Our athletes flying across Europe today!

🇩🇪️ Anthony keeps fighting today in Rothaus Ridermann. In the final stage he aims for the win, and finally gets 9th! Which also results in 9th in GC!
Niels was also getting stronger by the day to finish with a strong race.

Anthony Sp.jpg

🇷🇴️ Daniel helps his teammate Tvetchov to GC victory in Tour of Romania (UCI 2.2). Today and yesterday he had to keep his good legs under control for winning the race with his team.


🇧🇪️ In Belgium it was Guillaume who really looked forward to some races in bad weather. It separates the men from the boys u know….and he did well…finishing 7th today!


Our triathletes/duathletes with some hunger to season’s dessert did well also in duathlon Langemark yesterday!

🇨🇵️ Séb, our big French triathlete had some offroadvibes last period and show triathletes are not limited to the combination of swim-bike-run but also can perform in heavy trailruns of 30km. Finishing 12th/500 in this strong field!


🇷🇸️ And last but not least, in Slovenia 70.3 it was Hannah who put down a very strong performance by finishing 8th in her AG and claiming interest to try to qualify for the IM70.3 WC! A densified race, finishing only 30″ behind 6th place!!!
Hannah is one of our very strong female athletes 💪💪

Hannah Slovenië 2.jpg

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