the Ironman classics in Europe! With Jeroen at the starting line we had a strong guy with hunger at the starting line! The swim course is not his favorite discipline…but that made him, likewise Van, pac-man on the bike and run! With a PERFECTLY paced bike effort and run he runs to the finishline with a 3h29′ marathon! Congratulations!



In Belgium Caveman triathlon was held today, a 111 format with a few hillier parts in it. Emelie had a progressive race and race-test towards her first Ironman70.3 in Vichy later this season! Taking 2nd place after a fast run split, a good sign leading up to the longer distances!

Jeroen heading towards T2 in Frankfurt for a fast off bike run in 3h29′

Lucas heading towards 4th AG position and 7th overall in Ironman70.3 Nice!
Van running towards 6th place in IM 70.3 Coeur d’Alene

Hans and Debbie taking the AG win in Challenge Geraardsbergen – 2X top 10 in 70.3 Terheijden – 70.3 in Warsaw and Svenne taking 5th in Nationals!

Another splendid day full of racing today!!

Challenge Geraardsbergen in Belgium with a lot of our athletes in racing modus!

Probably the biggest 70.3 race in the center of Belgium.

Strong performances on this hilly course, with in the end a very tough running course!

Hans ‘La Machine’ shows in his 2nd 70.3 of the season that hi 5th overall place in Belfort wasn’t a coincidence! Today Hans takes 21st Profield included, winner was French Anthony Costes, well known for his strong bike efforts during triathlons.

La Machine riding towards pole position in his AG!

Hans doesn’t only take 21st overall but above all wins his AG by more than 10′ and qualifies for The Challenge Championship and!

A steady good swim, strong bike effort with 317Np and fast run on this hilly course made him take home a cobblestone!

In this AG fast Wim VL was unsure before the race after 4weeks of not much running because of an injury after a running race. Wim performs very strong today and despite his lack of running he’s capable to finish this race and takes 4th AG position.

Hans wasn’t the only one taking a cobblestone home. Debbie extends her strong series of racing and after medals on Nationals, Europeans and Worlds she now takes AG win in this Challenge race.

With a couple of our athletes just outside top 10 such as Jeffrey who performs a strong swim – bike, takes off a bit too fast on the run…but survives and finishes in 4h40, soon followed by Sander in his first race in a very long time (post covid). Sven VL raced in his own town and showed his strong start of the season again with a fast 1h25′ run. Wim DK (12th) and Bart (15th) finish in front of their AG, bot closely followed by Wim T.

Jeffrey powering up ‘De Muur’

In the younger AG’s we see Toon taking his firs 70.3 finish since a while and feeling good. Fred VDH had a good test towards IM Maastricht within 7weeks and had one of his best ever races. Michael and Anil chase him and finish just behind.

Toon climbing ‘De Muur’

In Poland David manages a strong 70.3 race, finishing in 4h45′ on this faster course!

In The Netherlands our Ironmen Dimitri and Pieter are having one of the best days in their lives and fight a battle in the top 10 in 70.3 Terheijden!

Dimi taking energy towards his 8th overall position in 70.3 Terheijden, The Netherlands

Pieter moves up very strong off the bike and manages a 6th overall place, while Dimitri grabs his 8th place also after a perfect paced run! Important in a 70.3 race to pace correctly and build up towards the finishline! Good tests also for both athletes towards Thun (Switzerland) and Kalmar (Sweden).

Olympic distance triathlon also in Belgium and Switzerland!

In Zug, Switzerland Michael performs his best race so far and makes nice steps forward.

In Beernem both Klaas, Ferre, Emiel and Bert race hard and on this fast course they find a perfect way to pick up racing experience towards upcoming races.

National Championships also in cycling for the Master category.

Svenne had fever 4weeks ago, we decided to cut down the number of races leading up to today, with a good peaking towards today Svenne takes 5th but also takes the ‘fair-play’ price. If a price with that value of sportsmanship that’s not often given gets in the hands of one of your riders you can only be proud as a coach, as proud as winning a cobblestone!

At the end of the day, the winner takes it all!

Ironman World Championships Utah, USA AG Silver for Sam – Middle Distance Duathlon World Championships AG Silver for Debbie – Lucas takes 3rd in Military Nationals Olympic Distance – Lars just outside top 20 in Flèche Ardennaise (UCI1.2)

Thé biggest triathlon race each year are the Ironman World Championships, in 2021 the race could not be held because of Covid-situations. Therefor the 2021 World championships were held this weekend in Saint-Georges, Utah! For the first time this championship was held on a ‘terrible’ racecours. Hot, windy, a lot of height on the bike course and 500D+ on the runcourse, that’s a lot!

As predicted this race would be a ‘killer’, several pro athletes who were in SG decided not to race just days and hours before the race. The winner would be the best, AG athletes would have no benefit riding in larger packs. Cool!

With 3firm athletes at the starting line (avg weight 81kg) and 1 lighter female athlete we had power in the game!

The fastest guy out of the water was Thibaud (Switzerland) in 56′! Thibaud had an excellent feeling leading up to the race and felt good throughout the bike! But with sun getting hotter, the body started to react weird. Being in 14th position at the start of the run he moved up in a conservative pace untill his stomach got block and he vomited all energy out of his body! ‘Claqué par l’insolation’, today 24h later this feels of course a bit frustrating, knowing the shape he was in! But a Swiss winter – flying to the US desert and racing can be hard for the body of course!

The swim in Utah, was a 4K swim. Thibaud making the effort in a splendid 56′.

Our master Canadian, and one of the best cyclists of the world in his AG, Vadim swam steady, reached high on the bike and only former Yellow jersey in Tour de France, Laurent Jalabert, could pass him. Vadim dropped the bike just behind Jalabert. ‘Lolo’ got striked by the runcourse and also Vadim had a tough run before finishing this heavy race! They ended up close to eachother in the end.

Vadim with a Steady 250NP on the bike – good for putting down the bike in 6th AG position!

Cai feared the WC race before the start and projected to herself not to finish last. Finishing last would never happen of course, an athlete well trained and able to perform steady will not see this happen! The coldswimwater was survived and in the first part of the bike she moved up well, in Snow Canyon she got unwell on the hot roads but managed to recover from it before heading to the runcourse!
With steeper hills on this course, this was not always pleasant but persistence was in her head! Cai finishes when in Belgium the coach drunk his first coffee of the day and finishes in the middle of her AG ranking! Well done!

And then we have Sam, master in patience and training smart in silence, well focussed leading up to the race and conscience about the possible difficulties during the race (Cold water – Winds – heat – very tough runcourse). Well knowing that except for the cold water, the difficulties are not against him.
With many IM AG wins and IM overall top 10results in his career he’s never to underestimate. A perfect preparation and well taking care of his body in the last weeks he was ready to race!

A correct swim, coming out of the water after 4K in 1h06′ and fresh legs on the bike! Pushing the bike towards a steady effort of 250NP up and down the hills with a slightly higher NP in the last part of the bike course. Clearly no ‘lost’ energy wasted during the bike course and going into T2 with Mike Schifferle, one of the top competitors in his AG.
Sam was very conscientious about not putting to much energy on the wrong moment in this race but putting the energy near the end of the race. A steady run followed on this heavy course and this made maintain his 2nd spot in his AG in this Ironman World Championship but also at age 46 move up to 60th overall position!

A steady run of Sam – the cherry on the cake to get to the IM WC podium!
Sam (who took orange shoes from the rack) clearly a happy 2nd!

Not only the Ironman World championships were held this weekend, in Viborg (Denmark) the Middle distance duathlon worlds took place! We had 1 competitor racing: Debbie! Debbie who made a hug step forward in 18months already took 2nd place in the nationals crossduathlon, 2nd AG in the Europeans Middle distance and was heading to Viborg with doubts after a small sickness. No need to, when your shape is good and the viruses gone the body rebalances and ready she was! Once again she surprised friend and enemy (which she doesn’t have) and races a very strong race, finishes 8th(!!!) pro athletes included and 2nd AG in her AG!

Debbie racing towards 8th overall and AG silver!

In France another championship was held, the military OD championships. An important race for Lucas to manifest himself there. With 6days between this race and his previous 70.3race this was recovery wise quite tricky. But all was managed to get to the starting line fresh and loaded enough! After a strong effort he gets himself onto the podium, taking 3rd!

Lucas on training towards his first races of the season, things looking good!

In Belgium Flèche Ardennaise (UCI1.2) was held, an important Ardennes race with the world’s best U23 riders at the starting line, this combined with several top amateur riders/(former) pro riders, 4000D+ and 178km. No better references than racing the best, racing hard courses. That’s the chance Lars gets this year from his team Urbano-Vuylsteke. Excellent program to grow strong and steady.
Being steady is one of our main goals. Being constant and riding finals in the biggest competitions as much as possible. This works, this happens. With LBL 12th, Monts et Chateaux top 20 in GC and Arden Challenge 4th in GC we can say he could be ambitious towards today.

The race was made hard and once the final really broke through Lars still had his energy in his pocket.
As we see in his Powerfile final really breaks through in the last hour of the race, where we see a 350NP for the last 45′ (67kg). A pity for Lars to just miss the group riding for 10th place but totally in the game after these riders. Small % make the difference at this level and he’s in touch of it. Finishing 21st today, before European U23 champion Nys is the continuation of his current season! With Pro race GP Vermarc upcoming weekend and Triptyque ardennaise the legs will have recover quickly now because games are on until then for the first part of the season!

Riders who want to play a role in the final need to be able to have that little extra at he end of the race, Lars had today.

Weekends like these keeps the adrenaline levels high, keeps the vibes high and motivates all athletes and sympathizers around us!

Onwards to next week!



Exciting weekend coming up – Ironman World Championships finally back!

🇺🇸Upcoming weekend the best triathletes in the world wille be racing the Ironman World Championships in Saint-George, USA!

Among Blummenfelt, Sanders and the other possible overall winners 4 of our athletes will be racing in their AG to do the best they can!

At the startling line, a strong and passionate squad:

🇧🇪 Cai (Multiple top 5 and IM Podia – Qualfied for the WC before)

🇨🇦 Vadim (Multiple IM Hawaii qualifier – Multiple IM podia)

🇨🇭 Thibaud (IM Hawaii qualifier – raced hard on 70.3 Mallorca 2021, taking 2nd – Sub9er)

🇧🇪 Sam (Multiple IM AG winner – 10* IM Hawaii – 8h21’PB)

Keen on following our athletes this weekend! Hard crosswinds and cold swimming water will be the tricky points they can’t change. The hard racecourse neither, but it’s up to a good pacing to survive and conquer this.

A loaded weekend with plenty more international races:

🇧🇪 La Flèche Ardennaise (UCI1.2 – 178K – 4000D+) – one of Belgium’s toughest cycling races course wise.

🇩🇰 World Championships duathlon Middle distance

🇫🇷 National Military Championships Olympic Distance triathlon

🇪🇸 Ironman70.3 Mallorca

🇵🇹 Challenge Lisboa

🇧🇪 Triathlon Veurne

And plenty more racing in Belgium!

Put your trackers on and enjoy the vibes!




2*Gold&1*silver at European championships duathlon Long distance – Lars taking silver the U23 regional champs road cycling!

Another weekend filled with championships, our Spanish rocket Alejandro prooved already last week that peaking towards races is one of our strengths.

Today European Duathlon Championships Long distance were held!
In European and world championships duathlon our athletes are very well known to always take the prizes. With over 20medals on Worlds and Europeans our athletes have a closet full of continental/world champs prizes.

In Alsdorf, Germany todays EC were held! For quite a few of our athletes we had planned a first A-race and peaking period towards today. Let’s begin with our female athletes in Alsdorf, not only because they are women but because they earn performance wise!

Our 2topduathletes in our squad Emelie and Debbie were racing their first Europeans. Emelie had to be convinced a bit last year to race the Europeans in 2022 but with the huge steps she made…I knew she was ready for a top AG performance. Debbie from her side is an athlete that will grow out to the longer distances, LD duathlon is the best way to pick up this work.

All fell together today and Emelie takes gold in het AG, first overall AG athlete and 6th overall. Debbie chases these slightly faster runners on the bike and grabs 2nd in her AG! With a tough camp in her legs towards these Europeans and the Worlds in Denmark she can now focus on regeneration and specific work towards these worlds. Our 3rd female athlete Julie was racing her first LD duathlon and takes 12th in her AG! Her step towards tri season is made!

Emelie (gold) and Debbie (silver) happy to race the EC.

In the male race our athletes were divided over the European champs and Open category. The open category was there for Belgian athletes who did not have the chance to get their official national trisuit. Belgian Federation had 1) No stock and 2)Could not deliver the clothing in time before the race. A lack in professionalism. A stock for a national league is a logical thing, quod non.

In the open race we had Kristof (1st AG),Steven (8thand Yves (3rd AG) racing and putting down a good performance leading to the rest of the season!

Kristof running himself towards an excellent race in Alsdorf today!

In the European Champs we missed Jan (could not bike because of back problems and took 3rd yesterday in a running race) and Robby who broke to many parts of his body 2months ago and is working his way back. But we had Jesse M defending the colors…and how! He put down an amazing race and amazed himself and many others by taking the AG European title and go home with gold!

Jesse M is the 2022 AG35 European Champion

The European championships were not the only championships held today!
In cycling the Elite and U23 Regional championships were held in Belgium!
With William having a good feeling and race, progressing week after week and today with an offensive racing style we had a happy U23 rider after his race!

In Vlaams-Brabant 1600D+ and 144K were waiting for the riders. Today’s regionals were a good fit for Lars and so we chose to taper off slightly towards this weekend’s race. In the middle of a very loaded spring this race actually fell perfectly timing wise. Lars managed to be in the right breakaway and fought a 5man battle in the U23 champs. In the final sprint he misses a half wheel to take the title but takes a well earned silver medal! A good recovery now is at its place!

Another podium for Lars today, silver in the regional championships U23

In Cyprus Alexis continues his strong racing performances of past weeks and today takes 5th in the Agrokipia Road Race ! National championships coming within 4weeks there!

In Portugal we had Stijn racing the 70.3 Setubal race, a tough bike course in this triathlon and in his 2nd homecountry he takes 6th in his AG and is ready to head to 70.3 Lisboa and Ironman Switzerland!

In Rotterdam Mick turned himself into a sub3 marathoner and puts down 2h54′ today! The progress of this runner over the past years is huge! Consistency, patience and stimulating the right zones at the right times are key! Great effort!

Mick pushing it towards 2h54′ on today’s Rotterdam Marathon!

The first months of 2022 have been quite spectacular already! Meanwhile the real strength of our athletes remains silence and training smart to perform better…untill that one special day!



Alejandro qualifies for the Ironman world championships in Kona – Lars puts his foot next to the best U23 riders in Monts et Chateaux! – Thibaud 8th AG in Salou after a fast race!

First racing in a while for Alejandro (Spain) today! Not having a WC ticket yet for 2022 was playing in his mind, ready to set back and grab it on a powerful way.
A pity for all triathletes and also Alejandro when IM announced the swim was cancelled.
Mental strength in these cases work of course, raceday = raceday. And so it happened. With the current IM AG world champion in this continental championship it was clearly to become a tough race!
With a strong bike ride Alejandro put himself in front after the bike course, 262NP for this 69kg athlete before his marathon!

As the stomach is one of the most importants part of an athlete’s body…Alejandro had a bad food experience and had to vomit during the run course. This made him slow down and lose some time. But finally he kept on his pace and could maintain his 2nd place in the AG, 6th AG athlete overall, 21st Pro field included.

Alejandro will join our already strong squad in the Ironman World championships 2022 in Kona Hawaii!
Alejandro is one of our athletes who trains 80-90%of all sessions indoor, spot on. Easy is easy, hard is hard…after all smart work, to perform better!

Some short pitstops on the run for a stomach that was messed up past halfway made A. slow down a bit but in between pace was kept properly and keep his 2nd spot.

In Salou (Spain), the Challenge 70.3 race was held! A tough field of athletes at the starting line…first international race in Europe in 2022. After 2 years of Covid athletes were definitely keen on suffer modus! Thibaud (Switzerland) and Lucas (France) were racing today!
Lucas had an excellent start and got on the bike first, during the bike he kept pace and could put down his bike in 5th position…this position he maintained untill he had to quit the race with 5K to go. Missing the necessary gels on the bike and getting a hypo was not the plan. But sometimes you learn from small failures.

Thibaud from his side had a very steady race and positioned himself in top 10 from the beginning of the race. During the whole race he kept on being between 4th and 10th place to finally run a 3’58/km half marathon after his 310NP bike split! Thibaud is in full prep towards the Ironman World Championships 2021, that will happen in May 2022, in Saint-George USA. Race ready!

Thibaud chased down his opponents on the flat course in Salou and puts down well paced 310NP bike split.

Today we als had the last stage of Triptyque des Monts et Chateaux (UCI2.2), one of the value meters in the international U23 peloton.
The first 2stages made already very clear which riders were on and those who were off.
Lars could manage himself daily in the front of first group, just behind the riders who got stage victory.
Today the ITT started quited well, an early start and not getting the HR totally up, fatigue of the past 2days and starting early will sure have played a role within. Despite that, the power output will have been strongly enough…taking 31st and maintaining his GC spot just outside top 20.

With the afternoon race of 130K and a tough final there were opportunities to take top20 in GC. Lars gave what he was worth among these strong riders and succeeded in this goalset by taking 19th in GC in the end! RESULTS
Another good performance and a short time for recovery and focus on Liège-Bastogne-Liège, Arden Challenge and much more!

Onwards to next weekend with for example European championships duathlon, regional champs cycling,…

Train smart, Perform better!


Bronze in Aywaille – Silver in national crossduathlon champs – Gold in Koksijde – winners will be winners…

1st A-race for Lars this season, after last weekend in Lillers it was clear for us that playing a rol for top 10 in the first climbing race of the season was a certitude. Of course with a highly densified field at the starting line 40riders can claim this.

Lars made his race to the front after 108K into the race, he pushed a very hard 25’block but kept some explosivity in the legs to sprint to 3rd place and punch in the last climb.

A perfect winter and the first (semi) taper-off phase, in his macrocycles we pointed out 4main periods to aim at. The first period started this week. Goal today was clear: ‘playing a role’ among the best riders and then see what output is. A race can never be predicted in terms of final spots, only in terms of being in shape between start and finish. The rest is about racing the race.

Lars shooted after 108K into the race and took off with L. Van Eetveldt. Van Eetveldt dropped Lars with 3climbs to go to finishline, before winning the race. Lars pushed the pedals hard in a solo attempt behind the leader, which resulted in a 25’block of 350NP (-67Kg) in the final of a tough race. This before getting joined by 3 other riders of which 1 teammate of the leader. Not an easy situation to ride for the podium after his effort. But Lars managed well, the winner’s teammate took 2nd and Lars wins the sprint for 3rd.
The sprint is also a discipline in which Lars pumped his level the last years. We already saw in last year’s race with e.g. his win in Neerijse (Elite/U23) after an uphill sprint.

Lars heading towards 3 place with a final uphill sprint

In Retie the national crossduathlon championships were held, with Emelie and Debbie we had 2 outsiders for the podium on this quite technical course. Fast start for Emelie, but in search of an immediate gap in the run she blew up a bit and had to break down. Debbie her engine did not and could build up towards T1. The fastest bike split made here move up to the top 3 of the field soon, and in the last half of the race she took the lead with a gap behind her. A fast 2nd run made her battle for victory untill the end before finally taking silver! Debbie made huge steps past year and this is resulting in topperformances in ‘her’ races. Emelie from her start had to calm down after her start but kept the gap with front quite close. In the 2nd run she found back her fast legs and takes the fastest split before crossing the line in 6th! More was possible, but race-tactical she can note down the positive points and recognize the slightly too fast beginning!

Besides these races also in Koksijde north C-trail was held, 29Km of beach and dunes…a very tough effort in which speed, endurance and strength comes together! Our ‘cupper bullet’ Sven had a perfect lactate test past Thursday, so confidence leading up to the race was at its place. A tough combat in the final of the race brought him totally in front and a man-to-man fight was held. Sven was the best, the fastest and won this classic in trailrunning!

In Ghent Stijn raced the half marathon and came in after 1h20′, a perfect lead up towards national championships mountain running later this spring!
In Trailrun Lannaye Kristof has his finale lead-up race towards Europeans Duathlon and takes 10th on this hilly course!

Sven winning in Koksijde and having time to celebrate with his son!
Stijn finishing in Ghent after 1h20′

Next week more races coming with cycling, triathlon and running races in Belgium, France and The Netherlands.



GP Lillers UCI 1.2 (France) – continental kickoff for William and Lars

Strong field at the starting line today in France for GP Lillers, 2 of our U23 riders took and got the chance to race this French classic in a strong field. Quite cold weather, 184K of racing and ready to go for all riders at the start of the season.
For Lars his first big race of the season, for William his first race at this level ever.
After a steady build up, with for both riders no ‘big’ problems as severe diseases, broken bones,…
Despite that exams, Covid infection, post covid jab symptoms, were there. But nothing can break a steady build-up, a good base can have something.

A steady build up, step by step with a first race in the weekend of 27th of February. Shape there at the right moment, ‘not too early not to late’ for our riders. Now 9months of harvest time will start, with microcyclusses towards peak periods.

Obviously today’s race in France had 2longer Powerpeaks in which power and HR simultaneously mounted for a period of 20-30minutes.
We noticed a fast breakout early in the race which separated the wheat from the chuff in 1st stage. The 2nd real breakout was starting after 130 and lasting untill the finishline.

Lars was positioned well before the peloton breaks in the final and ended up in a 10man chasing group on the approx. 30 leaders. The mid part of the race was power and HR wise not super hard, which made turning on the ‘engine’ at the start of the breakout quite difficult. After this happening we see HR and power gaining numbers and staying up untill the finishline, finishing 37th in the 10man bunch behind the leading group in which Milan Menten sprints to the win.

Lars having no problems with the length of the race and putting down his 5-10-20 and 30′ power peaks in the very end of the race.

William from his side experienced well in his first race at this level, as a 1st year U23 these races are perfect to pick up experience nutrition and racing wise and to finish in the peloton! A strong winter behind him and now making the connection during the races.
Recovery tomorrow and already looking forward to upcoming weeks!

Congratulations also to our other riders with Svenne taking 5th in Tongrinne (Belgium) and Alexis taking 6th in Evagoria (Cyprus)



First Groupsession of 2022 for our athletes!

Today the first groupsession of 2022 kicked off.

Our riders and triathletes have had a mostly important focus on specific strengthening and endurance so far. Today’s groupsession was a ‘field-evaluation’ of their current situation.
And it look good, all good!
In 4weeks our riders will kick off hard, in 7-12weeks our triathletes will follow!
With 10triathletes in Kona at the end of the season and some of our young riders able to step up to continental level…season looks promising and challenging already!

The after movie underneath!

CU later this year,