Nathan race towards a 8h54′ Ironman in Hamburg – 19th overall – 4th AG!

Another day of Ironman racing for our athletes!

After Ironman (70.3) races in Lake Placid, Maastricht, Frankfurt, Kopenhagen and Vichy now Hamburg and Duisburg (both in Germany) were planned!!

And how!! 

With astonishing results in the previous races we knew the vibes are there! 

In Ironman Hamburg Nathan takes part in his first Ironman, Hans DK and also Robin (also his first Ironman) joined him at the starting line! 

Hans DK had an injury in the months before the race but could manage training very well in the weeks leading up to the race! 

After a very good swim, excellent bike effort in 5h he was ready to run a sub 10h-10h30 Ironman. Unfortunately cold (after a day in the rain) hit him and stomach issues obligated him to step out of the race after 32K. A pity, and hopefully he can get himself back on his feet in the next few days. But this also is sports of course.

Robin from his side had an steady swim – bike – run performance, and his main objective before the race was to finish this race well and with a good feeling! And he could, after 11h43′ he finishes his first Ironman in Germany!

Nathan from his side also wanted in first place do the Ironman with a good feeling, pacing correctly and being capable to keep the engine running…on the run! That’s also how we paced the race. A steady to progressive race was planned. At the end, prizes are won at the finishline! 

With a 1h04 swim, followed by a bike effort in 4h40′ he took his runningshoes in 4th position in his AG! In this strong AG25-29 in front of him we found 3 other strong athletes who could stay ahead of him untill the end! But behind them it’s Nathan who moves up strongly in the overall field and finishes not only 4th in his AG, but also 19th overall!

His running time: 3h01′ – Global time 8h54′

Pacing correctly is key in an Ironman race! If you are patient and manage well, you will be able to outperform!

As this coach loves statistics and lists, we can say he’s the 10th of our athletes swim-bike-running his Ironman sub 9h! A magical border!

3rd time Nathan astonishes me this season.

The first time was during his running test, 2nd time during his bike test, today in race modus. When a puzzle falls together….

With Ironman cutting down the number of slots in the qualifying races for 2022 in Europe to 26 slots…even a 8h58′ and 4th place isn’t enough for a slot!

Compared to the arbitrariness in Kopenhagen last week, that’s a very sad approach.

Next week more Ironman racing in Switzerland and one of Europe’s classics Challenge Roth (Germany) are on!

Another nice surprise of one of our athletes in Viersel! Emelie takes the win in her first 1/4 triathlon and can spray the champagne!

Another duathlete stepping who can combine both disciplines!In the 1/3 triathlon it’s Jan Meysmans who raced his first triathlon again after years! And how! With a lack of swimming kilometers he leaves T1 in 92th position and pushes himself slowly but surely forward during this race on the bike!

Once in T2 his favourite gear (2runningshoes) was waiting for him! With a fast 7th running time he runs himself to 23rd place and is ready for the duathlons coming later this season!

In Deinze another Belgian triathlon was held! On the sprintdistance Ferre does his 2nd race so far and picks up another good feeling and experience!

Lesly pushing the best out of his body in Deinze, World champs Duathlon in Switzerland within 3weeks!

In the 111 triathlon in Deinze our triathlete becoming duathlete 🙂 Lesly does his final preprace towards the World Championships Duathlon in Zofingen, Switzerland! Another duathlete becoming triathlete is Yves! Soon in the AG50 category, but never to o(d)(l)d to learn! A good swim, using his strength on the bike and a fast run off the bike in 38′! Local hero from Deinze Arno launched himself in his 2nd triathlon, and with success! A good performance and getting endurance in his body!

Emelie spraying the Champagne after her strong win in Triathlon Viersel, Belgium!




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