First spring races with several wins already!

All individual sports competitions at the moment are made difficult to get organised these days. But step by step organizers find solutions to get athletes back to competition.

Past few months a couple of trailruns and road running races were organised, most of them were won (or at least podium) by one of our athletes.

This weekend Trailrun Hoeilaart was held, with +/-250 participants on 4 distances (6K, 11K, 15K, 21K) these races proove to be done without any risks on healthcare, but with a lot of joy for athletes (and coaches).

The races that get organized are a relief for many athletes and something to look forward to these days!
In a ‘normal’ year our athletes are involved in high level cycling races and international triathlon races around the world in this period of the year. And mostly we have athletes in Ironmanraces from half of April untill October non-stop. This year, we are patient and hopefull of what comes.

With good news for example from UK, where Alejandro is competing the nationals duathlon in 2 weeks. Other countries will follow of course.

In Hoeilaart our athletes once again to be ready and in competitive shape!

In the 11K trailrun it’s Robby who once again takes podium, and more! He wins this intense trailrun with a combination of steep ups and steep downs! Perfect to lift the body to a higher level and fight your own mind.
Tim finishes a few minutes behind at 14th place!

Robby made the best of 2020, took a big step with podium in several big races and continues on this with another win in Hoeilaart today!

In the longest version, 21K this tough racecourse was fearfull. Perfect weather, dry surface but still the hills to conquer.
Our athletes dominated this keyrace of the day!
Battle modus was on, with good performances of Veerle in the women’s race and our male triathletes!
In the male race Michael, Bart DB, Niels (14th) and Kristof (12th) finish just outside the top 10.In the very front of the race it’s Wim DK who takes 6th (and by far the fastest master), while Stijn (2nd) and Nathan (1st!) are battling for the win up front! In the female race Julie takes 10th!
But with a 4’30 gap for Nathan he shows what we predicted, fireworks! Stijn kicks ass of the rest of the field and after Trail de Bruxelles he now takes his 2nd podium in one of the bigger trailevents! For Nathan this normally was his last race before Ironman Hamburg (Germany). But as this race has been postponed Chtriman 70.3 (France) will be the first!

Another clean sweep for our athletes with Nathan and Stijn winner and runner up in Hoeilaart!

Onwards to following weeks and months!



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