Nathan wins at the beach – our athletes are in racemodus!

Good results of our athletes again today!Not many races, but those who are organized are dominated by the right athletes 🤙, the ones that are not afraid to suffer against themselves!North C-trail: Tough conditions for the participants, our athetes conquered wind, rain and storm. But after all, not super cold and athletes may not/never be afraid om some rain and wind.In the 21K race it’s Nathan who takes victory! 2nd race of the season so far for him and 2nd win!While in the female race Julie takes 4th and Veerle finishes a few minutes later!In the 28K race it’s Lesly who’s the guy on the podium, finishing 3rd!

Nathan entering the beach section, running to his 2nd victory of the season!

A few minutes later Steven settles down at place 6 overall (2nd master)In 10Miles by the sea our athletes were also strongly represented. Sven puts down another strong race in a strong field, finishing 5th!

Also our other triathletes gave the best of themselves and finished just inside top 20 (Dave 17, Niels 20). Yves takes 13th and finishes frist 1 M+45!

In Lembeke, the 15K trailrun was also held under the same conditions, but that’s what Robby likes. It inspired him to warm up his body and takes the first place! Another podium for Robby this season! Klaas (cyclocrossrider) isn’t afraid of some mud either, he runs off hard and takes 5th! Soon his races on wheels will start again, but the first part of the season the running races gave him an extra boost!

Klaas changed his bike for running shoes, awaiting for the first cycling races we planned some trailruns!

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