Belgian Tri-season kicks off!

Triathlon De Haan, the first Belgian triathlon of the season in 2017 was spot on it for our athletes!
All our athletes had a sub 8′ swim, ready to go out on the bike and be in the front of the race!
That meant that everbody was in for a good race, on the bike our athletes kept moving up, with the fastest bikesplit of Hans…and a progressive run off the bike he finished 7th overall!
Steven, Johan and Pascal came off the bike almost together and ran for what they were worth. It ended up in a battle for the master (+40) podium for Johan and Steven, Steven takes the win and Johan misses the 3rd spot with…7seconds. But prooves to be ready to make that small ‘jump’ in one of the following races. A bit further Pascal (Rookie) and Alex (In prep for the IM70.3season) closed our male field in style!

In the female race it was Inge who challenged the younger girls on the bike, but couldn’t get rid of them. In the end Inge gets 2nd overall!

Train Smart, perform better…and enjoy it!


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