Recap – May 2016

Recap May 2016!
May was an astonishing period for our cyclists!
With podiumspots in Germany, Holland and Belgium it was clear the first peaking period was on top of it!
Sometimes we had a bit of bad luck to just not win the race, while other races we got a bit of luck to just win the race! Or is luck not a right measurement and did it have to be like that finally ;-)? Anyway there was power, lots of it with Timetrial and road cycling wins in the end!
In Canada our athletes got ready and were capable of taking the clean sweep in the BE Emmazing and get the full overall top3!
Our du/triathletes raced on the same flow as they started in April. With podia in several countries and 2 World championships qualifications (Ironman70.3 Barcelona and Xterra Greece) the year continued just fine! The ups were always higher than every down!
May had a lot of pollen in the air, but also a lot of grinta and success!

Sophie qualified in May 2016 for the World championships later that year in Australia!


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