Summer 2016 – Recap on New year’s day!

1st of January, the first day to take (mental or physical) advantage on the other athletes. But also a day to reflect, and reflecting is what a coach does. It’s a big part of his job, it’s a big part to reflect and reflect on the conclusion afterwards. You still follow?

In our recap we came to the Summer of 69…euhm 16, still some champagne in the body perhaps…

July/August was the period in which our athletes did great performances in several Ironman races like Frankfurt (Germany), Zurich (Switzerland), Kopenhagen (Denmark), Kalmar (Sweden), Maastricht (Somewhere between Germany and Belgium), Embrunman (France), Nisraman, Triathlon Alpe d’Huez (France), Challenge Saint-Andrews (Canada), the legendary Challenge Roth (Germany),  Norseman (Sweden) ,Budapest (Hungary) and many more!

Also the period in which our elite cyclists could take part in several UCI 1.2 races amongst contintental pro cyclists and pick up nice experiences or our Junior cyclists could pick up their first international experiences in for example Tour of Basque Country (UCIjuniors 2.1 – Spain). Our Time trial specialists could win/take podium in several Individual and Team Trime trials! What am I hearing you think again? The answer IS Watt!

In Escanaffles, Boussu-Bois, Zolder, Gouvy, Lommel, Lac de Cherapont, Torhout, Geel, Oostende, La Roche and Grace Hollogne our cyclists were capable of hitting the podium!


Past summer another athlete was ready for his first ever triathlon win, this time it was Adrian who got his first win in Leiderdorp (Holland).But Also in the duathlonraces our athletes got on the podium, the tough LA Gileppe Duathlon meant the win for Tom, and in Halle and Zele our athletes also got top3.

Our Canadian athletes had a winter of indoortraining behind them and ready they were for summer! What they realised was amazing, they completed this extraordinary list (without AG results):

  • 2nd in Challenge Saint-Andrews
  • 1st in Triathlon Summerside
  • 1st Triathlon Aylesford
  • 1st Triathlon Melmerbi
  • 1st Half Iron Bridgetown
  • 2nd Half Iron Bridgetown
  • 1st female 1/4 triathlon Bridgetown

But not only Northern Europe and Canada was rocking,

also the 2nd place in Rev3 Maine (USA) and the 2nd place at the Half Irondistance of Castilla Y Leon (Spain) were fought hard for and earned!


David raced a top season this year and topped his half Ironseason with a 2nd spot in Castilla Y Léon!

But it’s also the month in which 3 of our athletes got involved in serious accidents, Nico fractured his hip, Hans fractured his shoulder and Dave fractured a vertebra in his first session after qualifying for the Ironman World Champs in Hawaii! This was the past, now we can look ahead…2017 is on!


Train Smart Perform Better,





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