Hans taking 3rd in Ironlakes and first master – Jesse Massez 14th and much more

Our full distance athletes have had a great summer so far! With multiple Kona qualifications and several AG top 10 results in the Ironman races we were spot on in 99% of the races. Today Belgium had its only full Irondistance Ironlakes, Location: Froidchappelle! A very hilly full distance with quite some elevation on the bike and run course. A good end of summer sun, 22°C… and a light breeze excellent racing conditions! Jesse M(assez), Nesten and Hans were our athletes at the office!

In Italy, Ironman Emilia-Romagna was on. For Christophe and Roel, a faster racecourse in a nice environment.

In Ironlakes also 70.3 racing was on for our athletes!

Hans had his 2019 title to defend in Ironlakes, and knew he had to be at his best to be able to do a strong effort again on this tough racecourse!

Our athletes had good swims and could start cycling at their place, only Jesse M took some extra meters and ended up with almost 4K!

Also in Italy Christophe got out of the water in 1h06, Roel in 1h25. The beginning of a day to proove he’s capable of becoming an Ironman.

Swimming a bit longer than the planned distance, but keen on his bike and run in Ironlakes. Jesse M in search of his bike.

Ironlakes is an honest and tough race course. Athletes get in their positions they earn to be in very quickly.
Hans got himself into the top 5 of the field very quickly after the swim. Jesse M and Nesten were very close behind each other on the bike and rode a consistent similar pace throughout the bike effort.
Further on in the race it was very clear that 3man were very competitive to each other. Van de Plas, Didier and Hans.
Hans seemed to be the best man on the bike of these 3, with 1900D+ in the course Hans realized a time sub 4h30′ for the bike! During this bike effort he maintained a consistent 290-300NP, with only 10watts of difference between the first and last 90K. A very steady effort and his HR in the right zone lead him to his running shoes with enough freshness for a strong run.

Jesse M and Nesten both moved up strongly on the bike and could put down their bikes in +/- position 30!

298NP and a steadypoweroutput throughout the bike (HR is wrist measurement cfr. incorrect) – As you can see, temperatures going up throughout the Irondistance which surely will have played a rol for many athletes going to hard in the beginning.

In Italy Christophe paced himself forward in his strongest discipline and could step of his bike in 12th position in Emilia-Romagna! At that point it was clear that he was going to put down his fastest IM ever.

Hans cruising himself towards the fastest bike time in Ironlakes and giving his supporters a cold breeze.

Pacing correctly on the bike is important for being able to run fast off the bike and putting down a strong result at the finishline. No Ironman has been won in T2. But of course a strong bike effort at the right pacing brings you in chase of wins. Hans could step off the bike 2nd and immediately got in the right pace. Unfortunately for him both the winner and number 3 did a very strong run with 2h54 and 2h57 on the marathon. This put Hans in 3rd position past halfway on the run course, which he could maintain thanks to a steady and well paced run and finishing in 8h50′! What a strong time, and a well deserved 3rd place overall, besides this Hans also wins the masters race of course! Let’s not forget that. Behind him Jesse M was having another very strong off bike run and was able to move up from 28th position at the beginning of the run to 14th overall position at the finishline! Nesten +-/ maintained his position after the bike and puts down a good run and takes 40th overall! He killed his Ironman PB after a much better and consistent preparation on a very tough course!

Steady run for Hans in Ironlakes, leading him towards the podium and 3rd place!
Hans defended his title in Ironlakes in style, taking 3rd in 8h50′!

In Italy our athletes realized personal bests and mental and physical limits were put further and further!
Christophe started slightly too fast during the marathon but could get in his paces after 20K into the run course, finishing in 10h14′!

Roel from his side was keen on getting to the finishline, coming from very very far as an athlete he prooves that balls go hand in hand with glory! He can proudly claim that he’s an Ironman!

Christophe finishing IM Italy in 10h14′!

In Ironlakes also the 70.3 distance was held!
800participants in this Half Irondistance and some of our athletes were ready to kill it!
Bart had an excellent day, 4weeks after his fast Ironman in Kopenhagen and takes 5th in his AG today after running off the bike very fast!

Bart heading towards 5th place in his AG in the 70.3 race in Ironlakes

Last but not least, the way our athletes race is fast and with a lot wins in cycling and triathlon so far. But all of this is done with a smile and positive mind. This finish of Steven in Ironlakes demonstrates it all!

Onwards to next races tomorrow and next few days,

Train smart, perform better!


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