Lars winning in Neerijse (Elite/U23) – Svenne taking victory in Austria (Masters)

Our riders are peaking to the late autumn races at this moment, with several nice races coming and a relatively shorter season behind us peaking spot on is also a tiny bit more predictable. Periodisation is less depending on racing fatigue. All output of fatigue comes significantly more from trainingperiods.

Since the beginning of the season in June our riders are racing for the podium and wins week after week. With already several wins in Elite/U23 races and Amateur/masters race as a result.
Our elite/u23 riders are also performing very high level in Belgian cups, interclubs and races abroad.

Today 2 of our riders who have a peaking period win their races!
Not a concidence, an output of the input!

Svenne taking the win in the master category in Kärnten, Austria and taking 15th (all categories).
Taking back 2′ in GC on the current leader, makes him 2nd with 2′ behind!

Today’s stage had 4 important moments for Svenne to take the win in his Masters race in Austria, 3 hard parts to separate the best of the rest. 1 strong final to bring home the flowers!
Svenne doing his cooldown in style, he can put this ‘feather’ on his hat!

In Neerijse Lars (U23) started in this elite/u23 race near his home, for him a home-event. With his father organizing the race. Coming back from the UCI2.2U race Flanders Tomorrow Tour and heading later this week to Tour de Moselle (France) this race fell a bit ‘unlucky’. But considering FTT and today’s race as a 4day stage race and peaking towards Flanders Tomorrow Tour – Tour de Moselle – Liège Bastogne Liège(U23) and Arden challenge.
We already saw with a good taper-off to the stage races that Lars could grow into these races and mostly has good final stages. Today he confirmed this.

Peaking towards this period, and ending up with realizing it. Confirmation in blue, pink and yellow. Our favorite colors.

Lars is a rider you can work with quite easily. Executing training as asked, and finding solutions to train in changing conditions. In winter, in Covid periods, in racing periods. Looking further ahead than week by week. That’s the mindset you need as a rider/athlete, at least on the long run.

Consistency in training and spicing up training periodized leads to a good season and individual races. In the end it leads to winning!

Winner winner, chicken dinner! Lars putting up his fists, well earned!

Onwards to upcoming week(s)!



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