2018 flew by as it came, fast! But it’s also worth looking back to and remembering the nice performances our athletes could realize!

Hundreds of personal topperformances, personal bests and personal epic achievements. 
We could recap 2018 in miles, meters of altitude, number or kudos, … like you see nowadays on strava, instagram and other social media. But those things do not matter in sports. 
What matters in the end is the output, output with an input in which the athlete enjoyed training . How you determine output can’t be defined, for the one it’s becoming world champion…for the other it’s feeling in shape and happy.
Working with athletes with over 20 different nationalities is an eye opener in matter of approach, finding solutions and deleting problems,…let’s call it experience, wisdom if I may use this loaded word. Something as a high performance coach you can only learn from and take the benefit from. All information gathered on 1 harddrive, or maybe 2 if you count the one between your ears. Evaluating every season, every step you do as a coach is what makes the results for your athletes in the end. Not evaluating yourself is what will limit performance. Because other athletes will…if you don’t!

Our athletes were once again there, from January 1st untill December 31st. 
It’s 1 big pleasure to be surprised by athletes beating their PB’s, showing up for the first time on a podium or finishing the impossible looking Ironman or marathon. But as far as I know, limits don’t exist. I have been astonished so many times by my own athletes to believe something is impossible.If you would ask me some numbers of 2018, I would give you these:

  • 149 spots on the podium
  • 7*Ironman World championships qualifiers
  • 13*podium on national championships
  • 4*podium on continental championships
  • 3*podium on world championships
  • World Championships Ironman: 2nd AG
  • World Championships Powerman: 1st and 2nd AG

As you can see, an amazing season in which our athletes won UCI professional cyclingraces, elite cyclingraces, countless triathlons and duathlons all over the world.

We see you again in 2019, many suprises will appear…even early in ’19 

Because photo’s say more than 1000words, here’s a few 2018 pictures with a lot of story behind!

Hel van Kasterlee 2018

What an edition of ‘Hel van Kasterlee’, thé multisportevent during winter in Belgium! 
A racecourse that was fast and dry…untill this night. Snow…which turned in to melting snow and meltwater! 
The cause of a race that became a survival!
Already from the start athletes got cold. 
Knowing a couple of our athletes simply can’t stand the cold very well…I knew this day would be tricky! 
Inge was in 2nd position after the first run, before jumping on her beloved mountainbike and chase that 1st position again. But very soon cold entered the body and already early in the race she had to go to the medical service with severe hypothermia! 
This cold was also there for all other athletes. In the male race number 1 and 2 dropped out due to the weather conditions. 
One of our male athletes, Jelle, broke his chain and many more athletes suffered from broken gear.
With never having an athlete starting in Kasterlee to drop out…this was the very first time it happened and already early in the race! 
In the 2nd half of the bikecourse hypothermia was there for Kristof, while Stijn also broke his gears and had to DNF. 
Never seen before….

But the other athletes did survive this race and cold. Only 221athletes/350 starters made it untill the finishline.

Wim was there to defend his title in the masters race. But with 2laps to go on the bike, he couldn’t see well anymore. Falling in the little canals, missing turnings,…it all became worse and worse during these last 2 laps. Losing +/-40′ on his opponents in these last 50K on the bike was pure terror for him. Cold was his master of hi body and later it became clear his retinae were frozen! 
Despite this he managed to do the unbelievable…putting down the 9th overall running time in the last 30K. With his wife next to him litterally guiding him in the right direction. 
Maybe not ‘wise’ but this also shows the sportsmanship these athletes have! Finally Wim finishes 30th, 6th master!

Behind Wim it were Wesley and Bart who were close to eachother untill the very end of the race and finish this race nearly together! 
Bart didn’t get the most easy edition for his first time in Kasterlee but can close his year with a good feeling after an accident with consequences the day before his planned Ironman in Maastricht.
Wesley was afraid before the race that shape wasn’t there because of tough months in September/October but he managed to reinstall shape and go all the way! He did it once again!

Our Romanian athlete Lucian was attrackted by the special format Kasterlee has and wanted to enter this race. His stresslevels went higher the last weeks before the race but on the other side he was never in this shape. Ready to finish the race in normal conditions…but today turned out NOT normal and still he made it all the way! 
Big thumbs up to our athletes entering the race, daring to race but of course most of all to the athletes finishing the race in style 💪

Many athletes sent me messages this weekend that Hel van Kasterlee in these conditions were ‘crazy’. BUT…limits, both mentally and physically are the ones we/you put down on yourselves.

What to say about David, our extreme trailrunner, who was running the ‘Bello-Gallico Trailrun’ . This 160K trailrun started yesterdaymorning and finished this noon for David. During this race in Brabant, Belgium they conquer offroadtrails and hills. Tonight in this region melting snow, under 0°C and real snow were their part. David survived this race well and finished it strongly!!!!

More photos later! They will be worth it 🙂

Ironman world championships Hawaii – Bert taking 2nd and much more!

Yesterday Ironman World championships in Kona, Hawaii! Thé race of the year in triathlon. One day that the whole world learns to know what triathlon is about. The performance, the spirit and the lifestyle of sportsmanship.
Simply being able to get to the startingline means you are one of the world’s best athletes in your category.
The race always leaves us with big emotions before, during and after. Getting there demands massive smart preparation, sacrifice and a great willing to simply race in this strong field!

7athletes qualified for Kona ’18, on a rather small traininggroup of triathlons. 4 racing the championships! For years now, our athletes prooved this squad is among the very best AGsquads in the world. This because of training, determination and a good spirit

Before heading to Kona, our athletes all felt great. They picked up shape very well and were ready to travel to the other side of the world to race. Once arriving there, the heat fell down on all athletes but the athletes all managed fine, only Sam. One of or absolute topAG racers felt difficulty on the bike. But ok, still 1 week before the race and overall feeling was good!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen

Sam was one of the favourites in the AG 40 race, together with Bert and a couple of other Belgian athletes.

At raceday the swim is not unimportant in Kona, massive groups you need to pass if you come out of the water late. So being capable of putting down a good swim can make your cycling effort be more relaxed!

Our athletes came out of the water in +/- the time they needed to come out!
For Tony, his first Ocean race, Alejandro, Bert and Sam already raced in Kona before!
Bert: 54′  – Sam 1h06′ – Alejandro 1h07′ – Tony 1h09′

Most AG athletes participating in Kona, swim +/-5-6′ slower than in their qualifying  race, an Ocean will of course never have the same waves or current.

Once on the bike it became clear that Bert was in thé day of his life, moving up and also daring to take the lead within 60K on the bike! Risky of course, but he was in shape and prooved in Vichy and Lanza he can put down the 180K effort on his own.

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: een of meer mensen en buiten


Sam from his side moved up strongly, Alejandro and Tony followed closely behind!
In Kona there’s always the drafting discussion, that’s why I really want to post the honest pacing of our athletes!
Bert had a very strong ride and put down 273NP ~ 72kg , Tony at 253NP ~71kg, Sam at 241NP ~75kg and Alejandro 72kg ~236NP


Bert bikefile.jpg

273NP ~72kg for Bert, riding himself to a 4h30′ bikesplit in Kona. World class ride!

Sam G bikefile.jpg

241NP ~75kg for Sam, not in his best day on the bike and with a big drop in both HR, power when temperature (blue line) mounts to its summit after 2/3 of the bikecourse.

For Alejandro ànd Tony the message was clear, both athletes have a good run in their legs and are athletes who can grow into the race. Steady pacing and only looking at their own HR/watt monitor and ahead should be the best recipe to use their strong run in the end of the race! Both athletes followed the plan correctly, nutrition was spot on it.

Bikefile Tony.jpg

Tony puts down the bike with perfect pacing, HR wise a ‘flat’ race in the right zone, powerwise he has a 253NP output for 71kg. The message to wait to the Hawi climb was followed perfectly, experts can get out this climb easily!

Alejandro Bike.jpg

Alejandro had a very strong bikeride, and moved up during the whole bikecourse to put down the bike after 4h38′!

At the beginning of the runcourse, Bert (AG40) was followed with 45″ of Bruno Clerbout (a Belgian former Pro Ironman, finishing 12th overall 6years ago). This opponent surely was someone to respect and not to underestimate. For Bert message was clear, running a top top marathon to get on the podium. Clerbout came within 10″ very soon, but a few kilometers further it was Bert who surprisingly accelerated and made a +3′ gap before Energy Lab. Unfortunately it was Clerbout who had something left in his tank and overtook the race with +/- 6km to go and take AG victory, Bert takes a very well earned 2nd place!!

BErt finishfoto.jpg

Bert finishing in 8h50′ and taking 2nd AG place in thé race of his life! What a great job and step up last 2years! Age is just a number?

Behind Bert it was Alejandro and Tony who ran very close to eachother during the marathon, but after 20K Tony made the difference and moved up from a spot just outside top100 towards 42nd at the finishline. With a marathontime of 3h15′ tactics worked out fine!

Tony G finish.jpg

Tony finishing after 9h14′ of playing ‘Pac-Man’ with a 3h15′ marathon time!


For Alejandro, who had a zombie-experience last year in Kona, this also was the tactics and it worked out! A 3h21′ marathon made him move up during the whole marathon to finish 46th and raising the hand high!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 2 mensen, staande mensen, schoenen en buiten

Alejandro on his way to finish the Ironman Worlds in 9h16′

Sam from his side put down the bike after 4h41′ and started running with the same feeling as he had on the bike. With a tough marathon ahead of him he litterally stopped his race after 8km…and as we thought Sam was dropping out of the race it was his girlfriend who ‘gave him some slapping to get him to the finishline’, as he described.
Sam is and stays a legend in Ironman, 2018 was not his year in Kona but Texas was with his recordrace! This also is Ironman, and Iron doesn’t bend easily!

I am very satisfied of the results of these athletes, Bert performed extraordinary to take silver in Kona, Tony and Alejandro prooved they own their spot among the very best IMracers in their AG and also that Ironmanracing is made how you get off the bike!
Sam bounced back, finished his 9th race in Kona and with some rest ahead he’ll put down another astonishing race in 2019!

Already looking forward to the following emotions…


Our athletes flying across Europe today!

🇩🇪️ Anthony keeps fighting today in Rothaus Ridermann. In the final stage he aims for the win, and finally gets 9th! Which also results in 9th in GC!
Niels was also getting stronger by the day to finish with a strong race.

Anthony Sp.jpg

🇷🇴️ Daniel helps his teammate Tvetchov to GC victory in Tour of Romania (UCI 2.2). Today and yesterday he had to keep his good legs under control for winning the race with his team.


🇧🇪️ In Belgium it was Guillaume who really looked forward to some races in bad weather. It separates the men from the boys u know….and he did well…finishing 7th today!


Our triathletes/duathletes with some hunger to season’s dessert did well also in duathlon Langemark yesterday!

🇨🇵️ Séb, our big French triathlete had some offroadvibes last period and show triathletes are not limited to the combination of swim-bike-run but also can perform in heavy trailruns of 30km. Finishing 12th/500 in this strong field!


🇷🇸️ And last but not least, in Slovenia 70.3 it was Hannah who put down a very strong performance by finishing 8th in her AG and claiming interest to try to qualify for the IM70.3 WC! A densified race, finishing only 30″ behind 6th place!!!
Hannah is one of our very strong female athletes 💪💪

Hannah Slovenië 2.jpg

Hans saves Belgium’s honour in duathlon worlds with the AG world title and 11th overall position!

The ITU/Powerman world championships duathlon is a race that’s very close to our hearts, a race in which our athletes in the last 7 years got 6x AG silver, 5x AG gold and 4times top 15 in the Pro race (with fulltime amateurs 😉 ).

Today again it were Wim, Jan and Hans entering this race with for Wim and Hans high expectations and dying to simply confirm last year’s race. Showing that was not a 1day result. Jan, after a tough spring showed in his last 70.3 races that shape was getting there, despite some pain in the back.

The race had to change the run and bikecourses this year, so for every athletes the race was slightly unknow. But maybe also a good thing to change the racecourse of world championships from time to time…

During the first run Jan, Wim and Hans sticked close together but all on the right pace and showed already there that they belong to the better AG runners. Well paced and ready for a long day they stepped on their bikes. Jan was the first one, followed by Hans and Wim.

Jan M.jpg

Jan takes it seriously from the start and gets into T1 very fast!

Only 1lap later Hans was already spotted riding very hard and moving up between the pro riders, who started earlier. Jan and Wim kept in battle for AG podium, this during the whole bike course. During this bikecourse Wim could accelerate during the 2nd half of it and put down the bike 3rd in his AG, Jan in 4th and Hans who now was totally in front put down his bike  within the top 15 of the race and as first AG athlete. Meanwhile the Belgian Pro athletes unfortunately got DNF behind their names…so Hans also was first Belgian now. This in a discipline that was dominated by Belgians for years! (Vansteelandt brothers, Maris, Woestenborghs and Odeyn later).

Hans File

A 293NP ride for Hans during these world championships, with a 10K hilly run before and 30K hilly run after the bikecourse! This is what you need to win all AG! Try!

Once of the bike our athletes mostly are on their best, the engine heated up and loaded for a good off bike run! Today this wasn’t anything other! Hans had an excellent run and was in full control of the AG race, he dominated and wins the AG race but above all comes very close towards PRO top10 with an 11th place!


Hans lifting the banner, a beautifull moment in Zofingen!

Behind this Wim and Jan were running very fast off their bike and it was Wim who nearly closed a 10′ gap with the leader in his AG by finishing 2nd…only 30″ behind the winner in his AG! Wim had a FANTASTIC season with the AG Belgian titles on all distances, the AG European title and becoming AG vice world champion!

Jan was in fight with 3rd position in his (and Hans) AG, places were expensive in this AG and for more than 25K Jan and number 3 in his AG were within a 1′ range of eachother! In the end Jan also finishes 4th, only a good 30″ behind number 3!
Wim gets 23rd and Jan 29th in the overall race! All together races to be proud of!!

Wim DC.jpg

Wim in search of bronze, then silver and finally finishing at 30″ of gold in his AG! Great racing!

So once again Zofingen left us with a lot of emotions, The Kona for duathletes but then colder and a totally different environment! Results to be proud of, whatever… Well done to all!

Yesterday Jens (3rd in Olympic Distance Köln – Germany) prooved already end of the season is coming and that means A-races are coming also!

Today in Balen Bregt gets 10th, moving up from 15th to 10 on the run!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, buiten

Bregt with a fast sprintdistance race in Balen today – finishing 10th

Tony had his last preprace towards the Ironman World championships in Kona, Hawaii today…in Köln (Germany). His races turned out perfectly…untill a flat tyre!! His tyre was totalle ruptured but fortunately he found a piece of cardboad to put inside his tyre and fixed the bike! A bit more than 7′ he lost in this action and for sure some energy. But this ‘MacGyver’-mentality made him come back into the race, put down his bike with over 320NP ~ 72kg. But that’s not all, during his run he came back into the top 10 with the 2nd running time to finish the race 10th…only5′ after 3rd position!
Another strong race after his 2nd place in Chtriman 2018!

Next stop: Kona, Hawaii. And this athlete is more than on his place overthere!

Afbeelding kan het volgende bevatten: 1 persoon, zwemmen, buiten, water en natuur

Tony swallowing the flat tyre, and pushing through to the finishline!

September has kicked off very well…and we still have 29days left!



Fast racing in The Netherlands and Spain today!

70.3 Medina de Rioseco (Spain) was one of David’s 3 A-races this season! An important one because loving to race there! And only 1 week after a trainingcamp in Frankfurt, he felt like he had to go fast!


Another strong performance of David in Medina de Rioseca 

A good swim, with one of his faster paces and already rollin’ out of T1 after 33′ he unleashed his legs again! David is a strong biker and on the flatter racecourse he wanted to move up quickly to let the other guys chasing him! Averaging 40,6km/h made him put down his bike in T2 2nd!

David T.jpg

David running to AG podium and overall top10 in Spain!

A tough run in the Spanish heat for David but still managing to get into the overall top 10 and becoming 3rd in his AG!
Strong season of our Spanish Bull with the motor of a German car!


In The Netherlands Leiderdorp was the battlescene for our athletes. Adrian and Vincent on the 1/4distance, Jan on the 70.3 distance!
Adrian, coming back from training camp, was more than ready to race at Leiderdorp. Winning here 2years ago…made him one of the favourites before the race of course.
A good swim of Adrian, but also Vincent coming out of the water not so far behind….

Adrian Finish leiderdorp

Adrian on his way to victory in Leiderdorp!

Both of our athletes moved up very quickly and at the moment Adrian took the lead he felt Vincent flying by…Vincent was busy putting down the best bikesplit today with a huge effort and at that point our athletes were 1 and 2 in the race. Not bad with +/-200 athletes behind them. This was also the order they put their bikes in T2. During the runcourse Vincent ran constantly and was already busy defending his podium, knowing Adrian was coming very strongly, a very consistent race over 3 discplines made him run towards another victory! Vincent defended his spot on the podium very well and realized his best 1/4 effort effort by finishing 3rd!

Adrian Podium

Adrian 1st, Vincent  3rd…both a athletes with a big smile after a tough race!

The 70.3 distance, with a 2.5K swim, was another LD test for Jan! Already done a good comebackrace to triathlon in Klazienaveen (Netherlands) he was keen on putting down an even better effort today! A good swim for Jan, followed by a slower T1 (dizzy because of the water…u all know the feeling) made him have to work himself forward. No riders overtaking him on the bike and racing very constantly during the 90K on his TTbike.

Jan Mbike.jpg

Despite pain in his lower back on the TT bike, Jan moved up strongly during his bike effort!

Once off the bike it’s Jan’s strongest point: Offbike running. Running several times an overall top10 time off he the bike in the world championships duathlon made this his specialty! In the first lap he had take time for a ‘cioccolato gelato’ but he flew towards top15…and approaching top 10 at the finishline! Finishing 11th just a few seconds behind number 10!

Jan M.jpg

A very fast run again for Jan, just missing top10 at the finishiline…finishing on a nice 11th place!

In La Gileppe, the yearly duathlon was held. A hilly course and quite some strong athletes at the starting line with for example U23 world champion Arnaud Dély. Both Robby (19th) and Wesley (24th) did a very good race and enjoyed racing these fine roads!

Wesley and Robby doing well in this tough race!

Ironman Switzerland and Germany: spot on for Inge! – 7th Kona 18 qualifier!

Fantastic day for our Ironman athletes today!

Ironman Switzerland, Ironman Germany and Ironman Canada, 3 races on the same day!
In Hamburg the swim was cancelled and replaced by a 6K run!
In Switzerland the water was too hot and there was no wetsuit allowed.

In Switzerland it was Inge who turned her focus on the race into positive energy and came out of the water placed better than expected. 1st…and in pole position! Knowing the bike and run are her strongest points this was a good starting point!

Pushing hard on the bike and making the gap bigger towards T2 made a podium more than possible!
On the runcourse the nearest opponents tried to come back, but never came closer than 4’30. After halfway chances turned and it was Inge making the gap bigger mile by mile and take the AG win in her very first Ironman today!
A dream coming true for most athletes by qualifying for Hawaii, but before the race she already decided not to go. The last thing I heard now was she was reconsidering maybe…

*Inge also broke an exceptionnal record among our athletes, she was the first female athlete ‘chicking’ her husband this season 😜

In Ironman Germany, the no-swim made both Eline and Matthieu slightly nervous. Especially knowing a run before T1 always feels heavier than a smooth swim.
Both athletes got their mission and mounted the bike well, a good and steady pacing during the bike made both foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.athletes put their bike in T2 relatively fresh before running of another 42K towards the finishline!

And how! Steady running and finishing in Hamburg well paced, a good feeling and very nice performance in the end!

Meanwhile our cyclists are working hard towards their next goals, a lot of top10 results this week, but also athletes on trainingcamp or working towards the championships in September/October!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

#Jessevnsportscoaching #TSPB

Incredible results in France for our athletes – Tony 2nd in Irondistance Gravelines!

Gravelines (France), a town just across the border that breaths triathlon as soon as you get there. For me it looks like every inhabitant actually is a triathlete…but that’s probably because the people I know there…are 😉

The A-race of the day is the Full distance race (Ironman distance), 2years ago Hans Vandenbuverie could win this beautifull race and that meant a mental step up resulting in a physical step forward also! Today it was Tony who was our man in the front, qualified already for Kona ’18 during his first IM in Wales, in search of experience on the full distance. A perfect preparation was key. The last few weeks before the race are always exciting but no little injuries, fatigue ok and more than race ready.

Tony G Gravelines.jpg

Tony  moving up on the bike and leaving T2 1st!

With this preparation and  knowing your athlete we knew that in an honest man to man battle he would play his role! No athlete is born at his strongest, but he grows strong.
After a good swim (1h01′) for this duathlete turned into triathlete he managed to move up so strongly on the bike to finally put his bike 1st in the racks. But with some guys following closely behind.

Powerfile tony GRavelines 240NP 71kg

Tony only focussed on his own race in France and averaging 240NP and a very moderate HR for 71kg he could put down his bike in T2 fast and ‘fresh’ despite the heatwave!

For Tony we agreed on a 4’20 to 4’30 run. Ambitious but a pace Tony has in his legs.
With only 20″ advantage for miles far in the race it’s passed halfway that the later winner would take him back! Tony kept going well and found there were not enough drinks on the racecourse for this heat. ‘Each time I drunk, I wanted to drink again 1km further…’ but no worries, when you pace well and shape is good a crash doesn’t happen. Tony kept going and finishes only 1’30 behind the winner in 9h11′ putting down a 3h08′ marathon.

Uitslag full Gravelines.jpg

The final results with Tony taking 2nd place in his 2nd full distance triathlon!

Gravelines also has its 70.3 triathlon and LD duathlon (10-90-10). For our duathletes this certainly is a main goal … as there aren’t any similar events in Belgium/Netherlands.
Our 2 AG vice world champions Jan and Wim went into the race with other goals. For Wim,winning the AG Belgian and European title and in top shape, a race to aim high. For Jan, a race to re-enter racing after serious bacterial infections. And as the body gets healthier the races approach.
Wim is doing a ‘grand cru’ season and after his good spring results today he puts all other athletes strongly behind him to win the race and immediately also win his first overall Long distance. As I remember well, only 4 Belgian athletes won a Long distance duathlon the past 2 years (Odeyn-Pro, and our agegroupers Jan, Hans and now Wim).

foto van Christie Brouwer.

Wim heading towards the win in this tough French Duathlon!

Closely behind Wim it was Jan heading towards 4th place in Gravelines (France)

In the 70.3 race it was Bert who took off with a hard swim, unleashing his legs on the bike and cutting down the group! 2 extra kilograms after Ironman Lanzarote didn’t stop him from doing another amazing performance to run towards 2nd place! And we would forget, but also winning the masters race (+40yo)!


Bert going strong in Gravelines, finishing 2nd in this 70.3 race in 4h16′

Not so far behind our other athletes in the top 20 crossed the finishline with Dimi on 17th and Séb on 20th position! Remarkable performance of Séb, after finishing Ironman Nice only 7days ago!

Full Results



Dimi finishing 17th and racing very strong in approach of his first Ironman!




Ironman Lanzarote, our athletes strong in their entirity

Today Ironman Lanzarote was marked in red! Already awake early in the morning, ready to follow this race for which our athletes prepared themselves for months!
All athletes were really looking forward to this race! With the tough racecourse in Lanzarote also a race we approached with the respect needed for it. Realistic towards raceconditions and what would happen they entered the race!


A strong swim of all our athletes, coming out of the water below 1h06′.
Bert swam with the better pro athletes and entered T1 in 52′. Johan, Steven and Hans got out in 1h02 and Sem followed only 4′ later in 1h06. A good idea, of not being in the water too long :-)!


Bert zwem

Bert left T1 after 55’59, leading his AG and soon took 1st overall AG place on the bike!

Once on the bike our athletes could unleash their builded stamina and power, correct pacing would be necessary and so they kept an eye on powermeter/Hr monitor.
For Bert, in the flow of the race in front not easy to keep the gazzz button under control, but after 80K he understood that with the marathon coming…he better kept control.
Hans from his side was moving up like #LaMachine always does, but controlled and not overpacing. As you can see in both files Bert (277NP) and Hans (279NP) had a similar NP, with that difference that Bert took off very hard and got regular in the 2nd half of the race, Hans builded up and kept a straight line in his poweroutput.

Hans Powerfile 279NP

Hans had a regular bikeride, with a higher NP on the climbs, a bit lower in the downhills but steady all race long!

Bert powerfile 277NP

Bert took off hard, risky even, but he turned the button to cruise control after 80K to take no risks for the run!


A lonely ride for Hans, ‘An honest bikecourse where the best get to the front in the cycling part’ he said afterwards!

But not only B&H were moving up, Steven and Johan…who left T2 with Hans were also moving up and doing a wise race! Sem, who couldn’t run for weeks because of achillesproblems paced conservatively but moved up and was heading towards T2 not sure if he would run or not!


First I thought Johan had an injured thumb, but afterwards it seemed he had a good ride in Lanzarote

Coming into T2 is the easy part in the Ironman races it seems, many Pro athletes who had a DNF after the race. But about the DNF’s there said already more than worth it. So let’s talk about the finishers…

On the run course we were quite confident that if our athletes kept their pacing correct from the start that the run would be good. Everybody was in shape, ready to run long and medium hard. Going too fast in the beginning is a killer, and that’s an awareness every athlete should have. An off bike marathon is not a regular sunday run. In the end,  thre strong and the smart racers will survive.

With Hans and Bert within the top3 of their agegroup starting the run we had 2 athletes racing for the podium. Hans started at the planned pace, Bert slightly faster…faster also than his PB. A bit tricky at that point, but afterwards we saw HR was perfectly under control.



Both athletes had a steady run  (HR & Pace), Bert was flying and killed his PB in an Ironman run to finish after 3h08′ in this heavy race before finishing 2nd AG, 26th Pro’s included. Hans had a 3h16′ run but never really fell back and also ran steady. Finishing the line in the right position (7th AG) after an honest race. You don’t choose your agegroup in the end, finishing 30th (14Pro athletes in front) and 7th in your AG says a lot about the strength of the opponents also.

While Hans and Bert raced for the first places in their AG Steven, Johan and Hans were still at the run course. And how!!? Each of these athletes amazed in something. Johan and Steven in Consistency and patience to pace well and ‘keep the engine running’ as we say. Pacing correctly always works, both athletes took it further than we could expect even!
Steven also killed his marathon PB in this heavy race and moved up strong towards 12th place in his AG!


Steven puts down his marathon PB in Lanzarote and finishes very strong on 12th place (AG)!

Johan, in his first Ironman…not the easiest one, was patient on the bike. He kept down the HR and cruised towards T2 to finish of with a good run. Finishing in 11h03′ in Lanzarote is fast!


Johan had a perfect race in his first IM!

And then there was Sem, as we agreed on not running to not take risks on his achilles I switched off the tracker…but all of a sudden the eye felt on Sem again…and we noticed he was running…after several weeks of not running not easy! But after passing halfway all athlete minds know you can’t quit the race! He kept going and finishes the race in a very decent time of 12h21. For sure there was even more in it. But Sem showed us in the end where Ironman and triathlon in all disciplines is about. About perseverance, defeating yourself, having pleasure while racing and the satisfaction afterwards! Nice job Sem!


Massive weekend for our cyclists and triathletes!

Massive weekend for our cyclists and triathletes!

🇦🇱️ Tour of Albania (UCI2.2): Daniel in the first group yesterday with a good advantage on the 2nd group. This placed him 20th in GC, today he tried to break away in the last part of the 190K long stage. Finally it became a massive sprint in which he finishes 14th. Moving up in the GC to 15th and 3 stages coming!

🇪🇦️ Emakumeem Bira (UCI WT): The best female cyclists in the world currently race in Spain. Yesterday a tough 1st stage with Demi finishing 31st, today Time trial in which he kept some reserve for upcoming races. Astonishing win of Van Vleuten averaging 46,9km/h for 27K. 2stages to come!

🇦🇹️Tour of Kärnten (Austria): Anthony had a good ITT yesterday, finishing 11th. Today first stage with a lot of climbing in it. Anthony sent me a message yesterday in which he said he felt good. I know this rider only does this when he really feels good! And so it was, sprinting for the win with 9riders and finishing 4th. After today’s stage he’s 4th in GC…but a lot to come and a lot can happen in a 6day stage race!.

🇧🇪️ Dries (UCI1.12) had a virus a month ago but that didn’t avoid him from working hard towards upcoming races! With a very competitive race in which he threw himself into the battle he finishes 6th!

Svenne (UCI1.18 ) had the nice opportunity to race on a super nice location and racecourse in Jemeppe-Sur-Sambre. Breaking away with 2other riders he sprinted for victory and finishes 3rd. Good to know the national champs within 4weeks are close to this racecourse…

🇹🇭️ The great Mekong Bike ride was a success for our riders WTT and W2W team! In the 2nd stage a great succes for Phonthep, with a helping hand of his teammate Olé who put in massive training efforts past winter and now harvests the fruits of his hard work. Congratulations!

Many triathlons also in Belgium with 70.3distance in Leuven!
Happy athletes before and after the race, which was nice to hear!
But next to this, the results were there also!
Tony, in full preparation for Chtriman2018, had his first longer triathlon of the season and managed perfectly. With 5′ behind on the lead he started cycling to put down the bike in 14th and move up during the run towards 9th place!
Looking at the cyclingtimes and swimmingtimes of Leuven it seems to be right that there was quite some ‘legal drafting…’
Our other athletes at the starting line are all in preparation of Ionger distance racing!

Also triathletes racing in the shorter distance races in Koksijde, Sente and Seneffe. For some athletes the first race of the season, always exciting to look forward to. The fact that all athletes were happy with their results shows the self-knowledge of these athletes but also the honest result of training smart and enjoying it!

Next week Ironman time in Lanzarote and national Long distance championships!


foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Anthony started well in Austria and currently is placed 4th!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

HR file of Daniel towards the final sprint in stage 2 in Albania

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Many smiling faces in Leuven today!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Tony Goossens riding 309NP in Leuven to move up towards the top 10!

The ‘Houston rockets’ and medals on French and Belgian duathlon championships!

This weekend was ‘championshipsweekend’, with the Northern American Ironman championships in Texas (USA) for Cai and Sam, the French duathlon championships on the long distance for Hans, Séb, Steven and Inge and the national sprintduathlon championships for Wim adrenaline would rush through the veins. For sure!

The good about these sports are that if you are prepared well, you are ready for racing! With dedication to the raceplan (and nutrition) the rest follows normally! If it’s hot (30-35°C in Texas) or cold (8°C in France and cold rain all race long) that doesn’t matter. Shape decides what will happen, all the rest are sidestories.

In Texas, both Sam and Cai took off well during the swimstart. Somehow Cai found herself closed in a bit during the swim but despite that both athletes got on their bikes in +/- the time that was planned. And then, the race starts for real!
On the bike Sam had to close down a 10′ gap with his opponents in the M40. With topathletes such as Dan Stubleski, Mosley and others it would a nice race to follow.
39Pro athletes also at the starting line, many points to gather for the KPR-ranking, important to get to Kona! This strong field and perfect weather conditions (as in almost no wind) would lead to a legendary race with several records broken! Matt Hanson for example ran the off bike marathon (42.1km) in 2h34′ after 3.8K swim and 180K bike. This day in Texas will be remembered. But not only by the toprange of Pro athletes racing it.

Soon it became clear that Sam was moving up in his race, of course this is a well known fact in Ironman, but you still have to do it! With the flat and straight roads it was a good race to pace very consistent.
Despite the groups Sam had to overtake, which made him push a bit harder of course, he felt great on his bike and never found himself into trouble.

Sam NP

Sam’s bike effort of 278NP-4h18′ , was good for the fastest bikesplit in Texas!

In the very end of the race Sam was clearly going a bit harder than his nearest opponents, of which a few just behind him. So it would also become a tactical race, once off the bike! After 4h18′ the bike was put in T2. A quick calculation made us already dream of a very fast time. But as everyone knows, in a LD triathlon you better don’t dream. You have to do it.

Cai from her side was asked to pace at 150watts and keep her HR around 145BPM. She did what she had to do and also felt very good on the bike, enjoying her race she moved up A LOT untill she got on 8th place in her AG in the end of the bikecourse.
With 10women within 3′ in this AG all would be played during the run!


A lot of questions about the fast bikesplits in Texas, but the answer on the real bike length is simple. 176km (as in many Ironman races), no wind…and unfortunately indeed no referees controlling the ‘bunch’ of athletes. The better cyclists of course have no benefit of this. The ‘bunch’ has. A pity! It made many athletes come off the bike close together. But as Sam said this morning. Once you start running…’the masks fall off’.

The first kilometers of the run Sam started in a good pace, despite that he was passed by a couple of athletes who were running at 2h45′ pace. Wise decision of Sam not to follow but follow his own pace. Once the athletes were approaching halfway the runcourse it became clear that race opponents of Sam were the guys that were predicted. The athletes starting too fast were left behind.  Stubleski in first place, Caron and Mosley were the guys who would be there untill the finishline. And no one to underestimate of course.
At kilometer 35 Sam had a 3′ gap behind Stubleski, at that point…it seemed that 2nd place was the highest possible thing to achieve and still ready to finish below 8h30′ with a fast marathon!


That marathon was fast, and in the last kilometers Sam went all out and closed down the gap to 30″ at 40.1km! 30″ behind with 2K to go…Stubleski and Sam in a nice battle, with the last 2km of Sam pushing it all the way he finished….9″ before Stubleski!

Sam Run

Sam with a fantastic marathon at the end of the race, 2h53′ and with 9″ ahead just enough for the AG win!

Sam never ran in 1st position during the whole race untill the very end…how nice is that! But also a big thumb up to Stubleski, making the race hard during the marathon. Athletes can lift eachother to a higher level during a clean battle!
For the 3rd year in a row he gets sub 3h on the marathon, in Texas he even broke his fastest marathontime in an Ironman!

Sam G AG results

A result to be very proud of, this will be printed and put on my wall today!

The result of Sam is the result of a real AG athlete with a full-time job, thinking no-nonsense, enjoying it all and putting in the effort where needed. That sub8h30′ was just a matter of time.

We would almost forget to say, but Sam did qualify for Hawaii of course. Where he will race for the 9th!! time! But first, rest!
In Kona he will join Van, Bert and Tony, our other athlete who already qualified earlier!

Sam G finish

Sam crossing the finishline in Texas, no words needed!

In the female race it was Cai who ran a good marathon and was able to finish her race in 11h10′! Finishing 10th in her AG was a very honest result. The female AG’s don’t have the quantity of slots that the male athletes have. With only 1-3 slots divided in the Ironmans it’s not easy to get one but still chances to go!
Well done!

In France, all eyes on the national championships long distance duathlon (10-80-10). With 4of our athletes, the race was one of the maingoals of this spring for these athletes.
Hans won the race in Douai already, but now it had the championship label…and that’s what you could notice from the start! A very fast start with several athletes running the first 10K in 30-32′ here. With Hans heading towards transition in 17th position, Séb and Steven ran a bit further and Inge in 8th position in the female race they entered T1.

Hans VDB

Hans picking up one of the female athletes, who started 5′ earlier, during the first run!

The bikecourse in Douai is full with roundabouts, turnings, ‘faux plats’ and wind…always wind! Today there was some extra with rain all day long 🙂 Well, if you come from Flanders…that must give wings!
On the bike Hans decided not take risks on these dangerous roads, but halfway the first lap…the speaker already noticed he moved up towards 13th position. At that point it was only Jean Eudes Demaret (Former Cofidis pro cyclist and 2016 Elite national champion triathlon) who rode slightly harder. Behind that it was Hans who had to face 2 little groups. Strong as he is, the further the athletes went in the race … the more he moved forward. To finally put down his bike in 7th position! Excellent! A top 10 in this field would have been a great job!
Séb came back to Steven on the bike and both athletes moved up well during this bikecourse. Inge from her side, a bit afraid of the weather before the race, had strong legs and after the bikecourse she put down the bike 3rd! Very close to number 2 and with a good gap behind her.

Hans VDB bike

314NP for Hans his bikeride, unfortunately the last 5-6km towards the race location (each lap) athletes had to be very carefull with slippery roundabouts and cars blocking the roads.

In this type of LD duathlons the places are not divided in the first run, not on the bike…but during the 2nd run…with Hans putting down the bike 7th and a 1’30” -3′ gap  on the faster runners of Run1 it seemed impossible to still move up places. But from the first kilometers Hans had a good pace. His running style looked relaxed and with a 2′ gap behind him he only had to look in front of him! In front of the field a couple of athletes were crashing as usually on the long distance.


Hans in 7th, only 20″ and 1’20 behind on 5 and 6. With this pace 5th pace would be possible!

After 5km Hans still was 7th, but in those last 5km a lot happened in front of the race and suddenly Hans appeared very close to number 5 and 6, which he overtook in the last kilometer. Jean Eudes Demaret crashed totally in the last 5K and his 4′ advantage melted down fast! With only 7″ left at the finishline Hans finishes 5th today in this field!

Hans run 2 geen greintje verval

Hans never dropped the pace during his off bike run! Which made him move up in the field and finish strong!


Steven had some bad luck today and got a drafting penalty, missed the turning for the 2nd loop and because of this he ran an extra 800m.


A good looking Steven on the racecourse, but the weatherconditions made the race more chaotic than planned!

Séb from his side did an excellent race, he builded up from behind and finishes 45th after an excellent 2nd run. Ready for the LD triathlons coming now!

Hans finish

‘La Machine’ and Le Nord….rain or sunny, he eats it!

In the female race Inge never looked giving back her 3rd place at another competitor. A focussed 2nd run in which she has to learn to be confident. If there’s suffering, everyone is suffering! Finishing 3rd on these national championships is another step she made! With Ironman Zurich in July she has her first Full distance triathlon coming! If you can do this today, the Ironman will be peanuts ;-)!


A last word with Inge, clear language.

After France, back to Belgium…in which the national sprint duathlon championship was held. Normally I don’t like sending athletes to this format. Because of the lottery aspect in it. But with Wim, we have a very particular athlete. A fast and steady runner with more and more cycling experience also. In the master category this was his only medal missing in Belgium after 2years of duathlon! And once again this strong master showed his fast legs by getting into  T1 first. But with his opponents not changing shoes he missed the train towards T2. It made him chase the leaders on the bike, but with not enough cooperation it was the bronze medal that was the highest possible to get! And he did! First maingoal of the season for Wim accomplished! Now full focus on the European long distance championships, which will be followed by the nationals in May!

Wim DC

Wim, bronze in the national championships sprint duathlon! Excellent performance and ready for the Europeans!

Guillaume puts his first win in his pocket, our triathletes astonished in swim, bike and run!

Guillaume has several good races behind him and raced for the win week after week, but for a cyclist nothing goes above crossing that finishline first. Question was how?
We discussed several times last weeks that going solo much earlier than the last 5K was an option he had to try. Throwing all your cards on the table early in the race can ruin your race or can make a very memorable race. That said, it was time for G to throw his cards. Very early in the race he took off and got 1 rider with him…but on the cobblestons 60K before the finishline the other rider let him down with mechanical issues. 2 choices at that point, waiting for other riders to join or make it a long day in front! A perfect chance to see how far he could go solo…

The answer is simple: Far! All the way to the finishline with a 60K Solo ride and winning his first race of the season on the most beautifull way with 1′ advantage on number 2!



Guillaume rides himself KO and grabs the win after 60K solo!

In De Haan, the first Belgian roadtriathlon was planned today! A good test to see how the body reacts on competition after a winter of training!

This morning our athletes had a 500m swim in the pool, with fast swims and several athletes breaking their PR it looked very good today!
Bart (master) was our fastest swimmer today with 6’12” and slightly behind some 70.3 Pro athletes like Swolfs, Heemeryck and Cool.
On the bike the message was clear, head out to the front as fast as possible for Bart and so he did. Behind him there was Pascal who got very soon company of Hans ‘La Machine’. Behind this our other athletes Johan, Dimi and PJ. All 3 of them put down a good swim and were keen on moving up in the race. So they did.
In the female race it was Inge who tried to get back the younger ladies!

HAns en Pascal.jpg

Hans splitting the groups and chasing the frontgroup in an attempt that’s worth to appreciate. No words, just gazzz!

First off the bike was Bart who was, together with 2 other athletes, the engine of the front group. Unfortunately drafting races are drafting races and some triathletes are always good in playing pokergames….only seconds behind this group it was Hans who put down the fastest bike time and got into reach of the leaders.


Bart in the lead group on the bike and becoming 2nd master.

With the good weather ( sunny and no wind) it was very difficult to loose the bunch for him. With a 380NP during his bikecourse you would imagine that the best of his race was done… A bit further Johan took back Pascal, who tried to follow the wheels of Hans which made him have a short difficult moment before getting caught by Johan who was in the game for masters podium all race long.
Inge from her side moved up on the bike and put down the bike into T2 6th!


Fast bikeride for Inge, passing plenty of male competitors. Soon she may put away the road bike and swipe it for her TT.

On the run course Bart needed a few km to really get into the rhythm, with Hans passing Bart during a very well paced run. Averaging 3’32/km after a 381NP bikeride is fast! Most of the athletes today had a drafting race. Hans didn’t, he just went all out on the bike. This also prooves his 364AVG. No easy parts for the legs, no recovery. Hans finally became 13th in De Haan!

Bart finished 18th, only 1′ later and prooves the big step he made this winter. Finishing 3″ behind the winner in the masters category is a pity but it’s still silver! Further in this category it was Johan who had one of his best runs finisthing 4th.


Pascal and Johan fighting their battle, Johan did a great job today and misses the podium with 1spot but left De Haan with a good feeling!

Our other athletes finishing were Dimi, who strongly moved up on the bike, Pascal and PJ! All nicely in the first part of the field.


Dimi had a good winter in his legs and approaching the first races ‘sun comes out’ and Dimi awakens totally!

In the female race Inge showed what she is capable off running of the bike by moving up even 2 more places on the run, winning her masters category and becoming 4th overall!

A good day out there, and more than ready for what’s up next!



Victory in Eschweiler (Germany), strong performances in The Netherlands and some powerfull cycling of our U23 riders in Belgium!

Strong performances today in several half marathons in Germany and The Netherlands for our athletes!

It was Jens, who already ran a very fast half marathon in January…who tried to race hard today in his final preprace towards his ’18 tri season!
In Eschweiler (Germany), he got a hilly (260D+) race ahead of him with some offroad trails in the course. A very consistent race with uphills at 3’50/km and downhills and flatter sections at 3’30/km he managed his race just above 1h15′!
Fast for this young triathlete, who made steps once again and we will have to keep an eye on him in his mostly German raceschedule!


Jens chasing the 1h15′ in Germany

Another half marathon in Sluis (The Netherlands) for a couple of our triathletes! A perfectly flat race with the wind as an opponent and an absolute topfield at the starting line! Many of our athletes crushed their PR a few weeks before the start of the season and are ready for the duathlons/triathlons coming up!


In Sluis our female athletes in particular did an excellent job by putting down fine races and coming closer to their 70.3 goals this gives a mental boost!In the male race our first athletes were Bart V (1h20), Wesley (1h27) and Bart DB (1h30), they sure had time for some photoshoots!

A bit more north in The Netherlands, the yearly duathlon in Hilversum was the opener of the national duathlon circuit! For the first time in 6years without Jan (sick, flu)  but with Adrian! And Adrian defended our presence well with a very nice 5th place in this sprintduathlon! A good test, and already a good result leading up towards his next maingoals in Ter Idzard (Netherlands) and 70.3 Mallorca (Spain)!


Freezing temperatures for Adrian in the Netherlands, a nice 5th today!

In Belgium the first triathlon of the season also took place, with Vincent entering this race and finishing 28th after a good period of training and putting a big step forward!

Our cyclists currently had or a big training weekend before some A-races that are coming with GP Slovakia (UCI1.2), Arden Challenge (UCI 2.12), GP Adria Mobilia (UCI 1.2),…or hat had some serious racing going on this weekend!
With Svenne (4th) and Guillaume (3rd) yesterday our younger cyclists Robbe and Dries, both U23 riders took part in Budingen-Zoutleeuw (1.12). With once again Dries totally in front of the race he keeps on confirming what he has in his legs.



Our riders are getting sharp towards the climbing races next weeks!

Going into the final of the race for victory again, Dries finishes 6th today after a stunning race! Robbe from his part is racing his first year U23/Elite and the longer distances in these races seem to like him and he likes the distances. Sprinting in front of the peloton lead him to 26th place today!

Dries MAesen.jpg

Another nice 6th place for Dries today, cumulating good results!

Next to this a couple of our athletes seem to get stronger than their gear at the moment,

this weekend our athletes sent messages of broken chains, wheels and gears…are they becoming so strong or have the icy temperatures an influence on this…who knows?! Let’s see!

Congratulations to all our athletes racing out there today, cold weather…but hot results!



Stage and GC win for Daniel in Greece – 2 Silver medals on Belgian champs Xduathlon!

Great weekend for our athletes this weekend, several top10 performances in multiple cycling races this weekend. Not 1 of our riders didn’t play a role in front of the races! Coming out of the winter in shape and week by week they are racing with a very offensive style!

Yesterday it was Daniel (One of Roumania’s promissing cyclists) who, after a winter of hard working in difficult weather conditions from time to time and a hard training camp a few weeks ago, who won the race in Kilkis (Greece) after a breakaway which he set up in the last climb to finish solo….and take win + GC lead.

Daniel Crista

Daniel on his way to victory in stage 1

Today was very important for him, because he could win his first ever stage race, and begin his season with a super feeling!
He found himself in the lead pack and was even capable of sprinting for victory again! 2nd…and of course the most important of all is the win in this stage race!
Also important is that it’s obvious this win is already opening new doors for this young rider and we are glad to soon see him at the starting line at some interesting races!


Daniel Crista

Winning this stage race was opening the season with a deam, well done!

In Belgium the national championships offroadduathlon were held in Retie.
Inge (women), Tony and Wim DC (men) were ready to rumble…despite the migraine attack in the 2nd half of this week and Wim twisting his ankle past sunday. Little annoying things an athlete can miss…but there’s always a way to overcome these small issues, and that’s by being strong between your ears!
Both proove they were/are!

In the female race Inge slightly missed her running start and was set on chasing the other female athletes! Aged 42 she was today in full battle with the younger girls and (former) PRO triathlete Adam. But a fighter as she is she was capable of putting a big step forward on the bike during this race and come off the bike in battle for the medals.
With a good off bike run Inge takes silver overall and silver (AG) behind Adam today!


Inge 2nd on the nationals Xduathlon

The male race was full of specialists in this specific part of triathlon/duathlon, but with the defending national champion on the road in masters category (Wim) and Tony (multi talented athlete in all sports and heading to Chtriman 2018 and the Ironman World champs in Hawaii in October) our athletes are not to underestimate!
Tony had a fantastic start, but had to admit after the race he blew up his legs a bit there by passing the 1K mark at 3’04/km.


Tony in full attempt to move up on the bike!

This made him drop a few places during the first run, but with some good breathing on the bike his body got full of energy for the last part of the race and on the bike he moved up before putting his bike down in T2 and have a good off bike run towards 14th place today!


Heading towards 14th place in the championships

Wim, who had his eyes focussed on the masters race, came into T1 just shortly behind Tony. With a consistend bikesplit in which he didn’t lose any spots and could maintain his 2nd place in the race he was ready to take this silver medal in a racing format in which he had to dare his black beast. That black beast is called: technical MTB-skills, he dared himself with success!


1year ago Wim had 0 championships medals, now he won Gold, silver and bronze in all duathlon disciplines and became vice world champion on the long distance…top athlete!

Next weeks our cyclists will be racing races around Europe and Asia, our triathletes will put away the MTB and get out there TT-bikes! With in particular the African continental champs, the North American championships and Ironman Lanzarote as first big international races!

Train smart, Perform better!

Victory for Daniel in Greece!

The only way is up” that’s what our Roumanian pro-cyclist Daniel thought today!
Early in the race in the good group and a solo attempt on the last climb made him ride a fantastic race today!!
After his solo he wins his race in Greece today and leads the general classification with more than 1′!
This was his first race of the season, spoken about an entrance!
As you can see, even in tough weather conditions athletes can train smart and perform better, a lot of clothes or turbosessions…there’s always a way…find it!

Daniel Crista

🇧🇪️In Belgium Guillaume rode a good rade in Gages and takes 6th in te end. Not lucky today to miss the right breakaway and being forced in a long day of pursuit.Very strong way of racing of Guillaume these days and slowly but surely growing to a topshape. Guillaume his made is set on qualifying for the UCI GranFondo world championships now.


More east in Jeneffe-en-Condroz it was Svenne who did get in that right breakaway. Still missing a few % after his crash, he was forced to let go the train and found himself also in a group chasing the 2 leaders on this tough racecourse. Going to the finishline Svenne takes 8th today!


Our cyclists are definitely not playing poker, they throw their cards on the table and race at full strength!
But how would it be with our Ironman athletes these days. A very important training period now for most of them, in particular for the guys/women who race the early IM races in South Africa, Texas (USA) and Lanzarote (Spain)!
A few of them are having a very specific weekend, others are starting training camp tomorrow and then we had the athletes racing the North C-trail!
Nothing than good feeling and results with nice results for for example Bert on place 8 in this 21K trailrun! Matthieu (heading to IM SA) just outside top 20!



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Cold weather, hot results!

Splendid weekend for our athletes this weekend with several top 10 results in cycling, duathlon and road running races!

This morning, early race for Jan, Wim, Jeroen and Arne!
Jan raced 10K in Lembeke after a loaded trainingweek and went home with the win and a lot of fruit 😉
Our other athletes had to race the 26K and this went totally according to plans, Arne takes the win in this long race while Jeroen was in for the podium all race long. In the he finishes 5th! A few minutes later it was Wim who finished in his PR on similar distances!


Later that day our tri/duathletes were ready to race in Nossegem, near the Brussels airport. A tough and muddy racecourse, a perfect test towards the first roadtriathlons within a few weeks.
For Inge this was a final test before the Belgian championships next week! A test in which she succeeded in style taking the win with over 4′ of advantage. But feet on the ground, this was a smaller regional race. Next week it’s time for her first national champs. Our othere ladies performed well in Inge’s footsteps. With Hannah (6th-3rd AG), Judith (9th) and Els (11th).
Our male athletes could make a fist and kept a very positive feeling after the race with Robby and Kristof fighting eachother and a battle for the podium in the Masters +50 category between Bart and Raymond. With Bart finishing 4th, Raymond 5th.


Inge winning the overall race in Nossegem

Our cyclists didn’t miss their season at all!

Our elite riders are going hard at the moment,
in Vollezele (Elite/U23) Anthony, Dries and Robbe were at the starting line. An earlier breakaway on this tough racecourse with in it…Robbe (U23-rookie). In the head of the peloton Dries and Anthony trying to get in the front. For Anthony the race ended with a flat after 80K. Robbe didn’t manage to stay in the breakaway untill the finishline but showed his guts to immediately make it in this breakaway in his 3rd race as U23. Dries tried for 120K to close the gap with the front and managed in it within the last kilometers. Finishing 23rd but closing down a gap on 20 riders…then you may conclude you missed the right train!
Shape is there, and next few weeks these riders won’t be just filling the peloton.


Anthony heading up front in Vollezele – Elite/U23

Svenne from his side had and important race in Nivelles, 75K – 1050D+, 3smaller climbs each lap and 22 laps. Yes, then you count 66 (!)smaller hills to race on. From very nearby we saw Svenne break away several times but he didn’t get a big gap on his opponents. Rain in the last hour made the course quite slippery, not easy to manage and heading to the last climb he finished 6th! A strong race in a peloton that was very difficult to control for him! Upcoming weeks, more climbing races will be on these riders programs!

Strong athletes, they didn’t miss the start of the season…they didn’t miss winterpleasure!

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Strong weekend in Europe and Asia!

Splendid results of our athletes today, our athletes went out hard…to warm up the engines!

🇪🇦️This morning already early wake up for our Spanish bull David to race marathon in Sévilla, aiming on a time of 2h50′ he did a perfect race with even in the end some fast miles finishing 2h54′!
Next race will be a half marathon for sure, but with a swim and run before it 🙂

David t.jpg

🇹🇭️ In Thailand nice results of the cyclists of WTT, with Tine and Olé racing in the front and managing an 8th place for Tine in the end!


🇧🇪️ In Belgium Brussels-Opwijk (U23 classic) was on for Dries and Robbie (1st year U23). Dries managed to be in the front despite the cold and reconfirmed his way up after his accident last year, while Robbe picked up nice experiences at this level.

In Lens-Saint-Rémy (UCI1.18) 5 riders at the starting line, some with a bit of fear because of the wind, cold and a lot of riders. Others with legs waiting to explode!
And exploding they did, Guillaume out in front from the first lap with 12 other riders of which 1 teammate. After 76k – 500 D+ Guillaume took 5th, while his teammate won. Guillaume didn’t miss the start of his season for sure! Furthermore it was Svenne missing the right train in his race and with a solo-performance in the last 15K he managed to finish alone at 9th place! A bit further Joachim (first group) and Niels finished their races satisfied…picking up rhytm to next weeks where they will try to go even harder!


In Maldegem Anthony was totally in the race and managed to get in a group of 30 riders…untill his Di2-battery run dead. A good feeling again for him and with several back to back races coming he is keen on the hills!


Our CX men Xtof and Kevin, both 6th in their category closed a long cold and wet winterseason with good races! Going into their ‘resting period’ with good shape…will definitely be positive for what’s coming in summer!

Furthermore in Belgium some of our triathletes had trailrunning and road racing races planned, overall conclusion is that the feeling is good, the output is good and the A-races come closer. Let it come!

Next week some tough races ahead, we like!

Have a nice recovery 🙂!

Game is on, the pudding is hot! Multiple topresults in cycling and duathlon past weekend!

Past weekend was thé kick off of 2018 racing in cycling and duathlon!
With the first cyclingraces this weekend for elite, amateur and masters in Vollezele, Pommeroeul and Callenelles the agenda was quite loaded. But there was also cyclocross, with 2 races to go for our riders it’s still exciting! Kevin took part of the race in Scherpenheuvel and how…!

In Jurbise, Hofstade and Westende our athletes raced their first duathlons of the season!

A winter lasts for a long time if you are keen on racing, but it’s also a period to enjoy. To turn back to basics and focus on what’s really important to race hard and focussed during the season. A mental setback, physical preparation, testing new gear, planning your macrocycle and looking forward to it!

For our cyclists, who in contrast to our triathletes, don’t have any prepraces worked smart and efficient past winter. They took their time to put in impulses of all matters, they slowly builded up well structured and past pre-season testing showed us that shape was there. Ready for racing, ready to battle with the other competitive cyclists!
Our U23 riders, Dries and Robbe, both took part in Vollezele ( Elite/u23 – hilly race).
For Robbe, his first race as U23…for Dries his first race after 1 year without competition because of a knee he injured hardly bumping into his steering. Untill today he is still getting physio to remobilize and strengthen this knee. But both worked hard and showed what they are capable of, in this field Dries immediately went into the breakaway and so he stayed there untill the finishline! 16th in the  end and Robbe finishing in the first part of the peloton a bit further.

Dries MA

U23 rider Dries in his first comeback race, ready and powerfull 16th today!


Svenne and Guillaume, both licensed in wallonia, took part of the Open Elite/U23/Amateur/masters club championships in Pommeroeul. It was Guillaume (who grew to a winner last year) who launched the breakaways and he also went far, Svenne from his side made it in this pack also and so they were both in front of the race!
In the end it was Guillaume finishing 2nd in his first race of the season and Svenne, a bit further in this pack, who finished also 2nd in the masters race!
For Svenne, who broke 6vertebrae in June and having to retake slowly and painfull(!) this was not only a physical performance.

*Past tuesday Svenne came for pre season testing, watts were good and lactate profile seemed 95% ok, but there’s still some must-do in it. He got 1 message of me that day: “You go with the first breakaway, race like you always did and if you run empty that’s like it…but don’t look back!’ He did, he is back!

Svenne VG

Svenne back into racing after breaking his back, 2nd!

In the same region Anthony raced an open race and also found himself in the right breakaway with his fellow elite athletes! 80K later he finished 7th in this leading group.  During his splendid 2017 season it’s clear that Anthony made a physical step and is ready for upcoming races!

foto van Pol Demeyere Pomer.

In cyclocross not many races are left, but it’s for the ones who continue hard that nice results happen! So was for Kevin, an important and good season for him in which he remade the step forward and was glad to be able to fight for podium in most races…but today it was not only for podium, his perseverance was rewarded with the win in Scherpenheuvel!

Wielemans wint

Kevin showing off in his 2nd last race in the season, grabbing the win!


Not only cycling took off this weekend, with 3 duathlon races our triathletes also kicked off!

In Jurbise our athletes found a muddy and hilly racecourse which pleased them all!
Our current vice-worldchampion duathlon (AG40-44), Wim was our guy into the top 10. After his race in Kasterlee we planned in a resting period, followed by 4 weeks of medium-load and a week of skiing…As many of our athletes know I dont feel any compassion with ski-holidays, so after a week without touching a bike he got a present and could race Jurbise…finishing 5th overall and 2nd masters can certainly please for closing the winter 🙂
A bit further there were Robby and Bart who found a racecourse they loved, hilly and tough…as they are! Robby loved it so much that he didn’t stop rolling in the mud at a certain point…Bart is in a good mood and could push himself towards 6th place in masters category.

Bart moving up on the bike and getting a nice AG ranking!

In Hofstade X-duathlon, our athletes were also ready to race. With Tony taking part of the leading group and racing for the podium quite early in the race. Our other athletes all went out hard and did the best they could on this technical course, with a lot of singletracks in it.  Unfortunately Tony had a flat tyre and had to leave the race early, this also meant he had time to cycle home (60K)…and he made a nice day out of it :-)!

The other athletes all finished a bit later and it was in the women’s race that our athletes took podium, with Els winning the masters category! Today we heard many athletes who were glad to exercise their turningskills, so glad that they will put their MTB away untill autumn!


Also at the coast duathlons were raced this weekend. The Sandman Inferno duathlon (5K run – 40K bike and 10K run) was held. A longer duathlon, a tough racecourse…that might be something for a couple of our athletes…no?
It was Hans who was called favourite in the newspapers, after finishing 2nd last year. But this year, we aimed for this race as an A-race.
In both the longer race and the shorter (2,5-20-5) race many of our athletes took part in this event. For all of them a test towards springseason or even main goal!

Hans leading the race from the beginning and entering T1 first was a good beginning, during the bike he took the effort in his hands and did his own race before putting down the bike in T2. A hard solo bike effort followed by a hard and fast run is definitely a specialty of Hans. Another race was won in the 2nd run by pushing it hard untill the finishline. For Hans this winter had some great results in it already, with 1st place in Xduathlon Damme, 3rd place in Run and Bike Gravelines (France) and 1st place in Crosstriathlon Liévin (France) now he gets it all in his first ‘small’ peaking race of the season!


Hans winning this long offroad duathlon in style, fists up!

A bit further in the field our other athletes all seemed to battle hard and with several athletes in the top of the field and Johan just missing the masters podium (4th) the LD event turned out perfectly!


4th in the masters race for Johan, in his first season as Ironmanathlete

Broadcast of this race and Hans winning the race!

In the shorter distance race several of our athletes  played their role in the top 10 from the beginning of the race and it’s clear some have put big steps forward! But at the finishline, this highly intensive race delivered us a top 10 for Bart and Bregt!
For Bart his first duathlon, and sorry for pulling you out of comfort from time to time…but hard work pays off. In the end he got 7th and good step up the podium (2nd) in the masters category.


Peter Leuwers.jpg

The running course lead the athletes through the dunes, Peter pushing his way through the sand!

In the female race it was Hannah who seems to like silver medals 😉 and takes 2nd place again! Definitely ready for what’s coming for her!

Irondimi loved racing hard today!

After this weekend there’s only 1 conclusion that I make, our group of athletes … has only gotten stronger, faster and more motivated than ever! This is also a sign we could see during tests and the winter groupsessions. But a group with the feet on the ground. I am looking forward to next weeks and months with confidence!

Train smart, perform better,


A prepweekend….with need for speed!

Past weekend our athletes went into races, particulary to prepare the spring and summerseason coming up!

But first of all our cyclocrossmen Xtof, Klaas and Kev who went into one of their last races this season!
For Xtof another top5 in the masters race and close to podium in GC!
Kevin, one of our younger athletes who is coming back from serious back injuries, slowly refinds himself and gets 12th and 7th this weekend!

Klaas, our man in front of the cyclocrosscup classification was defending his 3rd spot in this GC this weekend. He did this on a great way and finds himself at the end of the cyclocrosscup in 3rd spot on the podium, together with the defending national champion.
This was a maingoal for him to reach and halfway the season we really started to believe in this! He worked, he succeeded!


In Westrozebeke (Flanders) the annual Crossduathlon was held, with some of our triathletes at the starting line to pick up some rhythm and anaerobic impulses in a period of a lot of variety in other sorts of impulses. With very good running results in first place and steady performance on the bike our athletes could look back happy towards their first multisportrace of ’18!


Bert, in another format and another type of bike pushing away his limits! On his road to Ironman Lanzarote ’18 and of course Hawaii!


Nice result of Björn, mountainbiker and soon racing in South Africa…but meanwhile he got himself the national duathlonjersey for the fire Department!

The last weekend of January traditionally has quite some half marathons in Belgium, the way our athletes crushed these races is quite astonishing! 4 athletes who ran 1h16 or faster in full prep towards their season. None of these athletes had anaerobic impulses on training within the last 4months! Still…some of them even broke their PR. Approach your prepraces as prepraces and use preparation as a real preparationperiod. Not by being lazy…but by working smart and hard to be ready at the beginning of the season….just like Tony did  on saturday by getting 3rd in Lier in 1h15′, on his way even to go sub 1h14’…but a little cramp in the end made him go a bit easier in the last 2K.


First preprace of ’18 for Tony, on his way to Kona, World Championships Ironman 2018

On saturday our other athletes went into a half marathon in Genk (Belgium).
All our athletes found themselves sub 1h30′ today and it were Jens, Adrian and Jan who had top10 ambitions in this race. With Jens having the best start (what did the coach say?), Adrian and Jan following closely behind. After a few kilometers places were shaked and it was Jan who finished 2nd in the race in 1h12′, Jens 5th in 1h13′ and Adrian 8th in 1h16′! A bit further our 50+ athlete Raymond finished in a nice 1h29′.

Furthermore our athletes also were present in the Houffatrail, where athletes dared to challenge themselves on this extraordinary racecourse!

A bit more to the South then, in France, the Liévin Crosstriathlon was held!
For Johan and Hans a first triathlon, both athletes are entering Ironman Lanzarote at the end of May and after already racing a few Xduathlons and Run and Bikes now it was time to see where the swimming part was…. For Hans, the North of France always means a bit of joy because of a significant part of his athletic CV is built on his French successes!

Both athletes had a very good swim, and they came out of the swimming pool with 1’24/100m splits. For both athletes, this is close to their best level at this distance. Once on the bike Hans immediately dropped his opponents…and Johan, who only swam 3″ slower had a good example in his sight to move up in the field! Halfway the race it was Hans who took the lead, Johan at that point was in battle for top 10 (and podium in the masters race).
‘France and Hans’…became a success again and Hans manages with his good running legs to run towards victory! For Johan the race also ended successfull, by getting 8th overall and 3rd in the masters race!


Hans wins the race in Liévin (France), next race is at the Belgian coast in Sandman Inferno…beachduathlon!“>Hans winning crosstriathlon Liévin (France)

A good last weekend of January for our athletes, good and steady tests in first place…towards the real start of the season within a few months! But meanwhile, yes…we can and must enjoy very battle that’s won!