Groupsession ‘The rolling hills’ 2021

Also this groupsession was obligated to be done in 4man bubbles because of lockdown regulations.
But okay, that’s fine! A cold day was waiting for us and obviously our region was the only one in Belgium to be saved for a lot of snow. So clean roads and a little sun awaited us.
The first hour unfortunately the roads were getting slippery with the rising sun…being carefull during this hour was definitely important.
But slowly the road got better and better and our athletes could manage the 112K ride on the Flemish hills. 1400D+ waited for us through Huldenberg – Overijse – Rixensart – Bossut – Wavre – Bertem and Kortenberg. The one climb a bit steeper than the other.
Once the roads got cleaned up our athletes could settle their pace and manage to get in the planned efforts.

If the tough gets going, the going gets tough…looking forward now to the first races in cycling and triathlon…if gouvernements allow the normal things in life.

Our cyclists, triathletes and even some of our runners managed this demanding course in full prep towards 2021 season.

The first hour some of our athletes looked afraid because of the road conditions, and that’s logical with some places that were quite tricky. But once this got cleared we only had happy faces on this splendid loop.

Breaking mental limits sooner or later is followed by breaking physical limits!

Train smart, perform better,


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