Ironman Mont Tremblant and Copenhagen

After yesterday’s ‘short’ and ‘maximum efforts’ today ‘slowtwitch day’ in Ironman Kopenhagen (Denmark), Ironman Mont – Tremblant (Canada) and Half Irondistance Deinze (Belgium)

After the triple victory in cycling yesterday and Raphaël’s 2nd place in the sprint distance in Deinze we had already quite some adrenaline in the body and looked forward towards today’s races!

In Kopenhagen our athletes swam, biked and ran PERFECT! All 4 athletes paced perfectly and did what was asked…building up their races perfectly.
For PJ this race wasn’t so easy to get to because of a surgery earlier this year. But he bounced back and with some adaptation and a slighlty different approach all pieces of the puzzle were falling together the last 8 weeks. Those weeks were crucial for his result getting to the finishline. And how! After 10h46′ he already crossed the finishline! But he wasn’t the first of our athletes to cross this line, Matthieu…who came out of the water just behind PJ started the run together with him and slowly but surely Matthieu moved up in the field to finish his 2nd IM more than 1h faster than his first in 10h26′.

PJ VDV.jpg

PJ heading towards his personal record in Copenhagen

Our female athletes did great also, racing their first IM,
after 1h15′ they both came out of the water. The cyclingpart was definitely Hannah her keydiscipline….but feared the run. She followed the pacingplan perfectly and ran a steady marathon finishing in 12h28′ and definitely very happy!
Eline from her side finished 30′ later in 12h58′ after a good run in which she also never dropped pace from start to finish!

In Mont-Tremblant (Canada) it was Allan who raced his 2nd IM in 3 weeks and how…with a 1h03′ swim, a good bikeride in which he lost some time in the 3rd bikesection because of a 5′ penalty? but still managed to come back in the top 12 before T2. During his run he ran steady and fast off the bike. Very soon in the marathon it became clear he was moving up and kept doing this till the end. Passing the last athlete 5km before the finishline to finish 7th (AG) and 45th overall on this tough racecourse.
With only 3-4 slots Kona-qualification will be difficult…but more to see about this tomorrow!


Allan 7th(AG) in Mont Tremblant

In Deinze (Belgium) our athletes did great in this half irondistance wih all athletes moving up in the run.
It was Jens who did a magnificent race. 90K solo on the bike he felt good in riding his own rhytm (237NP 66KG) and putting down a 1h19′ half marathon to finish 9th in this strong field of athletes! Today’s race was the last race this season for Jens…except for 1 in October…together with Sem finishing 28th today in Deinze!

20986554_374591892958751_1556227292_n (1)

Jens grabbing 9th in Deinze after a 1h19 half marathon

Congratulations to our athletes having raced this weekend!
Enjoy your races at 110%, they never come back!

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