Cyclocross is done, road cycling is in…change of bikes!

Today the last Cyclocrosses were held in Flanders (where else), Klaas was keen on a good result and motivated as he was he took the lead in the start…just before planting his face into the mud. Something he didn’t do all season, so why not in the last one of this season!

But getting back on his bike very soon and playing pac-man during the race he finished 7th (and 3rd amateur)! The best way to finish your season is to have a little dance on the podium; he had…and looks back on a super-season with a championships medal in his pocket! Xtof also was ready to close his season and defending his 4th place in his GC, he did well and realised his goal after a long and hard season!

Well earned resting period for these CX-riders, but not for too long…or they might get rusty!

Yesterday it was Robbe (Juniors) who was the first rider in the official new 2017 season. In Villers-Le-Temple finishing 17th. The wind seems to be well represented these days, and so it was today also. Quinten sprinted for 16th place after a very offensive race…but missing the right breakaway. Junior cyclists sometimes have it more difficult to keeping themselves cool, than pushing the pedals 🙂 As the referees had no finishphoto, all riders in his group were put on 16th place.

Isabel had the opportunity to ride the ‘Omloop van het Hageland – UCI 1.1 and UCI Pro race’ Being an amateur she directly needed to battle the fulltime professionel riders and did this like we predicted, a good test and intensive workout for what’s coming the next months.

Omloop vh Hageland.jpg

Omloop van Het Hageland (UCI 1.1 – Women) – Professional cycling

In Lens-Saint-Remy (1.18 Amateurs and Masters race)Svenne (Masters),  Anthony (Amateurs) and Niels (Amateurs) took off.
Close to Liège the race course was never flat, but more important the wind played its role. With a lot of cyclists at the starting line, positioning in the first laps was important.
So what we saw was a race opening by Anthony, who directly went in the breakaway. The right breakaway…the strongest riders were gone and they would go long…behind this a big peloton with the doors wide open in the back. Niels could defend himself by being in a small group till the end of the race. A great effort, and getting in shape towards his first GF in Saint-Tropez (France). For Anthony, who finally stayed in the front all race long, it was a race for victory. In the last meters he just slipped away from the podium and got a very nice 4th place as result! This is thé way to start the season!

In the masters race, it was Svenne, who would race to win like he always does. Nobody who gives more to a race than him. And today, no other approach to the race.A 3man breakaway, and Svenne behind to get them back, then the peloton. He got back the number 3 and kept riding till the last lap, no relays… In the sprint it was clear that a man is known for his acts, not his words. Svenne got 4th, which of course is very good. But I don’t think number 3 will have to count on him anymore.
Coming back from Lens with 2 times 4th place is good to open the season. Feet on the ground and shape in the body ;-)!

Train smart, perform better





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