UK nationals duathlon – Triathons Mexico

In Belgium racing still not at full force, but some countries give the right example how to approach individual sports these days! The approach is simple: raceday!

In UK it’s Alejandro (Spain) who could race the UK nationals. This race is his final and only race in approach of the Spanish Irondistance championships on May 30th, where he will find a tough course with 2200D+ on the bike!
At a certain level speed also plays a role in Long distance triathlon. Training went fine untill now, but a race can confirm this and is a trial/error possibility in taper off and pre-race nutrition.

A good feeling leading up towards this race gave confidence, and this feeling also was transferred into performance today!

A good first run in Yorkshire lead him towards a good position at the beginning of the non-drafting bikecourse!
His first 10K was ran at 3’26″/km, on the bike a steady effort was planned and constantly powering the bike @290-300watts made him put down the bike in a top20 position. (~69Kg)

Of course places are divided in the after bike run, in triathlon…but also in duathlon!
You simply need to be able to run fast off the bike. Today the first race in more than 18months for Alejandro (Since IM world champs in Kona, Hawaii ’19!) but he prooves that no man has become a worse athlete of training right. Training smart, to perform better!
In a 3’29/km effort he moves up towards 15th place in GC and 6th AG place!

Triathletes often are not so keen on racing duathlons, this because of the hard running start. But a good duathlon can really be an eye-opener and boost for triathletes! In situations as the one we’re in at the moment it can be the perfect moment to try.

A strong off bike run makes or doesn’t make your race being a LD triathlete/duathlete! Triathlons are always won on the run!

In Topolobampo, Mexico Carlos had his last race towards Challenge Cancun (May 2nd). But also his first race since a long time! Hot conditions of course, but these athletes are used to this.
A good swim for Carlos, followed by a bike-run effort at anaerobic threshold makes him move up strongly towards this race! A good test and effort towards Cancun in 2weeks from here!

A good bike effort of Carlos in his first race of the season, in full prep towards Challenge Cancun (Mexico)



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