Ironman 70.3 Acapulco Mexico – lead up race to Lake Placid for Javier!

After a year that was difficult for many athletes, I can say our Colombian athlete Javier is that one guy that definitely had the toughest trainingconditions of all of them. Living on the altitude of Bogota, where very severe rules were set to keep the C virus controllable… things were not easy.
No swimming pools open for a whole year, Javier is only swimming for a month at this moment! Above this he had a very long period not being able to get out of his appartment. This obliged him to run 68m laps on the parking lot. Intervals, endurance, … he didn’t skip any of it!

He didn’t complain, he acted, he did…for that, he deserves the deepest respect of all sportsmen. The true sportsmanship is in consistency, perseverance, finding solutions and slamming down the hammer at the end…even when you get ‘hit in the face’ more than once.

One of Javiers first sessions outside of his parking lot, being obliged to stay close to his home

Today Ironman 70.3 Acapulco, Mexico was held. A race that was in his book for a long time…and the first race in more than a year. Even 2 weeks ago it wasn’t 100% sure he could make te trip abroad. But once he was there the racing vibes grew. And how!

Javier did a good job, swimming a 1’33/100 pace! Fortunately swimming isn’t a weak spot of him. So with 4 weeks of key sessions he was on it. There was ‘a feeling’, maybe not the ‘shark’feeling, but at least the ‘orca’feeling.

On the bike Javier did an excellent job, constant pacing and moving up towards 4th in his AG, 21st overall!

Javier putting down a strong bike effort today, putting down the bike 4th in his AG!

The run has always been the trickiest point for Javier. And when you’re in for an IM top 5…you know there are athletes putting pressure on you…

A consistent year of running helps of course, and pushing it in the front keeps him within the top5!
Ironman 70.3champs qualifier, but above all…one step forward towards Ironman Lake Placid, USA.

2months to go.
Let’s slam down that hammer.

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Javier getting his 70.3 trophy in Acapulco today!



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