Our athletes on the podium!

Today ‘short’ and ‘maximum effort’ were the Keywords!
With grinta, dare and good shape topresults are just around the corner.

In Deinze it was Raphaël who was ready for a good triathlon. In full prep towards the 2017 Swimrun World Championships Raphaël tool his fastest racing suit out of the closet and was very soon in battle for the top5 on the bike. In Company of former cycling pro Johan Museeuw Raphaël entered T2. Fast off the bike was the mission and he succeeded in this, first running split and crossing the finishline 2nd! Bravo!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Raph getting out of the water and heading to podium!

Another 2nd place was earned for Wim (Bronzen medal national Champs MTB) in the Team Time Trial at Geel.
In Geel Hans ‘La Machine’ had the honour to enter his finetuning week. With a massive training load on his legs past weeks Hans claimed victory in Geel in the individual TT for which he needed a 378NP! A short time after Hans also put Victory in his pocket in the duo-timetrial. Hans also is preparing the world championships, duathlon this time!

foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

La Machine ‘Hans’ taking 2 wins today!


And they Guillaume, cycling near home in Sijsele. +- 20 x top 10 this year and victory in Couvin is peaking to these weeks. Unfortunately there A-race we had an eye on is cancelled and then you have to pick other goals…. Guillaume did this and being in the right breakaway opened the race perfectly.

With 2laps to go he played all or nothing…it became all! Victory and crossing the finishline solo!
Congratulations to our athletes who raced amazing today and good luck to our athletes racing in Denmark, Canada and Belgium tomorrow!



foto van Jessevnsportscoaching.

Guillaume on his way to the 2nd win this year in road cycling!

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