La Machine is back – Ironlakes winner – Anthony taking climbers jersey in Germany – Bram in UCI world champs MTB

This weekend was the start of the autumn Ironman races, with Ironlakes (Belgium) the Belgian athletes got the chance to proove their strength in this hilly racecours. 2200D+ on the bike, 285D+ on the runcourse! This full distance triathlon attrackted French and Belgian athletes. With Fouss, Gillain and Chevalier Hans knew this would be a race fought hard.

Surgery past winter and revalidation the months after costed him spring but in summer he immediately showed good performances in Oudenaarde and Jabbeke. In Jabbeke he astonished by doing a bike effort 2 levels higher than the others. Cycling and swimming were the key in revalidation.

With a good swim for Hans (1h02′ ~ 3900m) top 10 was in sight very soon. On the bike a hilly course with a lot of ‘faux plat’, perfect for a 77kg powerhorse. Very soon Hans appears in the top 3 of the race, which was sooner than expect with Fouss (Sub9h inKona 18) and Chevalier (just above 9h in Kona 19) simply left behind. A constantly paced race at 280watts with no big drops in power and no big peaks (5minute peak of 330NP).
An athlete in shape can keep his HR also very consistent with a good poweroutput during 180K and still keep enough energy for the off bike run.

290NP during this 175K bikecourse ~ 2250D+ with a HR kept constantly while air temperature raises.

With 15′ advantage on number 2 and 20+ minutes advantage on number 3 Hans was in a luxury situation to get on the podium and perhaps win the race!
With a good trainingcamp around Mont Ventoux, France and being able to do good running, slightly hilly running also…this racecourse should be managed IF Hans paces well and conservatively. His winterbase in running is not there. But last 4 months running was getting to a higher level. A good level, last 4 weeks were spot on it. And managing the marathon was possible. IF Hans paced well…and he did! Starting at +/-4’30km and HR XX he keeps it steady on this hilly course to finish at 4’40/km and win his 2nd Ironman distance, Ironlakes Belgium!

Constant run and overlooking things perfectly, winner winner chicken dinner!
2nd full distance triathlon won by Hans, Ironlakes, a winner always remains a winner!

What a resume Hans has on the long distance:

  • European AG champion duathlon
  • 2* World AG champion duathlon
  • Chtriman full distance winner
  • Ironlakes full distance winner
  • 3X 70.3 (Half Irondistances) races winner
  • and more which I now forget probably…

A story of not giving up after bad news, fighting back, struggling and keeping the flow going! In sport you see people with extreme character and perseverance. Well, Hans is one of those!
Well earned for him and his relatives.

Together everyone achieves more, at its place today in Froidchapelle

More athletes today racing the 70.3 distance!
Kenneth races in Ironman70.3 Italy! In Ironman 70.3 Weymouth (UK) Kris takes 2nd (AG) and qualifies for the 70.3 world championships in New – Zealand!
Kristof from his side enters his very first 70.3 race in Ironlakes, Froidchappelle.

Kristof with determination in Ironlakes, putting down a fast bike and run off the bike!

Not only in Belgium our athletes went hard today, in Germany Anthony was keen on defending his climbers jersey and 4th place in GC. Not letting go the other GC riders was key and he realized this, 4th in GC and taking home the climbers jersey from Germany!

Anthony taking home the climbers jersey from Germany

In Grächen, Switzerland Bram races the World Championships MTB marathon. Unfortunately for him the weekend began a bit stressfull by breaking a spoke 18h before the race. On raceday Bram takes 154th in the world championships. Hoping to get around top100 among the best riders in the world wasn’t there today. But then again you now what to work for!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: fietsende mensen en buiten
Bram on the MTB world champs recon in Grächen



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