Ironman Frankfurt – Chtriman – Caveman – 70.3 Salamanca

Last weekend of June, time to get racing before holidays a lot of athletes thought 😉
In Ironman Frankfurt a strong Pro field was lined up: Joe Skipper, Frodeno, Kienle, Russel, Lange,…and our Sergio (Spain). Sergio was racing his first Pro Ironman in this field, not easy and temperatures were making it a very hot and tough day!
Kurt, Johan and Jelle were our Agegroup athletes racing! For Jelle his first IM.

A non-wetsuit swim, but no athlete should be afraid of this. You train plenty of time without wetsuit in the pool. Why being afraid of swimming without a wetsuit? Okay…some slower time. But times don’t matter in Ironman, that’s partly output of many circumstances.
Sergio was having a good swim, coming out of the water in 1h00 and within the Pro pack. Only…at the beginning of the bike he got something in his wheel which made him have to stop and fix it. This made him lose contact with the other athletes who he left T2 with such as Andrej Vistica (Embrunmanwinner and multiple IM podium). This took over 7′ losing and seeing everybody riding away. This meant all Pro athletes were gone before he had to start the bike…solo! Nobody around him anymore and the strongest AG athletes 20′ behind.
But he made the click and started his race, slowly but surely moving up…

Our other athletes came out of the water one by one, Johan was the first leaving the lake after 1h08 and getting on his TT! Jelle and Kurt soon after.

Johan (AG45) leaving Transition after 1h08′

Once on the bike, our athletes got in their role and moved up. Moving up moderate and pacing well. Johan did a very good first lap, but in the 2nd lap he was only overtaken by 1 other athlete, overtaking many others!
A lot of athletes going into an IM forget the fact that the race is long, the avg performance of the race counts. Not a swimcourse + 45K bike time…
Jelle and Kurt both in their pace racing towards T2. Nutrition and drinks were key in the hot conditions of Frankfurt, 37°C.

Sergio, who had to come back from 40th position (far behind) was picking up other pro athletes at halfway the bikecourse. He would move up even towards 29th position, when coming off the bike!

Sergio pacing regularly and putting down 240NP ~ 67kg in Frankfurt, coming off the bike 29th

Once on the runcourse Sergio got himself into the rhytm, trying to catch up as many other athletes as possible. And that worked, he could move up towards 20th place in Frankfurt! A race with many toplevel Pro athletes in tough conditions.

Sergio catching up many pro’s on the bike and runcourse after his mechanical problems, running towards 20th place in the European Ironman Championships

Johan and Jelle started their marathon slightly too enthousiastic, feeling fresh and loaded for the run. But being too enthousiastic in the beginning always becomes slightly tougher in the end!

Johan finishing in Frankfurt after 10h49′

But both athletes did well, succeeded and kept running towards the finisline! Johan takes the finish in 10h49′, Jelle finishes 12′ later in 11h01′, hoping for sub 12h before the race. Kurt had a fight with the heat, but won the fight and finished a bit later in Frankfurt!

Jelle after finishing his first Ironman in Frankfurt, feeling satisfied!

In 70.3 Salamanca, Spain Alejandro was ready and loaded for some strong racing and putting down a very good race!
After the swim he immediately got into the right rhytm and rode himself within the toppositions! Putting a very strong bikesplit with 290NP ~71kg he prooves once again he’s in topshape!

290NP ~71kg in 70.3 Salamanca for Alejandro

Unfortunately, a lack of drinking and forgetting to eat…a big big ‘beginners’mistake made him not get in rhytm for running towards the podium finishing just next to it on 5th position! Forgetting to eat may not happen, it’s part of racing and big part of the performance! Even if you are chasing down the leaders!
5th in the end, good shape and ready for Ironman Gdynia (Poland) within a few weeks!

70.3 Salamanca (Spain) – 5th place for Alejandro

Not only in Frankfurt and Salamanca our athletes were racing today!
Also in Belgium our athletes were racing with a lot of top 5 AG results!

In Kanne our athletes raced the 111Triathlon

Fast racing of Kristof in Kanne, suiting up like a boss!

The town of Gravelines,France hosted the yearly Chtriman race!
In this 70.3race our 70.3 athletes and Ironman athletes took part of this big event. Also in this race our athletes realised fast times, and put down personal topperformances!

In the 111duathlon Robby takes 5th overall and feeling very well in his first ever 90K TT experience!

Robby takes 5th in the 10-90-10duathlon!

A very nice weekend behind us again, and looking forward now to next weeks with Ironman racing in Vitoria, Zürich, Gdynia,…


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