Groupsession #2 – The Bubblesession – Fractionated run and strenghtening + technical skills on the MTB

This alternative ‘groupsession’ was the last of 2020, the year that socially will be remembered as unethical, undemocratic, full of panic, disrespectful to people with severe chronical diseases, older people, lack of wellbeing, polarizing, …but not for our athletes…they keep going and try to put their one foot before the other instead of turning back or collapsing!

With respect to the rules of our gouvernement for all the other people in the same situation, very disciplined athletes before, during and after training, we could make sure outdoor training today happened safely (again) and only in contact within the athletes their own ‘bubble’.

So, early wake up this morning to kick off the first athletes on their run course, an easy variated warm-up followed with (depending on the athlete’s specific discipline) a more intense core and easy cool-down.
After this run our athletes and cyclists could get on their bikes to spin out the run ;-).
Winter is the perfect time to combine technical skills, endurance and strengthening. Today it was an all-in-one package.
With the special training format, because of the lockdown, I wanted to offer a memorable wintersession…which most athletes and cyclists will never forget :-)!

For me as a coach it was great to see smiling, positive people. No nagging, but training, laughing and looking forward to what will be! Training correctly, smart…to perform better on raceday.
That’s also what connects our athletes, whether you live in Colombia, Canada, Asia or Europe…our #TSPB athletes have this gift.

We had just one perfect day, and it felt like this again!

This I have to say,

We planned this session very well, correctly and according to all rules. This meant putting even more effort, energy and time into it. But what a pity then to see local clubs avoiding these rules and finding 10-man and +10-man groups into the forests and public roads. Each man has to play his own game, face his own consequences but the 4man bubble in outdoor training is not a difficult rule to follow! So at the moment, just do that!

Don’t take risks, control the risks…then you control the damage!



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