Recap June 2016 – A month beyond expectations!

June 2016…from September 2015 we knew this month was going to be an important month for the 2016 season! I was confident in my athletes, knowing what shape they were in. But…raceday is raceday and you can never predict the outcome of a race. Not even if shape is 100% ok. Many little things can disturb man’s performance!

Our athletes won in cyclingraces and triathlons around the world and realized some extraordinary performances such as winning the Chtriman – Irondistance in a splendid time, becoming 15th overall in Ironman Klagenfurt (Austria) in 8h42′ (fastest time our athletes realised so far!) and qualifying for Kona, Hawaii!

But also in the ‘shorter’ distance races our athletes performed great with the overall win (female) and 4th place (male) in Half Chtriman (France) Also in France it was Sophie who qualified for the Ironman70.3 world champs in Australia who confirmed her shape by getting 2nd place in Halluin!

In Germany (Bonn and Dreikirchen) 2 of our former DUathletes got on the podium of TRIathlons, in Holland (Oud-Gastel) we won the 1/4 triathlon. Once again the proof a triathlon is always won on the run course!

Our Canadian athletes realised the double in the Inguinish triathlon (1/4: Corey and 1/8 Allan), while Andreas totally completed the joy by getting 2nd place in the 1/4triathlon!

Southern Europe had the Ocean Lava race in Aranjuéz (Spain) and resulted in one of David’s nicest races and running himself up on the podium as well!

Our athletes were under steam and  gave confidence and motivation to our athletes with big goals in July and August!




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