Harvesting season has come!

Plenty of races past weekend! With Tour of Kärnten (Austria); Challenge Lisboa (Portugal) and 70.3 Malaga (Spain) the weekend kicked off in Southern Europe!
Today we continued the good vibes and had another day of races planned!
Cyclingraces in Belgium and Austria!
In Austria Anthony (3rd in GC after stage1) felt ready for the Individual Time Trial, with only 1″ of advantage on number 4 in the GC he wanted to keep his 3rd place safe!
And so he did, with a 4th place in this 29K ITT he keeps safe his 3rd place and advances number 4 now by 1 minute! Tomorrow another climbing stage with a final that can go all directions…to be followed!

Individual Time Trial on day 2 in Tour of Kärnten for Anthony – 4th place and 3rd in GC currently with the most difficult stages having to come!

In Spain – Barcelona Sven and Raymond had to start early in the morning.

Positive thinking on training and before the race always works!

7am and off they were in the sea! Both athletes had a good swim, Sven (coming from a +40′ swim now for the first time touched the 35′ barrier. With a good bike he moved up already quite a lot on the tough Spanish course and put down the bike with a smile before running a splendid (!) half marathon in 1h22′!! Excellent job done

Sven flying in in Barcelona in 1h22′!

Raymond, one of our older athletes in AG 55. But each year getting better and better! Raymond did what he had to do in the swim and comes out of the water just below 35′, on the bike he moved up very strongly. On the bike Raymond already showed past winter during the groupsessions that the younger athletes are manageable for him! On this tough racecourse the biker awakens. Putting down his bike good with sight on a top 10position in his AG, which was extremely strong in Barcelona, he started running!
With a steady half marathon @4’48/km he finishes 9th in his AG!

Raymond finishes 9th in his AG in Barcelona today!

A few hours later in Leuven, Belgium, the yearly 70.3 distance was held. Leuven, the most beautifull city of Belgium, has a long triathlon tradition with many good triathletes in its environment.
Our athletes feared the cold water temperatures of the lake, but all seemed manageable after all!
For most of our athletes racing in Leuven today, this was a race in function of an Ironman race coming! For others this was a main goal!
One of our athletes, Wim, lives just at the side of the lake and might consider this as his private swimming pool. So motivation was on top!

Tony, racing IM Zürich 2019, was our first man in the race. The ‘running’ swim start made him look for the right pace in the first 500m, but once warmed up he got into his pace. With a strong bike effort he managed to get himself into the top 20 after T2!

Wim having a good day in the race starting in his own garden, finishing in Leuven in 4h48′! Slowly but surely getting ready to put another Ironman on his resume!
Tony @294Np ~ 73kg in Leuven, moving up strongly before running 1h17′ on the last 20 hilly kilometers!

With a strong run off the bike, which is the strength of many of our athletes he runs himself towards 14th place! Next steps: 70.3 racing in The Netherlands and Ironman Switzerland!

David, Diabetic triathlete and to follow on www.neverbackdown.be is aiming to become the 2nd Belgian diabetic – Type1 to become an Ironman finisher! For David this 70.3 race was hyperimportant according to nutrition and keeping control over the body. He did perfectly and did a very consistent race. Next step…full distance!
In the masters race it was Steven who amazed, Steven got in contact with us after severe health problems and is now totally back on track. Finishing 26th overall and 5th master is very satisfying!

Our female athlete always are quite tough, and so is Isabelle! With a very good swim and a very strong bike she put down her bike 2nd in her AG, but also top 5 overall! At that moment victory in the masters category seemed unreachable having to chase former PRO Adam. But Adam dropped out and Isabelle kept going and took victory today! A good motivational after some backproblems.

Our Ironman athlete abroad are also getting ready to race! First race today for Vadim (Canada) in his first day off of the Turbo, feeling very good on the swim and bike he moves up towards 3rd AG (45) position to finish 6th and feeling almost ready towards Ironman Boulder!

National duathlon title for Inge and regional Elite championships cycling!

First weekend of May, the ‘hot’ days are coming!
Unfortunately Belgium is in a big cold these days, very cold temperatures, hail and snow in some regions!

This weekend our Elite riders raced in the regional championships,
Anthony (West- Vlaanderen) had another strong race. With multiple top 10 results and podium spots this season already he was ready for a strong race this weekend. Finding himself in the lead group that went all the way to the finishline he was capable of sprinting for victory in this 21man group.
Anthony takes 13th!

Anthony made huge steps last years and is now harvesting his input into his sport, riding passionate and smart!

Dries (Vlaams-Brabant) didn’t find himself in the lead group. But having missed this group with legs on fire he decided to give it a go and in the very final he makes the jump to this group before the ‘Bosberg – former deciding climb in legendary editions of Tour of Flanders’. Finishing 8th U23 (21st in general) he can look back to a good race. But also knowing the fact he had to be in the group earlier in the race!

Onwards to next races for these 2 riders, they have nice results coming for sure!!

Dries is one of our young potentials, still much progression to make and amazing with some stunning results. Looking forward to a hot summer!

Regional title for Kristof in OVWF today!

Our mountainbike riders were looking forward to Roc d’Ardenne for a long time! Bram is in chase of world championships qualification (Elite) in the marathon discipline. To get immediate qualification today he needed to finish 20th! 100K ~ 3000D+(!) and a lot of participants (volume), but also a lot of the best riders in this race. For 90K Bram was convinced to become 20th! But only in the last kilometers his place was attacked and he had to be satisfied with 21st! A pity, but after a good race the positive points may also weigh towards the future! 21st and having to get the ticket on another day!

21st in Roc d’Ardenne for Bram today!

In the shorter distance marathon (45K) Junior Andres felt good, rode strong and finishes 30th/500!

In Belgium the national championships duathlon long distace were held today and with ambition for the podium in the women’s race!
In the male race we had in particular our LD triathletes coming to race, and because of the good date of the race this season the perfect diving board towars the 70.3 and full distance races!

In the female race both Inge (master) and Isabelle master) at the starting line!
A fast opening in the first kilometer at 3’45/km for this 10-60-10 duathlon made Inge chose to not explode and wisely gets in her pace towards T2! Very quickly she moved up towards a position with here eyes on the podium at the end of the race! Both Inge and Isabelle moved up strongly, being in the master category they put down 2nd and 5th biketime overall!

203NP ~ 56kg for Inge in the national championships being the base for her AG title and 3rd place overall!

In the 2nd run Inge could keep her place and the logical women in front of her were followed quickly by herself! 3rd overall and good for her first AG title on the long distance! For Isabelle the 2nd run would be a real test, and she did well putting down a 2nd run with not much of decay compared with run 1!

Inge chasing her first AG title on the long distance!

Our male duathletes/triathletes made a huge effort in Geluwe today and succeeded well in this race. With very good offbike runs they may look very confident towards their first triathlons!

And then…horror…triathlon veurne, water 13.8°C ‘they say’…but our athletes didn’t hold back and even looked forward to challenge these conditions!
And how…Bert was our man in the front today getting out of the water 10th and moving up strongly on the bike towards the first positions…unfortunately PSSSSST…flat tyre and game over for him! Veurne was his last test before Ironman Lanzarote, where he will be racing in PRO category for the very first time!

Fast racing of Bert untill the tyre said stop! Onwards to Ironman Lanzarote now!

Bert was in racemode and untill the flat cost him his race he was riding 338NP in this 1/4distance!

Our othere athletes were killing it from the start and focussed on the AGcategories!
Dimi, going very well in his recent tests and races was in a battle for the podium in AG35. 3 athletes within 30seconds, in the final of the race he moved up from 2nd to first and takes the win by only2seconds!

Dimi, winner of the day in his AG by 2″!

Hannah from her side, going very hard in her last cyclingraces, didn’t like the cold at all so she tried to race fast and takes 3rd! With other athletes very close to their AG podium the cold weather became a sidestory, the results…were the proof in the hot pudding!

Hannah taking AG 3rd today!

Ciao and looking forward to next week already!


Ironman 70.3 Marbella (Spain) – Cycling in Belgium – Half marathon in The Netherlands

Today another big racing day planned for our athletes!
With Ironman70.3 Marbella the day starty early!
For Sergio (Pro Licensed this season) a 1’25/100m seaswim made him get on the bike well. In front of him Brownlee, Dreitz, Rundstadler, the Dutch Brons brothers,…a tough field of competitors so determinations must be there! Sergio, not loving to climb a lot, was challenged by the difficult racecourse and did well before putting down the bike! With a strong run he takes 16th in this Pro -field.

Good run of Sergio in Marbella

Vincent from his side puts down a huge bike effort of 292NP which gives a mental boost and confirmation of his hard and good work of past months!
With this bikesplit he takes a top20 overall bike effort!

Strong racing also in Belgium, with Tibo (junior). A 93K bikerace today! Being the engine of an early breakaway in which there was no cooperation at all he didn’t hesitate and kept riding with the wheel’suckers’ behind him! As I always say to my younger riders, don’t hesitate to make the race. Being in the wheels all day long can make you a winner of the day…but not a real winner! Tibo took the lead for 55K of 65K being in the breakaway and finishes 7th today. But 1 day… he wins!

Tibo kept making the race today, but unfortunately the other riders had only an eye on his wheel.

Our elite rider Dries had the 3 BERGENPRIJS – E3 BINCKBANK CLASSIC, this race is one of the classics for Elite/u23 riders in Belgium. With a couple of continental teams at the starting line you know those 142K will go hard! Dries managed well between these riders and found himself sprinting for 6th place in a small group behind the leaders, finishing 29th.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen, fietsende mensen, staande mensen, fiets en buiten
Dries in one of the earlier classics this season Gent-Staden

Also our female athletes got involved in some cyclingraces, Hannah raced among the elites, Inge took 7th in another race!

In The Netherlands Jan puts down a huge effort in his 3rd half marathon this season. A Strong wind, tough racing conditions but also a strong mind. Jan his focus is on running this season and it’s clearly he’s taking it serious by accelerating in the last part and taking 3rd place in 1h14′!!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, buiten

In Spain David race the Madrid Half marathon, hilly course and nice weather! With strong legs he finishes in 1h20′! Ready to come racing in Belgium 🙂

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, staan
David running 1h20 in Madrid!

Tomorrow a lot of other races coming!


Ironman South Africa and 70.3 racing in Spain!

The biggest racing weekend of spring so far for our athletes, races in Germany, USA, Belgium, France, South Africa and Spain! All athletes dying to get into the races, knife between the teeth…

70.3 Sevilla, Spain for Sergio. For Sergio (Pro triathlete) the first big race of the season. After a winter of training looking forward to the races always feels great!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: lucht, wolk, boom, buiten en natuur

More than ready to get into the race he succeeded a good swim and moved up towards 5th position on the bike. A 5th place which he could keep untill the end of the race! Next up: Marbella 70.3!

Tough racecourse in Sevilla – Hilly and windy – 281NP ~ 71kg

Sergio’s race was a good example to look at for our other athletes racing 70.3. David and Georg were racing in Salou (Spain) and put down very strong races. Georg is not a beginner but probably made a huge beginner mistake which he we will never make again…by forgetting his BIBnumber and getting DSQ. Despite that he continued ‘illegal’ and put down a 265NP bikeride followed by a strong run. A pity for him, because he was on his way doing one of his best 70.3 races so far!
David, http://www.neverbackdown.be , is diabetic Type-1. Each training, each race is trial and error but more and more he starts to get everything under control. And also today by finishing 70.3 Salou after a steady and well paced bikeride. During the run cramps came up, but he managed to keep all under control and finish well!

In Texas, USA, also a rookie at the starting line. With a running background (years ago), I was pretty sure finishing the race well wouldn’t be a problem. Bart aimed for a sub 6h time. I estimated 5h. Well…it became 4h56′. It may be said once again, a running background is a good background to start triathlon. If you have a bit of power 🙂

And then, Ironman time for Alejandro. A Spanish triathlete living in London and training 80% of his time indoor, between the 4 walls of his appartment. In Kona ’18 we took already quite a stunning performance by finishing in 9h14′ after a strong marathon side by side with Tony (4th in sprintduathlon Geel yesterday).

Stormy conditions in South Africa, a very rough sea swim in which 2 competitors were found dead. ‘A huge mistake of the organizers to risk these swimming conditions’ according to Alejandro. A short swim with slow swimming times in the pro category says enough I think…Alejandro survived…and even did well.

One eye on the pulse – One eye on the watts
266NP ~ 71kg put Alejandro into position for an overall top 5AG

Before the race tactics were clear, an eye on power and the other eye on the pulse. A consistent bike was performed and wattwise we were spot on it.
I know Alejandro can ride +/- 280watt on IM distance but then risks to run like a chicken towards the finishline. The loss in speed in some % less watts is almost nothing, the gain in running legs can be exponential.
And so it was, moving up to 6th AG positon after the bike with several (+/-20) other athletes still in the game for world champs qualification…his position was perfect. The first 5K of the run he ran the slowest time of all competitors who finished top 10. The last 37K he ran the fastest time of all competitors who finished top10. A consistent HR based pace kept his body under control, never gave him the ‘exploded’ feeling and made him run even faster in the end. With a tough headwind pacing on HR seemed once again the best choice!

Alejandro moved up, came even close to the podium in his AG but finished 4th…and qualified for the World championships in Kona, Hawaii in October. South Africa loves our athletes and our athletes love South Africa…that’s for sure! Astonishing in the overall result:

3h03′ in the final marathon after the swim and 180K bike – Kona ‘in the pocket’

Alejandro takes 5th AG overall and would have won any other AG

  • Alejandro takes 5th AG overall and would won any other AG
  • He beats former Pro athletes (who turn AG to grab the Kona ticket of course)
  • The fastest marathonrunners also seem to be the fastest overall performers. Running is becoming more and more dominant in the final ranking in highly densified fields.
Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, staan
Crossing the finishline in South Africa!

Season is totally on, and our athletes are back on fire!



Our cyclists very close this weekend – Triathlon in Brasil – Running in Belgium!

Strong results of our cyclists this weekend! All of them playing an important role in the development of the races!

Elite in Florennes, Anthony and Dries both in good shape past weeks and prooving already they have it in them to play for victory. Especially on a tougher racecourse such as today’s!
Both riders found themselves in the right breakaway, it looked like this breakaway would go all the way. But misunderstanding let to a peloton that came back to this first group and sprinted for victory! A pity for both riders, especially for Dries who go tackled in the sprint and ended up with a crash!

In Momalle (1.18) Svenne found a racecourse he like, in front of the race he had to chase 2leaders during the whole race. A good race done, the result not showing the effort by finishing 11th!
Important 6weeks coming now for him!

Young rider Tibo (Juniors) is having a huge start of the season, each race playing for the win and entering top 10 so far! Today he managed to close a 40″ gap with the leaders all by himself and finishes 6th!
It made him got a selection for Tour of Flanders (UCI1.1 Juniors) on April7th!

In Geraardsbergen, Steven takes 14th after missing the 12man breakaway and coming in in a smaller group chasing the leaders!

What to say about Bram in Besonnieux? Mountainbikespecialist and entering his 2nd road race. Always in front, feeling strong and in control of the race! Finally a sprint with the riders left and finishing 12th!

In Brasil, our Brasilian 70.3 athlete Ronaldo, had an important 1/4 triathlon to do! Leading up to the first 70.3 races speed,power and endurance needed to come together! And so it did!

Strong racing of Ronaldo these days, ready for more!

With a strong bikeperformance he confirmed his good swim to put down the bike 6th overall and keep this 6th overall spot at the finishline!

A strong bikeperformance of Ronaldo before a fast run off the bike! Steady performance for start untill finish!!

In Belgium a couple of road running races with for example Dendermonde (Dieter 5th) and Essene (Half marathon)
In Essene Jan was ready for a good half marathon, with 282D+ this race is quite hilly. A strong performance, finishing this race in 1h16’30” ~ 3’36km and beating several strong athletes! Jan is having a good start of the running season!

Another strong half marathon of Jan – 1h16’30” for 280D+

The way our athletes are having things under control at the moment is great, season started well with wins in cycling, running and du/triathlons already! April 1st doesn’t look serious, but in sports…then things get very serious!

Let’s kick it!