World Championships mountainbike qualification for Bram – Anthony 3rd in Luxemburg!

What a weekend!
Yesterday Hannah participated in the 70.3 world championships in Nice, where the best triathlete of her generation(and perhaps more) won. Daniela Ryf is the name.
Today in the 70.3 male championships we saw an extraordinary race with in front the (former) Olympic distance athletes and behind in the pro race the Ironman athletes. Is there a new generation coming? Future will tell!
In this race it was Dave who did an excellent race in Nice, before the race he was astonished by the athletes around there in Nice but stood tall among them!

Dave running towards the finishline in Nice

Our Ironman athletes are having races coming up! Bert (Pro) raced in Knokke towards 10th place yesterday. Today it was Vadim who had his last race before heading to Kona for the Ironman World Championships!

Canadian Vadim, as aero as a plane on his BMC – ZIPP machine!

And how! Averaging 40.7km/h ~ 290NP in the 70.3 race of Montreal, Canada!
With this performance the 46years old Ironman athlete takes 14th overall!

Vadim pacing very constantly but hard before getting on the run course ~ 290NP

UCI MTB marathon in Bouillon, Belgium today. Last chance for Bram to qualify for the Elite World Championships in Grächen, Switzerland!
And how, a tough summer of training followed by a 3day stage race before approaching this last attempt. Finishing within top20 (Elite) was necessary. After not qualifying by 1 place in 2previous races we knew qualifying was more than possible for this rider. And so he did, 160K ~ 4400D+, finishing 10th overall and succeeding strong! Now 2 weeks to recover and be in shape to race against the very best professional Mountainbikers in the world!
In Bouillon also shorter distance races were held, Dirk takes 5th in his AG in the 75K race.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, fietsen, fiets en buiten
Bram qualified for the Elite world championships in Grächen, Switzerland!

In Luxemburg, Anthony raced in La Charly Gaulle. Our duathletes Patrick and Stijn took part in this race also. This in approach to their autumn races coming!

Anthony confirms again, early in the race he makes the right breakaway and feels strong. Only one week after his win in La Velomediane he could ride another final, being in a 3man breakaway. After 160K Anthony sprints for victory but has to be happy with 3rd place! Another podium!
Anthony took podium in Germany, France, Belgium and Luxemburg this season and won several races already! Very consistent! Strong racing alsof Stijn and Patrick, unfortunately P crashed in the final of the race and will be sleeping a bit less upcoming days! Nothing that can’t heal!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 3 mensen, inclusief Anthony Spysschaert, lachende mensen, staande mensen
Another podium for Anthony, taking 3rd place in La Charly Gaulle (Lux)

A lot of racing coming up in the next weeks with for example the world championships mountainbike and Ironman, but also several 70.3 and full Ironman races coming!



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