Triathlon Alpe d’Huez – Hans and Steven crushing the mountains! Hans takes a spot between the pro’s!

Triathlon XL Alpe d’Huez today!

With a super strong field of pro athletes at thé starting line.

Our athlètes Steven and Hans looking forward to this race since winter. One of the thoughest races, conquering thé Alps summits.Both athletes had a good swim and kept touch with their opponents and eachother.

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A cold lake to swim, but the sun makes the body warm up aftewards!

Once on the bike, Hans Transformed again in La Machine and did an excellent job chasing thé pro field.

Halfway thé bikecourse he Found himself in front of thé race and only surrounded with professional athletes such as Strijk, Vistica, Rundstadler,…

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Hans is known to be a strong athlete, being an agegrouper he beats and touches many pro athletes! On Alpe d’Huez La Machine amazes again! – Pushing 300NP and getting into the pro field.

Also Steven was working hard and moved up towards top 7in his AG. Unfortunately Steven had some problems on thé bike just before thé climb of Alpe d’Huez which forced him in cramps. Hans flew his 78kg up on thé mountain and puts the 11th climbing time down!

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Steven keeps strong and finishes nicely in Alpe d’Huez

With an excellent run can maintain his place among thé pros and finishes 22nd overall, and Winner in his AG! Steven survives the cramps, perseveres and shows the true sportsmenship finishing thé race.

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Excellent job done by Steven and Hans

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